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    ...is $375 for this project, any bids over this amount will be rejected. We will share current site information thru chat only. We have an existing family website that we update every year to match the city and state that is hosting it. We have been using freelancer for the last 5 years and have received some good work, however we are wanting more

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    ...List table in the database. No one can change this data except for the director. But let’s say next Monday Bob knows he has to pick his mom up at the airport very early, so he cannot teach his class. He needs to get a substitute to teach for him. So he puts his class for this specific date into the Sub List table in the database. Other instructors

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    We have an existing family website that we update every year to match the city and state that is hosting it. We have been using freelancer for the last 5 years and have received some good work, however we are wanting more great ideas. We want to hear and receive your development and design expertise to make our website top-notch. Please use the

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    Oracle SQL Berakhir left

    ...Identify differences in MS Excel spreadsheet cells compared to Oracle table data values. 2: Update Oracle table data with the values in MS Excel for all cells that are different Other details: - You will receive a MS Excel example, Oracle table structures + test data, and SQL script used to generate the original MS Excel files. From the early ...

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    ...API. We have an existing Excel spreadsheet that has a nicely formatted table of information. We need the spreadsheet to have a button to connect to the online SaaS database via our API, download the data and display it on our page. Another button will need to run code to take those fields updated in the spreadsheet and update the SaaS DB using the res...

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    ...2013 MS SQL Server 2012 Code must be commented Source code must be delivered This project must have one solution file (*.sln) Only WinForms is accepted No 'Tiers' nor 'MVC' programming will be accepted No external packages will be accepted No external or third party references will be accepted Requirements need a tool to import data to sql server

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    Hi, I have a spread sheet in excel which has a few tabs and has several columns of data in each tab which is updated manually. The spreadsheet is getting bigger day by day and only one user can edit/update the spreadsheet at one time. Therefore, I have decided to create tables in sql server and create a c# based application in visual studio 2012

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    build my website Berakhir left

    ...should be accessible from a laptop or smartphone (iOS/Android) -Timesheets are based on job function and department (current Excel samples will be provided) -some of the data will need to reference an existing MS SQL database (eg customer details, job numbers) -Information to be captured are as follows : Type of work* (categories to be provided via

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    I am trying to compare two sets of data and update one from the other. My main database has approx 10000 items and their prices change constantly. It is an sql database. My website has about 500 products and I want to update those prices once a week using the prices contained in our master database. Ideally: I would export a list of the products

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    My company has a SQL database. We use it to track truckloads and invoices, amongst other things. We have one client where we have 216 individual EDI orders in the SQL database that need some info found out. These orders are listed in an Excel spreadsheet. One column named Invoice Number will contain the invoice numbers that need to be queried, another

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    Write some Software Berakhir left

    Have an access 2000 database that exports some info into an excel spreadsheet. I need to use that info to update some tables in an sql database. The update must be a manual/automatic job that can be run simply by users with no experience with sql or access. The data is tagged by an asset number in both systems. The job should generate a log u...

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    Build a Website Berakhir left

    ...current search form on [login untuk melihat URL] 2. Import excel spreadsheet of cruises. Use this for AJAX based searchresults 3. Build a .net solution in Visual Studio for the entire project 4. Convert current boostrap/jquery/homepage into skin. Eventually used on multiple pages. 5. SQL database importing and tweaking Searchform See [login untuk melihat URL]

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    ...Place project in the xampp/htdocs/ directory. Have netbeans use this as the project location with Apache and mysql running. Run the trackingsystem sql file in phpMyAdmin to create the database. Filename: [login untuk melihat URL] Description: The login page for all users. Currently for testing Prof1 is Admin. All other users are regular users (faculty)

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    I have an Asterisk based PBX GUI which updates to an SQL Database when details are input from the GUI Fields (real time asterisk-ARA) In an Excel Spreadsheet, I have the database tables in tabs, and the fields/rows in those tables listed in the Excel tabs. I can give access to the Asterisk GUI where I need to know each page's fields where it

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    Web Site Bug Fixes Berakhir left

    ...have a few bugs that need fixing. The server runs Cold Fusion 8. 1. Each web site uses an excel spreadsheet which is imported into a access database that is linked to the web site. We update the spreadsheet and run a CFM file which updates the database. However, since upgrade the web server to CF8 the import routine file "Catastrophically...

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    ...runs a SQL query against a (MySql) database and returns the results into the named region on that data sheet. An example for just one data page is adequate. I have my own SQL query and database, so any very simple sample test query on a simple table is fine. I have already setup the DSN for the database, and done an Excel MSoft Query from excel ...

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    ...System Configuration • Add, view and edit unlimited room types, rooms, venues, pricing seasons (set of room rates) and room rates & person rates. • Add, view and edit browse & update system user access accounts. • Charge by per room or by per person. • Specify the booking ref format to be used on all room bookings (using A9_ ) • Charge tax on either

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    ...create remote Excel spreadsheet XML /CSV file to mySQL , phpmyadmin  , also use data Feed (API key) or API Integration ( I will provide data feed or CSV to you , I have several different CSV files) , low  budget . Need examples of your work. Refer auto Import export function be created remote from SQL database and update this XML/excel/CSV Doc...

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    I have an Excel spreadsheet that I would like to use to update an online SQL database. I would like to edit, add and delete content in the spreadsheet which then updates my online SQL database with this information. The SQL database has one table with 8 fields. Your bid is much more likely to be considered if you can sho...

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    ...an asp page displaying a large dataset pulled from my sql server database, but it is about 32k records, and the page times out. I need this data transfered to XML or excel spreadsheet in order to upload to google base. The Sql statement is already written, but I would like the ability to update the statement to produce new results or additional fields

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    ...application, using SQL Server for database. For the data access must use "massive" library, [login untuk melihat URL] And the GUI will be based on [login untuk melihat URL] (developer can use the 45-day trial version) We prefer not to use direct data-binding between the Grid component and the tables on the database. The app should

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    MS SQL Excel Spreadsheet Update Select Conditional Values in Table Query to update SQL Database from Excel File Database DATABASE Table: Asset01 Values: barcode = Asset_Code Cost = Cost Estimated Resale = Est_Resale Insured Value = Insured_val Where values in SQL Database...

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    ...==== 1. We need to have a database (preferably MS Access) to replace the current excel sheets that we have in keeping track of the orders 2. We work from multiple location, so we need a system that could be easily synchronized across different location. 3. We do not have any intention to host a full scale database (e.g. SQL Server). As such, a web-based

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    ...and update them when they are repaired, have had maintenance or have had their lamps changed. This data then gets fed manually into an excel spreadsheet and then reprinted again for manual updating. We currently own around 2000 fixtures and other devices and is a lot of work to keep updated. Our ideal situation would be something like a PHP/SQL script

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    [login untuk melihat URL] requires a back end movie database which will be populated and managed by [login untuk melihat URL]'s in-house IT Administrator. The website must populate its movie information directly from this database and secondly the back-end database must provide the web search facility used by customers with a wider choice other than what is displayed on t...

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    We currently have an Excel Spreadsheet which reads cells, then checks a foxpro dBase database if the data exists and if it doesn't, it inserts it into the FoxPro dBase Database. The FoxPro dBase database has been REPLACED with a SQL Server 2005 instance and so the VBA must be adjusted to read the SQL Server Database. Only 3 tables...

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    I have an excel sheet that I want to export to sql database. However, the excel file and the row items are not haveing a consisten schema, meaning there is a need to create a separate sheet that reads through the sheet and creates a schema out of the data. It will be done updates to the original spreadsheet by adding, modifying and deleting product

    $60 (Avg Bid)
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    11 penawaran

    ...Access 2003 Data Project that connects to a SQL Server 2005 Database. I need to synchronize a table in the SQL Server 2005 database with an Excel 2003 or 2007 spreadsheet. I have written the logic to determine which records to insert/update/delete from the database based on the data in the Excel spreadsheet. It functions prop...

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    Looking for a simple web-based database application that will show models based on selectable variables. I have an excel spreadsheet with all variables located in individual cells. Database must be easy to update as models and specs change. Will host on my own Windows 2003 server. Also have full SQL.

    0 penawaran

    ...gridexporter. Database: SQL Server 2005. DB backup is attached with sample data. **Description: **The goal is to allow the user to filter data on the grid so they can export it out to Excel for review and editing. Once they are done editing, they will save the file. Then they will upload the Excel file and the file contents will update all the colu...

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    I believe these are database .csv files, and I need them translated/combined? into Excel (one file, multiple sheets?) so that I can use the data. ## Deliverables Export from database files into Excel The files are found here. They are large. <[login untuk melihat URL]> and see the root page with

    $270 (Avg Bid)
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    28 penawaran

    I have an Excel spreadsheet with calculations for creating sales quotes. I have Microsoft Accounting 2007 with SQL Database. I currently manualy enter parts, descriptions and price into my Excel spreadsheet. I want to be able to search for parts from my sql database. Need a search tool on my excel sheet that I can search by Catago...

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    ...require Export/Import of SQL data as well as writing a complex PHP script. We have already installed VirtueMart on a test server. We have a custom JSP/MySQL shopping cart that we are migrating to a new VirtueMart Joomla site. The project is two parts: 1. import all of our current products + images directly from our current database/site. a. during

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    . The functions for controlling entries and inputs to the system are needed with the SQL schema (including SQL Views and Stored-Procedures where applicable) Overview • Track multiple categories, • Generate reports and graphs that display usage and cost statistics for time period of choice: monthly, quarterly, year-to-date, or annual • Access

    $932 (Avg Bid)
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    34 penawaran

    ...this Excel spreadsheet to have a macro that will run every 5 minutes to update or insert new row to a SQL database table. Basically, I would need a start and stop button then once the start button is click. The macro will run every 5 minutes updating or inserting new row to SQL database table. ## Deliverables To add the smf_addin to e...

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    ...building an Excel application. Essentially, this application is designed to allow user collaboration by entering data through the spreadsheet into a SQL Server database and then also update data in the spreadsheet from the database, allow the user to mainpulate it, and then push the edits back into the database. This application will us...

    $495 (Avg Bid)
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    I have an Excel spreadsheet with calculations for creating sales quotes. I have Microsoft Accounting 2007 with SQL Database. I currently manualy enter parts, descriptions and price into my Excel spreadsheet. I want to be able to search for parts from my sql database. Need a search tool on my excel sheet that I can search by Catago...

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    ...website developer to convert our existing [login untuk melihat URL] website into a more flexible Joomla or OsCommerce website. Our current site, [login untuk melihat URL], uses an SQL database with approx. 20,000 products. It is hosted at webhost4life currently, but we have created a new account with fusion/ace hosting and would like to build the new site on that

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    27 penawaran

    ...professional to develop a way to change a key field in MS SQL database in order to link to an offline database for importing. We are using [login untuk melihat URL] eCommerce software on our website at www.TriTekElectronics.com. The database is hosted at Webhost4life. All items in our online database are generated from our offline POS system. Each item h...

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    ...are looking to develop a simple web application which will do the following. 1. Run a database query through a .aspx page using behind code written in VB. 2. This database query will load [URLs] and a second piece of data [sentance] from a spreadsheet or from an MSSQL db data source. 3. The application will iterate through every [URL] in

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    We urgently need a small database application writing, to run on XP machines, connecting to a mysql database also hosted on an xp machine on a local network It has to import a product file from excel, filter out the required fields, and post them into the database.? We also need to create a "box" database, search through the product file for matchi...

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    2 penawaran

    *** TIME is moving fast! I need this done ASAP *** SQL database, PHP script, and Search I am building a site that needs to have a search area that will allow a visitor to search US ZIP Codes and a specific category to find a local store (within 25) from them. If there is no local store in their area, the search function needs to redirect them to the

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    I have an MS SQL database (can output to an Excel spreadsheet, if necessary) with 15,000 addresses (city, state and zip code) in the United States. I need some way to determine the number of people closest to each metropolitan area ([login untuk melihat URL]). For example, I need to know how many people are within 40 miles

    0 penawaran

    We are in need of someone that is proficient in both SQL Server 2005 / BIDS as well as developing a Dialogic based application. It would also be advantageous if you have experience with Web / ASP development as we have multiple projects that are interrelated. 1) We are currently running a Touchstar predictive dialer for an outbound telemarketing

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    ...to an SQL Database. This is how I see this working 1) The user goes to a web based asp.net page. 2) The user selects the csv file through a standard upload control. 3) The user enters some additional data in fields on the asp.net web page. 4) The user presses a 'submit' button and the CSV data and the additional data are then uploaded to the SQL database

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