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    Hi bro i am looking for resturant software that is able to do POS - Full solution prepaid programe + cards ( able to put credits on cards for say 1 meal) and then when people come to resturant then we swipe or entere card details on system to deduct that meal refferal programme - able to record refferals and add points once client makes certain number of reffrels - say 3 refferals is 1 free mea...

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    TS Stream Extraction from DVB-MPE 6 Hari left

    Hello dear. Need your help according to the TS file on the link below [login untuk melihat URL] Need to play the Data stream videos on this TS the PID 1101 and the PID 1102 thx

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    Create a design in Abaqus 6 Hari left

    I'm looking for someone to design a simple beam element. Tasks will include: - Defining segments - Mesh beam elements - Finding the cross-sectional area - Defining a line

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    This physical chemistry project is for you. Will share more details on chat.

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    I created a rental platform , but I need to filter the customers (Guests) or a way to rate them once they have left the property. I created that In Lodgify

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    Expert required to write literature review, Project plan and proposal on the topic: "Next Generation Electric Vehicle Charging Station with a capacity to Boost the Power System Stability" Must have experience in the relative field

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    Hello Urgently need a small MATLAB project to be done. Please apply ASAP if you are ready to start immediately

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    build a portable dual ventilator using two bag mask valves and control the tidal volume and breaths per second. Please watch this video, I would like something similar to this [login untuk melihat URL]

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    Hi, The mode consist of a valve with two leaflets that suppose to close when pressure is employed in the inlet fluid. the deliverables are: 1. have the solution converge to more than 10 coupling steps. 2. show the dynamic simulation in video. 3. deliver the ansys fluent project file. 4. write a document documenting what you did with snap shots. Thanks

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    Looking for a Java programming expert 6 Hari left

    Looking for a Java programming expert

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    Automotive Exhaust System Engineer 6 Hari left

    I am looking for an engineer / expert in exhaust design and optimization. I make exhaust systems and have an issue with a particular 2.0L 4 cylinder engine equipped car where exhaust produces heavy resonance despite all efforts in design. Relationship can become long term if success is achieved and fruits of Your work will be visible in great online presence. Thank You, Dr. Janis Berzins

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    21m x 35m x 7.8m steel frame design to AS1170 & AS4100 - TIME FRAME 24 hours - Check provided steel members columns, truss, girder truss and 9m canopy to AS4100 and loading to AS1170 - Loads combinations for strength and serviceability and calculate deflection - Check members design to AS4100 - Check purlins &wall girts to AS4600 - Provide calculations report - Calculations (in Word format...

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    transformação e crescimento. para ter uma renda melhor.

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    I want a sneaker system that can provide me pairs of shoes i want when they come out from the SNKRS app ( this is the app where i want to buy the shoes i want).For further information about the project please contact me !

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    Design questionnaire 6 Hari left

    Create questions for a survey to determine thermal comfort for occupants in a commercial building

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    Signal blocker with motion detection 6 Hari left

    Hello there! Ill attach a file with video/picture on how i want my product to be in a type of final stage. But what i need from you is that you help me find a way to manufacture this movement detection that blocks the signal that goes from the key when there is no movement, and when there is movement i want it to not block the signal from the car key. Thanks in advance Best regards!

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    نحن شركة الجبل انترناشيونال للاستيراد والتصدير والتصنيع وتجارة المعدات الثقيلة والاستثمارات في كثير من المجالات حيث نعمل علي جلب الاستثمارات الأجنبية والمشاركة وعمل الاتفاقيات وضمان مستوي الخدمات المقدمة من الشركة تجاريا واستثماريا علي المستوي العالمي لما نملكة من خبرة اكثر من ٣٠ عاما في مجالات الاستثمار والتخطيط والتجارة العالمية والتصنيع طبقا للمواصفات وعقد شراكات دائمة مربحة سواء في الاستثمار...

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    Mechanical design 2 project 6 Hari left

    I need an expert to assist on a task

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    Data analysis 6 Hari left

    We would like to have some data analysis

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    Semiconductor Circuit design and analysis for business purposes

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    Geotechnical resarch writing 6 Hari left

    1.0 Geotechnical Investigation resarch The first task is to research the Geotechnical data for Ottawa, ON. I will discuss further over via chat. I need it ASAP

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    i need someone know about trading in binance i want star invest

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    Optical Engineer to prepare report 6 Hari left

    Looking for optical engineer to prepare report on rework/ redesign of workflow of an optical lab Requirements: -minimum degree in optical engineering -hands on operations experience working in labs, factories -proficient in preparing detailed reports on workflow, design and planning -ability to consistently produce and deliver high quality work If you fulfill requirements above, please send (a) y...

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    Need to perform FEA/FEM analysis on a turbine blade or could be any other relevant engineering topic.

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    Busco profesional para el diseño de la etapa de potencia para una soldadora inversora, la salida se debe realizar con IGBTs en puente completo para una corriente máxima de 160 ampers (los IGBT no cargarán la corriente de salida, se usará un transformador de salida para ello cuyas especificaciones se darán después), los entregables serán: Diagrama es...

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    semiconductor circuit analysis for business purposes

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    The world is now presented with energy production challenges that bother around environmental cleanliness. This has led to the need to employ decentralised power systems to overcome this challenge. The use of green energy sources such as wind and wave has gained the attention of power system operators, particularly, in the replacement of fossil fuels. However, these renewable energy sources are li...

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    I want to build a custom gaming keyboard but I don’t know how, I want to buy the parts and have someone build it.

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    1. Implementar WOWZA 2. Configurar para su óptimo funcionamiento. 3. Aplicar configuración multibibrate. 4. Configurar CDN. 5. Instalar WMSPanel.

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    Project Details: Design Project Shaft design Belts & Pullys designs Design Project to design a lab based unit that is capable of lifting a load of 20 kg (up 100mm) by means of a input load of 5kg. The unit must • demonstrate how this is achieved • Use suitable bearings & Shafts • Suitable belt & pully design • Have a input and out put drum • Be safe to use &bul...

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    CAD CATIA DESIGN 5 Hari left

    Job description: • designing elements for the automotive industry from plastics and metal alloys • creating and verifying technical and project documentation • design optimization according to customer requirements • cooperation with the design team in the scope of introducing changes in the structure and technical drawings • strak and design evaluation in ter...

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    Truss modified 5 Hari left

    Modified truss for a 4 post lift

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    Network Fundamentals 5 Hari left

    A few questions on network fundamentals, including cisco packet tracer

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    21 penawaran

    I need a help to complete coding a matlab code to implement differential evolution with integrated mutation per iteration (DEIM).

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    2 penawaran

    I need a help to complete coding a matlab code to implement differential evolution with integrated mutation per iteration (DEIM).

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    3 penawaran

    I need a help to complete coding a matlab code to implement differential evolution with integrated mutation per iteration (DEIM).

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    2 penawaran

    I want embeded base emergency light circuit, also want having in house manufacturing capability to deliver production for same

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    Hi, The mode consist of a valve with two leaflets that suppose to close when pressure is employed in the inlet fluid. the deliverables are: 1. have the solution converge to more than 10 coupling steps. 2. show the dynamic simulation in video. 3. deliver the ansys fluent project file. 4. write a document documenting what you did with snap shots. Thanks

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    I need an excel sheet with input buttons for SSB- flat slabs, resting on abutments class AA, A and B loading urgently.

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    Time series forecasting using RBF Neural Network trained by metaheuristic algorithm MATLAB from scratch.

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    (Infeed hopper )…..(Conveyor)….....(kumbee crusher)........(conveyor).........(mog screen)..........(conveyor)

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    A freelancer need which have expertise in HSPICE Electrical Software.

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    Need a project 5 Hari left

    I need a small project that can be handled by 1 person based on the following papers [login untuk melihat URL]~zambreno/pdf/[login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] I need them ass soon as possible

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    Mechanical Expert Needed for Fluid Mechanics for Heat Exchanger Head Loss calculations

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    Grouped order management platform 5 Hari left

    I plan to have a platform that connects to Shopify to retrieve orders from all of my websites. This platform will give me access to orders, customers, products indexed on each of my stores as well as available stocks and finally applications. I also need to have an app that allows me to put in my Shopify stores so that they synchronize with my order processing platform. As part of our developme...

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    emergency light. Light will come on when power goes out. Light is on a small door that opens when power goes out. These are nothing new but we need a much smaller version. Door opens and light comes on when power out. I need help with the circuit, to be on a board with some wires going to switches, transformer, batteries, lights and motor. Can you help?

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    loss sample 5 Hari left

    It would also be ideal if the system showed the critical recommendations of the report.

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    Hi, as the title suggests, I need to decode all the information sent by the device using a python script, I already have a file that parses some information, but not everything .. can you help me?

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    We have mold. I need someone to determine the cause of the mold and provide a scope of work for mold remediation.

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