Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. It is designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and the large body of existing Objective-C code written for Apple products. Swift developers are focused on using Swift coding language for coding applications for the Apple ecosystem. They produce fast, modern and secure code that can be used for mobile apps, game development, engineering, scripting and more.

Here's some projects that our expert Swift Developers made real:

  • Developing applications that process user input with an external API
  • Integrating various SDKs into existing projects
  • Enhancing existing projects to add CarPlay functionality
  • Developing React Native Plugins
  • Adding features such as angle calculations
  • Building original educational applications
  • Creating backend functionalities for existing iOS applications

At Freelancer.com, you can find highly skilled and experienced Swift professionals to help with all your Apple mobile app needs. You can post your project with the details of your requirements and budget to get started. Our developers are the perfect solution to get the end product you are looking for. Whether you need a simple app or a complex development project, you can find the right professional at Freelancer.com. Post your project now and get in touch with a top tier Swift developer today!

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    I'm in need of an experienced Swift developer, who's experienced in developing Augmented Reality (AR) enviroment, and has the ability to integrate AR elements into an existing app, as well as an AR graphic designing. Key requirements are: - Proficiency in Swift and Xcode - Strong background in the design of augmented reality content - Ability to integrate AR features into existing apps - Prior experience with integrating a .usdz files into an AR environment - A keen understanding of user experience design to ensure this new feature enhances users' interaction with our product information. Looking forward to collaborating with a talented and experienced professional.

    $140 (Avg Bid)
    $140 Rata-rata
    17 penawaran

    I'm in need of a designer to help me create a mobile-friendly scrollable list format spa treatment menu. Key aspects: - Use an earth-toned color scheme to exude a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. - The menu should present a modern, easy-to-navigate view for mobile users. - Content creation is part of this role. While I'll provide some critical details, I'll rely on you to enhance this information with engaging product descriptions. Optimal skills and experience: -Prior experience in menu or brochure designing, particularly for wellness or beauty industries. -Exceptional ability in creating mobile-friendly designs. -Content creation skills, capable of crafting compelling descriptions to evoke interest in our treatments. This project requires a fast turnaro...

    $354 (Avg Bid)
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    69 penawaran

    I am in need of an iOS developer to create a multi-camera guidance application with Augmented Reality (AR) integration and machine learning capabilities. Key Features - Real-time AR integration: The app should seamlessly integrate AR into the user's real-world environment. - Algorithm for guidance on specific scenes: The application needs to provide step-by-step guidance for navigating through specific scenes. - Machine learning for detecting objects and humans: It should be able to identify various objects and humans in the surroundings. Expectations - I am looking for a talented developer with prior experience in AR development. - Your application should include examples of past work in the field. - The level of AR integration complexity I am expecting is intermediate interaction ...

    $27 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    28 penawaran

    I am in need of a competent freelancer who is proficient in simultaneous iOS and Android app development. The main objective of this project is to create a comprehensive e-commerce application run on both platforms. The critical feature necessary for this app includes: -In-app purchases Freelancers who have vast experience in building e-commerce applications and integrating in-app purchase features will be favored during the selection process. Prior work on both iOS and Android platforms will be extremely beneficial for this job.

    $2345 (Avg Bid)
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    73 penawaran
    Mac ai voice changer 6 Hari left

    Here are the details of our requirements. If you can implement this feature, we will further communicate with you about the delivery plan~ Has the following requirements: 1. Real time voice change function: It can capture audio input (PCM audio stream or CMSampleBufferRef audio stream) in real time and apply AI models to perform real-time voice change processing on the human voice. After processing, it outputs the completed voice change audio stream (PCM audio stream) and plays it in real time, so that it can hear the sound that simulates the sound change effect of the currently selected AI model. 2. No latency: The software needs to process audio with low latency to ensure that the sound change effect is synchronized with the input audio. 3. AI Model Switching: Supports switching betw...

    $549 (Avg Bid)
    $549 Rata-rata
    27 penawaran

    As a client, I'm looking for a proficient iOS app developer to build a home services application. The primary purpose of this app is to connect service providers with customers, focusing specifically on home services. Key Elements: - **Platform:** The app is specifically for iOS, so I need someone with a strong background in iOS development. - **Purpose:** The main goal of the app is to provide a platform for home service providers to connect with potential customers. - **Services:** The app will cover a range of home services, so experience in developing similar service-based applications would be a significant advantage. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in iOS app development. - Strong understanding of service-oriented applications. - Prior experience with home ...

    $4070 (Avg Bid)
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    98 penawaran
    iOS TikTok-Inspired App Development 5 Hari left

    I require a proficient iOS developer who could help build an app heavily inspired by TikTok. We're yet to specify which of TikTok's features are to be included, so flexibility and expansive knowledge of TikTok's functionality are advantageous. Ideal skills: - Proficiency in Swift and iOS SDK - Understanding of AR filters - Previous experience in building multimedia apps Your tasks will include: - Developing the app's functionality from scratch - Quickly iterating prototypes - Being open for subsequent modifications Since I need this project done as soon as possible, those who join should have a track record of swift execution.

    $3462 (Avg Bid)
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    110 penawaran

    I'm in search of an experienced iOS developer who's proficient in Swift and Objective-C, and has a proven track record in UI/UX design. My project involves creating a parental control application. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Swift and Objective-C: The ideal candidate should be adept at both languages to ensure the efficient development of the application. - Strong UI/UX Design Skills: You will be responsible for designing the user interface and ensuring a seamless user experience in the app. You will be provided with a detailed design and wireframe for the application. The project's success hinges on your ability to translate these designs into a fully functional app, complete with intuitive parental control features and solid security measures. Please highlight ...

    $225 (Avg Bid)
    $225 Rata-rata
    52 penawaran
    iPhone In-App Purchase Integration 5 Hari left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to help me integrate in-app purchases on my iPhone app. The main details of the project include: Stripe is integrated but app is rejected so just want that app should live with stripe. - Offering non-consumable items (subscriptions) as in-app purchases. - Utilizing an external payment gateway for the transactions, specifically Stripe. In your bid, please outline: - Your experience with integrating in-app purchases on iOS. - Your familiarity with using Stripe as an external payment gateway. - Any previous work or portfolio that showcases your experience with a similar project. Your expertise in these areas is crucial to the success of this project. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of iOS development and experience in implemen...

    $159 (Avg Bid)
    $159 Rata-rata
    15 penawaran

    I'm in need of a talented iOS developer who can fix the UI layout issues in my app and add a new high-priority feature. Key Requirements: - Fix existing UI layout issues that are affecting the app's user experience. - Develop a new feature with high priority. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in iOS app development. - Strong knowledge of UI design principles and fixing UI layout issues. - Experience in developing new functionalities within iOS apps. - Ability to work quickly and efficiently, especially given the high-priority nature of the new feature.

    $381 (Avg Bid)
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    38 penawaran

    Having already established a web application, I'm seeking a proficient Swift developer to replicate and improve the functionalities of this existing application into a Swift mobile app. Key Project Details: * You will be using my existing web app as a basis for the Swift app. * The app must include specific features such as user authentication and in-app Purchases. Prior experience in developing these features is necessary. * The final product should be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Ideal skills: * Proficiency in Swift development * Experience in converting web apps to mobile apps * Knowledge of cross-platform app development * Experience in implementing user authentication and in-app Purchases.

    $4120 (Avg Bid)
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    62 penawaran
    macOS CodeSign Issue Resolution 4 Hari left

    I'm struggling to deal with a recurring error on my macOS system that reads 'Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code'. This needs resolving as soon as possible. - The specific issue pertains to the CodeSign command, which seems to fail consistently. I am unsure of what triggers it. - An important detail is that the coding language of the project is unknown. This raises the need for a proficient freelancer with broad expertise across coding languages to handle this task. - The operating system in use is macOS, so strong knowledge in this system is required for trouble-shooting. - I am facing time constraints and thus, I need someone who can get started immediately to fast-track the resolution process. IDEAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Prolific in a variety of programm...

    $44 (Avg Bid)
    $44 Rata-rata
    12 penawaran

    Looking for native IOS and native Android Developer for small changes in Existing App

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Rata-rata
    74 penawaran
    Convert PortVB App to iOS/Mac 4 Hari left

    I’m seeking a skilled developer to convert my existing PortVB Desktop App into an iOS/Mac Desktop App. It a small tool that runs on a Windows PC and reads some flat XML files and inserts/updates a mySQL database. We need the same program to be able run on a iOS/Mac desktop. I have all the VB Project files/ Source code. - Skills in app development for iOS/Mac, ideally with previous experience in app conversion - Knowledge of data syncing, user authentication, and offline access, in case these features need to be incorporated - Familiarity with contacts management, communication, scheduling, calendar integration, and file/document management functionalities for potential focus areas - Creative design skills to potentially revamp the user interface and overall design of the app ...

    $451 (Avg Bid)
    $451 Rata-rata
    29 penawaran
    Swift Menu Modification 3 Hari left

    I'm urgently looking for a professional to help update my current menu. Specifically, I need someone who can: - Quickly brainstorm innovative dishes to add freshness to the menu - Utilize a critical eye to determine which dishes could be improved or possibly removed - Implement these modifications smoothly and swiftly to prevent disruptions to smooth operations The ideal freelancer will be experienced in menu design, have a knack for culinary trends, and able to work under tight deadlines. Please include examples of past relevant work in your proposal. Urgency is key in this project.

    $159 (Avg Bid)
    $159 Rata-rata
    72 penawaran

    I am looking for a skilled iOS developer, proficient in React and Swift, to assist with the development of an interactive product-specific app. Key tasks involved: - Comprehensive app development, with a strong focus on the integration of backend features for seamless navigation and user experience. Required app features and functionalities: - To efficiently display and navigate across multiple product features, this app will need a robust product catalog system. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proven experience in developing dynamic iOS applications, with interactive features and backend integrations. - A strong understanding of React and Swift programming. - Previous experience with product catalog systems would be highly favorable. This project is an excellent o...

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Rata-rata
    50 penawaran

    I am seeking a skilled iOS developer to design and create a platform-based application alongside me in Bangalore, India. Agency or companies do not bid. I’m ready to onboard you immediately with travelling and accommodations reimbursement in advance. This will be a month long project and happy to ₹pay more than a lakh for this period. The app should be universally compatible, intended to function smoothly on both iPhone and iPad devices. Please place your bid having the keywords name of any color. Key Requirements: - Universal iOS app development is required, with capability to run seamlessly on both iPhones and iPads. - Consideration and optimization for compatibility across all iPhone models supported by the latest iOS version is mandatory. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven...

    $2427 (Avg Bid)
    $2427 Rata-rata
    44 penawaran

    I require an experienced and versatile application developer for a translation-focused mobile application. The app must support both Android and iOS platforms. Primary Functions: • The main function of the app is language translation - a tool that users can utilize to translate text from English to Arabic and vice versa. Skills and experience required: • Proven experience as an app developer with a portfolio of mobile apps. • Proficient in programming languages for iOS and Android. • Knowledge of cross-platform application development would be a plus. • Familiarity with language learning applications and translation functionalities. • An understanding of Arabic and English to better cater to the app’s translation function. Your role will involve de...

    $511 (Avg Bid)
    $511 Rata-rata
    145 penawaran

    Nous avons besoin d'un ingénieur iOS freelance pour affiner, peaufiner et construire des composants clés de l'application. Leur expertise en Swift, UIKit et programmation réactive est cruciale pour une intégration UI fluide, une optimisation et la résolution de bugs, en alignement étroit avec les concepteurs de produits.

    $39 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $39 / hr Rata-rata
    18 penawaran
    Docker, swift, flutter and Appium 3 Hari left

    PLEASE NOTE This is a project that is a testing project where I want to have four instances created with appium and testing. It is NOT an app project I'm seeking an expert Appium developer to create an iOS compiler that can work efficiently with Appium native and Flutter. Work to do(I assume it is something like this): 1. setup appium on a mac machine 2. install flutter and swift compilers 3. probably create a docker instance for each compilers from that MAC machine 4. enable so testing can be made after the app has been compiled and results can be stored into logs. The above should be done the same for Android Key Requirements: - Design and develop the iOS compiler. - Integrate the compiler with Appium native and Flutter. - Focus specifically on compiling functi...

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $23 / hr Rata-rata
    36 penawaran

    Brief: Looking for an experienced C++ developer with CMake expertise to compile the MVS-Texturing project for iOS/arm64 and integrate it with SwiftUI in Xcode. Familiarity with iOS development and the ability to solve issues independently are crucial. Responsibilities: Compile MVS-Texturing for iOS/arm64. Integrate compiled code with SwiftUI in Xcode. Requirements: Advanced C++ and CMake skills. Experience with SwiftUI/Xcode for iOS. Knowledge of MVS-Texturing (GitHub: nmoehrle/mvs-texturing). Completion Check: The project is considered complete when: A simple ios swiftui app with button can trigger the MVS-Texturing process. Documentation on integration steps is provided. Apply If: You have solid C++/CMake skills and experience with iOS/SwiftUI projects. Briefly share your relevant ex...

    $467 (Avg Bid)
    $467 Rata-rata
    53 penawaran

    I am seeking a skilled iOS developer to design and create a platform-based application alongside me in Bangalore, India. I’m ready to onboard immediately with travelling and accommodations reimbursement in advance. This will be a month long project and happy to ₹pay more than a lakh for this period. The app should be universally compatible, intended to function smoothly on both iPhone and iPad devices. Key Requirements: - Universal iOS app development is required, with capability to run seamlessly on both iPhones and iPads. - Consideration and optimization for compatibility across all iPhone models supported by the latest iOS version is mandatory. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in iOS platform app development and optimization, preferably +3 years - In-depth kno...

    $1444 (Avg Bid)
    $1444 Rata-rata
    67 penawaran
    Swift macOS App for whasapp messages 3 Hari left

    I need an application for macOs (in swift 5) that consults a url every 3 minutes which will show 1 or more phone numbers. What the app must do is send a WhatsApp (with a predefined text) to those phones automatically, that is, it handles some type of script or something to tap on the different popups until it reaches the WhatsApp web. Everything has to be automatic without human intervention.

    $159 (Avg Bid)
    $159 Rata-rata
    22 penawaran
    Swift VLC Player Development 2 Hari left

    As a client, I'm searching for an experienced Swift developer who can create a single-screen application for iOS, tvOS, and macOS. Features Needed: - A VLC player window - A play and pause button - Ability to play files that we will send privately Operating System Compatibility: - iOS - tvOS - macOS Notably, while there's no specific requirement for compatibility with certain version of the operating systems, do ensure there's a broad compatibility range. I expect the project to be completed within a month from contract initiation. Ideal skills and expertise: - Swift coding skills - Experience with the VLC player - Proven experience in developing applications for multiple Apple platforms.

    $1421 (Avg Bid)
    $1421 Rata-rata
    38 penawaran

    I'm in need of an experienced mobile app developer who can help me build a trading application from scratch. Key Features Needed: - Real-time stock quotes - Portfolio management - Trading alerts Ideally, you will have only specific experience crafting trading applications or similar projects with demonstrated knowledge in handling financial data. A strong background in developing applications that require real-time data processing is crucial. You should be familiar with integrating APIs that help manage portfolios and create trading alerts. Understanding of the latest mobile app development trends and commitment to maintaining high quality standards throughout the project are required. Let's turn this concept into a successful app together.

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $8 / hr Rata-rata
    26 penawaran
    AR Integration for App - .usdz Cube 2 Hari left

    I'm in need of an experienced Swift developer and Augmented Reality (AR) graphic designer to join my team. The task at hand requires the integration of a .usdz cube into an AR environment, using Xcode, for the purpose of displaying product details on my app. Specifically, the cube will be used as a medium to showcase: - 3D Graphics - descriptions Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in Swift and Xcode - Strong background in Augmented Reality graphic design - Prior experience with integrating a .usdz cube into an AR environment - A keen understanding of user experience design to ensure this new feature enhances users' interaction with our product information. This role involves not only technical skills, but also a creativity and understanding of eff...

    $135 (Avg Bid)
    $135 Rata-rata
    9 penawaran
    iOS Screen Streaming Developer 1 hari left

    I need a professional iOS developer to help me with an interesting project. Key Requirements: - Extract a specific part of an iOS screen - Stream the extracted content to the local network for real-time casting The specific part of the screen in question is the order details list from a point of sale application. The functionality will allow users to view these details in real-time on their local network. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in iOS app development - Prior experience in screen extraction and streaming protocols. - Knowledge of local network protocols I'm excited to see what you can bring to the table!

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $8 / hr Rata-rata
    27 penawaran

    Hello Freelancer, In 2023, I developed and released a ChatGPT app from scratch called G*P*T-X, which was well-received. When it came time for the next update, I had to change its name, which I did. Suddenly, I was accused of fraud and my account was suspended. I then uploaded the app on a secondary account, only to encounter the same issue (I only changed the color scheme from light to dark). Now, I'm looking for someone who can modify the app's files in such a way that I can upload it to a new account without Apple being able to connect it to the previous app. The source code needs to be adjusted so that there is no link to the prior app. Additionally, I want to continue developing the app. The ideal candidate for this project should be knowledgeable and experienced in:...

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Rata-rata
    32 penawaran

    Description We are in need of a skilled developer or team proficient in both Python and Xcode to help us build a proof of concept (POC) for a document scanning application. This application will leverage iOS devices' cameras to scan documents and books, process images using Python, and provide various image editing functionalities. Project Requirements: Step 1: Utilize VisionKit for opening the camera on iOS devices for the purpose of scanning documents and books. This should include features like auto-capture and image cropping. Step 2: Process the scanned image with a Python function to apply certain image processing techniques. An example function for converting images to grayscale is provided. The Python environment should be properly integrated to allow for seamless processing...

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr Rata-rata
    8 penawaran
    Rewrite Python TTS code to Swift 17 jam left

    I am looking for a competent developer who can assist me in rewriting a Text-to-Speech (TTS) Python code to Swift and implementing it to create an iOS shortcut. The project entails the following: - Rewriting existing TTS Python code to Swift - Developing an iOS shortcut using native Swift code - Ensuring that the TTS functionality: - Supports multiple languages - Allows the control of voice pitch and speed Ideal candidates should possess a good understanding of both Python and Swift programming languages. Experience in TTS functionality development and familiarity with iOS shortcuts in Swift would be highly advantageous.

    $181 (Avg Bid)
    $181 Rata-rata
    26 penawaran

    should be able to know how to reverse a string as well as other different coding challenges such as anagrams, etc.

    $153 (Avg Bid)
    $153 Rata-rata
    47 penawaran

    I'm seeking a skilled mobile developer with a specialty in Python to create an iOS application. The application's purpose will be to translate Filipino Sign Language (FSL) into spoken text, focusing only on the alphabet and basic introductory phrases. Key features: - Interpretation of FSL into spoken text - Focus on the alphabet and basic introductory phrases - A user-friendly iOS interface Ideal Candidate: - Extensive iOS app development experience - Knowledge in Python - Experience in translation applications or related projects I have an urgent timeline for this project, and I need it ready by April 12, 2024. Please indicate your previous experiences that make you the best fit for this project in your application. Your readiness to meet the tight schedule will be a valu...

    $238 (Avg Bid)
    $238 Rata-rata
    15 penawaran
    Refine Filters with Natural Look 11 jam left

    I have been encountering unreasonable bids and estimates from developers lately, with an apparent focus on securing their monthly salary rather than considering the customer's needs. It's frustrating when all I need is some straightforward code refinement. I'm seeking a skilled developer with an eye for aesthetics to fine-tune the beauty filters in my existing app. I aim for a soft, natural makeup effect rather than an overdone appearance. Start: ASAP Number of Developers Needed: 2 - 1 iOS developer - 1 Android developer Volumes: - 14 filters in total - 2-3 filters require adjustments in single mode - All filters must be balanced in multi-mode Code Details: - iOS: Filters are in 6 files with approximately 1200 lines of code. - Android: Filters are in 5 files with approx...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Rata-rata
    59 penawaran

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