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Spanish (Spain) is the official language in Spain with over 410 Million Native Spanish (Spain) Speakers. Rekrut Spanish Translators


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    Tengo un texto de una carta de venta (VSL) de 8300 palabras que necesito traducir del portugués al español, después de la traducción necesito también la locución la traducción y la voz en off deben ser realizadas por un hablante nativo de español

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    We are looking for someone who can translate Spanish native language to English

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    Hi, I'm Breanna Davidson... I'd like to have my project on Economic Downlines and Procrastination reproduced accurately using Microsoft office as I want it in both English and Spanish parts, this project has been a dream of mine to complete for the past few months and I would appreciate utmost professionalism in completing this project. I'd like a Freelancer who is fluent in both Spanish and English languages and also available to type different images into documents at high speed to ensure this project is completed as fast as possible. Lastly, I'd like to firstly inform that the main requirements for the project are; * English and Spanish knowledge * Typing Ability (use of Microsoft office) * Economic and Psychology knowledge (minimum) All further questions will be ...

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    Estoy buscando a alguien que pueda proporcionar a nuestra empresa una buena traducción creativa. Se necesita traducir unas 200 imágenes.

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    We are in cooperation with certain industries and publishing companies to create,books, blogs, websites, web pages in English, We are now hiring a native speaker of the ​​Portuguese and Spanish dialect to translate from these books from English to Portuguese and Spanish. To ensure that local natives of any dialect of these listed countries can easily view our products over the Internet and that local citizens and native speakers who are not English familiar can be able to access these books online.

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    We have a 1 hour video file, to be transcibed into text format, the video is in spanish and you will transcribe it to text file using pdf format

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    I need a virtual assistant who knows how to work in the Spanish market who could collaborate with me Thank you

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    I'll share full details with the shortlisted candidates, thanks

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    I'll share full details with the shortlisted candidates, thanks

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    Necesito un buen escritor creativo.

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    I'll share full details with the shortlisted candidates, thanks

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    I'll share full details with the shortlisted candidates, thanks

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    Estamos contratando traductores de español para traducir libros y novelas, como "El mercader de Venecia", "La ciudad perdida de la Atlántida", "La guerra nunca termina", entre otros para ser traducidos del inglés al español. Estos libros y novelas deben traducirse, luego transcribirse y corregirse. Antes de que los reproduzcamos, renombramos y volvemos a publicar. Para ser vendido y comercializado a pocos o varios países, comunidades, pueblos rurales, pueblos y también ciudades de habla hispana. Estos libros son principalmente para ser utilizados en escuelas, clases, colegios y universidades. Especialmente en clases de arte literario, seminarios y reuniones.

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    Preciso de uma locutora para um texto de 2255 palavras, narração emocionante em espanhol

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    Somos una Clínica de Medicina y Cirugía Estética y requerimos crear un banco de imágenes para acompañar artículos a ser publicados en nuestro Blog y para las publicaciones en las principales Redes Sociales.

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    Son episodios de un Podcast llamado "Energy Exchange" necesito una persona que traduzca el guión de ingles a español (duración del podcast 1 hora) y que luego haga la voz del guion en español.

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    Spanish to English 5 Hari left

    I have documents here that need to be translated from Spanish to English . The documents are confidential. So I cannot post it publicly. If you reply, and your profile shows you can handle the job, I will request a quote from you in the messenger and I will also send the documents. Thank you.

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    Translation 5 Hari left

    I'm looking for a helping hand in my daily work (virtual assistant) at least 2 hours of work per day. Daily tasks will be like following, but not limited to: - posting jobs over LinkedIn. - Arranging calls with shortlisted members - drafting mails - creating documents for NDA - Due-diligence - taking follow-ups from clients for payments. etc

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    Busco una persona que hable y entienda el idioma, el trabajo es para traducir unos videos de Japonés a Español.

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    8 penawaran

    I have a basketball team in Mexico and need to translate my regular contract in spanish to English. It is 14 pages long.

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    We are a literary based nonprofit who have several initiatives in Denver Public Schools. We need a person who can: 1. Zoom and assess the Spanish of an applicant reading to Kindergarten students 2. Translate documents directed at parents and administration in a public school setting. 3. if in Denver, attend meetings and translate in real time

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    URGENTE! Buscamos español que pueda trabajar en la edición de textos de proyectos. Requisitos: - cualquier idioma de origen; - Idioma nativo español Este trabajo ya está disponible..

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    We require a website translation to spanish from english.

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    We are promoting advertisements from certain industries and production companies to create magazine, books, blogs, websites, web pages and more through social media groups and search engines to create awareness about our quality product which we are about to launch and to be distributed across European countries. We are now hiring translators in itallian and Spanish dialect to handle the translation from English to italian and Spanish To ensure that local natives of any dialect of these listed countries can easily view our products over the Internet and that local citizens and native speakers who do not understand English can access the products as they will be advertised on our websites, web pages, blogs, etc. and know more about what we are offering and the value of these products. Since...

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    Looking for an experienced Spanish teacher for my wife and I. We currently live in Bucerias Mexico and would like to learn more Spanish. We are looking for: - An experienced Spanish teacher/Tutor - Preferably from Mexico or most familiar with Mexican dialect - Available for 3 lessons a week, for roughly 6 months We hope to learn Spanish and be at a conversational level to make more friends while we're here in Mexico.

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    Clases de idioma 3 Hari left

    Nos encontramos en búsqueda de una persona que presente nivel alto de idioma coreano e idioma español para dictado de clases. Con posibilidad de puesto permanente.

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    $501 Rata-rata
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    Buscamos cuidar a los clientes rusos Ruso - Español - Inglés Intérprete para llamadas y propuestas

    $510 (Avg Bid)
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    12 penawaran

    Spanish Translators needed for online Ad publishing in Spanish.

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    17 penawaran

    Good afternoon, I am looking for professional Spanish to English translators to translate 4 documents totaling 80,000 words. The subject matter is technical and legal (public tender for a construction project). It is mandatory to have experience in this kind of fields. I don't know the deadline for the completion of the project yet, but I expect it to be at least 20 days. I need PROFESSIONAL translators, that is why I will NOT pay less than $0.03 per word (maximum $0.05). Anyway, please let me know your best rates and availability during the next 20-30 days. IMPORTANT: To verify that you have read the description of this project, start your bids with "I am a professional ES into EN translator". Otherwise, they will be discarded. Thank you!

    $1225 (Avg Bid)
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    75 penawaran

    I am looking to hire a virtual assistant part time. I would like you to assist me in setting up a recall system for a small business. Spanish speaking a must

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    60 penawaran

    We are looking to take care about Russian customers Russian - Spanish - English Interpreter for calls and proposals

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    4 penawaran
    English to Spanish translation 1 hari left

    We have some documents. we need translation from English to Spanish. Please bid native translator.

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    99 penawaran

    Detalles del trabajo: ¡Hola querida! Necesito Intérprete traductor simultáneo de español para sesión de zoom ya grabada. Traductor simultáneo de español (3 horas con descansos) leerá el texto, que tú traducirás a su propio idioma. Cantidad de trabajo: 90 minutos incluyendo descansos (4500 palabras = 28 páginas)

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    We're in cooperation with book developers and publishing companies. To rewrite, republish, translate and proofread books, novels, papers and documents from English to Portuguese and Spanish. Currently we're hiring Spanish and Portuguese Translators to do this job. Example of these books are: 1: Strength to love(1963) 2: Stride toward freedom(1958) 3: The trumpet of conscience (1968) and more, all these books are written by Martin Luther King Jr and published by Harper and Row publishers. Translators should be bilingual or trilingual and must be fluent in English writing and speaking because the use of a third party software is highly prohibited (Google software)

    $368 (Avg Bid)
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    19 penawaran

    Descripción del trabajo: Traducción de guiones de Español a Ingles. El trabajo consiste en traducir guiones de alrededor de 2500 palabras en Español a Ingles. Los guiones consisten en resúmenes de películas para un canal de YouTube en Español, por lo que enviaremos un guion en español de alrededor de 2500 palabras que deberá ser traducido a Ingles. En forma adicional adjuntaremos el link del video en español, para ciertas ocasiones en la que pueda ser de ayuda. Ejemplo: determinar el género de un personaje, cuando no se pueda hacer solo con el guion en español. Requisitos: -Disponibilidad horaria para traducir entre 4 y 5 guiones por semana -Ganas de trabajar y sumarse al proyecto a largo plazo -Preferent...

    $27 (Avg Bid)
    $27 Rata-rata
    83 penawaran

    Buscamos jugadores para que formen parte de nuestro equipo en un videojuego el cual es posible ganar dinero por jugar. Requisitos: -Celular/movil android con internet -Ser amante de los videojuegos -Disponibilidad de 2hs diarias El pago es por rendimiento pero es posible ganar de 2 a 4 USD (dolares) por hora

    $2 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    70 penawaran

    We are professionals that obtain the opportunity from language line solutions! We need hardworking, honest, punctual and skilled native writer who is good with software that can write some software documents in Romanian

    $247 (Avg Bid)
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    9 penawaran
    Italian writing 17 jam left

    We are professionals that obtain the opportunity from language line solutions! We need hardworking, honest, punctual and skilled native writer who is good with software that can write some software documents in Italian.

    $239 (Avg Bid)
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    9 penawaran
    Spanish Language Research 11 jam left

    Re posting previous project as it got removed for some reason! For those who were unable to contact me, you should be able to contact me again now.

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    24 penawaran
    I need German to Spanish translator 1 jam left

    Hello, we need to translate some website text from German to Spanish. Total 34403 words . first need deadline of 25th Jan and the second deadline of 6th Feb 2022. Thanks .

    $30 - $250
    Bersegel PK
    $30 - $250
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    Spanish specialist Berakhir left

    I am looking, Native Professional Italian translators and proofreaders, We have to go translate our technical documents, more details in the chatbox.

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    1 penawaran