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    Looking for a 64 bit SCSI device driver to replace universal 32 bit driver based on Win2000 DDK [login untuk melihat URL] example - must be drive agnostic

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    DDK Global Community HTML / CSS / UI Design ------------ Take note the our main target platform is mobile and tablet Preferred theme : Dark / Crypto Currency ------------------------ -Login -Registration -Home Show basic profile, picture , number of event, number of invited, number who joins -Event search, list of events, button or action to share

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    I need someone to fix some issues with c++ project, you need to have experience with windows kernel drivers and u need to install: Visual Studio 2017 Visual Studio 2008 Pro (SDK & DDK & WDK 7.1.0 (7600.16385.1))

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    we need designed a new LOGO using expressive word typography for the business. I am a wealth advisor, advising & managing people investment. The company name is "DDK Growing Solutions Wealth Advisors LLP". "Growing Solutions" is what i want expressed in terms of wealth growth through expressive designing.

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    If you have skill like below please write for details: - Minimum 5 years experience in programming - C/C++ Windows DDK Driver development. - Ability to write expert level code in C/C++ - Windows Kernel Programming experience. - Deep Professional knowledge of operating systems internals. - Understand Assembly Language. - Knowledge of WinDBG

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    Write some Software Berakhir left

    Autogenius application Autogenius is an application created by ddk marketing ([login untuk melihat URL]) designed for sales people at car dealerships to be able to use targeted marketing messages to create a more successful selling experience. The application is briefly used by the end customer, but is mostly for the benefit of the sales person. Based on

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    Looking for a single engineer(not company or group) with a wide range of experience. C/C++ Windows DDK Driver development. Ability to write expert level code in C/C++ Windows Kernel Programming experience. Windows Basic application development experience (Delphi, C/C++, Win32) Deep Professional knowledge of operating systems internals. Understand

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    Design project Berakhir left

    I need a logo designed. DDK MUZIK LOGO

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    Trophy icon Logo design Berakhir left

    I need logo for czech company. [login untuk melihat URL] Business brand of company is lighting optimalization and complete solution. Its partner of the DDK LED - [login untuk melihat URL] for more info you can visit their website. - Logo should be modern and look profesional. LAMA stands for incials of founder and is not connected in any

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    The successful candidate will use their strong technical expertise to develop Windows platform technologies (Win32/64 & COM) for our software. We looking for long term Developer (All 2016). With monthly Salary OR salary per hour. QUALIFICATIONS: - 3 Years or more of low level WIN32 API development. - Experience in kernel development. - Understanding

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    ...expertise to develop Windows platform technologies (Win32/64 & COM) for our software. QUALIFICATIONS: - 3 Years or more of low level WIN32 API development. - Experience in kernel development. - Understanding and experience developing web related applications. - DLL injections / win32 development techniques. - Understanding The windows Network and ability

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . Program Roomie Remote to work with KNX system and lightning control. Roomie Remote DDK [login untuk melihat URL]:[login untuk melihat URL] you have KNX skills that is a

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    ...builds the project and provide me instructions how to do it. My target is to use Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and cmake 3.3.1. That version of Visual Studio contains already ATL, so the Windows 7 DDK should not be required. I'm happy if someone creates a fork of the project in case some files require changes and if

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    ...simplistic nature of the driver (_it's essentially just a driver skeleton_) im assuming only bare minimal DDK support would be required for compile. - Needs to work under Windows 10 but given its bare-bones nature im assuming it'll run on all Windows though, so if you dont have Win10 but can still compile it under XP or Win7 or 8 im happy to test it

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    is my first project Berakhir left

    first prohhhh hhg hgygh hgfftfgggyy bvgbhbj hggggfffeiiekkekekke dkkd dkd,rkr rkr rkkr fkr,ddk fkdmd dkdkidkd

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    Similar to Windows DDK/WDK sample code, but a complete functional mirror driver application. Similar to apps like UltraVNC uses. We currently use DemoForge Mirage (e.g. TightVNC), and need full source, control and Windows Vista/7 64bit, and in a multi-monitor multi-desktop environment. - complete, fully documented source code - all rights, royalty

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    simple rs232 coding Berakhir left

    ...The code will also need to have a few custom lines made based on my requirements. These will be discussed once the winner is awarded the project. Please review the Roomie DDK pdf to ensure you are able and familiar with this type of coding. As I stated, it should be very quick as it is a multi zone system, only the first zone coding needs to be written

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    C++ Developer Berakhir left

    We looking for the Very Experince C++ Developer, Able to Develop ATL / WIN32 desktop applications for our product for the next year. • Advantage for Experience with DDK development experience. • Advantage for Experience with Javascript. • Advantage for Experience with relational databases (MySQL) We offers: • Flexible working hours. • Appreciation

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    ...Driver that can be installed on any Windows OS from XP, Vista, Windows 7, and possibly Window 8 (32 / 64 bit). The driver must be accessible like any other common windows printer driver but instead of printing to paper it must print to a file in Bitmap format. You can rely on the sample code from Windows DDK 7. The DDK contains exactly what I need b...

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    Project Requirement: 1. Find a way to add custom page size to a custom developed printer driver. (look into Windows DDK 7 - Bitmap Printer Driver, .GPD files) 2. Final solution will be correctly installed printer driver with a possibility to select any custom page size or the previously configured or registered page size before printing

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    ...plugins. When building a plugin in Windows, it supports the Visual Studio Express editions by adding the Windows DDK but this has been tested and documented only for Windows 7, Visual C++ Express 2010 and the Windows 7 DDK. I need to update the cmake or other related files so I can compile a FireBreath plugin in Windows 8 using Visual Studio E...

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    PSD to Prestashop Berakhir left

    ...PSD-file to be setup in Prestashop so it is ready for my client within 8-9 days. - Prestashop have to be in Danish. - Money should change from $ to DDK. - Should work on all browsers. - Make it possible to change text in the menu and submenus. - The site have to look EXACTLY like the files we send you - just without the watermarks of couse. -

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    DDK Creative Berakhir left

    I am Looking for a developer to come work for us on a contract bases. I have a few different customers looks for Projects to be delivere...they are Gyms, bar and night clubs. If you are looking to work on a few projects , please contact me as I am looking to set up a strong relationship and put most of the company work through 1 or 2 developers.

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    We need to develop a windows native application to copy E: drive to C: drive. This application needs to be written in native C++ using DDK and the following link is reference of the native windows application. [login untuk melihat URL] You can use the following link for starting the code, http://stackoverflow.

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    7 penawaran

    ... We require an experienced Linux programmer to debug and provide a patch to enable OFED compilation on XenServer 6.1. We can provide a virtual machine with the Xenserver DDK and also the requisite OFED packages. This projects suits a person with experience compiling modules on Linux with an in depth ability to debug. Experience with Infiniband

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    4 penawaran

    ...a delphi developer with not much experience in driver development. I am developing an employee monitoring application and I need a mirror driver source which can give my windows service application the users desktop image without freezing in slow computers. The driver I need should have these features * It should be like dfmirrage mirror driver but

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    1 penawaran

    Firewall device driver required with complete block/allow capabilites of each executable program runned on client PC, also TCP - IP, ports control can be included.

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    2 penawaran

    I need few device drivers (DDK) for Microsoft Windows XP/Win7? Driver must have TCP - IP protocol firewall capabilities and complete control of executable files traffic by client program attached to driver! Also additional driver is required which will control startup of any executable progam on desktop computers?

    $200 (Avg Bid)
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    1 penawaran

    Similar to Windows DDK/WDK sample code, but a complete functional mirror driver application. Similar to apps like UltraVNC uses. We currently use DemoForge Mirage (e.g. TightVNC), and need full source, control and Windows Vista/7 64bit, and in a multi-monitor multi-desktop environment. - complete, fully documented source code - all rights, royalty

    $11750 (Avg Bid)
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    3 penawaran

    Currently the EXEs for x86/64 works fine when the third parameter (path) does not have a trailing slash but the Advanced Installer we use DOES add the slash. We need it to be fixed. The program is based on snetcfg (Microsoft sample).

    $25 - $30
    $25 - $30
    0 penawaran
    Keyboard driver Berakhir left

    ...speakers. In other words, the character set of a given language is going to be mapped to an existing physical keyboard. What I basically need is a tool that uses the Windows DDK-documented methods for generating keyboard layouts in .DLL form for NT-based platforms (Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator is one of these). The reasons that I want it fixed

    $1050 (Avg Bid)
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    3 penawaran

    ...a simple exe written using Native NT API. It must use only native API, since it will be executed by [login untuk melihat URL] before the Window shell is loaded. It can be developed using MS DDK, Delphi or any other IDE that supports NT Native API. This program will need to read a list of files to be deleted. The file list will be in a text file or registry key. Then

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    1 penawaran

    ...Competent in module configuration, especially core modules. - Ability to theme from html/image based cut-ups. - Ability to work from a defined work package. - Competent using DDK, ability to create custom modules to a specification. - mysql experience. - must develop remotely against a provided Drupal instance (using whatever tools you prefer).

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
    0 penawaran
    mirror driver Berakhir left

    We need help in coding with DDK . For display mirror driver sample (srcvideodisplaysmirror) in Windows DDK we need to implement memory allocation/unallocation/sharing routines, which allows: - to allocate/unallocate memory for mirror surface (DrvEnableSurface and in enable.c ); - by request of user-level application the driver should be

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    2 penawaran

    I'm testing M$ demo NDIS drivers from winddk, Netvmini it doe...drivers from winddk, Netvmini it does include inf plus sys file. It installs as a ethernet nic and would like it to show up as a wireless nic. I tried to tweak the inf and also change the media type in the miniport.h file from NdisMedium802_3 to NdisMediumWirelessWan but doesn't work ....

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
    0 penawaran

    ...Citrix XEN server most recent version for installation. Requirement & Objective : - 1. To make the HRA380 SAS controller bootable for installation for ESXi 4.1 2. Create a DDK Driver ISO disk image for XEN server for system installation. Reference File : - Linux Driver Module Source : [login untuk melihat URL]

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    0 penawaran
    NDIS OID Monitor Berakhir left

    I need you to developp...application that displays the OID exchanges. The one posted on pcausa is juste a console application, I want a desktop application - You can use Passthru NDIS Filter from M$ DDK samples or source code from pcausa see attached - This utility will be used mainly to trace the 802.11 OIDs - Needs to compile with VC++ 2010

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    For display mirror driver sample (srcvideodisplaysmirror) in Windows DDK create memory allocation/unallocation routines, which allows: - to allocate/unallocate memory for mirror surface in a driver; - by request of user-level application driver should be able to map this memory to address space of calling process (user-level application) and

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
    0 penawaran

    ...Program consists of a kernel mode driver and FFT (Fast Fourier transformation) or a filter graph. Details: The current approach is Kernel Mode Driver (DDK based). Its dependant on OS and it works with windows xp only. As it appear to system as physical driver it should works with all applications installed on the system in addition to main OS (xp, vista)

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    3 penawaran

    The objective of this project is the development of a Windows driver that has USB, Audio and Serial communication. The driver has to work with XP, Vista, W7, in both 32 and 64 bit versions. The device driver has to comply with the following: WinUSB for the USB communications. It has to check for a specific USB external device if it is plugged-in

    $1750 (Avg Bid)
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    11 penawaran

    ...supports my MacBook Pro 5,1 Nvidia? MCP79-1? NIC card) or Xen Hypervisor 3.4.2 (have tried Xen Live CD V2.0 with ethernet problems...most likely NIC) 2. Configure three VMs: a) Windows VM as client, b) Linux VM running a single enterprise SW application, c) and Linux VM running SugarCRM/MySQL server which will be connected on a VPN overlay with four Amazon

    $2 - $30 / hr
    $2 - $30 / hr
    0 penawaran

    The requirement is to develop driver (or set of drivers) that can be installed on any windows desktop. These driver(s) should track all applications trying to grab the screen details (Take a screen shot / Share screen) and whenever any application is trying to grab the screen, it should prevent it based on certain rules. It should be able to intercept

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    We are looking for the windows driver and system developers and teams for doing series of middle-sized projects. Requirements: - Visual Studio - DDK/WDK - MFC - COM/ATL - C/C++ (obviously). Please provide a description (and if possible - samples or links to the products) of your work in this field. Also provide your location description and

    $5000 - $25000
    $5000 - $25000
    0 penawaran

    ...anti-malware product that works on 32-bit versions of Windows. The scope of the project is to port it to 64-bit versions of Windows without loosing any of the existing functionality. Two new features have to be added that are related to how IRP handling. This project requires excellent knowledge of DDK & MFC. The work has to be done on site (in Los Angeles)

    $25000 - $50000
    $25000 - $50000
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    DDK expert Berakhir left

    Hello coders, ? I am looking for a DDK expert. we are looking for a solution which SHALL place watermark, custom header and footer. ? Whole idea is to customize print processor and handle spooled data. ? It should work for both local and remote printers. Following links may be help full to you <[login untuk melihat URL]

    $170 (Avg Bid)
    $170 Rata-rata
    1 penawaran