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Psychometric Testing is an evaluation that is used by healthcare organizations and businesses to measure mental capability and behavior. This process quantitatively measures intelligence, emotional characteristics, work competency, and performance management to gather insights on a person’s mental capability. Clinical specialists use psychometric testing to create tests that accurately measure mental capabilities. These specialists create personalized tests tailored to the client’s specific needs that measure aptitude, critical thinking skills, values, and integrity.

Often times employers have a need to understand a candidate’s qualities via psychometric testing. They rely on reputable clinical specialists who specialize in creating the most accurate tests for hiring the right candidates for their business or organization.

Here’s some projects that our expert Clinical Specialists made real:

  • Customized personality surveys for recruitment
  • Benchmarking intelligence levels
  • Gender-sensitive aptitude test design
  • Assessing compatibility of potential hires
  • Talent identification and qualification assessments

At, Clinical Specialists have the opportunity to unleash their already vast knowledgebase and passion in their occupational field of expertise by collaborating with clients through custom projects crafted specifically around their qualified needs and creative desires. Our experts meet many talented clients with diverse needs and help them hire the perfect candidate through psychometric tests. They go above and beyond to help make sure the right person ends up in the right position, allowing you peace of mind.

So if you are looking for your perfect candidate and need an expert with professional experience designing personalised psychometric tests, look no further than our experts at By connecting with them you can be assured that your recruitment process will go by smoothly due to the tested tailored experiences each expert brings for the task at hand. Post your project on Freelancer today and see why our specialists are top-notch in their field!

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