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Add a list generator to current website & create another page - Add a loading bar splash screen to my app Add a loading image to /checkout/ validation page - Add a login form of my site to another site add a login form on website - add a login/signup page add a login/signup page for a mobile web page - Add a logo to a Video add a logo to a video - add a macro to office Add a magazine to both Just-Local websites - Add a Mass Email (news letter) sender in my admin panel. Add A Match System to my dating site - add a menu to WP website w/o menu add a mesage section to an existing website - add a mobile portal to existing CRELoaded website. Add a Mobile Responsive Custom Side tab according to my screenshot - add a module prestashop and some trouble to fix Add a module to a drupal site - Add a multi currency management button in PHP/mysql website and Paypal API--2 Add a multi-condition branching logic to survey website - $50 - Add a network on an existing mikrotik router Add a new 3rd column to existing template - Add a new column in a excel file. Add a new date field to Opencart Plugin (admin side), so it shows on Front End - Add a new feature to my website Add a new feature to my website for mobile - Add a new form in a existing VB.net aplication(repost) Add a new form to an existing android application - Add a new item to navigation menu add a new layer on gmap - fem - Add a new page to an existing website add a new page to an existing website. RAW PHP + Smarty Framework - Add a new panel to upload design ideas add a new partner logo under contact number on website. (top right) - Add a new screen to an existing iPad application add a new search category to a customized Wordpress plugin - Add a new url combination in the excel you worked before Add a new user - Add a no-wordpress plugin into a Wordpress site Add a node to a XML - Add a opt in button to my blog add a option in existing custom joomla module - Add a page in a .net nuk site - repost Add a page in a web - add a page to a website with admin(repost) Add a page to a wordpress website - Add A Page To My Website Add a Page to my Website - Add a Page to React/Redux APP -- 2 Add a page to request additional information - add a password recovery process to a website Add a Password Reminder Option on my website. PHP - - add a payment gateway to our website add a payment gateway to script - Add a payment-system (paypal yearly subscription) into an existing add-on for google spreadsheet Add a PAypal buton to Joomla site - Add a person to a photo Add a petition section to my current site. - Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site -- 2 add a photo gallery to my website (catalog) - Add a php script that works with wordrpess Add A PHP Template I have to my existing website - Add a plug in to wordpress blog Add a plug-in to my Joomla site - add a pop up script to a buttin/image Add a pop up to a source code - Add a popup window to a website on load. For signup to mailchimp & discount voucher. Add a portfolio & forum to an existing WP theme using BuddyPess/bbPress - Add a print button to this grid and make a template to print it perfectly Add a print stylesheet and an ad popup - Add a product to my WEEBLY website add links, order processing problems. add a product to virtuemart 2 pages in html5 format - Add a promotion to an existing Shopify store. Add a property search and a post a property to my site - Add A Quiz Page To My Current HTML Add a quiz plugin wordpress (already purchased) - ADD A REDIRECT CODING TO THE FILE Add a redirection timer to a page - add a reservation module to a flash site Add a Reset Button to Wordpress Theme Options page - add a room on a house and modify - repost Add a rotating image banner to existing wordpres theme - Add a Save Feature to my Software Add a save-settings function to my browser extentions - Add a scrolling footer Add a scrolling footer - Add a search feature to my shopify store Add a search field for couples to Dolphin 7 Boonex software - Add a second LOGIN link to a drupal home page ADD A SECOND MENU TO THE TOP OF THE HEADER as well as combined 3rd menu as responsive - add a secured page on my website Add a select form to contact form on BigCommerce site - Add a sheduling / booking system to my website Add a Shipping Calculator to existing Website - Add a shopping cart to a website add a shopping cart to an existing html website - Add a sign-up form to my wordpress site Add a signature to a .pdf document - Add a simple Chat to my Website Add a simple code for customized print from a webpage - Add a simple form after a Paypal buy now button is clicked Add a simple form to two finished flash websites - Add a simple new Sentence to E-commerce Form Add a simple news posting system to an already-existing static bootstrap website. - Add a single image web-link to 10 of our pages . . NOW!(repost) Add a Single Item Charge Which Gives Interior Access to a Web site - Add a slider to an existing theme and fix a error - wordpress Add a Slider to homepage in Wordpress, add a box in the home, and copy a section in another page - WordPress Project Bidding Theme - Add a small favebook like feature to my PHP website. add a small feature - Add a Smart App Banner to website Add a smile to beer froth picture - Add a specific menu to a wordpress page urgent Add a specific popup on my website - Add a still to a video Add a stopwatch to woocommerce order admin screen + simple report screen - Add a SubDomain and Install a WordPress Site Add a subdomain or change domain - Add a Syntax Highlighter to my textarea Add a system like quora or yahoo answer on existing social website - Add a Table to my Label PDF file Add a table to this opensource applicazione - Add a text banner scroller to a PHP site Add a text box to my website - add a theme and set up Add a theme to my website - Add a top banner to a colorlabs wordpress theme Add a top Joomla menu - Add a trial version software download (and tracking) for registered customer in Drupal 7 Add a trigger with .submit() to Gravity Form with jquery - Add a unitypackage asset on my unity 3D project and a button to activate it Add a unitypackage asset on my unity 3D project and a button to activate it -- 2 - Add a user tracker to App Add a User Upload option to my website - Add a video intro, outro and subtitles to a video add a video on my wordpress website - Add a video to our website Add a video to the home page of a website - add a watermark to an image Add a wave of water to this image - Add a Website auto translation feature Add a Website Carousel Slider to shopify without using apps. - Add a Wholesale page Add a Wholesale page(repost) - Add a Wikipedia/Wiki to current theme add a winners tab - Add A Wordpress Blog to a Website Add a wordpress blog to a website - Add a Wordpress plugin to show logos
Add a wordpress template to a domain name - Add A/R module to Invoicing Shopping Cart Code add ability for customers to use a code to get discount on my ecommerce site - Add Ability to select Sales Journal when creating a Sales Order or Delivery ADD ABILITY TO SPECIFIY EMAIL ADDRESS IN REDDIT CODE - Add about 6 form fields to a form using metadata Add about 6 lines of coding to a max of 9 files, note it could be less. ( coding examples given) - Add accordion style menu to HTML5 project Add accordion style menu to HTML5 project - add achievement systems like freelancer.com or others Add achive mod to phpbb - add activation requirement to already designed android project - repost Add active and non active window distinction to tracking of viewings of flash applet - add ad spaces on site Add Ad Systems to a xcode project - Add additional audio format support for an open source streaming server Add additional button to product display page - Add additional export function to foxpro program Add additional feature in Joomla admin panel - Add additional features to Gridview -- 2 Add Additional features to Gym mmebership software - Add additional filters/buttons to Excel Dashboard Add additional floors to a 3D Building Animation - Add Additional Functionality to My Chrome + FireFox Extension - Write Software Browser -- 2 Add additional functionality to Ultimate Client Manager Job Task - Time Management - Add Additional Log File to Web Scrapper Add additional membership capabilities to website - Add additional pages to our website Add additional pages to presdulac.com - Add Additional Sources to Adult Tube Grabbing Script Add additional sports betting sites - Add address validation to website ALL CODING IS DONE Add Addresses To Amazon.co.uk Using a CSV file - add admin function Add admin funtion in escort directory script - Add Admob advertising to an existing iPhone applicaton Add Admob add and version control to 10 apps - Add Admob Banner to iOS project (Objective c) Add Admob Banner to project on Eclipse - Add Admob Interstitial in a few apps Add Admob mediation to Android & iOS app - Add admobs ad unit to source code Add Ads Admob - add ads to existing ios App Add ads to existing iphone app - Add Adsense Code and FTP to New Server Add Adsense Code and FTP to New Site - Add Adsense to site Add Adsense to Thesis WP Site - Add advanced search function to a Wordpress gallery Add advanced search function to a Wordpress gallery. - Add advertising capability to my Wordpress blog Add advertising code from LifeStreet Media to the \'What is your future car?\' app, and one other minor modification - Add adwords conversion tracking code to contact forms Add Adwords tracking code to Joomla Site - Add Affiliate Id As Hidden Field To Getresponse Form -- 2 add affiliate link into footer of blog pages and post - Add Affiliate Tracking to Website Add affiliate/referrer to order form and database - Add Age Verification to 3Dcart store Add Age Verification to Checkout page of REVINDEX Shopping Cart - Add ajax and functionality to already designed shopping section of website Add Ajax bid data update to wordpress theme. - Add AJAX load more to ACF Gallery repeater Add AJAX loading external content into template - Add Ajax to my php website - repost add ajax to php form - Add Album / multi upload feature to phpSound Add Album & List View to my music player - Add alert to MT4 idicator - open to bidding Add Alert to MT4 indicator - Add Algorithm to Workflow SIm Add Algorithm to Workflow SIm - Add all products from http://www.azuregreen.net/ - departments to my site Add all products in a new page and translate some field in Italian - Add Altcoin cryptocurrency payment system to existing php script poker site Add alternative route for every destination. - Add Amazon link for Books Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) - Add Amazon Widegt to our WordPress Blog Add Amazon Widget to Both Our Blog and Boonex Dolphin 7 Site - Add an add to mite Add an additional 8 STR markers - Add an Affiliate program to a osCommerce site Add an affiliate program to a php script - Add an API to C# project Add an Api to Magento - Add an delete function through external file to user module in modified oscommerce Add an e-cart system to our website - Add an email form to a web page Add an email form to joomla - add an extension Add an extension to product pages - add an FTP upload page to my wordpress website -- 2 Add an h1 to header on WP blog - Add an image in one of my website's pages. (2 minute job) Add an Image Map to a 3Dcart store - Add an installer for a small java program Add an installer for my windows app - .exe or .msi - Add an on-line catalog/store to a Template Add an onboarding screen to exisiting WebApp, a screen users see when they log in for the first time. - Add an opt in form to my website add an option - Add an overlay to 30 second video. Add an QR scanner for my app - Add an Update Script to my current web app Add an Update Script to my current web app-1 - Add Analytics Tag/message submission system add analytics tracking to my wordpress + ninja form - Add and connect database to new joomla site on Virtualmin Add and Connect features in PHP/Javascript finance script - add and display new information in listing Add and edit a Video - Add and fix the functionality on the website Add and impliment captcha to an existing .asp form - Add and remove features from my site Add and remove fields in two magento pages - Add and style text to existing website HTML pages Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - repost - Add android native module in existing Titanium app Add Android Screen Controls to Unity game - Add animated text effects to 1 video Add animated text effects to 1 video - Add animation to my real video of drive-thru location add animation to my website - Add annotation to 7 images. Add Annotations Layer to PDF.js with ability to save to MySQL - Add another flv to swf file with start buttons Add another gondola in a picture - Add another payment method Add another PHP sort function - Add api and change layout of website add API and clean up design of site - Add API Integration to PHP Script Add API key to an existing query Google Map script - add API to WordPress Add API to Wordpress template and create post on different server - Add application to App Store/iTunes Add application to App Store/iTunes - repost - Add approx 30 areas to shapefile Add Approx 450 Images to Our Zencart - Add Arabic language to my current Magento2 website. Add Arabic Language to Shopify - Add AREA for dynamic Banners and Text Ads, PHP Hyip Script Add area to application - Add arrowns to my Photogallery Add Arrows to a Calendar - Add article about profile in wikipedia