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Add Competition Section to Magento website - Add computer code to 2 affiliate websites Add computer deals to website - Add Configure Woocommerce for our Wordpress Site Add Confirm dialog to Windows Phone 8.1 webview - Add contact form information to website Add Contact Form on Magento's Website - Add Contact Form to Wordpress Site Add contact in a cross section map - Add contact us button to index page-site based on yii framework Add Contact Us Form to Website - Add Content & Optimize My Website Add Content & Optimize WebSite - Add content and develop Add Content and Edit Images - Add Content and Promote New Movie Trailer & Links Website Add content and style buttons on - Add Content from exisiting site to new Add content from LibreOffice document to Joomla blog - Add content into a pre-built website Add content into our sites from other sites - Add content pages - HTML/PHP/CSS Add Content Pages in Zen Cart - Add content to a website add content to a website - Add Content to a WordPress template Add content to a wordpress template site - Add Content to and spruce up existing website Add content to Blog - add content to ebook Add content to empty WordPress site - Add content to and Add content to health directory website - Add Content to Joomla SITE Add Content to Joomla Site - Add content to my Magento website Add Content to my Site - Add Content to New WP website from OLD website Add Content to one Page in Wordpress - Add content to site add content to site and add your personal touch. - Add Content To Website Add Content to Website - Add Content To Wordpress Add Content to Wordpress & Add Products to WooCommerce - Add content to wordpress site Add content to wordpress site - Add content to WordPress websites using the BeaverBuilder plugin Add Content to WP Page, Add Slider Image(s), and Names To Photo(s) - Add contents and Maintenance Add Contents and Post - Add contents to website template Add contents to WordPress - add contributions (HZ/LH) Add Contributions to B2B CRE Loaded - Add Conversion Tracking Codes to Website Add conversion tracking tag to Shopify site on checkout page - Add Cookie To My Search Engine Only Script Add Cookie To My Search Engine Only Script(repost) - Add copy for dating site Add Copy Protection (shareware mode) to an Avi Splitter - Add cost in oscommerce-based shopping cart when option field is true. Add Count down to home products - Add countries in HTML for drop down menu, Add Countries to Joomla backend - Add coupon code option to website, integrate with Paypal Add coupon code to Magento Checkout (Vigento Commerce) - Add Coupons to template landing page and all pages Add Course Manager component to Joomla! 2.5.9 website with PayPal facility - Add Crawlers Add CRE Loaded Contributions and Mirror Configuration - Add Credit Card dropdown to checkout process, enable GUEST checkout, simplify user registration - repost add credit card for instant payment at filehost with XFS script - add credit cards and ecommerce to website -- 2 Add Credit Payment Feature To Mobile App - Add crop marks and bleed for print Add crop marks and bleed lines to pdf! - Add CSS and AJAX to a contact form in PHP add css and images to current template. - add css styling to html5 form add css styling to php table - Add CSS to PHP email Output Add CSS to RSS - Add csv list of records to a database table Add CSV live feeds, CSV Products, Live Stock Feed CSV top Opencart Store - Add CURL to php code. - 12/03/2017 18:58 EDT Add currency - Add cusotmisation to swatches Add cusotmisation to swatches on woocommerce page - Add custom code to bookly appointment Add custom code to bookly appointment 2-- - Add custom editable RSVP form and fonts on a Weebly site Add custom embroidery option to asp ecommerce website - Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 4 Add custom features into G-mail and G-calendar - Add Custom field to Mantis Bug Tracker Add custom field to NinjaForm - Add Custom Fields and Custom Post Template to existing site Add custom fields from Virtuemart into VMinvoice - Add Custom Fields to OrangeHRM Add custom fields to osCommerce Checkout - add custom font to wordpress theme Add custom form to OpenCart product page. - Add custom header for Wordpress pages, Posts and Categories Add custom header to phpBB forums - Add custom lists on Prestashop add custom location twitter facebook & comment bubble on WP - Add custom order export (csv) to magento admin area Add custom overlay to existing html - add custom post page to wordpress site Add Custom Post Type / Video Manager to Wordpress Theme - Add Custom Search Form to WordPress Menu Add Custom Section in Wordpress Page - Add Custom Text to Product Image Add Custom Text to Product Image - Add customer collection to MongoDB Add Customer Export Module to OSCommerce - Add Customer's remaining balance for Drupal/Ubercart Add Customers Date of Birth to all Order Confirmation eMails - Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost - Add dashboard to existing Android project Add data analysis module to Codeigniter MySQL application - Add data from a spreadsheet into a wordpress plugin Add data from excel file to my WP website - Add data into a web directory site Add data into a web directory site - add data magento e-commerce Add data on Google Calendar - Add Data to Database File Add data to excel and import to google contacts - Add data to site - Clarion Add Data to Spreadsheet - Add Database - Modify existing Site (PHP/MySQL) [ActnFac] Add database and funtionality to Typo3 website - Add database source in Tomcat to get connection working from application with database Add DataBase to iPhone barcode reader - Add date filter fields to three asp reports from MS Access Queries Add Date Filter to supplier enquiry - Add days to date script (site) Add db to app and website - Add default prestashop pagination to actual prestashop template Add definitions and sample phrases to common English words. - add delivery date to checkout and pass to periship api Add delivery options to a CS Cart e-commerce site - Add descriptions and pictures to PLR site
Add descriptions to shopify 15,000 listings Creative people only - add Design Element To Magento Site and Implement Add design elements to existing webpage - Add design to complete HTML game add design to document (need in 1 day) - Add design, style and some client side function to an existing html layout Add design. To existing ad - Add details to a contact form in Magento Add Details to Existing 3D Models - Add different payments to my site Add different price options to a website - Add dimensions to images and set tables instead of DIV add dinamic news section on our website - Add disclaimer to website Add disclaimer/popup to wordpress website - Add discounted price in Virtuemart module Add discription Field - Add django token authentication to my API Add DKIM on swiftmailer - Add domain addresses from Add Domain from NameCheap To VPS - Add DotNetNuke Forum to my site Add dots in a Google Map. - Add Download Page to Magento website Add download possibility from email attachment in Android Webview - Add Drivers to Windows Install .ISO Add Driveway Gate - Add drop down menu to drupal theme Add drop down menu to existing menu. - Add Drop Down Menus to Website Add drop down multi-level menu to my Wordpress template - Add dropdown boxes to CakePHP script populating from MySQL Add dropdown delay time interval to my CSS menus - Add dropshipping function to Magento store Add drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar to a 2.5 min song - Add dynamic careers section to basic html website Add Dynamic Content - Add Dynamic JS/DHTML Horizontal Menu to my OSCommerce site Add Dynamic link for after purchase to download paid for file - add e commerce/checkout capability & live chat to website Add E-book creation with audio/video options to existing software package - Add e-commerce to website, html is already done Add E-Commerce tracking code to custom site - Add eBay and Amazon integration to existing Sales System add ebay api for affiliate program commission - Add echo to Asterisk application Add echo to Asterisk application(repost) - Add eCommerce Functionality to Wordpress Website and Redesign. Add eCommerce functions to website and create an app - Add eCommerce to PHP site Add ECommerce to Site - Add edit order to iphone app Add edit profile & account feature to public Github project - Add effects to photos Add effects, graphics on top of video and edit video clips to produce quality youtube video - Add elements to an existing autocad floorplan Add elements to an existing website template - Add email alert to Metatrader Ea Add Email Alerts to existing PHP/MySQL Website for Unsent SMS - Add Email Form Add email form to perl cgi upload script - Add email notification functionality to windows program. Add email notification to existing android and iphone app. - Add email signup lightbox overlay to a Shopify Hosted Site Add email signup to Flash website - Add email/audible alerts to Metatrader 4 indicator Add Email/Text Alert to MT4 indicator - Add embed video + fix contact form add embedded player in php music script - Add enchancements to PHP WebScript Add encoder shoutcast/icecast in project JAVA - Add English subtitles to DVD add english subtitles video (portuguese) - Add entry validation to 1 PHP file... Add epay payment and small changes in php code - Add EULA to iphone Xcode project Add Euro price to template/plugin - Add EventList + Affiliate Program to Joomla Site Add Events Calander Plugin and Content Data to site - Add Excel and PDF export to 3 website pages Add Excel and PDF export to 8 pages - Add existing Chinese voice recordings and sound effect to mp4 and export as swf Add existing custom web form to Joomla site - Add existing software customization code to new upgraded app version Add existing team with vacation rental website, - Add expiry date for existing Pdf and epub file Add expiry date on WP Rentals - Add extension mcrypt in plesk pannel Add extension number to voice mail messages in voice - Add external widget to Wordpress Add External XSLT Stylesheets to our Google Mini - Add extra feature to existing wordpress website - open to bidding add extra feature to firefox addon - Add Extra Field in OpenCart for iframe add extra field into registration page on my website i am using chameleon dating script - Add extra file upload to my Admin interface Add Extra Filter to WooCommerce, Fix a Page, Update - Add extra functionality to game server system Add extra functionality to Modded Oscommerce Platform - Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - repost Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - repost 2 - Add extra shortcode to existing one Add extra sky at top of an existing image - Add Facebook & Instagram Upload facility Add Facebook & Twitter Login to CakePHP Site - Add Facebook and Twitter links to footer Add Facebook and Twitter Links to WebSite + Remove Linkedin Share - add facebook button and payment icon on my website Add Facebook Button and Twitter Followme to Launch Page - Add FACEBOOK CONNECT to my site Add Facebook connect to website (Ruby) - Add facebook fans+send msg Add Facebook feature to cocos2dx game - Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted! Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted!! - Add Facebook Interface to Add facebook intersitial and banner to a simple iOS App - Add facebook like button to app within few hours Add Facebook Like Button to Nextgen Gallery in Wordpress - Add Facebook Likes & Twitter Follows for Social Media Pages Add Facebook likes - open to bidding - Add Facebook Login API and javascript to website Add facebook login button - Add Facebook login to website add facebook login to website - Add Facebook Pixel Code for tracking of Facebook Ads - For Website Conversions Add Facebook Pixel Code for tracking of Facebook Ads - Website Conversions - Add Facebook SDK to Project and activate measuring installs Add facebook sdk&game service and twitter to android app - Add facebook type wall to our website Add facebook votes to page :) ! - Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site! Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site!! - Add fancybox callback to quicksand.js Add FancyBox functionality - Debug jQuery issue. - add fans to facebook page Add Fans to Facebook Page(repost) - Add favicon to my website Add Favorites Feature to App - Add FB login to our phonegap app Add FB share buttons to existing Wordpress site - Add featue products listing to homepage WP! Needs to be easily updatable! Add featuers to a website ( - Add feature for my Angular website