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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on how machines can think and act like humans. AI utilizes computer algorithms to establish patterns in data and process information in order to even make decisions. When used correctly, AI can predict trends, automate mundane tasks, and improve overall productivity. An expert with diverse skills in both software engineering and mathematics is just what you need when implementing an AI project.

At, Artificial Intelligence experts are poised to provide esteemed clients with the best possible outcomes. Our professionals are dedicated to staying abreast with emerging technology, keeping up with the latest industry trends, and doing whatever it takes to provide premium outcomes for industrial projects.

Here's some projects that our Artificial Intelligence Experts made real:

  • Utilizing modern web technologies for speech detection
  • Leveraging pre-trained models for specialized use
  • Automatically generating keywords from given input
  • Integrating third-party AI API into existing frameworks
  • Developing application for curve detection through ANN or ML
  • Implementing code for sudoku puzzles featuring AI elements
  • Creating Django web applications for OpenAI
  • Designing a machine learning recommendation system
  • Processing natural language using Python
  • Investigating creative IoT or AI concepts with analytical reports

At, our Artificial Intelligence experts understand how to implement the most advanced algorithms and features into your project while providing you with the highest quality of service. We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers who have experienced the exceptional power that AI brings to their projects. Make your projects reach beyond its expectations by letting us help bring it to life - post your project now and hire an Artificial Intelligence Expert on!

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    I'm looking to develop a real-time Arabic Sign Language detection model for educational purposes. This model will be deployed in a .ipynb notebook for model training and will result in a .h5 model for deployment. Key Project Details: - **Purpose:** This model is intended to serve as an educational resource, specifically to cater to the needs of the general public. - **Deployment Platform:** The final model will not be deployed on any specific platform but will be available for training and inference in a .ipynb notebook. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Python and MediaPipe for real-time hand tracking - Experience in developing machine learning models, especially in TensorFlow/Keras for the .ipynb and .h5 formats. - Familiarity with sign language, particularly Arabic sign language,...

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    Looking to build an AI Mockup Packaging Designer website that primarily creates unique, tailor-made package designs. The platform requirements include: - Offering a range of services from custom mockup design to existing packaging mockup editing, and AI mockup design consultations. - It should be built to enable extensive customization to create completely unique designs. - Give a PDF output of Designed Mockup - Have Price Plans - 1 Free Custom Mockup Design Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Expertise in AI and technical knowledge in design software. - Experience building complex designing platforms with an integrated AI system. - Strong UI/UX skills to make the site user-friendly. - Deep understanding of design principles and packaging trends.

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    I'm looking for someone (not necessarily a professional) who can develop or suggest an existing system that checks a large number of color images, mark the images that have text, for example by changing the images file name, with a prefix. The system should not use OCR to extract the text at any stage. Just a simple Go/No-Go kind of thing. The ideal candidate is someone who can think out of the box and has vision and innovation. Experience is not required in any field but AI might be an advantage if this is the only option

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    E-commerce Website Designer Needed 6 Hari left

    I'm in need of an AI website designer experienced in developing e-commerce websites. The project needs to be completed in less than a month. Key requirements include: - A strong portfolio showcasing previous e-commerce websites you've designed. - Demonstrable skills in integrating payment gateways. - Proficiency in creating an intuitive shopping cart system.

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    Chatbot for social media platform 6 Hari left

    Hey guys, We have challenge managing customer conversations across our various platforms for our Hair salon: - Instagram - eBay Classifieds - Facebook - WhatsApp - Our website Conversation topics: Common Customer's questions: - Requesting advice on their hairstyle - Inquiring about the prices of hairstyles - Requesting appointments Information required from customers: Common question from us to customers - Hair length - Hair strand color - Whether the hair strand is provided by the customer or not Our objective is to automate interactions with customers to the fullest extent possible using AI. Please let me know if you can help and what your strategy will be. Cheers, Joelka

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    I'm seeking an expert python developer to create an advanced artificial intelligence engine capable of performing various tasks in a real-time environment. The engine must flawlessly manage a variety of data forms, including text, video, and images. The key tasks for the AI engine include: - Image recognition & Image analysis - Sentiment analysis - Speech synthesis - Video Analysis - Document Data Extraction Main components are most likely the openai whisper api and the gpt-4 vision preview api. Experience with developing similar AI engines and an understanding of real-time data analysis is critical for this project. Proficiency in handling multiple data forms, experience with AI algorithms concerning image, speech recognition, and sentiment analysis is crucial. Knowledge in ...

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    AI Music Mixer for Web Application 5 Hari left

    Im looking to integrate free AI mixing and mastering tools into my web application. The primary function of this application is to allow users to combine tracks, mix and master with user controls to vary level of input (-10/ 0 /+10). It should incorporate AI controls optimized for all music genres. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in AI programming and web application development - Ability to create a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners -Experience integrating github repositories - Experience optimizing AI for various music genres is advantageous for this project The end result should be an accessible platform for users to practice and improve their mixing and mastering skills, irrespective of their expertise level or preferred genre.

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    I'm looking for a seasoned web application developer to create a unique and user-friendly platform aimed at training and education through simulation. Specifically, the simulation should cater to knowledge-based education, specifically within the fields of science and engineering. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web application development (Past work involving educational simulations would be advantageous) - Solid understanding of science and engineering concepts - Experience in creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces - Strong dedication to creating a quality educational tool.

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    Please solve these lines if you are not bot: Change following lines hugging face fuyu model: GPU_State = False shape_idx = 0 file_path = "" device = 'cpu' image_size = 224 model_url = '' model = blip_vqa(pretrained=model_url, image_size=image_size, vit='base') () model = (device)

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    Numerical Data Classification via ML 5 Hari left

    I am seeking a machine learning expert to conduct a classification project using numerical data. Here's what you should know: - Objective: To perform a classification task on numerical data using robust machine learning methods. - Data: The data for this classification task is numerical and has been cleaned already, ready to use straight away. - Skills & experience: You should have extensive experience in machine learning, specifically in classification tasks, ML Model interpertation using SHAP. LIME and ELI5 tools and should be familiar with handling numerical data. Your job will involve developing, training, and validating a machine learning model that accurately performs the classification task. While doing so, you'll need to ensure that the model is as accurate as possi...

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    I'm seeking an expert in artificial intelligence and ecommerce, specifically with experience in WooCommerce, to implement a visual search feature on my online home decor store. The AI should be able to efficiently parse through product images, significantly improving the user search experience. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in AI and machine learning technologies - Proven experience in implementing AI visual search - Familiarity with home decor elements can be beneficial Your goal is to enable my website to search through product images using advanced AI. I look forward to seeing how you can transform my site's user experience with this project.

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    Generative AI Solution 5 Hari left

    I am interested in exploring Generative AI solutions, RAG and or Bland AI solutions if someone developed in India. I would like to explore a match for the requirements we have in those areas and hire or buy the solution based on its maturity level.

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    I'm looking for an experienced social media marketer with proven skills, especially in Instagram and YouTube, to help me drive product sales and increase brand awareness. Key requirements include: - Instagram and YouTube expertise - A strong track record of boosting product sales - Deep understanding of the female audience Your primary focus will be on: - Crafting and executing a marketing strategy that will increase product sales on Instagram - Developing a strong brand presence on Instagram and YouTube - Tailoring content to resonate with a female audience, driving engagement and sales Please include links to previous projects when you bid. Your success in driving sales and engaging with a female audience will be key.

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    I'm seeking a professional who can develop a custom GPT-enabled chatbot, tailored for a product description matching app. Key Tasks: - The chatbot's core purpose will be to perform keyword analysis and category matching, which means it must be capable of scrutinizing and comparing product descriptions effectively. Crucial Skills and Experience: - Custom GPT based on existing commercial offers - Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Keyword Analysis - Category Matching The right freelancer for this project will have a strong understanding of chatbot development and relevant experience with GPT models. Experience in using these technologies for product matching purposes will be highly advantageous. Demonstration of past successful projects of similar nature would also be appeali...

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    We are on the lookout for an AI specialist to design and implement a solution for swiftly and accurately detecting text from photos. This project will require a deep understanding of computer vision and machine learning algorithms for text recognition. The job is very simpel. A webpage where we upload a photo/screenshot and ask the system to tell specifik to tell us Date Bookingnumber phone number Today we can upload a photo on chatgbt and it ca tell us that information easy. Now we will make it on a webpage. The users will upload different types of images and we need the system to detect the correct data. We know that OCR can do that, but we specifik data detected and showed as a text output User upload a photo/screenshot and we get the specific text/number. We just need to see a v...

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    I am seeking an AI expert to develop a custom AI solution for Dubai. Specifics of the application to be developed are yet to be decided, but the scope could range from smart city infrastructure to autonomous vehicles or customer service chatbots. Key Skills: • Expert knowledge in artificial intelligence • Experience in smart city infrastructure development • Experience in developing autonomous vehicles • Chatbot development experience Application Details: Apply with comprehensive details about yourself and your team. While it's not decided at this stage, your application could include past work, your relevant experience, and detailed project proposals. Preferred Technologies: Though no specific AI technology or platform has been decided for this project, your...

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    Mac ai voice changer 5 Hari left

    Here are the details of our requirements. If you can implement this feature, we will further communicate with you about the delivery plan~ Has the following requirements: 1. Real time voice change function: It can capture audio input (PCM audio stream or CMSampleBufferRef audio stream) in real time and apply AI models to perform real-time voice change processing on the human voice. After processing, it outputs the completed voice change audio stream (PCM audio stream) and plays it in real time, so that it can hear the sound that simulates the sound change effect of the currently selected AI model. 2. No latency: The software needs to process audio with low latency to ensure that the sound change effect is synchronized with the input audio. 3. AI Model Switching: Supports switching betw...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can help me generate custom speech using AI voice cloning technology. The primary application for this generated voice is for voice-over purposes, so it needs to be of high-quality and highly realistic, with human-like nuances. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proficiency in AI voice cloning technology - Previous experience with generating voice-over content - Ability to create highly realistic and nuanced speech - Strong understanding of different voice styles and nuances - Familiarity with voice production for various platforms Please provide samples of your previous work in this area, and a clear explanation of how you plan to achieve the level of realism I require.

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    I am seeking a developer to create an algorithm that can make a single prediction based on data from existing datasets. I have looked at the available choices and decided that numbers will be the best form of data to have inputted into my algorithm. The goal of this algorithm is for it to make a single prediction, rather than statistical clustering or a range of predictions. The inputs available to the algorithm will be data from existing datasets. This algorithm needs to be powerful, accurate, and efficient while making reasonable predictions. The ideal developer will be skilled in utilizing machine learning, deep learning with neutral network and artificial intelligence, and other related technologies to help create the best possible algorithm.

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    Financial Planning App in FlutterFlow 4 Hari left

    As the client, I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to create both a mobile app and a website using FlutterFlow for iOS, Android, and Web. The primary functionalities of the app and website include: - User Registration/Login - In-app purchases - Interactive UI elements Furthermore, the app/website should comprise specific features, such as: - Budget planning - Revenue analysis - Expense tracking - Predictive analytics to forecast financial trends (AI) As for the design, the project also includes the layout and overall design of both the website and app. As such, proficiency in UX/UI design is highly advantageous aside from a sound understanding of FlutterFlow. A successful freelancer for this project should be detail-oriented and experienced in building financial apps or similar p...

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    Generate PDF using AI 4 Hari left

    I need a PHP based form application that generates PDFs of varying math exercises. The app must flexibly create these exercises based on two factors: • User Input: The form should let the user input their specific requirements, including their chosen level of difficulty. • Random Generation: Despite the user's input, the app must also have the capacity to generate math problems randomly, creating a more diverse range of exercises. The app should be capable of producing exercises across several types of math problems: • Addition and Subtraction • Multiplication and Division • Fractions and Decimals As the level of difficulty varies from user to user, the form application must allow a feature whereby the user can select the difficulty level. The ideal freel...

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    Trophy icon Goofy-Realistic AI Trump Pictures 12 Hari left

    I need a creative AI programmer or awesome photoshop person capable of generating unique realistic artificial intelligence-generated pictures. My aim is to bring some humor to Reddit everyday by posting amusingly realistic images of Donald Trump. $10 prize will go to top 20 pictures with ongoing services for top 5 at lower price but regular opportunities. This is more for fun than anything. So, let's make the best of it. Some situational ideas include, but are not limited too: trump with Putin, trump in bathroom, trump backstage at a beauty pageant, trump chilling out with porns stars, trump pointing and laughing at children after taking their money from a charity event, trump raking a forest or cleaning a swamp Trump with a flashlight up butt/ drinking bleach/ using horse a...

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    ONLY FOR DEVELOPERS LOCATED IN CZECH REPUBLIC LONG-TERM ONGOING COOPERATION AVALTAR is a young startup focused on enhancing industrial safety. How do we do that? We develop camera safety solutions utilizing AI to monitor and detect objects and risky events. We prevent collisions and accidents, ensure workers' safety, and provide assistance to HSE managers. Our systems are helping all over Europe, and in the future, we plan to expand to other continents, too. What are we working on right now? Currently, we are developing a brand new safety system SPARK from scratch. It's an exciting and innovative project with plenty of challenges. That's why we are looking for a software enthusiast to join our development team, who will take care of developing the front-end of our web...

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    Are you passionate about storytelling and eager to uncover the truths about artificial intelligence (AI) that billionaires prefer to keep hidden? We're searching for a talented scriptwriter to join our team and shed light on the secrets of AI that the elite don't want you to know. Job Description: As a freelance scriptwriter for our groundbreaking project, you'll have the opportunity to delve deep into the unexplored realms of AI and craft compelling narratives that challenge conventional wisdom. Your mission is to reveal the untold stories, ethical dilemmas, and hidden agendas surrounding AI development that have been obscured by billionaire interests. Responsibilities: Collaborate with our team to brainstorm ideas and develop the overarching narrative for our project....

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    I'm looking for an AI specialist who can help me develop a model capable of predicting the winning probability of IPL 2024 cricket matches. The model should make use of Google Cloud services, and should take into account the following: - Data Sources: You will need to incorporate Historical match data, Player performance data, and Weather conditions into the model. These are key variables in determining match outcomes, and the model should be designed to make the most of these data sources. - Historical Match Data: From the historical match data, the AI model should extract and utilize Team rankings, Venue performance, and Batting and bowling averages. These features are critical in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. - Predictions Update Frequency: I would li...

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    I'm looking to buy your existing, unique projects, mobile app, and software projects. I'm particularly interested in projects that stand out and have unique appeal. I am open to a variety of project types - it could be a website with an innovative design, a mobile app with unique features, or software that has a niche use case. Don't be afraid to offer up your project, even if you think it might not fit the typical mould. I am willing to consider a wide range of possibilities. I would be very interested in modern technology that will be useful in todays world which could relate to AI (artificial intelligence). Please do not send me pre written messages. Send me your projects that you have to offer, the price & the link to view. I will contact you as soon as I revi...

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    seeking a front end and back end team to create a proprietary enterprise system that connects with third data providers and underwrites and evaluates real estate properties based on multiple financial models run at the same time to determine highest and best use for future development for that piece of unimproved or improved land parcel. Modeling to be run automatically, with resulting land value will be identified as well as an exit value based on projected expenses meeting a ROI for our investors. Fees will be integrated in the expenses and disposition fees. 3rd party Data inputs (both CSV files and API integration) to seamlessly capture data inputs into the financial modeling. Upon meeting a financial threshold, a report is auto-generated and a building example is also created via Gene...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer with expertise in Python, object detection models, and testing procedures to add unit, integration, and functional tests for my Flask Web Server application. The application takes a recorded video, runs a YOLOv3 object detection model and then showcases the results. The tests should include tests for a Jupyter notebook that trains the model if possible. Key Requirements: - Strong Python background - Good understanding of YOLOv3 object detection model - Expertise in adding comprehensive testing suites: - Unit tests - Integration tests - Functional tests The goal is a thorough verification of the application's operation, ensuring each component behaves expectedly. Reproducible detection results and fail-safe operation are the ma...

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    PHP Form App for Math Exercises 3 Hari left

    I need a PHP based form application that generates PDFs of varying math exercises. The app must flexibly create these exercises based on two factors: • User Input: The form should let the user input their specific requirements, including their chosen level of difficulty. • Random Generation: Despite the user's input, the app must also have the capacity to generate math problems randomly, creating a more diverse range of exercises. The app should be capable of producing exercises across several types of math problems: • Addition and Subtraction • Multiplication and Division • Fractions and Decimals As the level of difficulty varies from user to user, the form application must allow a feature whereby the user can select the difficulty level. The ideal freel...

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    preciso de alguem que faça um mod para o minecraft com AI para villagers um parecido com o minecraft comes alive mas melhor que tenha mais animações de abraços, ataques, andar e etc. que faça modelos de villagers mulheres e homens, talvez algumas mudanças na vila como nas casas, poder abrir um chat com eles onde você fala e a AI responde de forma variada dependendo da pergunta e faça uma ação dependendo da pergunta, indo até você e falando com você por vontade propria sem você precisar ir até ele e abrir o chat, ele fazer ações sem você precisar falar para ele fazer ou você fazer como você esta lá pegando madeira e ele te abraça ou te da algum...

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    I'm in need of a dedicated Computer Vision/AI developer who can build a comprehensive security system for a condominium. The scope of this project includes: 1. Implementing Object Detection: The system should be capable of identifying objects within the condominium premises in real-time. 2. Facial Recognition: It has to recognize residents from guests, aiding in the identification of unauthorized individuals. 3. Activity Monitoring: The system should be smart enough to monitor activities within the common and specific areas round-the-clock. This project will be implemented from scratch; we don't have any existing surveillance cameras or access control systems at the moment. Ideal candidates should have a proven track record with Computer Vision/AI technologies, such as Tens...

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    Description: We need to develop a software application that automatically generates design options for organized closets and kitchens based on the room dimensions (length and width) and shape provided by the user. Requirements: User Interface: User should be able to input room measurements (length and width) in feet or meters. User should be able to select the room shape (rectangular, L-shaped, etc.). Optionally, fields to input additional details like doors, windows, protrusions, etc. Calculations and Constraints: Define standard rules for closet and kitchen design (minimum space for doors, hanging rod heights, shelf depths, etc.). Calculate the available area for the closet/kitchen after subtracting spaces occupied by doors, windows, etc. Design Algorithm: Generate different layouts fo...

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    I am in need of an AI tool designed to generate stories using storytelling artworks, targeting kids aged 3-5 years. This tool should be engaging and weave stories in a playful tone, adding an enriching experience for kids. The chosen AI professional should be proficient to build options allowing both user-generated input and pre-defined story templates. Additionally, the AI should be capable to produce medium-length stories (5 to 15 minutes) maintaining a consistent and enjoyable narrative throughout. Ideal Skills: -Expertise in Artificial Intelligence. -Experience in child psychology or children’s content creation. -Understanding of storyboard creation. -Illustration capabilities will be an add-on. -Strong understanding of creating user-friendly interfaces. Looking for an expert ...

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    LLM Engineer 3 Hari left

    Core Development : Spearhead the design, development, and deployment of generative AI models with a focus on natural language understanding and processing. Tool Utilization and Contribution : Engage with and contribute to libraries and frameworks such as LangChain, ensuring our application development is as efficient as it is innovative. Collaboration : Ensure a smooth partnership with Data Engineering and Software Engineering teams for flawless integration of AI models into production systems. Continuous Learning : Keep up with the rapid advancements in AI/ML, including emerging tools, libraries, and best practices, applying this knowledge to propel our projects forward. Ethics in AI : Champion ethical AI development, prioritizing fairness, unbiased outcomes, and privacy. Machine Learning...

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    ChatGPT4-powered Telegram Bot 3 Hari left

    I need a ChatGPT4 powered bot that I would add to my Telegram group as an admin. The bot would be called $STORY AI. We would feed the bot information about our project so it would know how to answer our group members questions. The bot would welcome new members joining the group with AI-generated messges, so that it would not be the same greeting for each new member joining. Admins could also manually prompt the bot to generate new content to post in the group with suitable graphics.

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    AI Python Development 3 Hari left

    I'm working on an SEO writing tool assisted by AI. The goal is to assist writers instead of having AI leading the way, basically enhancing human creativity instead of creating it. This would provide better content overall. I'm a fullstack dev myself, I will handle UI, UX and the back (auth, apis, etc). The stack is React and Django. I'm looking for either: 1. A developer to handle the AI part (small budget) 2. A full on co-founder with whom we'd share the futur revenue. For 1, I'll be giving you small tasks to perform (low budget as it's a solo project). For 2, we'll work hand in hand to build an awesome product. For both options, provide a detailed bid with your skills. For 1, mention your hourly rate.

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    Estamos desarrollando un modelado inteligente para la clasificación de riesgos por fallas mecánicas en Automóviles mediante la aplicación de la metodología CRISP-DM. Buscamos un experto en IA que nos pueda asesorar para terminar el modelado mencionado anteriormente debido a que no contamos con un asesor que nos ayude a resolver nuestras dudas, más que terminar el modelo buscamos a alguien que nos asesore durante las fases de modelado y despliegue.

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    Necesito un bot para XM trading que pueda entrar y vender cuando esté ganando en profit y tenga un sistema de aprendizaje o estudiar las subidas o bajadas en tiempo real o crear un bot para binarias en la plataforma quotex cualqueir de la dos plataforma quien pueda darme una solución rápida y bajo costo presupuesto es menos de 100 dólares negociable

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    Document Corners Detection AI model 2 Hari left

    I am looking for an experienced Python developer with a background in artificial intelligence to develop a model that can accurately detect document corners, regardless of their shape - including rectangular, curved, and irregular corners. I have a dataset of around 500 images with coco annotations. The model should be able to run on mobile devices on live camera feed. Key Requirements: - Strong competence in Python, as it is the preferred language for model development. - Experience in AI-driven development. - Ability to present a detailed project proposal demonstrating an understanding of the project and how you intend to execute it. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit comprehensive proposals outlining your practical approach to this project, strategies, and anticipated ...

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    I'm interested in developing a specific AI virtual assistant to help my staff with various automated tasks. I would like to know if you have the capacity to implement the following functions and what the cost would be for each individually, as well as the total cost for the entire set: 1. Gmail: - Inbox organization by folders. - Writing personalized emails. - Setting up automatic responses for selected emails and marked profiles. - Automatic deletion of SPAM. 2. Agenda: - Setting up reminders. - Organization of events and tasks. 3. Calls: - Automated call answering. - Client filtering by voice recognition. 4. Database: - Automated database queries. - Business suggestion generation based on data analysis. - Automated advice for cost optimization. 5. Hours/Holidays: - Automatic n...

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    I require an experienced developer to create a comprehensive OCR engine. This engine should have the ability to parse data from both PDFs and image files (JPEG/PNG) with utmost accuracy. The data extraction should not be limited to text; it should include numbers and special characters too. Ideal Experience and Skills: - Proven experience in OCR technology and data extraction. - Proficient with handling various file types (PDF, JPEG, PNG). - Robust understanding of data formatting issues. - Excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities.

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    I am seeking a seasoned professional, well-versed with AI, legal regulations, and policy-making to assist in crafting a comprehensive framework addressing Liability and Privacy concerns in AI use. With Government agencies as a target audience, the ideal outcome emphasizes ethical applications of AI while providing proactive solutions for potential liabilities. Key Project Areas: - AI Liability Management: Strategize, and lay down specifications thereof for treating liability issues arising from AI use in governmental infrastructure. - AI Privacy Protection: Frame the privacy norms for AI usage, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive information, and preventing any misuse. Primary Project Goal: To ensure ethical use of AI, minimizing the potential hazards posed by unregulated AI usage i...

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    Python Data Scientist/Analyst Remote / Contract Experience : 2 – 6 Years We are actively seeking talented Data Scientists & Analysts proficient in Python to join our ambitious team dedicated to pushing the frontiers of AI technology. This opportunity is tailored for professionals who thrive on developing innovative solutions and aspire to be at the forefront of AI advancements. You will work with companies in the US looking to develop cutting-edge commercial and research AI solutions. Job Responsibilities: Write effective Python code to tackle complex issues, but also use your business sense and analytical abilities to glean valuable insights from public databases Communicate clearly with researchers and help the organization in realizing its objectives Clearly express the...

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    36 penawaran

    As a plant enthusiast working on a significant project, it's crucial for me to have in-depth data about various plant characteristics. The plant data is currently housed in an Excel spreadsheet that requires thorough analysis and extraction. Specifically, I need these categories to be methodically analyzed and extracted: - Growth conditions - Size and growth pattern - Species-specific properties For this project, freelancers with considerable experience in data analysis, particularly with plant-related information, would be a strong fit. Key skills needed include Excel data extraction and an understanding of plant characteristics and botany. Knowledge concerning species-specific properties and growth conditions would be an additional advantage. Any prior work on similar projects wou...

    $450 (Avg Bid)
    $450 Rata-rata
    75 penawaran

    I'm looking to replace my webcam video feed with a visually appearing and responsive avatar in real-time for my social media live I need is that i provide a picture or short videa and you make it move in accordance to words in english that copme out of speaKERS. I need it in 24h

    $5458 (Avg Bid)
    $5458 Rata-rata
    19 penawaran

    I am in need of a developer skilled in working with Typeform & ChatGPT API. Im building a health & fitness business to provide online & Face to face packages to people. I need a professional Typeform creating, as well as the logic & design to filter the responses of each question. At the end of the typeform questionnaire I want this data integrated into ChatGPT or Gemini to spit out a fitness package for a week.. We are a team of coaches who specialise in Crossfit, Hyrox, Weightlifting & general fitness - we want to target individuals who wish to improve or start their journey in any of the above. The majority of the work will be done in Typeform so the design and flow/logic will generate all the info we need to put into ChatGPT to create a plan...

    $1795 (Avg Bid)
    $1795 Rata-rata
    29 penawaran

    I am looking for a developer to create an application that will collect valuable data from users with precise geolocation tracking. The data collected will include personal information as well as location data, and the application will need to collect the data every day. On top of this, the application should also be able to track user movement with precision. The data should be documented in an organized manner and must be accessible throughout the entire process.

    $497 (Avg Bid)
    $497 Rata-rata
    29 penawaran

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