An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of tools and protocols used for building application software. It is a set of clearly defined communication methods between various components of a software program. An API makes it simpler to develop computer software, and provides all the building blocks for the programmer to put together.

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    Upgrade aplikasi android existing baik secara fitur maupun UI. Aplikasi sebelumnya bisa di cek di playstore dengan nama CRM - GEISA dari Mas Kencana. Diutamakan untuk yang berdomisili di wilayah JABODETABEK dan Jawa Barat

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    Automate project and create CI / CD Jobs using Jenkins

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    WebSocket API work. 6 Hari left

    Hi, We are looking for someone to perform some simple coding to execute trades via an API. Thanks,

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    Apply Automation script with API 6 Hari left

    Set up already written Automation script on my environment with some modifications. A project that needs discussions, and things and videos for you to read and watch before working on it.

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    We wish to connect our Webflow built site to our magazine fulfilment centre so that orders are sent automatically. The fulfilment centre has JSON API. We need help to connect this and automate the process.

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    I need a developer who can create a WebRTC server using Janus or FreeSWITCH. We have a system that works in two ways: 1(attached graphic). Calls will come in through our DID. Each call is authenticated through our API (handled by a separate developer) and then each user is placed into separate channels after API authentication. The audio stream from the caller will be listened to and processed by our audio tools. The calling system is setup through Twilio SIP trunking. 2. When each user is in a webrtc channel, allow for the ability to have one or two users join via webrtc clients such as our mobile app, browser, etc. (another developer will handle client development). We are NOT building a conferencing app, but we need the ability to accept calls and then later perhaps have a client j...

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    Api Websocket 5 Hari left

    Need A Websocket Create For Our Website Just need to change our json data store in Websocket and convert to json

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    I need i react native app to take pictures and classify those pictures according to a list a pre named object, then generate a QR Code to print, with the aim of attach to the object for identification purpose, and send the object tipe, and others informations to a Database as a API call

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    Fix and Build 5 Hari left

    Note this is 2 app 1st app : add auth use third party API for my app API means API of app marketplace, deploy frontend, backend and domain, 2nd app: Build me a web messaging all features included use sdk and use third party API for my app means API of App marketplace, both needs API, ill Explain the API low budget dev under $200 if you can do this 2 apps for $200 we can start.

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    Do you think it is possible when someone it using the phone to send 1. to send information to a listing device on the receiver of the call without an audible tone? If that will not work is it possible to 2. send touch tone input for the caller and have a device on the receiver side pick it up. I hoped I explained this. If not send me questions that you have. Thanks Tom

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    Bot Cryptomines NFT game 5 Hari left

    Need a software/script/bot that interact with Cryptomines Marketplace (is a website market of a game) and buy nfts for me automatically based on my preferences and filters. It involves a lot of knowledge in smart contracts and programming skills. I don't want a website, just need to run in my machine not online. I don't care about front-end, just needs to be functional and fast. I'll want all the code too on project delivery.

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    Build me a custom Gatsby plugin 5 Hari left

    I'm looking for someone to create a Gatsby plugin based on the Gatsby boilerplate. It's for a web analytics tool using an API. The plain script looks like the usual <script code=28472 id=39742 <script>. I need the developer build it in such a way the variables can be defined in a Gatsby config file. I've got examples. This task is pretty straight-forward and due to the available resources a realistic 1-2 hour project. I'll hire the person who can start working on it now. In case we have a match, I've got the same request for other frameworks as well. Not looking for agencies or long-term projects. Please refrain from applying in that case. Thank you.

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    We need a full time backend developer. Experience: 1-3 years Skills: HTML, CSS, Laravel, PHP, Bootstrap, API Development Office location: Noida *ONLY FREELANCERS BID* NO AGENCIES ARE REQUIRED.

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    Python API 4 Hari left

    Very straight forward task with python

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    We are looking for a part time developer. Skills: PHP, Laravel, Api Development, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Experience: 1-3 years Hours: 4-6 hours in a day *ONLY BID IF YOU ARE A FREELANCER* NO AGENCIES ARE ALLOWED

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    Need a part time Backend Developer 4 Hari left

    We are looking for a part time developer. Skills: PHP, Laravel, Api Development, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Experience: 1-3 years Hours: 4-6 hours in a day *ONLY BID IF YOU ARE A FREELANCER* NO AGENCIES ARE ALLOWED

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    API In Codeigniter. We first need 1 API, if we’re happy and your skills are good you can do appr 20-50 API’s. We have our back-end. Here companies can login and set up their API with their existing webshop. They go to Integrations -> Webshop CMS. With this API they can import all their products to our software, including all details and categories. Besides this the API also needs to be able to create a cart (if needed on posting an order) and post the order to the CMS. Example scenario : - Shop owner logs in to AdUp - Connects his shopify shop using API Key & Secret via integrations - Our custom Shopify library fetches the products & categories to the AdUp database - Customer places an order via AdUp - Our custom Shopify library posts the cart and order to Sho...

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    Please check for more details. The site has complete tutorials on how to develop gcs and I want you to guide me through and fix any issues. You will need to access my pc for demonstration and help fix issues. My budget: usd 50 terms: within a week. I am mostly interested in implementing what's instructed in the documentation and creating api's with node, or server-hosted/serverless application.

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    My supplier accepts API so we can place orders from our WooCommerce store to suppliers website using API. Should Pass - First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1/2, Suburb, Postcode, Phone Number, Additional COmments (if any) There is 1 specific product of which if we receive any order should go to Google Sheets saved online. It should pass variation on the products along with Customers Name, Address, Shipping selected and quantity

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    Basically what I want is all this for phpBB: And then in the future others similars: Or check this links: We could have like an extension for the base for everything and then extra extensions that would be in top of the base one for adding extra functionalities. My idea for starting I'll explain all by detail: Is to integrate Animation/Anime API website, as myanimelist / anidb / tmdb / trakt into phpBB. Basically I want to have the ability to each user to choose one of them, let say the user adds login and then on the topic creation I should be able to mark if it should search on And if it is on the topiclist () or in the topic itself () I will be able to mark as seen and it will mark on too as seen, and if it is mark as seen on and a topic of that mov...

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    I have a ready frontend that need need to connect to Adzhan API

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    Medical Óptica Audición somos una red de 19 centros especializados que desde hace 60 años miramos por la salud visual y auditiva de nuestros clientes y ofrecemos soluciones a medida para ellos. En la actualidad buscamos reforzar nuestro departamento de informática con un Analista Técnico-Programador freelance que colaborará en proyectos desarrollados en .NET y VB6 contra SQL server. Ofrecemos: - Colaboración freelance de 6 meses de duración aprox. - Teletrabajo (con disponibilidad para presencialidad cuando lo requieran los proyectos). -Posibilidad de trabajar desde cualquier provincia, aunque se valore la ubicación geográfica en País Vasco. - Salario/tarifa a convenir con candidato/a - Posibilidad de continuidad

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    Sample Source Code : Introduction: This is for Loan application project, all loan appreciation regulated by BOT - Bank of Tanzania, so all banks and organizations that provide loans to individual or company should submit loan history to Credit Info, and the time we need to search client we will get all the loan history of that client that can help us to make decision of approved or reject the Loan request. We need to fetch all customers information and save in one DB and show in table format. Type of search we will use is not company.

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    En este momento tengo un sitio de membresía que usaba MemberPress. Estoy harto de pagar anualmente por tantos plugins distintos, sobre todo cuando ya hoy en día puedo cubrir lo que necesito con una combinación de Woocommerce, Learndash y Divi, y dejar de usar MemberPress. El problema: tengo más de 50 personas pagando mensualmente con MemberPress (y su interacción con Stripe). A través de las API de Memberpress, Learndash y Woocommerce (que son extensas) se puede hacer esta transición de Memberpress a Woocommerce para la parte de pagos, y Leandash y/o Divi para la parte de membresía. Los detalles de cómo "esconder" contenido de membresías, ya sea con Learndash o con Divi, serán definidas de acuerdo co...

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    design and drawing 3d model for Rotary table for Gardner Denver rig according to API

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    Hello, I'm looking to update the Geo Location field within a contact by using our connected Shopify Customer Data. Please see - though I'm not sure this is relevant.

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    We have an API to import our supplier's products on our prestashop site. We want to be able to find the product with its reference

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    I have a rental equipment service business in Brazil and I need to automate my operation. How I operate it by myself now: 1- User contact me via WhatsApp and my WhatsApp Business automatically replies payment info. 2- user pays the service via Pix (Brazilian instant payment method). 3- My bank’s App (Nubank) sends immediately a notification confirming the payment was done 4- Then I send a gprs commands to unlock the right equipment’s device (I have 5 units of BL10 lock Jimi/ Concox) via Tracksolid platform or alternatively I also can send a SMS command because the device has a SIMcard in it. Please, what is the cost-less solution to automate it that you can offer me? P.S. Contacting via WhatsApp it’s not mandatory, we can change it to a website or maybe SMS. Than...

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    Youtube video research tool -- 2 3 Hari left

    Hi, Im looking for someone who can create tool in PHP which will scan Youtube channel and export a list of videos in .CSV file. Recommended to use official Youtube (Google) API. Script should have a form field where i can put one or more links to channels, then we click "SEARCH" and in few seconds/minutes it gives an option to download .CSV file with list of ALL videos from particular channels (or one channel). I need in .CSV following data for each video, line by line: 1. Title 2. Link to video 3. Number of views 4. When created 5. Name of channel 6. Link to channel main page Script may use paid data in Google-Youtube API. You have to handle everything during a script creation (i dont have API login/pass, so you have to create it). Please don't just crawl public pages...

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    14 penawaran

    We need to cover API configurations not present in test environment. So and API interface code enhancement is necessary. It may have impacts on our website code and database so web2py skill is a plus. Please have a look at the document attached.

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    Hi, I am working on 2 projects for crypto payment processing and DeFi. But For now can you do Binance Pay API deployment in a Forex brokerage for accepting payments?

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    Hello Guys ! ? We are looking for a Laravel & react, redux expert to add features on our webapp 1) Payment Gateway VivaWallet Integration 2) 18 Confirmation Modal disclaimer 3) Desktop Mode view ( React ) 4) New View Filter (Map listing) 5) Regular shipping option ( manual entry) 6) Crypto Payment Gateway Bitpay I need time and fixed price estimate Consider, that we are self funding ! and we know the market price so don't overquote ! Thanks

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    Help me take the Datadog Technical Specialist exam

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    Table order. App & Web to develop 1. Customer App, Web 2. Front App 3. Kitchen App 4. Serving App 5. Administrator Page 6. Kiosk *For detailed requirements, please refer to the attached file. * An app that allows customers to receive notifications from Front, Kitchen, and Serving APP in real time when scanning table QR codes on their mobile devices, and check the process of cooking and serving. * It should be developed according to the requirements of the company and provided for use exclusively. * If one set needs to be developed per company, it needs to be easily expanded from the base to provide multiple companies in future. To participate in this project, you must have experience in developing similar apps. If you are interested, please send me the APK file you developed. We will s...

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    I want to build a website like "" in Wordpress . This project will required the knowledge of API integration as well and knowledge of different type of chart creation via calling the API.

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    We have a smart home app that is mostly HomeKit centric. We would like the ability to control Philips hue lights outside of HK if need be. We would like a bare bones SwiftUI interface with a list of lights and the ability to control each light's CCT and brightness. Please provide the cost and estimation. If you can roughly explain about your working plan or idea, it will be benefit for my selecting of working. Thanks.

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    I am looking for a reliable experienced React Native developer who can complete the mobile app project. A candidate who knows Spanish is preferred. I would like to hire a developer after a short call with strong candidates for making sure his or her work quality. Place your bid with the heading of 'Spanish'

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    i have a woocomerce api plugin that needs some changes. The plugin imports product information from suplier to store. But we are missing product discription and some extra product information. Api documentation availble. information to be added <Composite>100% Cotton</Composite> <CountryOfOrigin>Marokko</CountryOfOrigin> <CommodityCode>12345678</ CommodityCode > <Genre>Men/Uni</Genre> <SleeveStyle>Shortsleeve</SleeveStyle> <Version>R-neck</Version> <Fitting>Regular fit</Fitting> <Gsm>160</Gsm> <AvailableSizes>|S|M|L|XL|XXL|3XL|4XL|5XL|</AvailableSizes> <Description>Single jersey. Halsboord met Cotton - Lycra® rib. Openend garen met Belcoro®. Dezelfde stof ...

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    I need help developing a few test cases using tosca, willing to work prices. thank you in advanced.

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    Amazon Api expert needed. 1 hari left

    Hi there i need some experienced freelancer that has good experience in Amazon APIs rest will be discussed on personal chat.

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    17 penawaran

    I need to find someone familiar with Pro plugin and API on Wordpress to help fix a website issue. Preferably someone in Singapore

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    Need a Backend Developer -- 2 1 hari left

    Position: Backend Developer Experience: 1-3 years Skills: PHP and Laravel (BOTH are must) for backend and also API's part should be very strong. Budget: 10-15K

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    23 penawaran
    Trading platform using APIs 1 hari left

    Need a custom trading website which uses API’s from existing exchanges. Preferably Sydney based

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    34 penawaran

    Integrate zoom API and Google Meets API in core PHP. We must be able to create a zoom meet & Google meet invitation through our website.

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    6 penawaran
    GCS development -- 2 1 hari left

    Please check for more details. The site has complete tutorials on how to develop gcs and I want you to guide me through and fix any issues. You will need to access my pc for demonstration and help fix issues. My budget: usd 50 terms: within a week.

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    2 penawaran

    make voice call with vonage/nexmo voice api

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    2 penawaran

    We have the need for a developer to help build a screen scraping script that we can integrate with our project. The script will regularly run on up to 45 different sites and will return price and location for the products we require. These will then be passed to our system via an API. The API is NOT in scope for this project, but the integration with the API we develop is in scope. We are looking for suggested technologies and why this is the best technology for the job. Please provide an initial build estimate along with rates for the ongoing maintenance of the scripts.

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    32 penawaran

    Sería un software que debería operar de forma automática en los distintos brokers: Opción 1: Mediante API (Iqoption) Opción 2: Mediante un sistema de click en los botones de compra y venta en base a varias gestiones de riesgo: Gestión de riesgo 1: Estrategias estadísticas (basadas en patrones MHI, MHI2, MHI3, etc... Gestión de riesgo 2: Masianello Gestión de Riesgo 3: Martin Gala Debería tener un catalogador Indicador de beneficios Opcion de filtro tendencia (ema, bandas bollinger, etc..)

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    8 penawaran

    I need to integrate SMS API to ( SMS Marketing tool). Here are the links for the API integrations:

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    6 penawaran

    I have a near-completed backend for a mobile app that needs to be finished and an API built for use by a mobile app (the app is yet to be built) The backend is written using Python, Swift and are also elements of machine learning. The developer who was working on this project has recently been given a full-time job and as such doesn't have the time to finish the work. I have the source code and accompanying resources written so far.

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