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    Assignment with “image processing” course Course exercise (in Matlab or Python) 12: 1. Write a system that counts and marks 2 types of objects (for example pens and lighters) in a given image, using morphological operators. 2. The objects are not round (eg coins). Must use morphological operators. Set the required parameters and thresholds 3. Create the images, and use your own images. 4. Create images with variations (for example, different backgrounds (texture), different distances between objects, Different lighting...) 5. Perform pre-processing, for example, use filters to improve the images. 6. Perform post-processing (for example determining the detection thresholds) 7. Write a report that describes the software - as a single word or PDF file. The report: 1) desc...

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    Apple Xcode Objective-C source code for video capture, with image processing for selected object in image. Once the area is detected / covered up, such as a cross or grid miniature barcode, then the camera will store a still image. Example code shall include a small learning section to tell the App what the area is to search for, like a button inside the image for the user to choose. Ok to do dual App design for Android and iOS would be advantageous but not essential. iOS to start with. Prefer objection C. Thanks for looking. Genuine bids only.

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    We have to develop a ML based model which will be used for processing images of various crops and plants and analyse the disease, the infection rate of that disease and other related factors

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    In this website a feature need to be added using Microsoft visual API where when the user uploaded an image, the text from that image need to be extracted and should be filled in the suitable fields in the form before submit action. For example : In Aadhaar card, the name from the Aadhaar card need to be filled in full name field. Note : It is not mandatory to use only Microsoft visual, you can any other as per your comfort

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    Image Processing 4 Hari left

    Need image processing for mobile application. The application user shall use a mobile camera to scan the device based on which the result is to be given. Mobile application is developed in React we need image processing code to be developed. Image processing includes scanning of equipment via mobile phone camera. There are two result scenarios. If single line is detected the response shall be 'Yes' If Multiple lines are detected the response shall be 'No'. This code shall later be hosted on cloud (AWS preferred) and be integrated in the React code.

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    Hi. I need a python developer for object tracking. Please contact me if you are professional in the image processing and object tracking. Thanks.

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    I require a high definition image file of a large painting for reproduction purposes. The printers have advised me that the image must be a minimum of 300 dpi. You must therefore have a camera that is capable of taking an image of this quality. The canvas is quite large - approximately 6ft x 3ft. It is at my studio in Islington, N1 8JT. It will sit on a large easel or it can be hung on the wall. There is good natural lighting in my studio but extra lighting may need to be considered. Previous experience of taking photos of fine art would be beneficial as it can be difficult to take a shot of a large artwork with the whole image in focus. Several shots will need to be taken on different settings. I will provide the digital memory card after discussion with the photographer. Only...

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    C# fast image retrieval 3 Hari left

    Hi, We are looking for a solution that can retrieve similar images from a large image database in the shortest possible time. The basic idea is to use ORB and LSH algorithms. There are three steps in the algorithm that needs to be implemented. * ORB for image feature extraction. We can find the implementation in EMGU lib * min-hash for finding similarities between images * locality-sensitive-hashing (LSH) to perform indexing for fast image retrieval - because we have thousands of images to compare. Need to be developed in Visual Studio as a C# console app. Check the attached relevant paper on this topic. Sample images will be shared in message. Happy bidding.

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    ML trainer 3 Hari left

    We are looking for ML trainer on hourly basis.

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    We want a (python & java) algorithme using OpenCV to stitch images of a store shelf. - up to 20 images could be stitched to a unique image - The images are not token from a single point. the camera is moved for each photo (see attached file) - The order of raw images is not always respected. - Images are not always facing head there are some distorsions - Images could be taken in the order specified in the attached file Pay attention it's a store shelf image so there are so many repetitions of the same article. The final image must not change the number of exact article. (this image will be used for object detection) There must be no distortion nor perspective for the final image. The output: - One planogramme image - parallel shelves with no perspective distorsions - no seam n...

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    Hello, I want to find a programmer who can create a program that analyzes different images and detects different objects. The program has to download the images. Once the images are downloaded, analyze and measure each object, count how many objects there are of each class, how high they are on the shelf, the brand, the price of each object, date, etc. and send this data to a mysql database . After analyzing the files you have to create a folder where you will move all the analyzed files and name it with mm/yy.

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    This project is based on the idea of image processing and machine learning where a batsman's stance is to be analyzed and thus predict if he is more vulnerable to Leg before Wicket or not. To support this we need to scrape data from commentary section to realize the scoring areas of the batsman( in this case leg side) which will be done using Regular expressions. The webscrapped data will be the support to our claims made from the processed machine learning model of the image data. Image selection will be made from the video of a batter batting. Remember the game here is Cricket and thus needs to consider videos from cricket itslef. No other sport allowed.

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    Looking for someone able to convert this kind of captcha for my python script (python3), the less libraries used the better.

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    Needed someone with good Singal processing and matlab knowledge .write a matlab code for detecting the ultraviolet wave image and if its distorted then firstly enhance it and then detect the portion of image using heat but not converting it to the infrared imaging or encircle the region in u.v. image.

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    Hi, We need to develop near-duplicate image detection from a database of million images The basic concept is to use SURF (or SIFT) with min-hash and index it using LSH. * SIFT for image signature * min-hash for finding similarity * locality-sensitive-hashing (LSH) to perform indexing To be developed in Visual Studio as a C# console app. Sample images and corresponding paper will be shared in message. Thanks

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    MATLAB with computer vision expert. work is very simple... and needed it very urgent BUDGET: 2500-4000 INR

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