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A statistic project! - A statistical work for Karen A Statistician - A Type of Site A Steganography Application - A stock gallery A stock management person, Marketing skills - a story A story about a cattle enterprise on the Mid Coast of NSW - A story/Novel from a boy that came from Mexico and made it successfully in the USA A story/serial writer - A streaming website A Street promoter to promote our football campaign in a Sports Centre - A Strong duck logo A strong Editoril thta want put on A strong publishing that want put my book on the market ... I'm sure that will have a big impact.the market my book. - A stub for an investment application - repost a stub program for a c++/poco/regex .cpp program - A STUDENT. - open to bidding a studio engineer to record vocals and give a mixdown which can be sent for master - A Study on Brand Awareness of Fast Rent a Car” (A study with reference to the brand awareness of the organization in the UAE Market) A Study on Communication in multicultural organisazation with reference to Reem Company. - A stunning, smart, & simple yet efficient email scanning software to scan incoming mail inquiries for our products and to automatically quote the respective prices in returning email A style of template copy needed - A Subscriber Billing Management System A subscription based E-calendar - A Summarized proposal A Summarized proposal(repost) - A Super Fun Halloween Project-Photoshop my Sister onto Jessica Rabbit real life look alike -- 2 A super hero costume design for a person to wear - A Supermarket store A supplier for health nutrition products to dropship - A survey expert with a PH.D a survey job - A Survey Website & Mobile App A Surveyor who can conduct surveys at various areas - A SWOT analysis is to be written on an organisation. (1200 words) A swt snippet using ActiveX to run/display Windows Mediaplayer 11 in an OleControlSite - A system developer A system for controlling a PC from a remote location - A system that delivers Point-to-Point mails and packages without human involvement (e.g., D-mail or Drone mail, e.g., using Drone driver-less vehicles). A system that delivers Point-to-Point mails and packages without human involvement (e.g., D-mail or Drone mail, e.g., using Drone driver-less vehicles). - open to bidding - A Systematic Software on Entrance Examinations for Admission in Professional Course" A t shirt - A T-Shirt Design A T-shirt design for "The Rusty Gig" Guide Service - A t-shirt website A t-shirt with a creepy Micky mouse on it - a tailor shop a take data entry jobes - A talented graphic designer to produce a large poster design for public display at a university A talented Graphic Designer who can imitate my current style of design for an iOS game I am working on. - a task on SQL/big data analysis using ORANGE a tattoo - a TCP protocol A TCP Server - Client Application [VB.NET] - A Team Logo A team logo - A team of programers need it! a team of programmer - A team who could do a flash mob for us A team with a lot of skills and a good team leader - A technical 3d working video of an engine modification A Technical App - A technical report of 2000 words A Technical Report of Efficiency of Solar PV Modules - A technically simple website, like kickstarter or indiegogo a technician - A telemarketer that is willing to work on a commission + Bonus setup. A telemarketer to do either half or one day a week - A template for a website A template for graphic based application - A template PP presentation A template same as - A tennis score app a term Assignment (System Thinking) - A test run for an hourly job A test run on the basis of financial affairs - A Text scanner app for iPhone platform a text summarizer with tensorflow - A thank you for placing an order pop up A thankyou page, url in software changed, file download changed. - A thesis needs to be Amended A thesis of a master in marketing - A three part erotica story A Three tier frame work for intruder information sharing - A time-based media (video,audion) action editor and command executer web application.. A time-multiplexed seven-segment display peripheral. - A tiny modification in the design you have made for me A tiny network program -- 2 - A to z A to Z -- 2 - A tool for fixing corrupted JPG photos A tool for fixing corrupted JPG photos(repost) - A tool to get products from 3 different sites A tool to pull out data for gold price movements - A top-down scroller game for Android A top-not computer coder - A TOTALLY INTEGRATED P2P A touch of class/professionalism to my front page - A tourist map for the City of Cairns in Queensland Australia A Tours and travels project - a trading signal software for forex and binary options A trading website like ebay and all stores like that - A trainer for giving training on Primavera Portfolio Management a trainer in agriculture extension and management - A Transactional Website / Web Application A transactional website for furniture retailers to add clearance lines - a translated copy of the documents supplied a translater - A translation from English to Malay A translation from English to Malay - repost - A translator a translator - A translator for a phone call A translator for a Wedding Day! - A translator to accompany me to collect case studies A translator to accompany me to collect case studies in Zarqa- Arabic to English translations - A transport Limousine Hire website -- 2 A transport managert - A travel guide site A Travel lifestyle blog - A tree design a tree like database - A trivia iOS app A trivia quiz mobile app for Android phones that rewards its players with real cash or phone credits. - A tshirt design a tshirt design - A turtle mascot for a web site A turtle mascot for a web site - open to bidding -- 2 - A Tweets monitoring tool A twelve week day by day meal and exercise program - A two page letter to my Chinese mother (approx 1241 words) into Traditional Chinese characters (prefer Taiwan), to be done by May 8 2013 a two page report on participating in work health and safety (600) words - A typewritten short story converted into a word document A typewritten short story converted into a word document - A TYPING JOB OR COPY AND PASTE JOB - open to bidding a typing job with pay - A typist a typist - Repost - A typist/ writer needed A typography - A UK based illustrator A UK Driving Licence Holder to take 3 points for me - A unique B2C website A unique B2C2B project - A unique grey camo design
A unique logo - A UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY THAT WILL TRACK STUDENT ATTENDANCE AND PREVENT THE CHILD KIDNAPPING PLAN OF CRIMINALS A UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY TRACK STUDENT ATTENDANCE AND PREVENT THE CHILD KIDNAPPING PLAN OF CRIMINALS - A unity3d project - a university campus design and VR model A Unity3D renderer module for high quality 360 stereo pano pictures. - a usa representative - open to bidding A usability tester who knows and has used Tobii eye tracking for at least 2-3 years. - A user registration/login/profile for wordpress a User-Customizable "Whiteboard" - A utility to transfer orders from excel to odin, nest - open to bidding A utitlity or application that collects live data from excel - A value, algorithim or equation to assist in creating an overall score a vampire story - A VB Based Software A VB Callto:// URL Protocol Handler.... - a VBA function doing the derivative and integral of a function A VBA programmer - A Vehicle and Boat Graphics Package A vehicle controller's portal like zoom car - A verizon or AT&T or sprint bill in my name with my address and date account was established - open to bidding A versatile "inbox" liked to GMail - A very basic blog saved on file A very basic implementation done in Photoshop within an hour - A very direct job: add a menu link to open a Ajax form A very easy 3D game on Unity - A VERY EASY MATLAB BASED JOB A very easy MATLAB project - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A very easy typing job $$ A Very Easy Typing Job (Data entry) - A very easy web page (only two pages) english and spainsh A VERY Easy website make-over - A very good MSSQL programmer/architect A very good phone voice - A very loud noise button to pin on clothes A very low latency VNC/RDP or similar app. - A very realistic 3D model A very realistic model of a kinetic art piece inserted onto a photographic background setting. - A very simple "Flash" support A very simple 1 line code change to a .net website - A very simple app for iOs (iphone, Objective C) A very simple app for Iphone and Android - A very simple discussion forum in PHP / MYSQL A very simple dummy GUI for real time video snippet generation - A very simple game for iPhone/Android/Windows mobile - repost A very simple geometry analysis - A very simple job a very simple job for resident bangladesh or Pakistan - A Very simple nokia based facebook chat client a very simple one page advertisement - a very simple project a very simple project - a very simple shopping cart for existing website a very simple similator - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A very simple video clip for three to five minutes( for you tube) A very simple view page from model in django admin interface - A very simple Wordpress theme A very simple wordpress web site. - A very small circuit board with only a few pads. A very small clean pdo db image php script - A Very Small Modification Will Be Made A very small multimedia job - A very small website a very small website - A very technical change in site A very unique custom made hoodie - just 1 - A vida na terra A Video - A video animation in white board A video animation like the RSA animations - A video control element just like Youtube's with Flash A video created for cloud computing - A video editor A video editor - A video game like flappy golf... A video game needs to be made - An academic Project! - A Video Logo Sting A video made - A video Player with extras A video presentation for 2 to 3 min - A Video Streaming Website (Not youtube) A video surveillance system with tracking human object and d - A video with a voice over. a video with an actor explaining how our tachnology works - a videographer a videographer - A Videographer in Chicago A Videographer in Zurich, Switzerland on Oct 12th - A Videographer with a camera a videographer/cameraman or women - A vintage style logo for a woodworking company A violin Player - A Virtual Assistant A virtual assistant - A Virtual Assistant Is Needed A Virtual Assistant Is Needed Right Now - a virtual assistant work A virtual assistant young lady here in the United States preffer Texas to make calls for me! - A Virtual Tarot Deck A virtual try-on project - A visual brochure for a film a visual design to celebrate 10 years of partnership between Vodafone and Huawei - A voice over for a video introduction A voice over for animated video - a voting system a voting system - open to bidding - A wall decal for our office a wall drawer - A warcraft bases online multiplayer android game a warframe emblem needs to have all the details i list in email - A way to count clicks for affiliates a way to earn money - A Web Animation A web api development project. - a web app! A Web Application - A Web application is needed to tag 20 images for a digital collection for tag analysis A web application likethewho wants to be a millionaire - a Web based + application for a chat like paltalk A web based access control and time attendance system - A web based flash game a web based game - a web based Suite Of SEO Tool Chest A web based survey hosting and quantitative evaluation tool. - A Web browser
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