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    Saya mempunyai forum berbasis vbulletin 5 connect, dan membutuhkan halaman dengan custom design, fitur yang diinginkan adalah - login terintegrasi dengan vbulletin (termasuk facebook / twitter login) - Featured topic (dari list di vbulletinnya) - Latest topic - Slider banner Waktu pengerjaan maksimal 7 hari

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    Hi Razvan G., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I am trying to migrate my old forum at to the new vbulletin software at

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    Looking for a forum made, template from phpbb, xenforo, forumation,vbulletin can be used. You need to be able to code specific things on forum that i need, such as to add place for icons and more.

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    When someone enters my adult content website (a vbulletin forum) , I need a banner that prohibits them from accessing the rest of the website until they confirm that they are of legal age.

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    Hi Need a freelancer to migrate a vbulletin forum to a new server . The new server should be welll optimised to support the vbulletin 4 script it will need some cnfuguration and ajustement to support high traffic . also need to install a free control server on th server . Regards

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    install vBulletin with some add ons

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    install vBulletin with some add ons

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    I have a vBulletin 3 forum database that has been migrated to version 5. There seems to be one last PHP error. I need someone familiar with vBulletin and PHP who can fix this issue.

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    I am trying to install a vBulletin forum under a /forum directory. I had tried the configuration they have sent but there are still scripts which are showing a 404 error. I can give access to the server, but I will need your SSH key. If you are not familiar with using SSH keys or do not have an advanced understanding of NGINX then do not bid on this job.

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    the Arabic content of the database is encoded I guess a

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    We have a vBulletin forum & we purchased Mobile Suite for this. So we need to finalize the mobile app and upload them to App Store & Google Play Store. i.e Android and IOS apps for vBulletin Forum. Please note: App must need to get approval from both stores. Before applying, please be sure that you have enough experience regarding vBulletin.

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    We need a developer who has experience in AngularJS 1.9.8, vBulletin (PHP framework) and Python to re-design certain elements of our forum website. This is an urgent job and we need the freelancer to start immediately and maintain constant communication with our team. The redesign specifications are mostly to do with editing existing UI elements, adding a new nav menu option, and alignment/formatting. We also need some functionality changes in the website which will discussed in chat.

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    We need a developer who has experience in AngularJS 1.9.8, vBulletin (PHP framework) and Python to re-design certain elements of our forum website. This is an urgent job and we need the freelancer to start immediately and maintain constant communication with our team. The redesign specifications are mostly to do with editing existing UI elements, adding a new nav menu option, and alignment/formatting. We also need some functionality changes in the website which will discussed in chat.

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    Hello, I have a website (not open to the public yet) with a Vbulletin 5 plus mobile suite script installed and fuctioning.. I am wanting to add a fanasty sports league fuction. I am hoping to find someone that aleady has a basic understanding of fanasty sport leagues and their fuctions. I have assembled 6 html pages to outline what I am hoping to achieve. These 6 pages outline both the admin and user fuctions. I doubt the code will be of any use as it is just modified code from a genorator. I am hoping to keep all league fuctions on a minimal amount of pages. I want to utilize the direct message fuctions of the site to help with this. I will need live draft fuctons, salary caping, trades, drops, free agents, and a few other things. I am hoping to achieve this all with forms and ja...

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    I need a tool built that will allow me to search a specific Vbulletin forum using specific options from the advanced Vbulletin forum search page and instead of getting the results 50 at a time across 10 pages, I need all the results in a single page. I can elaborate more when we connect. FYI, the site is NSFW/XXX so if you're uncomfortable working in that space, I understand and we can save each other's time.

    $250 - $750
    Bersegel PK
    $250 - $750
    15 penawaran

    Bullshido is looking to convert legacy vBulletin 5 forum topics and their posts to our new Discourse forums. Existing vBulletin backlinks should be preserved in the new Discourse enviornment. Access and technical details: Bullshido will provide read-only access to the legacy MySQL database. Bullshido will provide read-only access to the vBulletin code, as installed. Bullshido will provide a full access development copy of the Discourse forums. vBulletin and Discourse installs exist in different data centers; there is no direct connection. As the installed userbase has changed, there must be a way to generate placeholder users in the target Discourse environment, as well as allow for mapping users from vBulletin to existing users with different na...

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    WebScapping Berakhir left

    Hi! i need to get some user count data from a vBulletin forum scapped every 6 hours. The counter is visible on the front page of the vBulletin page. i need to get this with php. Please write **PHP** in top of your offer si i know you have read this..

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    39 penawaran

    I need a developer with skills in all 3 *Only bid if you have skills in all 3: PYTHON, ANGULAR and VBULLETIN.* *Only bid if you have skills in all 3: PYTHON, ANGULAR and VBULLETIN.*

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    39 penawaran

    Fatal error: The requested language does not exist, reset via tools.php. in /includes/ on line 2872

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    Hi everyone, I imported an old vBulletin 3.6.8 forum, I use AAPanel, PHP 5.2, SQL 5.5.62, NGINX 1.21.0, phpMyadmin 4.0. I have correctly entered all the database data in the file, unfortunately ... when I open the forum page I get this error: Fatal error: The requested language does not exist, reset via tools.php. in /includes/ on line 2871 how can i prevent this error? Can you help me? Thank you

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    Hello everyone, I imported an old forum vbulletin 3.6.8, unfortunately some images are not seen and some written are not seen, why? is it a sql php problem or something else? I have included some screenshots to make you notice this problem. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance.

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    Hi all, I imported an old vbulletin 3.6.8 site, I need to change the password in phpmyadmin to access the forum admin panel, I tried to use MD5 online but it doesn't work, could someone help me? Thank you in advance

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    Мы представляем собой общность представителей бизнеса и веб разработчиков из Украины, преследующих цель создания социальной торговой площадки. На данный момент соискателю предлагается выполнить задание по переработке "коробочного" функционала, и, в случае взаимной удовлетворенности как процессом так и его результатом станет возможно и долгоспочное сотрудничество. Формирование цены выполненной работы, и сроки реализации оставляем нашим кандидатам.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    I have a VBulletin Forum that is in need of some cleanup and updating. I am on version 4.2.5. Several things are broken at the moment. I own the site but I need technical support. Thank you

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    15 penawaran

    Hi, I need a developer t...the wp admin panel and select forums from the vbulletin site to be put as posts on wordpress. so for example say on my vbulletinf orm a I have a bunch of threads, I can pick a specific category and have the posts from that category post as posts on the wordpress. also I want the option to be able to have them posts as the main post, or as a sidebar, so I want to be able to select multiple posts and be able to set each one I select to show wehere I want,s o if I have a fighting games category on vbulleting I can select that in wp admin and have it post the new posts in that forum to the main posts on the wp, and say i have a top users category I can also select that and have it display say the top 5 users in a sidebar on wordpress. the vbulletin v...

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    26 penawaran

    I have a 4.2.5 Plugin that needs additional fields to be added

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Rata-rata
    2 penawaran

    Hi I need to create install and configuring a vbulletin forum.

    $142 (Avg Bid)
    $142 Rata-rata
    9 penawaran

    Salve, dovrei realizzare un forum vbulletin. Cerco esperto freelancer per questo tipo di lavoro

    $85 (Avg Bid)
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    6 penawaran

    Wir haben ein altes Vbulletin (Version 4.x) , welches auf einmal nur noch kryptische Zeichen anzeigt. Es müsste einmal debugged werden und für eine aktuelle PHP Version 7 oder 8 angepasst werden. Ebenso sollte es auf SSL angepasst werden. Hoster ist Ionos (ehemals 1&1). Ebenfalls sollte das mit enthaltene Medienalbum basierend auf Photopost funktionieren. Bevorzugt wäre ein Profi, welcher uns in einem separaten Auftrag das Forum in eine modernere Forensoftware inklusive CMS und Mediengallery migrieren kann, dies ist aber keine Voraussetzung. Hier geht es primär um das debuggen des aktuellen Systems und Kompatibilität mit einer aktuellen PHP Version herstellen.

    $262 (Avg Bid)
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    7 penawaran

    I want to transfer my vBulletin 5 forums to bbpress forums Thanx

    $107 (Avg Bid)
    $107 Rata-rata
    7 penawaran

    Well i need someone whos available to create a professional xml to vbulletin.

    $483 (Avg Bid)
    $483 Rata-rata
    15 penawaran
    tech support Berakhir left

    Looking for forum tech support and possible long-term troubleshooting arrangement. Knowledge of vBulletin Connect 5 is required.

    $177 (Avg Bid)
    $177 Rata-rata
    10 penawaran

    Potrzebuję kogoś kto naprawi moduł płatności (teraz tpay) dla skryptu forum vbulletin. Moduł jest 10 letni, ale jakoś działał. W tym momencie nie wrzuca po płatności użytkownika do ustawionej grupy. Skrypt nie zwraca żadnego komunikatu tj. FALSE ani TRUE. Pozdrawiam

    $68 (Avg Bid)
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    6 penawaran
    Forum setup Berakhir left

    We are setting up a potentially large vBulletin site. We're looking for someone with vBulletin experience for set up and on-going consultation.

    $103 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $103 / hr Rata-rata
    11 penawaran

    Hi, I need someone that knows how to word on wordpress and on vbulletin.

    $164 (Avg Bid)
    $164 Rata-rata
    22 penawaran

    Yeah, I need a vbulletin php coder to do some edits to some stuff I have.

    $166 (Avg Bid)
    $166 Rata-rata
    15 penawaran

    Hi ForumCube, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. My site is a one off vBulletin system that is unlike another vBuleltin system in the world utilizing a custom one off control panel that offers many options. It is this that I would like to expand on. However it does require qa deep understanding of vBulletin and its underlying code. We can discuss any details over chat. ...Steven

    $35 (Avg Bid)
    $35 Rata-rata
    1 penawaran

    We have a small car-based discussion forum running on MyBB platform. The forum is approximately 1 year old and has: - 341 total posts - 151 total threads - 175 members We would like to migrate the whole forum over to vBulletin including all users, groups, images, topics, replies etc. We have already bought the vBulletin subscription, we just need the actual migration doing. Thanks

    $245 (Avg Bid)
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    5 penawaran

    I need help with the styling of a new installation of vBulletin 5

    $44 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $44 / hr Rata-rata
    8 penawaran

    Polite Canada Immigration Services (PCIS) is an immigration firm. Extreme mobile friendly ios/android/others Loading time needs to be fastest in the market All the layouts and features need to be compatible with windows/mac/mobile Website loading time needs to be Market Leading Vbulletin Forum SEO/AdSense/Marketing friendly QR code Examples of the layouts for immigration consultancy Recommended Theme Theme, Domain & Hosting will be provided If you want to be considered for the project type this pin in your bid "777" Note*Please make sure the website is up to 2021 standards and marketing leading in speed

    $160 (Avg Bid)
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    44 penawaran
    Forum Update Berakhir left

    Necessito de um especialista na plataforma Vbulletin, para atualização da mesma e migração do data base anterior. Já tenho tudo instalado em servidor específico. Detalhes a serem tratados diretamente.

    $149 (Avg Bid)
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    11 penawaran

    I have a custom created a universal login system for Joomla and VBulletin using VBSSO and OneAll Social login systems. It has stopped working since php upgrade to 7.4. I need to be able to log in through Joomla and have VBulletin log in synchronized.

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    16 penawaran

    i need some help in vbulletin 5 api i want consultative expert person in vbulletin 5 api to help me in any technical issue i faced in vbulletin 5 and help me to create plugins extension as i need ..

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    3 penawaran

    The built-in BuddyBoss vBulletin forum importer (based on the bbPress vBulletin importer) does not handle attachments during the import process. I need to overcome this in one of two ways: 1. Add this capability to the BuddyBoss vBulletin importer (Codex Docs ) or 2. Create a script that will loop through all the topics and replies in the vBulletin DB and add any attached images as an html image tag (ie <img src = "image-url" class="migrated-image" /> or pdf,doc,htm,html attachments as <a href="file-url" class="migrated-file">filename</a> directly into the topic or reply field. This way the images will at least be referenced in the data that the importer does bring over, and I can do a find/replace on ...

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    8 penawaran

    I need someone to create a vbulletin plugin for me.. I need someone to create endpoints and make a restful api plugin for vbulletin, so I can grab any endpoint I want for my front-end.

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    $161 Rata-rata
    19 penawaran

    Hola Estamos buscando alguien que sepa de CSS y de Foros creados en VBULLETIN para mejorar el aspecto de nuestro sitio web Buscamos alguien que indique experiencia en dicha plataforma y que nos haga un presupuesto, y tambien un mantenimiento para hacer un pasaje a historico de los mensajes privados, ya que dichas tablas ocupan mucho espacio. Quedamos a la espera de tu propuesta, describe lo mejor posible porque deberiamos elegirte cuando te postules.

    $162 (Avg Bid)
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    15 penawaran

    Hi, I need someone who can build me a PHP plug-in..the plug in I want, is a plug-in where I can select and make any forum I want an API endpoint. So I can grab it on the front end I have built-in react. Message me inf interested.

    $90 (Avg Bid)
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    2 penawaran
    vBulletin update Berakhir left

    Hallo, wir suchen für unseres vBulletin 3.8.0 forum jemanden der das update auf eine neue version macht. Das ist die Seite: Gruß Andreas

    $462 (Avg Bid)
    $462 Rata-rata
    3 penawaran