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Add a "Saved credit card" or "Link paypal" extension to account on website. - Add a ''did you mean?'' mechanism to Drupal 6 search add a ''FORUM AND SOME BANNERS TO AN EXISTING WEB SITE - Add a 100% flash shopping cart into a 100% flash website Add a 12 Page PDF as a Form on my Website - Add a \"function post to\" from an xml to virtuemart 2 shop Add a \"like\" button to website - Add a Auto Post social media Pluggin to my Website add a auto tracking number generator in a website - Add a badge feature to an existing Rails application Add a Badge to App Logo - Add a banner wordpress site Add a bar to the top of a Wordpress website - Add a block with extra fields with css and output in page. add a blog + Facebook + Twitter + You Tube & newsletter to site - Add a blog to a website Add a blog to an exiting web site - Add a blog to our website Add a blog to Wordpress site - Add a browse members section to a social networking site Add a bug tracker feature to an existing website - Add a button javascript/html Add a button on Prestashop - Add a buynow option for products in a market place Add a calc to a app - Load - Add a callout to left column in Magento Add a capability to our existing MS Access Database - Add a car into a map - Unity3d Add a car to existing PSD print design - Add a chart and gauge to a EmonCMS Project - repost 2 Add a charts dropdown menu & ringtone page to website - Add a child theme to my wordpress site Add a christmas decoration to my wordpress website - Add a Code line to file add a code page - Add a COMMENT POST to a website using PHP Add a comments box to my listings post - Add a contact form Add a contact form and social media bar in our website. - Add a control panel Add a convert to MP3 button to my website - Add a couple of basic features to a android app Add a couple of drop down menus to site - Add a credit card processor to website Add a creditcard payment extension to an existing wordpress template - Add a custom feature to existing facebook app Add a custom feature to existing facebook app - Add a custom permalink in a Wordpress website and other URLs rewriting -- 2 Add a custom product attribute under price in shop page, product page and featured products. - Add a customer email sign up form Add a Customer Module to the Open Source SplendidCRM based on the UI's, Pages, and Database Structure attached and change look to match the UI's - Add A Description, I give you Title Add to spreadsheet EZ Add a design and create a code for a website. - ADD A DIRECTORY MODULE TO CLASSIFIED SITE Add a directory of organizations to a Joomla Site - Add a Down Arrow to Dropdown Boxes WordPress/WooCommerce add a download (convert to mp3) button - Add a Drop-down menu for USA customers to select state Add a dropdown list in woocommerce checkout (not with plugins) - Add a Editable Calendar set by Admin Add a editable function to our page on our database - Add a facebook application function to existing site Add a facebook comments box - Add a favorites page to my site Add a feature (Plugin) to our existed website - - Add a Feature on MYSQL Database(repost) Add a feature on php online soft - Add a feature to a wordpress site Add a feature to a wordpress site, READ before bidding - Add a feature to an iPhone camera app Add a feature to an OpenSource Mac OS app : SelfControl - Add a feature to my existing VQmod for Opencart Add a feature to my microjob site - Add a feature to vtiger for booking an asset by a user or by a client over customer portal Add a feature to WooCommerce - add a few back-end pages for simple site in php Add a few changes to website - Add a few features to my Unity game Add a few features to the PBI Slicer - Add a few new fields to Profile page Add a few new products to my page and troubleshoot how I am suppose to do it - Add a few things to my website Add a field and info to admin site - Add a file upload to my website and email notifications add a fileupload script to a ready site - Add a Flash Gallery to a Joomla Site Add a flash game on flash game portal - add a forgot password feature Add a form & Mailchimp color changes - Add a form to email function on existing website Add a form to existing website - Add a forum to an Existing WordPress Website Template Add a forum to an exsiting CMS - Add A Friend On Facebook From Push of a Button (Objective C) Add A Friend On Facebook From Push of a Button (Objective C) - open to bidding - Add a function and some fixes to a Flash game(repost)(repost) Add a function FILTER to my PHP Webpage / Javascript - Add a function to capture emails from users. Add a function to current app - add a function to our website and app Add a function to site QUICK! - Add a further gateway in Donate and Download Add a future a php online soft (Quickly) - Add a Golf-Swing script/mechanism into an existing Android Mobile App Add a google ad on existing python website - Add a Guest Counter & install 2-probid pre-written modifications Add a GUI feature to existing website - Add A Horizontal Drop Down Menu to Site Add a hotel administration - Add a image to my homepage Add a image withiht php site - Add a JavaScript/jQuery function Add a Job Scheduler to this SSRS Report viewer setup - Add a Jquery/Vector Map to WordPress site/template. -- 2 Add a Json Input/output to my App, currently on xml - Add a Left Grid to the DSR plus miscellaneous improvements Add a left navigation menu to my magento site - Add a link for a Blog Add a link for downloading csv - add a link to top of page using phpSound add a link to wordpress index page - Add a load more (infinite scrolling) in a html page Add a loading bar + send email function to an existing PHP upload form - Add a login box to our site Add a login box to our site - ongoing work - Add a login/password to my site Add a login/password to my site(repost) - Add a logo to a Video add a logo to a video - add a macro to office Add a magazine to both Just-Local websites - Add a Mass Email (news letter) sender in my admin panel. Add A Match System to my dating site - Add a message box to a webpage add a message box to contact us on my site - Add a mobile site to an existing site Add a Mobile Template to my site - Add a module to an existing project Add a module to C app and fix small bugs - add a music Add a music and voice effect in a video - Add a new api to existing software Add a new background image/video to my homepage - Add a new event response option to Joomla Event Booking
Add a new FAQ page in a particular format on my Shopify Store - add a new fee in checkout on OC Add a new field "page link" in edit page on WordPress website - Add a new Function to a PHP Website Add a new function to a script. - add a new menu and it's function Add a new Menu to existing site - Add a new page to my website Add a new page to our current Wordpress website - Add a new PHP page on an existing site and template Add a New Post Type With ACF PRO to an existing WordPress Template - Add a new site in Apache Config + PHP (1h job) add a new site to wordpress - Add a News Feed and Social Media Feed to a Website Add a news feed module to existing Joomla website - Add a one page domain to my digital ocean droplet from another shared server Add a One Page Parallax HTML page to my PHP index file - add a page and embed a video to my wordpress website add a page and fix menu - Add a page to a Joomla website Add a page to a Joomla website - Add A Page To My existing Website ASAP add a page to my forum (tab) vbulletin - Add a page to our site template Add a page to our website, a nav tab, and an online form - add a password recovery process to a my website ( add a password recovery process to a website - add a payment gateway to script Add a payment gateway to Shopify's Active Merchant - Add a paypal button add a PayPal button and edit text on Celebrity Bodyguard Services page / form - Add a petition section to my website Add a PGP key text parsere - Add a photo&video gallery to my BigCommerce site Add a PHP Captcha to 7 web forms - Add a phrase to Google Auto search Add a picture and document how to do so. - Add a plugin to PHP website Add a Plugin to word press site on a windows server - Add a pop-under function on my simple site Add a Pop-Up Signup Form to my Website - Add a pre-made banner to Shopify website using HTML Add a preference activity to the previous app created - Add a product add a product - add a profile serach to site add a programm to existing software - add a query to an existing .php-file Add a question bar to wprdpress website header - Add a real estate module plugin to my site Add a Recent Activity Screen to a Workout App - Add a relationship tab to my website Add a remote extension to my existing FreePBX system - Add a rewrite URL containoing question mark in .htaccess add a rich text editor to existing joomla site - add a running raw in my website Add a runtime C compiler to a CodeGear C++ builder 2007 application - Add a script to a success page Add a script to jquery calendar - Add a search bloc in SugarCRM Module Add a search box and pagination to my website. - Add a Searchable Database from an existing static html site Add a searcher to the header - add a section to the homepage of an existing website (psd only) Add a Section to Wordpress Blog - Add a service cookies on my website add a service fee to sripe transactions - Add a shopping cart system and some products Add a shopping cart to a Drupal site - no online payment needed - customer just places order online and customer pays picks up product at the store - Add a Sidebar to a WordPress Theme Add a Sign in form to Website. - Add a simple button from my questionactivity to my Add a simple calculator view in an existing iPhone app - Add a simple feature to Wordpress Website Add a Simple Feature to Working Website - Add a simple modification to a java program Add a simple mp3 player to an existing app - READ FIRST - Add a single additinal screen to the UI of an opensource C# project optikey Add a single image web-link to 10 of our pages . . NOW! - add a slider in layerslider plugin add a slider to a wordpress blog - Add a small enhancement into existing MS Credential Provider project Add a small favebook like feature to my PHP website. - Add a Smart App Banner to website Add a smile to beer froth picture - Add a specific menu to a wordpress page urgent Add a specific popup on my website - Add a still to a video Add a stopwatch to woocommerce order admin screen + simple report screen - Add a subdomain or change domain Add a subpage for my website with Y-axis spin animation on mouse-hover (responsive) - Add a system like quora or yahoo answer on existing social website Add a T-Shirt Designer to My CRE Loaded 6.5 Store - Add a table to this opensource applicazione Add a table to Wordpress displayed though widget - Add a text box to my website Add a text field "how did you hear about us?" to my online forms (Budget on this job is a placeholder) - Add a themes button into a header add a third column to a two column wp template - Add a topic tag to my OpenX ads... - repost Add a topic tag to my OpenX ads... - repost 2 - Add a tweak/feature to Wordpress - repost Add a tweet and get Money page on our site. - Add a Upload Report plugin on WordPress website Add a URL field to Wordpress Theme, and apply URL to Background Image - Add a vector character into an existing design add a verification code for a existing website - Add a video slider to shopify Add a video snippet and product snippet to organic search results for a website. - Add a virtual tour to a wordpress website Add a visible counter to an email sending script - Add a Web View in iPhone Application Add a webform (code already created) to a wordpress site. - add a wheel to original app(repost) add a wheel to original app(repost)(repost) - Add a Widget Zone to a template header Add a widgetized page to my wordpress site - Add a wording to Existing logo using the same font style Add a Wordpress Application - add a wordpress feature Add A Wordpress Page To A Business Website - Add a YouTube logo to my website Add a youtube tv script into my avatar chatting script - Add ability to NopCommerce Add ability to open multiple drawings in gCADPlus - Add about 150 products to oscommerce store Add about 2 fields to a database....has to be done within 3- 4 hours - add Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to all link in webview -- 2 add accommodation - Add Accurate listing in Site - Data Entry Add ACD back end support to S3Backer - Add Actionscript 2.0 features to Existing Site Add actionscript to existing flash - Add AD Mob Advertisements to Android application add ad mob to our app - Add additiona features to my Directory script 9/30/10 Add additional 2/3 text-links on top right WP - Add additional data to image files Add additional direct payment gateway to auction script - Add additional features to an extisting website Add additional features to existing project - Add Additional Fields to a Wordpress Site - $30 Project Add additional filter for report generated in ASP - Add additional functionalities to a social site