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    saya mempunyai produk 2 jenis item, yaitu : 1. Produk Insulation ( Peredam Panas dan Suara ) dengan Merk "HIJO Insulation". dimana produk ini adalah pengganti peredam konvensional yang sering di sebut Glasswool dan Mineral Wool ( Rokwool ) dimana produk HIJO sangat lebih meredam, tidak beracun, aman buat kesehatan, lebih padat dan lebih awet dan konsisten dalam waktu jangka panjang yaitu lebih dari 50 tahun. kegunaan HIJO untuk meredam suhu panas atap dan suara dinding. Aplilakasi HIJO sangat banyak bisa untuk Atap Rumah Tinggal, Workshop , Gudang, Showroom, Gudang bahkan Pabrik yang ber atapkan metal. untuk peredam suara HIJO banyak digunakan studio musik , karaoke , hall, ruang meating bahkan Bioskop dengan kualitas peredaman yang sangat memuaskan dan lebih baik dan b...

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    Help me to understand how to speed up the development server react when i run yarn dev, before it would take 2 sec now can be 3 give me some example to find the issue as an example

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    Demonstrable proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, React, Redux, RxJS, Yarn and related technologies for client-side JavaScript libraries/frameworks development Understanding of the principles of web application development, and developing pragmatic web-based APIs Experience in building high-performance desktop/web applications Work experience with relational databases such as SQL Server, and MySQL Strong problem-solving skills - the candidate should be able to provide examples of applying analytical and technology skills to solve a non-trivial problem Apply relevant standards and best practices into one’s work. Demonstrate keen attention to detail, edge cases, and cascade effects. Flexibility to learn new tools, technologies, and domains as required Knowledge of o...

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    Our Hand-fasting/25th Wedding Anniversary is on the 23rd August 2022 I Need 2 x brown Wool blend hooded cloaks for 6ft exactly men preferably with tree of life embroidered onto it somewhere. Must have 3.5m hem 1 X Renaissance type full length hand-fasting dress size 22-24 made of velvet without hood. in fern green, olive,etc 1 X Forest green ladies wool blend hooded cloak with faux fur around face, must have a 3.5m hem

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    Tweak logo Berakhir left

    We spoke last weekend. I wanted you to tweak the logo I got from the logo contest. This was because the yarn ball was stock drawing. The final goal is 3 things: 1 word mark “unravel codes” in one line where o is the yarn 2 just the picture where yarn holds the book 3 logo that fits in a circle where yarn with book is on top word unravel is in middle and word codes is on bottom

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    I have this Picture I want to make it with the Yarn. I don't have a box I just want to make the slices and same layout with the Yarn. I have 8 colors of Yarn, Please check the picture attached Please let me know if you understand the requirements or you have any questions.

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    I run a small textile manufacturing company. Our main product is a 20g ball of yarn, wound onto a small cardboard cop. We wrap our label around each ball manually, and secure with sellotape. This is a laborious job, and takes the majority of our time. I was wondering if anyone could design a simple bit of of kit, that could easily apply a label to each ball and secure it? Maybe a device you could push the ball into, the label automatically wraps around it and is secured with sellotape? I have attached photos if this assists. Thank you.

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    I am a rural contractor. I know the name and the font I like. The font is the one pictures below (wool stencil lettering) The name is A & J Rural Co

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    This a react.js / / / yarn / node / GraphQL / based project. I have an older react.js app that looks like netflix UI. It's got outdated dependencies. I want to get it fired up and deployed. I am not a developer. Several freelancers have tried and failed. The app will probably need a devops, someone to fix code and debug in order to get it deployed. It's currently on git hub with a read me file. This app required node version 6, mongo Db and yarn on Linux. It has 2 parts of the app itself. If you can get it fixed and deployed. The app is a mix of react and redux. It's complex and requires advanced expert react.js and redux skills. Every time I try to launch / deploy the app. It has errors. I need you to fix - update code / errors / library / dependencies. T...

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    I'm working on several projects that require the following skills: NPM and yarn Node.js with Typescript, Express, NestJS, axios, mocha, sinon, nock, lodash Swagger: OpenAPI Docker: kubernetes, multi-stage build, Frontend frameworks: Angular, React.js, Vue.js Mongo, Sequelize, TypeORM Git: proficient with feature branching, conflict resolution, merging, rebasing, githooks, etc. Cloud: AWS (lambda, ECS, EKS DevOps: Jenkins, Azure DevOps pipeline, github actions, I need help hetting these projects to run locally without intranet dependencies like db, auth servers, etc. This will involve a lot of docker work. I need help writing a lot of unit and integration tests to help with a TDD focus. I need someone with excellent coding standards who is well versed in the process of pull...

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    Diseñador UI / Frontend Developer Desarrollar las vistas de la capa Frontend respetando los patrones de arquitectura y reutilizando componentes existentes. Somos una empresa dedicada a la educación...capa Frontend respetando los patrones de arquitectura y reutilizando componentes existentes. Somos una empresa dedicada a la educación y necesitamos un Programador con experiencia en efectos frontend desarrollando los diseños en Angular. - Desarrollo Web usando HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Sitios Responsivos - Frameworks: Angular, Prototipado y maquetado - UI:Bootstrap - Conocimientos de NPM / Yarn / WebPack - Programación en Angular - Bootstrap y preprocesadores CSS - Versionamiento de código con GIT - Patrones de diseño - Librer&iacu...

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    Trophy icon I need a logo designer Berakhir left

    I sell hand dyed yarn and would like the logo to include the name "Handful of Yarn". A logo including a hand holding yarn in some way would be fine, other ideas I had were a sheep's face sticking out of a pile of yarn balls and/or skeins. A cat playing with yarn could also be cute. I would like something less abstract and more of a cozy art style. Included is a photo of hand dyed yarn skeins, plus two examples of the art style I like. I understand that this art style will not translate exactly for this type of project, but wanted to give an idea. Anything that has a needle and thread will be rejected. Knitting needles are the tools I use with yarn.

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    Trophy icon Logo design Berakhir left

    ...I got many entries with the single-line drawing but none really connected with the words so I think I am over this idea. if the words are loopy, they are unreadable if they are straight, they do not connect well to the single line art 2) The city skyline too is not working for me as it tends to look too generic. (And why is everyone making the statue of liberty so big?) 3) maybe something with yarn getting put on a spool? update 4/6/2022 Again, Thank you for many more submissions. This is so amazing! So many great choices that it allows me to see my mistakes in my original request. For example, my initial request resulted in many designs which are wide. I would prefer something more compact so that it fits in a circle as if it were an icon. update 4/19/2022 My web page desig...

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    Hi, We are looking for your help to design a logo for a company selling merino wool clothing like underwear, t-shirts, and socks for kids. The сompany name is ”Merino Mama” and we plan to have a logo composed of a sheep in any form. Given that the clothes are for kids, we would like to see a little sheep or a cute sheep. We are open to ideas and once we decide on a design, we want jpg and ai versions to be sent to us. Thanks and good luck!

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    Hi, we are a company that sells merino wool clothing like underwear, t-shirt, and socks. Now we are expanding our business and starting to sell additional goods like natural conditioners for wool apparel for laundry and the like. At this moment we are looking for your help to design the logo for our new project. Company name is , our logo is in the attached file. We would like the shapes of our current logo to be part of the new design. In our opinion, it would be worth adding some details that would emphasize the connection of the logo with the new product. It can be for example snowflakes, drops, sun, decorating the mountains in a new way, and the like. Please note that changing the font is not enough, we need a new detail that emphasizes the connection with ecology, fres...

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    I need a logo made for my small business. I am looking for something round, with a very simplistic design. It is a modern crochet business. I don't want anything cliché like yarn or a crochet hook or knitting needles in it at all. I want maybe a simple or vague line drawing of a dog. Harper is my dog, I will attach a photo of her, just because she's cute. I am also attaching the free little logo I made online that I don't hate, but am definitely not satisfied with.

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    hi how are you? i have some troubles with react native, i had installed all the tools needed like npm, brew, npx, nvm, node, jdk, androistudioSDK, react native, yarn, cocoapods, AALLLLL, the emulators for both xcode ios and android they launch but i never get something compile. i have a trouble with the bash and zshr, bashprofile. Always forget the tools and libraries that are installed, i have to source everytime i think that this is the reason. please help me im frustrated.

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    Create a local copy of this project 1. you will need to make frontend changes, will provide requirements 2. convert to docker image

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    Provide expertise with the integration of Apache Ranger version 2.1.0 with Apache Hadoop version 2.7.3 and Apache Spark (PySpark) 3.1.2 Debug integration of YARN and HDFS plugins on an Apache Hadoop configuration built on AWS EC2 instances. Confirm configuration settings, review log files and make recommendations to resolve issues. Additional goals are to confirm interoperation with Apache Atlas using Ranger Tag Sync and FreeIPA using Ranger User Sync.

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    Raising the Magnto2.4.3 project with sample data locally on Windows My Lapto...Descriptions: Processor : Core(TM) i5 8th Gen ,CPU 1.60 GHz -1.80 GHz, RAM:8gb, Graphics Memory Card:4gb, system type:64 bit 1 tera byte HDD Tasks : Cloning magento2.4.3 project from GitLab. Install Magento2.4.3 via composer on local host. Import the database dump sql and deploy into Magento system. Install PWA Studio. Create ssl certificate for your host. Install yarn. Install NodeJS. Inside of PWA folder run (yarn install yarn buildpack create-custom-origin ./) Change MAGENTO_BACKEND_URL to my hostname in (<pwa folder>/packages/venia-concept/.env)Also change MAGENTO_BACKEND_EDITION to CE. Run inside PWA folder to be able to access PWA storefront by the link that is shown in console. ...

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    Dear skilled react typescript developper, We have React Typescript application created with craco. The application has 2 parts: installer and web-application. We have pm2 ecosystem ready too. We want to: - Configure yarn to use craco and create 2 different applications by using conditional compiling or 2 different applications but with the same src dir. - Create pm2 ecosystem for both applications. - Add code coverage to cypress tests using Istanbul and nyc instrumentation. You are welcome if you love challenges. Thanks

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    We’re looking for a senior react developer, to implement a large enterprise portal. The project is currently in progress (almost 60%), we need a hand to deliver it faster. We use: - React, Typescript, Redux, , MaterialUI - devops: git, npm/yarn - Agile: (gitlab + Jira) with sprints, batches, cards related to screens that must be implemented (all details in an Adobe XD panels) Other - NDA is required. - Github profile expected or portfolio - Rest API already available for the interaction with the backend - Pixel perfect is a must have for our client. - respect the deadlines, we’ve demo scheduled - Use Discord screen sharing if possible when working together

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    If I build and run OHIF viewer as yarn run dev, it does not show the 3D MPR menu. I need the 3D MPR menu and place our own logo with the OHIF viewer. This viewer will be configured for the individual PC and the files will be loaded from the server and with the global server. Full configuration instruction will be deliverable as Text or Video.

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    I need steel structural engineering Calculations, Analysis and Detail Engineering including connection design for: - modular warehouse - size 12x7m (with pos...square steel tube (30mmx30mm, or other if it will be too small from calculation). - corner modular elements shall be welded from square steel tube (30mmx30mm & 25mmx25mm (one can fit inside another) and designed for an easy welding process. - inside cover with sandwich panel (12mx~1.1m). - outside of steel construction only one level of sandwich panel, other parts of wall and roof cover will glass wool insulation (2x50mm), cover with stretch tarpauline. - front and back wall from the sandwich panel. - full construction should be modular and easy to assemble and disassemble (steel frame shall be bolted together). Att...

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    Looking for a full time freelancer React.Js front end developer for 2 years long term collaboration on daily basis. You will be responsible for crafting front end pages using React.JS Expecting to have skills like : ● JavaScr...collaboration on daily basis. You will be responsible for crafting front end pages using React.JS Expecting to have skills like : ● JavaScript (ES6, ES7), TypeScript, ● React.js, Context, , Redux (Redux toolkit) ● Babel, Webpack, , Gulp, Grunt, ● Node.js, RESTful API, ● HTML5, CSS3, SASS, SCSS, Styled Components, Material UI, ● GitHub,Gitlab. Tools & Packages : ● Npm, npx, yarn, ● Visual Studio Code ● Slack Pay Scale around 30k to 40K INR per month Selection criteria - small 30 min test 2 years long term opportunity.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Berakhir left

    THIS IS TUFTING WORKSHOP, NOT LAB! My tufting workshop name called Tuft Lab. I'm looking for logo design for my tufting workshop. Logo design related to tufting, can clearly understand and reflect what we are doing at a glance by looking at the logo. Prefer simple and minimalist. Element Preference : Tufting, Yarn, Yarn Ball, Tufting Gun (simple and clean version)

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    Design, code, test Hive, Sqoop, HBase, Yarn, UNIX Shell scripting Spark and Scala mandatory You should have experience in previous projects not a beginner level projects so please be ready to design develop and fix the bugs. Working hours and all We can decide over the chat.

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    Woolly Mates Co Berakhir left

    I have started to make sustainable natural canvas dog beds, filled with wool from our farm. I would like our brands logo to be rustic, simple, fairly clean in essence with no fuss. We have a pet sheep Baa Baa & Huntaway dog Levi we would like a pencil/ animated, rustic feel drawing of them possibly or any other ideas I would welcome. We have a 2 1/2 year old and take all of our farm animals for a walk every day (usually cat and chicken in tow haha). I have sold a few bags already, just friends mostly to test the waters.

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    Hello, We need a logo that represents the name of our business. Our company makes crochet/yarn products that are unique. The name our of business is 'Once Upon A Twine'. We were thinking of a design that shows a string wrapped around yarn and shoots over like wishing upon a star. Something similar to that concept. Think of the start shooting over the Disney castle.

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    We’re looking for a senior react developer, to implement a large enterprise portal. The project is currently in progress (almost 60%), we need a hand to deliver it faster. We use: - React, Typescript, Redux, , MaterialUI - devops: git, npm/yarn - Agile: (gitlab + Jira) with sprints, batches, cards related to screens that must be implemented (all details in an Adobe XD panels) Other - NDA is required. - Github profile expected or portfolio - Rest API already available for the interaction with the backend - Pixel perfect is a must have for our client. - respect the deadlines, we’ve demo scheduled - Use Discord screen sharing if possible when working together

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    Educational ppt Berakhir left

    PowerPoint presentation on basic of textiles yarn fibre fabric manufacturing on fibre , yarn , fabric, types of fibres. Manufacturing, dyeing, printing

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    Banner flags again but with assorted PNG bilums (10 designs). 2 main types of bilum - string and wool. Please use selection of each. Please show on triangle and rectangle and I'll pick what bilums look best on. Thank you

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    We're using Lisfinity wordpress theme. Marketplace theme is almost finished already. There are some bugs and issues which need to be solved before launch. If the work is good for the... Marketplace theme is almost finished already. There are some bugs and issues which need to be solved before launch. If the work is good for the price we want to develop the theme further with you in the future. SKILLS NEEDED: -> ReactJs -> yarn dev – for development -> high wordpress skills -> skilled ftp server work -> yarn dev – for development -> yarn build – for production. ...

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    Hi Fabian This project is created for you. The overall brief is to make as many Canadian references as possible. We want the NFTs to be a way for supporters of the Canadian Fr...hockey sticks, skates, igloos, maple syrup etc... Clothes are also very powerful. Truckers in Canada wear red flannel shirts. They also wear hoodies. Hoodies can have slogans. They also wear baseball hats, and tuques. In Canada, a tuque (sometimes spelled toque or touque) refers to a warm knitted cap, traditionally made of wool and usually worn in winter. In Canada, a tuque (sometimes spelled toque or touque) refers to a warm knitted cap, traditionally made of wool and usually worn in winter. .. I'm working all w/e on my day job but am back in the evenings, so feel free to ask any questi...

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    ...past year, forging a strong ongoing relationship. Technical profile expectations: — Strong React.js and Html5, Css3 fluency and experience in building server-side-rendered applications on SPA technology. — Experience with headless CMS solutions in general, and ideally Contentstack. — Experience with deployment/infrastructure tools such as Gitlab CI/CD, Cloudflare Workers, New Relic, Netlify, and Yarn. — Experience in a hands-on architecture level role, setting technical strategy, and validating implementation through code reviews. — Experience leading an offshore team of 3 or more developers. — Experience in interacting and collaborating with a cross-disciplinary team of product and project managers, designers, content strategists, and QA. &m...

    $33 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Need a QA expert preferably with experience in JavaScript, webdriverio, puppeteer, yarn, jasmine, broswerstack, and/ or some equivalents.

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    Electricity Berakhir left

    ...Electrical energy can be created if a magnet passes close to a metal wire. This is the method used by a generator. The biggest generators are in power stations. Electrical energy can also be released by combining chemicals in a jar with two different kinds of metal rods. This is the method used in a battery. Static electricity can be created through the friction between two materials - for instance a wool cap and a plastic ruler. This may make a spark. Electrical energy can also be created using energy from the sun, as in photovoltaic cells. Electrical energy arrives at homes through wires from the places where it is made. It is used by electric lamps, electric heaters, etc. Many appliances such as washing machines and electric cookers use electricity. In factories, electrical e...

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    Yarn trading app Berakhir left

    An app which is a platform for business owners to buy and sell yarn

    $448 (Avg Bid)
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    Draw me a logo Berakhir left

    Drawing a logo for a tufting studio. Looking for retro cartoon look. Must incorporate wool element.

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    We have inline documentation in our project, in the source code itself, here is an example: /* * @api [get] /todo/{id} * description: "Get a todo" * parameters: * - (path) todo_id= {Int} * responses: * "200": * description: todo object */ const authGet = async function (req: Request, res: Response, next: NextFunction) { const id = parseInt(); if (isNaN(id... Make our documentation look more pretty and professional 4. Give us guidelines on how to properly document all our endpoints for POST, GET, PUT, DELETE 5. Help us migrate all our existing documentation and in the end have a nice API documentation 6. Show us examples of how it may look before you proceed to work All our code is written in TypeScript and we are using Node.js as backend, npm ...

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    ...Interface with the customer for issue resolution, provide status updates, Build customer confidence in team’s ability to deliver in order to support high customer satisfaction Required Very Good knowledge in Spark and Java Programming. Java , Spring framework knowledge Knowledge in Bigdata – Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Scoop. Extensive knowledge in Spark Framework, Data Ingestion RDD/Data Set /Data Frame/UDF Yarn and resource prioritization end to end use case of Data ingestion from source to the transformation, in memory processing, loading into big data store. Multiple ways of processing large volume of data Concepts of Hive, Scoop and Zookeeper Scoop the data from the big data store for loading to the other data stored like RDBMS or file storage Performance tuning of sp...

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    1. Create a local copy of the landscape 2. modify it as per our requirements 3. Frontend cosmetic changes 4. dockerize - -

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    ...Actions. Also, I would like to set up code push for over-the-air updates. I have tried to set this up but ran into many problems. I would like to hire a freelancer to set this up from scratch with a blank repo. The success criteria are the following: 1) Two React Native apps using typescript 2) One shared component package being built with `tsdx` 3) The component library 3) Lerna mono repo using Yarn 3 4) Github action: - build component package - publish component package in private GitHub registry - trigger app center build - trigger app center code push 5) app center build succeeds for ios and android and distributes automatically 6) app center builds successfully launch on both ios and android Note: I can provide a working example of the component library as well as th...

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    10 penawaran

    General Description: We are looking for a dedicated freelance UI/UX designer with 3+ years of experience in designing web and app interfaces. If you want t...agile teams and related working methods/tools as well as remote work methods - Excellent verbal & written communication skills in English (german is a bonus) - Proficient skills in CSS, HTML and JavaScript/TypeScript Bonus Skills: - Designing Angular/Ionic Apps - Development of Angular/Ionic Apps - Experience with web standards like REST, GraphQL etc. - Experience with Git, Build Tools (yarn, npm) Location & Working hours: - Working hours: 10 to 30 hours per week (could vary from time to time) - In-office: Klagenfurt (Carinthia/Austria) - Remote: Full or partial remote work possible (European tim...

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    Need an experienced fashion designer to design jackets for a luxury clothing brand. Shearling,cashmere,wool,leather,fur is all that we're about. Naturally, we're looking for someone with a strong knowledge of fabrics (especially leather), someone having a good sense of style and is easy to communicate with. The job includes everything from concept to factory ready tech packs.

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 penawaran

    The product is a Hoodie. Thinking 70% cotton, 20% Polyester, 10% Wool (Pouch area). Emphasizing hood size for "Propoer" covering, bigger is better. Additionally, I would like to incorporate a pouch within the front pouch of the hoodie, designed to keep hands warmer than the normal pouch, thinking wool for extra warmth. Lastly, I would like to add a couple of unique pockets for a smartphone and money clip, designed with running and exercising in mind. Thanks! Stephen

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    Trophy icon Product label for fertilizer Berakhir left

    We want to design a product label for fertilizer. It should be similar to the attached label on the paper bag. It needs to have a picture of sheeps and/or lambs. You can leave the text areas with lorem ipsum... The product is a organic biological fertilizer made from sheep wool, sold to private households.

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    44 entri

    I have below listed project ideas. What I want to do is, I want to form a professional team of few hard working people to work and crate all below services one by one as ...for discussion. First Place / for factories to promote their production and services. / for produıcers or retailers to promote their stocklots and overpdoced and reclaimed items. / means tasteful homes * for online shop Then / online live private lessons for middle and high school kids. / yarn mills to open to the world / Any idea Any / Any idea Any idea

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