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add a short music and on / off button to flash banner - Add a simple blog to my website + a form Add a simple blog to my website + a form - Add a simple feature to an Existing App in Visual Basic 6 Add a simple feature to my classified website - add a simple jquery plugin to my website Add a simple mail form to a website - add a simple video chat interface from into my website Add a simple wp blog to html website - Add a Slider / Carousel to my BigCommerce Homepage Add a slider and fix css - Add a slogan to existing logo Add a small captcha to our flash websites forms - Add a small rotating Image box on the header of my wordpress site Add a Smart App Banner to website - Add a specific menu to a wordpress page Add a specific menu to a wordpress page urgent - Add a still to a video Add a stopwatch to woocommerce order admin screen + simple report screen - Add a subdomain or change domain Add a subpage for my website with Y-axis spin animation on mouse-hover (responsive) - Add a T-Shirt Designer to My CRE Loaded 6.5 Store Add a tab and page to my website - Add a tag line to my logo Add a tag to RSS feed - Add a text field to an existing based website Add a text field to our Word Press Home page - Add a thumbnail gallery to my Wordpress theme Add a tiered members section to an existing Wordpress site - add a tracking cookies in my website Add a tracking pixel to an open cart site - Add a twitter favoring bot with their API into my admin panel Add a Twitter Feed - add a url to the menu Add a URL when a user copy a text from my site to clipboard - Add a very simple search function to my current existing website Add a very simple search function to my current existing website - Add a video to a word press website with a form underneath it Add a video to an exiting url - Add a voucher redemption system to an existing site Add a water effect to some images - Add a webshop plugin (with working demo content) to my wordpress website Add a Website auto translation feature - Add a Wholesale page Add a Wholesale page(repost) - add a winners tab Add a WinStreak Column to my Table - Add a wordpress blog to a website Add a wordpress blog to a website - repost - Add a wordpress template to a domain name Add a Tag Feature In a Blog - add ability for customers to use a code to get discount on my ecommerce site add ability for customers to use a code to get discount on my site - ADD ABILITY TO SPECIFIY EMAIL ADDRESS IN REDDIT CODE add ability to switch between - Add About Us Page to Existing Website Add abs to picture - Add Account Modul - ongoing work Add Account Settings & Workout Tracker to Existing App (Data from API) - Add Acteur datas in our database Add Action Hook function to WP-User-Frontend for a custom post field - add Active facebook fans for my official page Add ActiveX control button to an Excel template - Add Add booking class system for existing website Add add ons and create certificate - Add additional columns with data in table ExOrders Add additional content to our Auto Research Page - add additional features to an existing android app Add additional features to an existing IPhone/Ipad application and fix bugs - Add additional features to our oscommerce shopping cart 2 Add Additional Features to PHP site (Signatrust) - Add additional functionality to CodeIgniter website Add Additional functionality to existing website to process orders - Add additional information & photos, move below the fold (or delete negative articles without legal foundations) ASAP. -- 2 Add additional inner pages to previous design worked - Add additional pages (generated from database content) from a working database search list. Add additional pages and functionality to an ASP .NET Website - Add additional services to dating website Add additional slide to end of current flash header - Add address validation to website ALL CODING IS DONE Add Addresses To Using a CSV file - add admin function Add admin funtion in escort directory script - Add Admob ads directly to various apk Add Admob ads in Android app (No source code available ) - Add Admob Banners and Advertising to Unity 3D Android App Add Admob code into existing app and rate option + share button - Add Admob to eclipse project Add AdMob to existing app if iAd fails to fill - Add ads module & banner in a Joomla website & fix a minor visual bug Add Ads on Android App - Add Adsense Add Adsense adds to every auto-posted page - Add adsense to a site Add Adsense to all my websites - Add Advanced Features to Current Adobe LiveCycle Design Add advanced features to wordpress website - Add advertisers links to my ebook page (dreamweaver) Add advertising (RevMob) in my Unity3d Game - Add Advertisment on Video Player Add adverts to Mupen64 - Add Affiliate Commission System & Pages to Existing Web Site Add Affiliate extension to a Magento website - Add Affiliate Tracking Code and RSS/CSV feed Add affiliate tracking code for website - phpprogramming only - Add Age verification pop up to Yahoo Ecommerce websit Add Age verification pop up to Yahoo Ecommerce website - Add Ajax and correct on a form add AJAX and customize a trading community - Add Ajax Load More Plugin to woocommerce site Add Ajax Load More Plugin to woocommerce website - Add Ajax to my php website Add Ajax to my php website - repost - Add Alarm to MT4 Indicator Add Album / multi upload feature to phpSound - Add alert to MT4 idicator Add alert to MT4 idicator - open to bidding - Add Algorithm to Workflow SIm Add Algorithm to Workflow SIm - ADD ALL site modifications to MAIN theme, to child theme on YOUR local machine Add all the items from a website to my ebay account with all the details at double the price - add amazon affiliate links to my blog Add amazon and facebook Channels to My Shopify store and add seo - Add Amazon Payments to our website Add Amazon Product API to my website - Add aMember Login Form to a Popup Add amortization calculator into existing .PDF created in Livecycle - Add an additional section to a Wordpress Template Add an Additional Theme and Features to an Existing Joomla Slideshow Module - Add an alias in Google Apps....Need help! Add an alternate download method to my site. (Script already made.) - Add an Auto Part Filter Plugin to WooCommerce 2 add an auto-installer for my application - Add an email address to bcc a copy of order confirmations on zencart Add an email address to s simple form- Small job - Add an Exit Popup to my Landing Page and Make Minor Revisions Add an Exit Popup to my Landing Page, Revise CSS/Javascript, Optimize for Speed - add an extra page to the design of a website Add an extra row to a Wordpress theme - Add an IM in my community(repost) Add an IM in my web community - Add an init script for supervisor and have it control UWSGI add an insert image field in wordpress frontend - RUSH! - ADD an OLARK CHAT to HTML Website Add an on-line catalog/store to a Template - Add an opt in form to my website add an option - Add an QR scanner for my app
Add an SDK to an existing code - Add an upload button to Tiny_MCE editor on Lotus Domino Add an upload image script/button to an existing website. - Add anche change the font title of the website Add anchor link to existing java function (urgent complete in the hour) - add and correct website Add and Create a Shopify page + Minor Updates to WebSite - Add and edit my site Add and Edit page for exisiting website using Python - Add and Maintain content on discounts and deals related site Add and Match - Add and Remove Photos from an Existing PHP Built Website add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions - Add and synchcronize sound and video add and test 6 aweber lists/paypal process - Add Angular admin template to site and build API to connect the datbases Add Angular Internationalization - Add animation facility to unity game. Add animation on existing banner - Add animations and parallax to HTML landing page + fix responsiveness Add animations and special effect to current angularjs Hybrid app - add another feature to my website : Add another feature to plugin - Add another paid affiliate script/links to my existing website(repost) Add another payment function to a ready make php script - Add Apache ProxyStuff header and footer to Apache reverse proxy add apache virtual host - Add API key to an existing query Google Map script Add API keys of Twitter, FB to wordpress plugin - Add APIs in three tabs and minor bug fixing. Add apopup to exsiting website - Add appodeal sdk to an Android application Add appointment booking plugin & page to Wordpress site - Add Approximately 1400 Hi Res Photos to Existing Products on Volusion Platform, Add Approximately 200 new products. - repost Add apps to a Shopify store - Add Arabic voice over on my app promotional video Add Architect People from LnkedIn - Add around 170 listings Add around 170 listings - Add articles titles and filename to object Add articles to Article directory - Add ASIN to generated Amazon report Add ASIO support to a audio software - Add Associated Product In Magento NOW Add Associated Products In Magento - Add attachment to FormMail Add Attachments feature for contact page on an existing website - Add Attributes and Functionality to Magento Website -- 2 Add attributes in Magento marketplace - Add Audio and SMS Text Alert add audio and sounds on 4:00 minutes animation vedio - Add audio player to existing iOS app (Swift) Add Audio Playlist + Simple Shopping Cart to Wordpress Website - Add audio to Video Add Audio to Video editing tool - Add Auth-Only to web Signup(LaCanadian(repost) Add Auth2.0 security to RESTful Jersey Web Service - Add authorization screen for iPhone app Add authorize CIM with Bigcommerce site - Add Authorized Dealer Section to our site Add authors to post + Invite guests on WordPress frontend - Add auto scroll to existing slide show Add auto scroll to quiz - Add autocomplete to a 4 fields form. Add autocomplete to a text edit - add automatic post image javascript to other website Add automatic proxy determination to C++ libcurl dll - Add Availability Calendar with different Prices in different Days Add available template+software in domain hosting - Add aweber form script into joomla site Add Aweber Form to Landing Page/Redirect code - Add back my sell terms box when enabled Add back the preview button - add background and logo - repost add background and logo - repost 2 - Add background image to one Wordpress page (not all pages) & center contact form Add Background image to shopify website. Easy html project - add background on navigation menu Add Background remove function into my app (solution : Grabcut algorithm) - Add backlinks to Arabic website (URL) Add Backlinks to PR5 or Better Sites - Add Banner & Panel Add banner / Check operation - PLIGG required - add banner on my opencart website Add banner positions in Joomla template - Add banner under header Add banner with button to web - Add banners to PHP file Add banners to random content - add barcode to existing applications Add Barcode to website - Add basic password protection to Apache sandbox server Add Basic Realtime form validations to CFM templates - Add Beach Writing to Image Add Beacon to Android app - add bidding to oxyclassifieds add bidding to oxyclassifieds - open voor bieden - Add bitcoin and litecoin payment a wordpress site with Pricerr Add bitcoin and litecoin payment a wordpress site with Pricerr - repost - Add blank rows between paragraphs on a bunch of txt files Add BLE 4 functionality to existing Mobione apk file - Add in the phpBB register section Add in the register section. - Add blog feature, fix forms and bugs to existing property listing custom PHP script, - repost Add blog feature, fix forms and bugs to existing property listing custom PHP/MySQL script, - repost 2 - Add Blog Page to existing Website Add blog page to shopify store - Add Blog to Existing Website Add blog to existing website - Add Blog to my Wordpress Add Blog to our website - Add blog widget to Wordpress theme Add Blog, editing Hompepage using Flash & Dreamweaver .FLA - Add bluetooth keyboard input to existing IOS app Add bluetooth midi out and soundfont to existing android APP - Add bonuses, achievements, levels to the open-source WordPress plugin "Post Pay Counter" add Book - Add Bookmark in Homescreen Android or iOs "Automatically" Add Bookmarks and Hyperlinks to the Bookmarks in 2 WORD docs - Add border to movie clips Add Border to Pages - Add Breadcrumb in Angularjs opensource template Add breadcrumb menus - Add BuddyPress features to a Website Add Buddypress inside in Our Wordpress Theme - Add business card details (70-100) into a provided Excel spreadsheet Add business card details (70-100) into a provided Excel spreadsheet - Add Businesses to Database Add Businesses to Database 2 - Add Button Functionality to Existing Music Player App Project add button in cakephp website - Add button to browsers and call function. add button to change video mode, a player - Add button to Wordpress Website Add button, modify event - Add buttons with links to our products Add buttons, links and information to WP site. - Add cab data to db Add cache control to spring project - Add Calendar and Countdown Timer to Auction Website Add Calendar functionality - Add call back to menu web Add call function JS in animation Flash - Add candle close confirmation to existing EA Add candle close confirmation to existing EA - open to bidding - Add Captcha