Coding is used to describe the process of programming using a specific programming language, or ‘code’. There are different coding languages available for use on different platforms and different services, for example developing web content, mobile apps or desktop software. Coding languages are formalized languages with the expected outcome of a translatable output. Coding is used to create programs that can read algorithms (data inputs). There is an abundance of programming languages, often built from scratch for a specific purpose, however there are a few codes that are most popular, such as HTML, Java and JavaScript.

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    Baris kode yang saya punya tidak dapat melakukan pencarian query, masalahnya adalah API memiliki level access "essential" sedangkan terkendala karena pencarian tidak dilakukan melalui "twitter API v2 endpoint". Project akan dianggap selesai ketika baris kode dapat melakukan penarikan query hanya dengan level access "essential"

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    Semantic Analysis and Symbol Table 6 Hari left

    PAC-MAN language. a) Declaration Checking: For this part, you need to process the declaration. • A variable cannot be used if it is not previously declared. • No two variables can share a name within their declared scope (The scope of a variable is from the point where it is declared until the end). it is legal to have same variable name in different scope b) Type System: PAC-MAN specification also describes rules for statements and ex- pressions type checking. • The left and right side of an assignment statement must have the same type. • Arithmetic operators (+,-,*,/) operate on operands of type integer or double only. The result should be of same type of the two operands, if one operand is integer and the other is double the result should be of type double. • R...

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    I want 10 coding/programming related articles on any topic of your choice. Minimum 500 words each. Bid only if you can submit 1 per day.

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    Assembly Line Controller Design an assembly line controller with the following specifications: • master start and stop button for the whole system • controls the conveyor for three separate assembly stations • the controller tracks the location of parts at each station • each station can indicate if a part has failed or is rejected, and eject it from the line • only turns the conveyor on when all three stations indicate (digital input) that they have completed their task • indicates to each station whether there is a part present or not • each station has an e-stop that must be monitored and stop the machine via an interrupt • controller stops the machine every 4 hours for a forced inspection, can only restart when all stations indicate all-...

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    1) Commercial Indoor Environment Controller Part 5: Lab Project Details 1) Commercial Indoor Environment Controller Design a monitoring and control system for a building HVAC system, with the following specifications: • One production area with separate temperature and humidity control • Temperature and humidity sensor values are logged every 15 minutes • Temperature and humidity setpoints are variable (analog inputs) • Heating and cooling system installed to control temperature • Rapid heating / cooling when more than 3°C away from setpoint (100% PWM output) • Reduced heating / cooling when within 3°C of setpoint (linear from 100-0% PWM output) • Dehumidifier and humidifier system installed (simple on / off control) • 5% v...

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    The title basically says it all, I have a mini project that needs to be done, Implementing a Chess Program, with game tree-based AI. From scratch, all instructions are in the PDF attached and the word document lists the items that need to be used/implemented when doing this project and not more. Please read them both first!

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    Website and app development 6 Hari left

    To build a website and app for a community / target audience with features like register , shop , chat , refer , donate , upload images etc

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    This assignment consists of creating a smart contract in Ethereum. If interested will share further instructions.

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can leak the content that will be released every day at 19:00 (Paris) on the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. We would like to have the possibility to know the names of the future players, the images recently uploaded on the game etc... There are already "leakers" on the game but we don't know how they do it. Please make a request only if you know something about FIFA and FUT.

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    10k nft art to generate with many traits

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    Maths for Computer Science -- 5 4 Hari left

    Its only few questions related to computer science project.

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    tenemos una Network de minecraft y necesitamos un Developer que tenga un gran conocimiento en rendimiento, optimización, resolución de problema relacionados con la Network, configuración del mismo, etc

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    Hackathon. -- 2 4 Hari left

    If you have ever won a hackathon before and would like more information, please message me.

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    Digital Marketing Management 3 Hari left

    Code-level understanding of strategy and analysis - creating LinkedIn campaign tracking - linking to a CRM - in support of a content creation team.

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    LGE Contract 3 Hari left

    Im looking for some in the United States that can Create a LGE Contract on ethereum.

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    Technical report with no less than 1400 words (excluding references and code snippets) about the “Online web app of GLCM”. Code snippets should be included within the technical report.

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    Twitch Widget 2 Hari left

    Hi, there I'm looking for someone that could code a twitch widget similar to Jordan Fisher's Twitch widgets. I'm a graphic designer so I can make all the assets for this project. I will attach images and a Youtube Link that will show perfectly what I want and need. Look forward to working with you. :D

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    A PEM fuel cell model is developed in Ansys Fluent using the PEMFC module of FLUENT. Some equations are required to be added in order to calculate a couple of properties of interest that are not readily available in FLUENT. If this is something that you are capable of executing, please let me know and I can provide more details. Kind regards

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    Technical report with no less than 1400 words (excluding references and code snippets) about the “Online web app of GLCM”. Code snippets should be included within the technical report.

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    We are looking for someone with coding skills to create 3D crystals based on a variety of predetermined traits that get assembled randomly into approx 3000 3D crystals.

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    Dear Potential Hires, My name is Chase Breitenbach, and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of DCA Electrical. We are a startup based in Austin, TX, that will be mining large quantities of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in the near future.  In short, we are very interested in paying a premium for the most effective trading bot possible – one that will only need to sell Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. This trading bot would be designed to sell our Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash (depending on which of the two we mined for the previous hour), at the optimal price-point in the given time frame. This time frame would optimally conclude with us off-loading our mined Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash to USDC at the 2-7 day price peak. We will be generating a large sum of cryptocurrency per day, so maximizing the...

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    Complete Custom Discord Bot 2 Hari left

    This would be a buy/sell related bot. Desires: 1. Image/Post Friendly similar to a FB post 2. Post approval process, if you are "X" role and you post it needs to be manually reviewed and approved by a mod before showing to all users 3. Tagging, where a post is initially tagged as "OPEN" until the game closes then "CLOSED" after for easy sorting Etc. I need an expect discord bot builder, can someone do this?

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    1- Add a membership option. 2- Add a feature in the customer's account that they can swap their clothes unlimited for a one-time monthly fee. You may refer to the website to have an idea of what we want to do for Canada. The client will have three options on the product page: 1- One-time rental (4 to 8 days rental) The client can select their date to reserve their item. 2- Click to have a membership 3- 3- Buy Now option. The customer’s membership gives them access to the online wardrobe. They choose 4 items at a time (if they want extra it can be added but at an additional cost). Once the clothes are worn they can swap them back depending on what they selected as a membership option. They return the clothes and select 4 other items. We have a membership that the clients c...

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    Java Coding -- 2 2 Hari left

    Write a Java code on Eclipse and committing it to gitlab.

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    Need to know if this can be done, Need to be able to add filters without coding. Need profile option when signing up for new customers to be able to filter their type of sports and filter so that the information will filter to areas of the site. I will be needing help getting my site organized to function properly, with api's help and such next. looking for a coder who could assist me. Please let me know Thank you.

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    In house service software 2 Hari left

    We would like to engage someone to preare for us in house software for our service site with web user and mobile user.

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    Hi, we are looking for an app developer who can create a simple app. Needs to be completed by 3rd of December, 2021. The app will need to include 3 key features: An interactive breathing section. Wherein the screen prompts the user to take in a breath, hold and exhale. A podcast section - Youtube links provided, need to be embedded within this section. This playlist is called ‘Meditation for relaxation and stress relief’. A notes section - Called the PostBox, this simple notes section aims to allow users to post their thoughts in a text message-based visual format (no actual connection to off device networks) Youtube playlist to embed - Just first 5 videos Here are a few links with our concept, please keep in mind that this is the first iteration we do not expect to have...

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    22 penawaran

    I need a project of a elevator using iverilog and gtk wave of 2 floors

    $8 - $20
    $8 - $20
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    RASPI LIDAR 1 hari left

    Interfacing raspi4 with A1m8 LiDAR obstacle detection using ROS NOETIC.

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    Teach my 6 Year-old Coding Lessons 1 hari left

    We need someone who can give our 6 year old boy coding lessons every morning.

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    11 penawaran

    I need a working MQ-2 code for MikroC (PIC18F45K22). Proper algorithms, proper equations, not just ADC. I have an Arduino code uploaded, and I would like something similar for MikroC, and it has to be properly working. Must be done in 1-2 days. OR if you have a ready code for MQ-2 with PIC18F45K22 (MikroC), then please let me know.

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    6 penawaran

    I would like someone who can perform a handshake with a websocket for a multiplayer game. The task is to be able to log-in the game and perform an action. Though, the messages between the client and the websocket are XOR encrypted which makes it a more of a difficult job. Please contact me for more details

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    Blind guider 19 jam left

    I want a person who has better knowledge in coding for my projects

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    1 penawaran
    Crypto coin 12 jam left

    Need a code to help build crypto coin. This coin will be backed by ACTUAL investment. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! There will be a background check and benifits once coin launches.

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    6 penawaran

    Looking for some one to build me an CRM type app with Buidibase

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    26 penawaran

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