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a Case Study - A case to integrate a tablet and a fingerprint reader A case-based workflow management tool to support decisionmak - A catchy brochure to sell a theatre show A catchy flyer for a massage therapist - a cease-and-desist letter to a company to be sent today yet. If you cannot do it today. tomorrow will not be good - Repost - Repost A cell phone carrier current deal comparison website ( one page) - A chance for fresh Writers A chance of launching a new company - A chapter edited A chapter for vinita 1804 - A Character Logo Needed! A character made for me in the style of 8bit (Pokemon themed) - A Chartered Surveyor good with Floor Plans A chase bank statement - A Chatroulette type of random video chat with modifications A chatting app which will let you know when your friend is nearby. - A cheery female voice a chef - A Chemist A chemist to formulate hard acrylic coating with superhydrophobic effect. - A children"s book illustrator. A children's accessories shop setup on business catalyst - a children's book illustrator who lives in North or South Dakota a children's book maybe 20-30 pages - A childs video book . A CHINESE Version Website added to existing one! Including Translation. - A Chinese translator for German language in muchen, germany for 2 hours on 18th of June 2014 A Chinese translator needed for the educational English sentences - A Christmas Calendar 2012 A Christmas Calendar 2012 - A chrome extension software that searches twitter for key words and likes the tweets a chrome plugin - a circuit design for a control device with LCD A circuit designwith specifications for a manual light dimmer - A cival engineer to plan, organize, design, direct and control a roads and parking project for a condominium complex in Buffalo grove, Il A Civil / Construction Company - A civil society Joomla Website - Redesign/Development. No use of frameworks, fast loading and responsive design A Civil War Survival Story - A classic type comic book hero illustration, ala Captain Canuck or Captain America. A classic website - A Classified website like bastat.com (in Arabisch and Engelisch) A CLASSIFIED WEBSITE LIKE GUMTREE - A clean attractive light weight CMS Website A clean busylamp patch - A clear box to fly at least 1000ft high and suspend itself there for periods of up to 6 months or a year. a click for lifetime memories & brand name should be daymaker - A Clientside (javascript + imacros) Script/Program For a Facebook Bot That Does The Following A climbing based platform - Android / iOS - A clone of a program for Andorid A clone Of A Real Estate Site - A clone of Gsmarena.com A Clone of Hotmail with Messenger App - A clone of Teespring site and all its current functionalities in wordpress site A clone of Teespring site and all its current functionalities in wordpress site - open to bidding - a clone site A Clone site directory - A Clothing inventory database A clothing line for children 2 to 6 years old - A Cloud-Based Framework for Agriculturists on Mobile Platform A Cloud-Based Immune System for Computers Words Report - A CMS for a letting agency a cms for etickets - a co typer for my projcet A co-op advertising portal - A code snippet A code snippet and an explanation as to where it would be pasted. - a coder A coder - A coding project in c language A coding project in c language( - A Collectable Card Game A collection - A college Level Assignment on college writing and arugment A College Moodle and theme need to Install - A colorful logo A colorful Step By Step Microsoft Office 2010 word training guide customized - A comfortable, environmentally friendly flip flop A comic book - a command/script/software to close all applications\' windows on local XP machines and then open browser a comment form - A commnnity knowledge sharing HTML, CSS JQUERY PHP Website a commsion prgram - A community site A Community site where people can sell products! - A company Analysis of 4000 words (mainly on accounting) a company analyze - A Company Logo A company Logo - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - A company Logo design --CC a company logo design and Chinese to English translation - A Company Profile A company profile - A company to manufacture my project a company to maufacter my product - A company website..... A Company which specialist in packaging and shipping for my online shop - A comparison of C++ and Java A comparison of Drug Trafficking in Spain into Andalucia and Galicia - A competent Web Designer A competent, low-cost blogger - A complete accounting solution for your business entity A complete Affiliate website, with all coupons, deals, tips n tricks... etc - A COMPLETE CMS OR WORDPRESS WEB SITE SYSTEM A complete copy of a website - A complete e-commerce system A complete E-commerce website almost from scrap - A complete mailing module. A complete Make Over for My website - A complete quality website with adsense approved a complete quidance on how to create a secure vpn server - A complete similar of a website A complete similar Website Of 99acres - A complete web site for a small service business. WP based A complete web site from HTML into Wordpress - A Complete Website of Joomla A Complete website of online store on magenta - A complex calculator A complex classified application - A component to be made for photo upload A componet for Mambo CMS - A comprehensive marketing person that can drive all marketing intiatives to completion A comprehensive marketting compaign - A computer engineer for a project A computer game - A computerized program to cut down manpower A COMPUTING ASSIGNMENT ON C - a conference interpreter from English to French A Conference website - A construction work site Foreman/ Lead Man a constructions business plan - A contact book building where users can create groups and search for each other. A contact form created for a website - a content writer A content writer - A continuation of the SEO project A continuosuly updated dance foundation and agency - A controller and manager with python A controversial site - A COOL Business card - design A cool but professional personal/business blog - a copy of http://bidwizeu.com A copy of a dating site - A copy of Instagram for Android A copy of Instagram for Android -- 2 - A copy typist
A copy typist - A copywriter all rounder A copywriter available on a per job basis - available asap - A core php website has to be updated and fine tuned A CorelDRAW file is needed - a corporate performance dissertation with proposal to complete - open to bidding A corporate powerpoint presentation - A cost breakdown analysis of one floating point operation. a cost to write C# for a simple booking system - a country song A county singer for small birthday party in Dubbo Saturday 30th August 2014 - A couple more mods for the site A couple more mods for the site -- 2 - a couple of hours a week typist A couple of hours help to tidy up a wordpress site - A couple of small site fixes A couple of small tasks - A Couple Quick PHP/MySQL Issues A Couple Quick PHP/MySQL Issues REOPEN - a coupon for facebook --25 or 50 dollars A coupon mailer that fits in a #10 envelope - A cover design for a new age album A cover for a book - A cow face appealing to children A CPA Offer Focused Wordpress Site Accepted by CPA Networks - A Creative and Tech Writer -- 107-SP A creative architectural design for a single story house - A creative graphic designer A creative graphic designer - A Creative Mind to Write Something - FR11916 A Creative Mobile Website - A creative website Design + Build A Creative Website Designer - a creative YouTube channel ad a creative, descriptive design for a sticker - a cricket site to be made A Cricket Website For Sale......... - A critical Review about MPEG-DASH. A critical review of an journal article with the consideration of Ottwa Charter - A CRM WEBSITE a cron app that will run in windows and will restart automatically when windows start - A crossword puzzle program A Crosswords Solvers Assistant - A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed -- 2 A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed now - A CSS Designer to bring a website design to life. Urgently A CSS Developer Needed - A CTP application on TinyOS and Test it on FlockLab -- 2 A Cuban that can help my friend fill out some English documents (in Cuba). - A custom app design. A Custom Application development in Bangalore - A custom designed logo for my new website. A Custom designed News theme - A custom exploration and back testing (Amibroker) - open to bidding A Custom Facebook Application - A custom HTML5 canvas A custom HTML5 canvas - repost - A Custom Made Cosplay Store A custom made logo for my business start up - A custom Minecraft Enjin Navabar and Login A custom MLM Script in PHP/MySQL - A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. -- 2 - A Custom Quantity Field A custom s/w - A Custom Tool A custom Tshirt design - hunting/outdoors - A custom woocommerce payment plugin A custom woocommerce payment pluginoftware - A customer management platfrom + ChargeBee integration A Customer management system for a mobile phone company - A customizable Iphone and Ipad story book page based app for children A customizable web forum - A customized media playing software for Digital Signage a customized pair of football/soccer boots - A Cute Girl for Skype Cam Call a cute logo for my new business - A Daily Deal Website like groupon, livingsocial, wagjag, etc. The site has to be made par with the competition. A daily quiz website, only the experienced coders please!!! - A Data Base A data base created on business's in the Melbourne CBD with 3000 postcode only - A data entry job A data entry job - open to bidding - A data entry software A Data entry Worker Need - a data typing work A databage project with multimedia - A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query A database established and data entry all from scratch - A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. - A Dating and blogging sites for Nigerian Students a dating app - A Dating Website A Dating website - A DBA to look at our system and let us know what can be slowing it down and suggest where script changes will make a big difference to the performance. A DC stove for use in houses/huts in developing countries. Solar powered - A decent online job where I can work comfortably at my home all the time! - open to bidding A decent programmer with lots of available time needed - A deeply customized Kodi skin/ able to be updated remotely - open to bidding A definition of of unfavorable behavior among children - A demo site for an audio forum A demo video for a site builder product - a design A design - A design engineer to be able to create solid works drawings A Design Engineer. - A design for a manual I am writing A design for a milestone award - a design for business card A design for coffee mug - A design for plastic disposable container A design for plastic disposable container - open to bidding - A design of a logo and partial website design A DESIGN OF A LOGO FOR A COMPAY - A design that I am able to place onto a hoodie A design to advertise my business - A designer a designer fashion jewellery rental wordpress or magento website - A designer to create a custom design tee shirt A designer to customize a Life Coaching website from coachingwebsites - A designer who works with Photoshop to complete our award seals for our 50 winners in our online publication. A Designer with a open visual mind to help with my t-shirt line - A desktop application that clicks a few buttons on a website A desktop application that I can enter in values and then it will create an email - a desktops software for my Photo Studios A Destination Website - A detailed report on DESIGN METHOD FOR A RECONFIGURABLE MECHANISM FOR FINGER REHABILITATION, by using 10 reference papers from past 10 years to till date. a detailed research paper - A developer for cs-cart & wordpress A developer for iOS and android platform - a developer to go into my app on google play, work those magic hands and get the first phase running.. A developer to help edit my codes and enhance my skills - A developer who can fix our problem we have a developer who can work with wordpress and php - A developer/designer for an app. A developing internet company is searching for a Head Manager (Editor in chief) - A devlopper in need a DFX File logo - A dialer application A dialer will include messaging, and video calling - A different kind of website building venture for only the most experienced web developers A different kind of win an Iphone website - a digital clock using 7-segment displays in Assembly A digital company logo - A digital poster to use on facebook A digital presentation for an Organic Farm in Puerto Rico - A digital render of an old logo from a photograph