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A Aaaaaaaa... - a a - a a - A book designer/typesetter A Brackett - a double meta refresh redirect a drafting to scale of building frame and components - a graphic for my sports business A HTML project - a person whose handwriting is best and looks appealing to others a personal Statement for admission application - A Small Macromedia Flash Assignment a Survey Paper - A "3-step" illustration A "4D Space-Time Torsion Calculator" - a "website builder" website a "website builder" website - repost - A "Friend code wall" A "Get it Free" clone like - A 'Blog' app, including 'Threads' A 'C' library which handles file/directory IOs to Amazon S3 - a (vehicle) decale disigned A *genuine* expert on fold out submenus needed! - A .Net developer looking to invest a small amount of time after hours for shareholdings in a health and fitness platform that won Innovation of the Year at the NZ Fitness Awards last year. a .NET devloper - A 1 minute animation video presenting what we do A 1 minute animation video presenting what we do - open to bidding - A 1-2 min animated video based on a short storyline A 1-2 min Video require - A 10 page business report on Caterpillar inc. A 10 page paper on a dataset (double spaced, including figures) - A 100 articles rewrite work A 100 page book - A 1000 Words MATLAB Related Aerospace Engineering Assignemnt A 1000+ Guaranted upgraded paid membsership to our site. - A 15 min video shot and edited A 15 minutes animated video - A 1500 words Business Plan A 1500-words Chinese History Assignment - A 2 minute long video A 2 minute product analysis segment - A 2 sided FLYER, Full Color & very nice. I have the content/text. A 2 weeks deadline Mall Catalog/Events iPhone application - A 20 page power point presentation. A 20 page power point presentation. - A 2000 Euro Web Expert 200 Mini - 60 Major Website a 2000 French to English document translation - a 2000sq ft commercial building built on 2 acres of flat raw land in Yulee, FL A 2017 calendar - A 290 page book translated from English to Spanish a 2:30-3 min video - A 2D drawing of a character converted into a 3D riggable models A 2d game for iPhone - A 3 day event website A 3 dimensional drawing - a 3 pages paper that covers a specific question about a book, a history book a 3 pages project - A 3-page prototype for login and submit forms A 3-page prototype for login and submit forms - repost - A 30 second animation movie A 30 second animation movie - A 3000 word case analysis using SSM Methodology A 3000 word essay on one of the four. - A 3D African Warrior/Superhero Toy Illustration A 3D African Warrior/Superhero Toy Illustration - open to bidding - a 3D animator A 3d animator who can create elearning content - A 3D Character for animation - ongoing work A 3d character modeled from concept art - A 3D Enviroment that can edit a given cache A 3D Enviroment that can edit a given cache - open to bidding - A 3D interior scene A 3D Jewelry/Model Design for 3D Printing - A 3d model needed for a video game A 3D model needs recreating - a 3d modeler a 3d modeler - open to bidding - A 3d rendered image using a previous design as a template A 3D rendered model with multiple views - A 3d vehicle model created in maya 2014 A 3D video animation that describes our solution - A 4 minute music animated children's video A 4 minute music animated children's video - open to bidding - A 40' - 60' second 2d / white board animation A 40,000 Word how to book needed (Relationship niche) - A 4500 Word Book Summary A 45second animation that captures my sites product offering. - A 5 PAGE BROCHURE STYLE WEBSITE. A 5 page essay on an analyses and research of the book The Young Lions. (I will provide you with a summary and details about it if you haven\'t read it) - A 5-10min project A 5-10min project -- 2 - A 500 words Engineering Assignment a 500-word summary - A 6 page website a 60 second 2D/3D animation work for a short movie - A 65-100 words connecting paragraph writing a 6502 programmer - A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 2 A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 3 - A 981002.......... A 9gag like web page - a academic journal article - literature review for a PhD paper a academic paragraph needed!!! - A adult website wordpress blog A adventure tourism website - a am job for sex A am not bit I am fresser... - a android application fertilizers - open to bidding A android quiz app - A anonymous chatting website A answers for a questions - A app needed, simple mobile and tab/ipad built for all platfoms to conserceve battery A app or webpage to deliver our service. - A AR Answers website, where people can post answers to tests and rate them. a architectural sketch artist for concept drawings - A artist a artist who can draw manga - A automated media promotion site. A Automatic bot for - a B2B Marketplace Website and its Apps A B2B platform for luxury and fashion business - A backend API platform A Backend Design for a Crowdfunding site - A Background To a Race for video game A Background Village For My Video Game - A band needs a mobile-friendly version of the current website A band to join - a banner and a logo gor youtube A banner campaign reguired. - A banner for Gaming Clan a banner for google words and facebook - A Banner to show Gift Registry flow A banner we can use as a sign for our shop and for our website - A basic 5 page business website to be made for architecture firm. A basic Android app in Unity 5 - A basic cinama auotomation using C programming A basic company logo - A basic html script initially a basic html site - A basic logo a basic logo/company design - a basic presentation website A Basic Problem - A Basic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design A basic version of - A basic website to create
A basic website to create - open to bidding - A batch of 7 simple accounting subject assignment A batch of 7 simple accounting subject assignment - A Beatifull Logo :-) A Beautful Encore - A beautiful, mobile and seo friendly website needed with payment and price cost calculation A Beautiful, Simple, Minimal Splash Screen Website - A Beginners Guide to Playing Better Golf A beginning of a poker bot! - a betfair bot that have three strategies. The lay the draw, the back under 4.5, and the over 0,5 strategy HT/FT - open to bidding A better application of an existing logo - A Better Shot App - repost A better Stickie note - A Bible Application in Twi/Hymnal and also sabbath school A biblical based project - A big Forex website A big form of Jquery - A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery -- 2 - A Billing system A billionaire gets rich from a tie - A biometric application to scan fingers A Biostatistician needed for time curves and regression analysis - a bit more joomla work a bit of Ajax integration - A bitcoin and Python related project A Bitcoin Bank Website - A black & white illustration A black and white drawing of a champagne bottle popping (cork popped, bubbles) - A block diagram for a Taser Gun and a washing machine. A block diagram for a Taser Gun and a washing machine. - repost - A blog and guide website for a game that allows for user submitted content A Blog article every week - A Blog for my website, and hosting A blog generating 10-20eur per day about internet scam - A blog section added to website - open to bidding A blog set up and designed - A Blog With The Ability To Have It Updated A blog writer - A blogger for a tech site A blogger for a tech site - open to bidding - A Blogging/Social Media Site A BLOGTV CLONE SITE FOR TWITTER - A Bohol Brochure - repost A Boiler Selector for used in Magento - A book about my life a book about starting a business with $50 - A book cover A book cover - A book cover illustrated A book cover illustration - a BOOK for kids to read A book for marketing our website - A book laid out to conform to Amazon publishing specifications A book manuscript proofread - A book on personal selling A Book on Project Management - A book to be published A book to be translated from English to Spanish - A book written A book written - A booking system, need help with a few functionalities A booking website - A bookmarking website A bookstore homepage - A Boring Book A Boss that Im qualified for his/her job. - A Bot running on a website A bot that automatically "undos" Wikipedia edits - a bot to use for automated actions on a webpage A bot/spider to crawl the web for flash and non-mobile optimized websites - A box to send a tee-shirt, small line of paints, 1 paint brush, and a pair of sunglasses. a box with game cards - A Brand for Haiti A BRAND FOR MY COMPANY - A brand name to be made for the boxes A brand new artistic logo for my startuo company - A Brazilian Discount Membership Club (Benefit Program) A breast pump prototype - a brief summary a brief thank you speech - A Brochure designed A brochure designed - a brochure to be designed A brochure to launch a student hostel - A bug capture widget for bitbucket (hosted web applications) A bug fix in a PHP SugarCrm module - A buisness logo for Crow and Wolf Resume Services A buisness manager - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #11 A Bunch of Rewrites Required #12 - A busineess plan written and a book dictated too.Both of these will be dictated too by Brian Wilson. a business - A business card and logo designed for a new company A business card dersigner - A Business Contract drawn up for the purchase of a Medical Equipment Hire and Sales business. A Business desktop Software app and cloud SAAS - A business directory website A business directory website for professionals - A Business Logo A business Logo - a business logo a business logo - a business logo for my company A business logo for signage - a business partnership with my company in Rwanda A BUSINESS PLAN - a business plan a business plan - A Business Plan for Freelance Website A Business Plan for Freelance Website - A business plan to start an Educare centre A business plan writer - A business report - open to bidding A BUSINESS REPORT NEEDED - A business website A Business Website - A Buy Now Page added to Website. A buyer - a C Programer An existing program changed. A dart scoring program changed. A darts stats progam changed. A C programming Database - a C# unity (game) project A c# winforms application to migrate dBase files to SQL Server 2000 - A C++ game code is required... A C++ Logger App rewritten in NodeJS - A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use - open to bidding - a C++/C program is written for the MSP430 ╬╝Controller - Easy project A C++/C programmer needed to finish some work urgently. - A cad design of a shop refit A CAD Design of Glass wear for a mold - A cafe branding project - the cafe name is 7 AM -- 2 A Cafe website - a calculus assignment a calendar app - A call center to take on a survery project! A call for all PHP scripts - a camaraman to record a live gig in a theatre like corn exchange, dont need to worry abut sound because we have sound enginer recording the event just need someone to video record. a camera and a photo developer - A campaign description for kickstarter A campaign description for kickstarter - a capstone manuscript for my MSN. Length aprox 19 pages on the topic- what are nurses perceptions of hospice versus palliative care? A Capstone project - need a unique idea and - built it - A car review website A car review website. - A Card Translated from Spanish to English - Fast Please :) A Cardboard developer - A caricature of couple