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    High-Realism Textures for 3D Model 6 Hari left

    I'm seeking a highly skilled texture artist for a 3D model. Your job is to add intricate, ultra-realistic textures to its various elements. The model consists of Titanium, Copper, Plastic, Glass LED Screens, Decals, Dust, Micro Polish Marks, Rubber Gaskets, among others. It's for one model with 40 to 50 surfaces. I've attached references for the texture. For the actual model, please see: High Detail 3D Logo Model Creation_Render_001 (1).jpg and _002 (1).jpg Key aspects of the project: - High Realism: The textures should be incredibly detailed, mirroring the real-world materials closely. - Industrial Style: The overall style of the textures should be industrial, reflecting a rugged and utilitarian aesthetic. Your responsibilities will include: - Applying textures...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    17 penawaran

    I am in need of an expert 3D artist to create a highly detailed, fully rigged human character specifically for use in character animations with varied moves and backgrounds. Below are key aspects of this project: * Create a high-poly, detailed 3D human model. * Rigging must be suitable for a character animator, including facial rigging for voice overs. * Expect the character to be utilized in diverse settings and actions. Given the comprehensive nature of the task, I am ideally seeking an artist with the following skills and experience: * Expert knowledge of 3D modelling and rigging. * Familiarity with creating characters for animation. * Experience in developing high-poly models. If you meet the criteria listed, I welcome your bid. Please include relevant work samples as part of you...

    $393 (Avg Bid)
    $393 Rata-rata
    46 penawaran

    I'm searching for a highly skilled CGI and VFX artist to contribute to a commercial ad project. Key Responsibilities: - Creation of high-quality visual effects using industry-standard software - Implementing dynamic lighting effects - Developing fluid animations to bring the project to life Candidate Requirements: - Proficiency in Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, and unreal software - Experience in lighting and animation - Artistic eye with attention to detail - Experience working on commercial advertising projects is a plus Please include relevant samples of your work in your proposal, which demonstrate your effectiveness with the above software, as well as your skills in lighting and animation.

    $83 (Avg Bid)
    $83 Rata-rata
    5 penawaran

    I'm looking for a skilled 3D artist to assist in utilizing a 3D spline for the visualization of human character animation. The purpose of this project is to bring life to human characters through detailed and realistic animation. Your tasks would include: - Developing fluid and natural human character animations using 3D spline - Incorporating the animations into a broader scene for maximum impact The ideal candidate will have: - Expertise in 3D spline and character animation - Detailed understanding of human movements and behaviors - Solid portfolio showcasing similar projects completed This project will require a fine balance of technical skill and creativity. The objective is to create an animation so immersive that one would believe the characters to be real. Let's bring...

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    $33 Rata-rata
    10 penawaran

    I'm in need of an experienced Blender artist who can create a realistic character model and rig it for animation. Key Requirements: - I require a character designed in realistic style, so I'm looking for someone with good experience in creating such models. - The character will be used in animations, so the successful freelancer should also have experience in rigging characters for full body animation in Blender. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Blender software - Experience in creating realistic character models - Experience in full body rigging for animation Please include examples of your past work and specifically any character designs you've created in the realistic style. Your application should also detail your relevant experience. Looking forward to working with you...

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
    10 penawaran
    Realistic Blender Character Creation 6 Hari left

    I'm in need of an expert Blender artist to create and rig a small cast of realistic characters. Here are the project specifics: - Style: Realistic. I'm looking for characters that could seamlessly blend into a live-action film or a high-end video game. - Rigging: I need full rigging for these characters, complete with facial expressions and body movements. An understanding of animation principles is a must. - Quantity: I require between 1 to 3 characters to be created and rigged. Each character should be unique and have distinct personality traits conveyed through their design. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proficiency in Blender, with a strong portfolio of realistic character designs. - Extensive experience in character rigging, particularly full rigging. - The...

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
    10 penawaran

    The concept is already there. I need you to sculpt the female character model in ZBrush with polypaint. Once the model is done, I need it cut in parts as it is for 3D print. No need for UV unwrap or texture maps as the model would be used for 3D print. Must have a good understanding and knowledge in anatomy. Please send your previous female character models that you did in Zbrush. So, I could check the anatomy and reach out to you. More details over chat. Looking forward to work with you! Thank you!

    $181 (Avg Bid)
    $181 Rata-rata
    38 penawaran

    I'm seeking a skilled individual to create a series of 1/72 scale late Civil War soldier poses for a diorama display project. Key Responsibilities: - Create meticulously detailed uniform and poses of dead soldiers from the late Civil War era (1864-1865). Gettysburg dead and hit by cannon ball and shot all battles - Ensure every detail is historically accurate and proportional to the 1/72 scale. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expert knowledge of the Civil War, specifically the late-war era. - Trained in creating detailed miniature models. - Historical accuracy and attention to detail. - Proficient in artistry and sculpting techniques.

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 Rata-rata
    22 penawaran

    1. Motion graphic animator designer who can create a brand character for us in the martial arts fitness arena. The character will be doing different martial arts exercise type positions. We will also want to show what's happening inside of the body at times -- (muscle, ligament, tendons and bones and organs) while they are doing specific movements and positions. We may also add an element of showing body electricity. We will need a character rig and twenty positions to start. The positions are simple with a maximum of one to two movements each. Some positions are simply held static. The character must be realistic, fit, mentally strong and inspiring.

    $3435 (Avg Bid)
    $3435 Rata-rata
    27 penawaran

    Job Description: We are seeking a skilled 3D modeler to create a detailed 3D model of a radiolarian based on a provided piece of 2D artwork. This model will be used to produce a large format sculpture, so precision and attention to detail are essential. Some artistic liberties can be taken to complete the unseen parts of the design, but the final model should closely resemble the original painting. Responsibilities: Create a high-quality 3D model of the radiolarian, maintaining the intricate lattice-like structure and spiky protrusions as seen in the provided artwork. Ensure the model is suitable for 3D printing, including considerations for structural integrity and printability. Collaborate with us to refine the design and make any necessary adjustments. Requirements: -Proven experien...

    $367 (Avg Bid)
    $367 Rata-rata
    48 penawaran

    We are based in the UK and own a small family 3D printing business. We have been paying a commercial licence to sell Dragon Eggs and Dragons. However we think it is time to have our own version of Dragon Eggs created so we can add logos for our clients etc. Do you create a model and the STL files for us to have full copyright and ownership of, is this something you do. We have other projects down the line too all Dragon related. We can provide an image and a quick sketch as to the type of Dragon Eggs we are looking at but would be happy to go with any ideas or advice on the models that you can give. At the moment the Dragons and Eggs we print and sell are by Cinderwingz EVERYONE uses them and we want something different I will attach some images with the sketches for you to see what we are...

    $441 (Avg Bid)
    $441 Rata-rata
    57 penawaran

    I am seeking a knowledgeable and skilled 3D Animator to create an engaging, story-telling animation. The animation will be longer than three minutes, so please be proficient in handling longer format projects. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in 3D animation with a solid portfolio to showcase. - Ability to create a compelling and emotive narrative using visual storytelling. - Excellent time management skills to ensure project completion within agreed timeframes. This project offers an opportunity to showcase your creative abilities in adding depth to storytelling through 3D animation. Passion for stories and a knack for pulling at heartstrings will be great advantages. Let's bring this narrative to life together. Hi there, Please help to quote the total price for ai video pr...

    $171 (Avg Bid)
    $171 Rata-rata
    28 penawaran

    I'm in need of a talented animator who can bring my product to life through a realistic video. I particularly require photo morphing and 3D effects to be used. Key Requirements: - Realistic Animation: The style of animation should be realistic, aiming to create a genuine and engaging look for the product. - Photo Morphing: I'd like to see some of the existing product photos morphed into one another. This technique should be employed creatively. - 3D Effects: The video should incorporate 3D effects to give it a modern and dynamic feel. These effects should be subtle yet impactful. The primary goal of this video is product promotion. I envision the final creation as a compelling and professional piece that can be used across various platforms to enhance the visibility and appeal ...

    $1269 (Avg Bid)
    $1269 Rata-rata
    56 penawaran
    Realistic 3D Modeler for Video Game 641 Hari left

    I'm in need of a Blender expert who can create realistic 3D models for a video game project. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Blender and 3D modeling - Prior experience in creating 3D models for video games - Ability to deliver high quality, realistic designs Your main task will be creating detailed and realistic 3D models that will be incorporated into our video game. These models should be visually appealing and meet the standards expected in the gaming industry. I'm looking for a skilled individual who can deliver top-notch work within the stipulated timeframe. Experience in this field is critical, as the models need to be optimized for use in a real-time environment like a game engine.

    $386 (Avg Bid)
    $386 Rata-rata
    65 penawaran

    I'm looking for a talented and experienced female model for an outdoor photo shoot. The primary theme of the shoot will be based on the essence of elegance. Key details: - The attire will be casual and should match the theme of elegance. - The ideal candidate should have experience in outdoor shoots and be adept in portraying elegance in a casual setting. Skills and experience: - Prior experience in modeling - Good understanding of posture, gestures and facial expressions - Proficient in posing elegantly in a casual attire in an outdoor setting. Your expertise will greatly contribute to the vibrancy and success of this shoot. Let's create something elegant and spectacular together.

    $263 (Avg Bid)
    $263 Rata-rata
    21 penawaran

    I am in need of a versatile 3D artist, proficient in Blender, who can create stunningly realistic product visualizations. Your skills and qualifications should include: - Proficiency in Blender - Solid background in creating realistic 3D visuals - Past experience in product visualization The main task will be producing high-quality 3D art that will breathe life into marketing materials by portraying my product realistically. It's a tremendous opportunity to unleash your creativity while staying true to the precise details of my product. Your portfolio showcasing previous work similar to this project will be an added advantage during the selection process. Looking forward to an artist who can recreate my vision into intricate 3D art.

    $18 (Avg Bid)
    $18 Rata-rata
    13 penawaran
    Intermediate ZBrush Expert Needed 4 Hari left

    I'm looking for a ZBrush expert with an intermediate level of expertise. Although the project details are a bit vague, you should be comfortable with the software and capable of handling a variety of tasks. Key requirements: - Demonstrable experience with ZBrush - A good understanding of 3D modeling, sculpting, and texturing within the software - Ability to work independently and produce high-quality work Please feel free to reach out for more details.

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
    7 penawaran

    I'm seeking a seasoned animator who is proficient in Maya or 3D animation to breathe life into a character I've designed. Requirements: - Create realistic animations for my character. Understanding of human anatomy and natural movement is paramount. - Collaborate with me to ensure animations align with my vision. - Deliver high quality work within the agreed upon timeline. Skills and Experience: - Strong command of Maya or similar software. - Proven experience in realistic character animation. - Portfolio of previous work demonstrating your expertise.

    $498 (Avg Bid)
    $498 Rata-rata
    66 penawaran

    I'm in need of a skilled 3D graphic designer, particularly someone who excels at product animation. The primary purpose of this animation is to help visualize a prototype of a product. The ideal candidate should be able to create an intermediate level of detail in the product visualization. This includes incorporating textures and materials, to help bring the product to life. Key Skills: - Proficient in 3D product animation - Ability to create detailed textures and materials - Strong understanding of product visualization - Previous experience with prototype animations is preferred This project is crucial for the development of our product, so I'm looking for someone who can deliver high-quality work, with a keen eye for detail.

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 Rata-rata
    16 penawaran

    I am seeking a skilled animator to create 2D or 3D short videos, specifically tailored for preschoolers (2-5 years). I know that with the use of AI, we can achieve great results without inputting so much effort and money. My goal is to reduce the cost of the animation since I am an emerging artist and teacher for kids with limited budget at this early stage of the project. Please refer to the clips attached to this post for your reference. SPECIFICATIONS: I need to animate those clips that serve as an intro and end of the videos I will publish on YouTube. VIDEO 1 Total duration: 10 seconds. The first video should have a night background (not too dark) with a TUBANO drum in front of the main character. As the character lifts the mallet to the air, that action should cause an explosi...

    $185 (Avg Bid)
    $185 Rata-rata
    30 penawaran

    I'm in need of a skilled Blender or similar 3D artist to create models for educational purposes. The project involves power lines (utility poles) and cell towers. The models don't require intricate detailing, but should look high-quality. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Blender or similar 3D modeling software - Previous experience in creating models for educational content is a plus - Ability to create models with basic interactivity (e.g., simple animations of poles adding components) - Understanding of power lines and cell towers is beneficial, but not mandatory Deliverables: - High-quality 3D models of both power lines and cell towers - Basic interactivity in the form of simple animations - Final deliverable should be a video file (mp4) of the animation and all pieces a...

    $871 (Avg Bid)
    $871 Rata-rata
    102 penawaran
    Urgent 3D Geometric Modeling Needed 3 Hari left

    I need a skilled and experienced 3D modeler to create high-quality geometric models for me as soon as possible. Please come with strong skills in 3D modeling and the ability to work quickly and efficiently.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr Rata-rata
    50 penawaran

    I have all the necessary files for a surfboard, but need a professional to combine them into a complete 3D model and optimize it for 3D printing. Key Points: - The current surfboard files are in OBJ format, and I need them to be seamlessly integrated to create a comprehensive 3D model. - The primary use of this model will be for 3D printing, so it's crucial that the final design is optimized for this purpose. This includes ensuring wall thickness and solidity are appropriate for 3D printing. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software, especially with experience working with OBJ files. - Understanding of 3D printing requirements and ability to optimize designs accordingly. - Attention to detail to ensure the final model is accurate and suitable for production. Please provid...

    $108 (Avg Bid)
    $108 Rata-rata
    64 penawaran

    I'm searching for a highly skilled 2D animator to create a character for a TV commercial aimed at women age 35-64. Looking for a female character with 3 separate clips. 1st clip: A dirty rug with female face on the ground with feet walking on it (3-5 seconds). 2nd clip: same character getting her spa treatment with scrubbing/ bubbles etc. (3-5 secs). 3rd clip: same character on tag with client logo (3-5 secs).

    $827 (Avg Bid)
    $827 Rata-rata
    67 penawaran

    I'm in need of highly skilled VFX compositors, specially proficient in green screen removal and 3D CGI integration. Although the project length is undisclosed, the project will start within 2 to 3 weeks. Project duration: could be between a couple of weeks and a couple of months. Ideal Skills: * Extensive experience with green screen removal * Proficiency in 3D CGI integration * Ability to work within tight deadlines * Proven time management skills * Located nearby and can commute to Toronto

    $22 - $29 / hr
    $22 - $29 / hr
    0 penawaran

    I'm looking for a talented 3D designer capable of creating good-quality, moderately detailed models of army trucks that are sturdy enough for use in terrain models. Key requirements: - Experience with 3D design, specifically around creating accurate, high-quality vehicle models. - Strong understanding of the limits and capabilities of FDM printers, as that's what will be used to print these models. - Commitment to detail and accuracy in all work. The ultimate goal of this project is to produce army trucks that don't just look good, but can stand up to use in complex terrain models. If you think you've got the skills to take this on, I'd love to hear from you.

    $131 (Avg Bid)
    $131 Rata-rata
    60 penawaran

    I'm in need of a skilled 3D modelling expert who is proficient in Blender. The primary purpose of the 3D models is to enable a virtual try-on experience for users. To achieve this, I will require the integration of various types of clothes with the 3D models. Specifically, your tasks will include: - Creating high-quality 3D models using Blender - Ensuring the compatibility of the 3D models for a virtual try-on experience - Integrating different types of clothes (tops, bottoms, and dresses) with the 3D models in a realistic and visually appealing manner The ideal candidate for this project would have: - Proficiency in 3D modelling using Blender - Experience in creating and integrating clothes with 3D models - A good understanding of the virtual try-on process and the ability to optim...

    $2166 (Avg Bid)
    $2166 Rata-rata
    15 penawaran

    I am seeking a skilled 3D designer with excellent abilities in conceptualizing and executing high detail product designs, particularly for toys and human photo models. Key Requirements: - Expertise in 3D design and modeling, specifically for 3D printing processes. - Specialized skills in toy and human photographic designs. - Able to deliver high detailed output, ensuring intricate features and characteristics are well-represented. Anticipated freelancers must prove their project relevant skills and provide samples of past work. Knowledge in 3D printing technology is a plus as it would help in the understanding of the design requirements.

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 Rata-rata
    10 penawaran
    3D Character Animator Needed 3 Hari left

    I'm seeking a talented 3D character animator who can bring my short film to life. Key Requirements: - Proficient in 3D animation - Experience with character animation - Portfolio showcasing your past work - Ability to understand and work with a storyline Please include examples of your past work in your proposal to be considered. This project is an opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity within a compelling short film.

    $167 (Avg Bid)
    $167 Rata-rata
    75 penawaran

    I'm in need of detailed 3D models for a range of clothing items for men, women, and children. These models should have the following features: - Changeable colors and textures: Each item should be designed in a way that allows for easy color and texture changes. This is essential for demonstrating different variations of the clothing. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience with 3D modeling software and a strong understanding of how to create models that can easily be adapted and modified. Familiarity with the fashion industry and understanding of clothing design is a bonus. I'm looking for a proactive individual who can deliver high-quality, versatile models within a reasonable timeframe.

    $207 (Avg Bid)
    $207 Rata-rata
    14 penawaran

    I'm in need of a skilled Autodesk Maya specialist for a high complexity 3D character modeling project. This model needs to be detailed and realistic, so a strong portfolio of past character modeling work is essential. Key requirements: - You must have experience in 3D character modeling, with a focus on high complexity models - Expertise in Autodesk Maya is a must - Proven track record of delivering detailed and realistic models - I'm not looking for proposals at this stage, just your past work in character modeling. This project will be a significant challenge, so only apply if you have the necessary experience and skills.

    $1188 (Avg Bid)
    $1188 Rata-rata
    83 penawaran

    I'm seeking a professional 3D modeler who can create high-quality detailed objects for product rendering. Key Responsibilities: - Work on creating realistic and highly detailed 3D models of objects. - Ensure the 3D models are suitable for high resolution close up shots. Ideal Candidate: - Has a strong proficiency in 3D modeling software. - Possesses a solid understanding of texturing and lighting within 3D environments. - Has a keen eye for detail. - Has previously worked on projects requiring high-resolution outputs. Looking forward to seeing your brilliant work.

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    $15 Rata-rata
    13 penawaran
    Custom 3D Watch Modeling for Brand 2 Hari left

    I'm in need of a skilled 3D artist who can develop high-quality models of luxury watches for my brand. Key Tasks: - Create detailed 3D models of luxury watches - Utilize high-resolution images as reference materials - Ensure the models are highly detailed with realistic materials and textures Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in 3D modeling, particularly with luxury items - High level of proficiency in texturing and rendering - Ability to produce photo-realistic 3D models - Strong attention to detail - Understanding or interest in luxury watch design This project is perfect for a talented 3D artist looking to demonstrate their skills on a unique and high-end project.

    $151 (Avg Bid)
    $151 Rata-rata
    72 penawaran

    I'm on the lookout for a skilled 3D animator that can help convert existing character drawings into CAD files. This will enable me to utilize them for 3D printing or molding, thereby facilitating future production. - I have character drawings in digital format, and I can provide existing 2D files. The ideal freelancer would need to possess the skills to convert these 2D files into 3D. - The main task will be transforming the existing 2D sketches into a 3D, printable or moldable form. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Proficient knowledge and experience in 3D animation and CAD software. - Previous experience in converting 2D images into 3D models will be highly beneficial. - A keen eye for detail and the ability to accurately interpret and bring to life 2D sketches in a...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    7 entri
    20s Realistic 3D Animator 2 Hari left

    I'm in need of a talented 3D animator who can bring my script to life in a realistic style. The video is short, under 20 seconds. Key Requirements: - Proficient in 3D animation, specifically realistic style - Experience with short video production - Strong portfolio showcasing past work - Ability to work on a project where some models and assets will be provided, but others will need to be created by the freelancer Please include links or attachments of your past work in your application.

    $261 (Avg Bid)
    $261 Rata-rata
    21 penawaran

    Placeholder price. Hello, due to a high workload I'm looking to temporarily (or permanently) expand my workforce, so I'm looking for a remote 3D generalist assistant (or several) - all skill levels are encouraged to apply, since I prioritize work ethic over abilities. Requeriments: -fulltime (8 hours, 5 days a week) -Autodesk Maya, custom plugins (provided) and Rescue Time should be installed in your workstation for my review -self managed -able to follow instructions to the letter -NDA signed (non disclosure of any project or client) -Working on our shared Dropbox folders You are: -not currently employed fulltime -able to follow instructions, most of them not creative, mostly repetitive -living anywhere in the world -patient, and very detail oriented By applying you'll...

    $419 (Avg Bid)
    $419 Rata-rata
    47 penawaran

    I'm in need of a skilled animator who can produce engaging, cartoonish 3D character animations. It's important that these animations are high-quality and can captivate an audience. I'm looking for someone who can work with me long term, maintaining a consistent quality and style throughout. Key aspects of the project include: - **Character animation:** You should have a strong portfolio and experience specifically with character animation. - **3D Animation:** Proficient in 3D animation software. - **Consistency:** Able to maintain a consistent style across multiple animations.

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
    10 penawaran

    I'm looking for an experienced Blender animator to adjust my current animation for final publishing. The changes I'm looking for are as follows: - Lighting Changes: I want the lighting to be smoother and create a better transition between colors. - Texture Adjustments: The current textures need to be improved with higher resolution and different patterns, to enhance the overall visual quality. - Frame Rate: I also need some help adjusting the frame rate to ensure a smooth and professional final output. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Extensive experience with Blender animation. - Proficiency in lighting and texture adjustments. - Understanding of frame rates and how they impact the final output. - A keen eye for detail and commitment to producing high-quality...

    $1851 (Avg Bid)
    $1851 Rata-rata
    47 penawaran
    Unique 3D NFT Art Creation 1 hari left

    I'm in need of a skilled digital artist who can create unique 3D models for an NFT collection. Key Requirements: - I'm looking for 3D models - pixel art and illustrations won't be a fit for this specific project. - Each piece should be an individual unique piece. This means that the designs should not have a common theme, but rather be standalone and distinct. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling, particularly for digital art and NFTs. - Ability to create unique, eye-catching visuals that stand out on their own. - Experience with NFT art creation is a big plus. - Adept at understanding and following client briefs to deliver the desired outcome. Looking forward to hearing from talented digital artists who can bring their creativity and expertise to t...

    $138 (Avg Bid)
    $138 Rata-rata
    62 penawaran

    3D model animation designer I need to draw similar TED bear from movie TED. It will be 5-6 scenes duration of 10-seconds each, 1min overall $500 for 1 minute of animation 30fps 1080p 4K contact instagtam: (Removed by admin)

    $434 (Avg Bid)
    $434 Rata-rata
    42 penawaran

    I'm in need of a professional 3D artist to help me design and visualize a shoe model. The specifics of the shoe type, level of detail will be discussed in chat. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in 3D modelling and rendering software - Ability to create detailed, realistic textures and materials - Strong communication skills to discuss and refine the project details Note: The project's complexity can be discussed and adjusted based on your expertise and time availability. Looking forward to collaborating with a talent who can bring my vision to life.

    $20 - $169
    $20 - $169
    25 penawaran

    I am seeking a skilled animator to create a 3D animated character with a unique flavor of intelligence and wit. The character should be designed to fit within a plain white background. Key Requirements: • Exceptional 3D animation skills • A knack for developing characters with compelling and unique personalities • Ability to design within a simple, unadorned environment The ideal freelancer for this project has experience in creating compelling, engaging characters through 3D animation and can create a figure that truly stands out in terms of personality and demeanor.

    $384 (Avg Bid)
    $384 Rata-rata
    62 penawaran
    Advanced CGI Video artist Needed 1 hari left

    I'm in immediate need of an experienced CGI artist who can deliver a top-notch architectural rendering as soon as possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in architectural rendering - Proficiency in CGI and 3D modeling - Ability to create detailed textures, lighting, and landscaping - Prior experience with urgent project turnarounds I require the rendering to be of an Advanced level with detailed textures, lighting, and landscaping. The project is time-sensitive, so the freelancer must be able to work quickly and efficiently to deliver high-quality results. Refrence -

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Rata-rata
    10 penawaran

    I'm in need of a skilled 3D modeler who can work on a variety of product modeling projects. The models created will be utilized for both visualization purposes and 3D printing, so the ideal candidate should be able to create models that are both realistic and stylized. Key responsibilities include: - Creating detailed and accurate product models for various industries - Ensuring that the models are suitable for visualization purposes and 3D printing - Delivering a high level of both realistic and stylized 3D models - Communicating effectively to understand and meet the project requirements Skills and experience required for this role: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software such as Blender, Maya, or 3ds Max - Previous experience in product modeling for visualization and 3D printing - ...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 Rata-rata
    35 penawaran
    Trophy icon 3D Chipmunk Music Video Animation 10 jam left

    I need a 3D animator to bring my chipmunk characters to life for a music video. - The project involves creating one lead vocal chipmunk character and two background chipmunk dancers. The lead vocal chipmunk will be required to lip-sync to the original song. The animation should be detailed, smooth and realistic. - The animation should primarily be 3D, and the final output should be suitable for a music video. The characters' rendering and movements should be top-notch, as they will be the main focal points of the video. Ideal skills for this job would include advanced 3D animation skills, experience in character animation, and a creative approach. It would be a massive plus if you've worked on music videos or similar projects in the past. The ability to create realistic and de...

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    11 entri

    I am in need of a skilled 3D modeler for creating medium poly 3D objects. Your task will be the following: - Designing medium poly 3D models of objects - Ensure seamless and functional models - Deliver smooth textures and realistic appearance on each object You should have an advanced understanding in 3D modeling with a portfolio of medium-poly object designs. Bring your creative prowess and technical expertise to this project.

    $341 (Avg Bid)
    $341 Rata-rata
    57 penawaran

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    Learn how to hire and work with Adobe Photoshop expert freelancers for your graphic design projects.
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    Learn how to find, hire and work effectively with a freelance Advertising Specialist for your marketing needs.
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