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    I have all the necessary files for a surfboard, but need a professional to combine them into a complete 3D model and optimize it for 3D printing. Key Points: - The current surfboard files are in OBJ format, and I need them to be seamlessly integrated to create a comprehensive 3D model. - The primary use of this model will be for 3D printing, so it's crucial that the final design is optimized for this purpose. This includes ensuring wall thickness and solidity are appropriate for 3D printing. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software, especially with experience working with OBJ files. - Understanding of 3D printing requirements and ability to optimize designs accordingly. - Attention to detail to ensure the final model is accurate and suitable for produ...

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    I'm looking for a social media professional to help me create compelling Instagram Reels / tik toks on an on going basis. I have a new pottery website I want to promote at I have an old surfboard collecting blog called For example. The reel opens with a few seconds of the video of a turning pot from The we create a video of panning images of pics from with subtitles and voice to text using the title and text from the blog post. Key Features Required: - Editing , put the whole video together. - **Music Integration:** The ability to seamlessly incorporate catchy tunes into the videos. - **Video Effects:** To enhance the visual appeal of

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    I'm seeking a talented artist who can merge various images into a single piece of art that I will later sketch onto a surfboard. The artistic aim of this project is to portray Angus Young from AC/DC in the style of Vector Pop Art. If you have excellent Pop Art skills, a knack for character representation, and familiarity with the style of vector, this project will be perfect for you. I intend for this artwork to become a personal favourite in my collection and potentially be displayed in the future. Therefore, quality, creativity, and authenticity are paramount.

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    I'm on the hunt for a ski...variations whould be produced: one with turquoise as the contrast with white as the cow and surfboard and one with white as the contrast with turquoise as the cow and surfboard. A few specifics for this project: • Deliver two unique silhouette designs, optimized for both print and digital media • Both finished designs should be provided in PDF and Vectored file formats • I'm eager to see your previous work; make sure your portfolio showcases your best silhouette design work. The prefect candidate for this job will possess substantial experience in logo design, with a focus on realistic silhouettes. If you can interpret the intricacies of existing images and translate them into dynamic and distinct new des...

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    I'm urgently in need of high-energy and captivating action shots of surfing that will mostly be used for a humorous purpose. I was surfing and the photographer took a photo of the wrong person :((( This one particular wave I got put in hospital by and...the wrong person :((( This one particular wave I got put in hospital by and want a photo as a memory that’s actually me instead of someone else who the photographer I hired shot!! The first 2 photos are the person who the photographer wrongly captured. ( I was surfing the same bank) Next is a photo of me actually surfing which you could maybe use, take in note the grey rails and logo on my surfboard. Also is photos of my face that may be required The project is time-sensitive, so I need a freelancer who can deliver...

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    I'm seeking a professional who can create a captivating vector file from the image and artwork I'll provide. In addition to the images, the vector will include a cartoon-style illustration enriched with vibrant colors to add dynamism and visual appeal. Key responsibilities include: - ...colors are vibrant and aesthetically pleasing The ideal candidate should possess: - Proficiency in the use of vector graphic software - Experience in translating images into vector graphics - A knack for creating captivating, cartoonish illustrations - Expertise in working with vibrant color palettes. I HAVE UPLOADED THE FOLLOWING: 1. The font to be used 2. Picture of the main element namely a surfboard (low quality) 3. a Jpeg of the secondary main element (the surfer lady. I do have h...

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    Trophy icon Beach themed t-shirt design Berakhir left

    We are looking for a t-shirt design with a beach/cycling theme. I have a preference for somewhat animated or cartoon-like images, combining these with bright or warm colours. Key considerations: We have provided a outline for the image. There is no need to put forward anything not related to this. Please note the image is of 2 people on a bike. They are riding along a path into the sunset. The lady on the left has a glass of wine and the man on the right has a bottle of beer (or something similar). The sun is in the background. maybe there are some ocean waves on the horizon (at the bottom of the setting sun). maybe a couple of palm trees and a surfboard as per the picture. The lane paint (in the middle of the people riding is white and indented around the word CORONADO. ...

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    I am seeking professional web developers experienced in creating e-commerce platforms to build an exceptional surf school website. It should cater to a beginner targ...Key Features: - Class registration system: An integrated system that allows students to register for surf lessons and make secure online payments. - Instructor profiles: Each instructor should have a unique profile showcasing their expertise, track record, and customer reviews. - Surfboard rental information: Detailed guides, availability, and rental process for our wide range of surfboards. Expertise needed: - Website design - E-commerce development - User interface design - User experience design - Integrated online payment systems Ensure you highlight your previous experience in...

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    Trophy icon Vintage Custom Neoprene Koozie Design Berakhir left

    Looking for a creative and experienced designer to create a custom koozie design using a 1950's vintage aesthetic theme. The design will be printed on neoprene material. I want to stick to the basic style i created last year (see darrdi gras 23.. it said golden gras, but needs to say darrdi gras this year).. but this year the theme is 1950's beach party. I really want it to look old school and retro like all the photos I'm attaching.. Have some fun with it.. but I want the two young couples (couples 1 and 2) on one side and the two older couples on the other side (couples 3 and 4).. The Darrdi Gras logo and text (I really like the 'Beach Party' font on the one picture for this year.. for the Darrdi Gras font) just needs to be on one side.. Think sam...

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    I am looking to mark my 40th birthday with a special t-shirt design. This will celebrate my milestone in a memorable and fun way while incorporating my unique style. Key Elements: - The required design should focus around me (Stephanie) riding my 9 foot bright purple surfboard hex#792B9E // 9350B2, on a wave - The text is "Cresent Head 2024" "Stephanie's 40th" ( birthday celebration theme and must prominently feature the number "40".) - Infuse the design with bright colors, tapping into the energy and excitement of the occasion. - I will provide a personal photo that needs to be incorporated into the design. The objective is to integrate this photo organically and creatively into the broader design. I'v...

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    I require someone skilled in creating a simple digital format for my logo design. I already have a draft logo, however, it exists in non-digital mediums and needs to be transitioned into a PNG format. The logo will primarily be used for print (+-40mm x 40mm on rice paper for surfboard lamination). My brand name CHAPTER must be used in the X shape. Ultimately, the digital version of the logo will be used prominently on my website and various print materials. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in using software for graphic design - Experience with logo digitization

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    I'm looking for a vintage/retro style sticker. Key aspects of the job: - Incorporating specific vintage/retro elements in the design Details: We need an oval shape sticker Vintage / Retro style design. We need an American buffalo surfing on a small wave; the American buffalo should be surfing in a similar direction to the man in attachment number 1. We need the surfboard to be more visible such as in attachment number 2 and 3. The wave needs to become smaller towards the distance so that a small cliff/ with hills over it can be seen in the distance; all the way from left to right. Above the hills some few clouds and sun beginning to set in the horizon. Somewhere in the sticker it needs to state SURF KANSAS (RETRO / VINTAGE FONT and COLOR.) We don'...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to craft a unique logo that captures the spirit of my brand. Here’s what I’m envisioning: - Colors: A harmonious blend of blue, green, and purple - Imagery: Incorporate a muscle gorilla or lizard with surfboard and waves - Style: A vintage flair that stands out and connects with the 80s/90s surf wear Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in vintage aesthetic designs - Experience with incorporating animals into logos - Ability to play with color palettes effectively - A portfolio showcasing creative logo designs - Ability to deliver high-quality work promptly Deliverables: - High-resolution logo files (vector and raster) - Logo usage guide with color codes and typography details - At least three initial concepts before finaliza...

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    Trophy icon Photo Editor Berakhir left

    Can you arrange the following on this version: 1) add snow where the surfboard cuts into the snow 2) add finger to the right side lady on the surfboard 3) make the surf pajamas of the right side lady more dark red as the rest of the person 4) add snow to the feet of the bear 5) Add some ski tracks behind the skier 6) Elongate the ski stick on the right hand side of the skier (so left of the picture). 7) The face (the elf person on the left of the lady) is too dark.

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    I have a 2 photos of a surfboard that I need to look as tho the surfboard had been has been cut in half

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    Logo Purple Berakhir left

    Create a logo for surfboard

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    Water sport Shop Berakhir left

    Water Sport Shop - Looking for a freelancer to help me set up an online shop for selling surfboards - I will be focusing on selling surfboards to beginners in the water sports industry - The ideal freelancer should have experience in setting up and managing online shops, with a specialization in selling sports equipment - Knowledge of the surfing industry and understanding of beginner sur...surfboards and provides detailed product descriptions - The website should also include an easy-to-use e-commerce platform for customers to make purchases - The freelancer should have expertise in digital marketing and SEO to help drive traffic to the website and increase sales - The goal is to establish the online shop as a go-to destination for beginner surfers looking to purchase their first surf...

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    Trophy icon Octopus and Rising Sun Illustration Berakhir left a monochrome color scheme. The illustration will be used for print purposes. Playful Octopus and Rising Sun Objective: Design an eye-catching, vibrant illustration for the back of a surfboard, merging the iconic Japanese Rising Sun motif with a playful octopus. Style and Theme: Realistic Imagery: The octopus and the rising sun should be depicted in a realistic style, with detailed attention to the natural features and textures of the octopus, and the radiant, dynamic appearance of the sun. Japanese Rising Sun: This emblematic design should be central in the illustration, radiating warmth and energy. The sun's rays should be vivid, extending across the surfboard in a symmetrical pattern. Playful Octopus: The octopus, known for its intelligence an...

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    Surfboard bag Berakhir left

    I am looking for someone to help draw a design of a surfboard bag for me that will make traveling with my boards much easier. I need a travel bag to fit my shortboard, and I am trying to design an bag with a inflatable inner compartmant sewn into the inside walls, as well as lightweight strong plastic cross beams to make the surfboard bag a bit more durable. Ive attached my first draft of a drawing and just need it professionally done with the same features.

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    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can modify an STL file for 3D printing. Modifications needed: Statue of a surfer - Adding a simple polygon base, separate the surfboard from the main body creating a joint so it can be glued after print and sligtly modify the curve of the surfboard - The model is hollow, i would like it to be solid as in completely filled inside. The intended use for the 3D print is for a display model. Timeline for the project is flexible, allowing the freelancer to work at their own pace. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and designing - Experience with modifying STL files for 3D printing - Attention to detail and accuracy in making modifications - Ability to understand and interpret client requir...

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    Wix website Berakhir left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a Wix website for my e-commerce business. I have a specific design in mind and I already have all the content ready for the website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Wix website development - Experience in creating e-commerce websites - Ability to implement a specific design and layout - Knowledge of SEO optimization for e-commerce websites - Strong attention to detail and ability to create a visually appealing website - Excellent communication skills to understand and implement my requirements I'd like something like the design that is attached. Who we are: We are a surf company that is making a wooden surfboard in Palomino. We are doing this to create an eco-friendly way to surf. To make this ...

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    I am looking for a designer who can change the background of my logo that will be placed on my surfboard. The current logo background is a solid black and I would like it to be a tropical plant theme background. I would like the colors of the background to blend well with the colors of my surfboard. - I have a attached some ideas for the new background, but I am open to suggestions. Will share logo in chat

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    ...talented designer who can create a modern surfboard design for my personal use. Style: - The design should have a modern style, incorporating sleek and contemporary elements. Colors and Patterns: - I have specific colors and patterns in mind that I would like to be included in the design. You need to draw a surfboard design. There is a main color - in the first photo, the one on the edges of the board (dark purple). This base color goes all the way to the front of the board. On the back, you need to come up with a combination of colors to fit the front. And do it in style, as in the second photo. I like the combination of light yellow + purple, but I want more colors. Intended Use: - The surfboard will be used for personal purposes...

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    Surf shack Berakhir left

    We are opening a chicken roll, surf school and retreat in a popular surf destination in Indonesia. Are target audience are people who come in for a chicken roll after a surf. We had the idea of a surfing chicken as our logo/mascot. Similar to chicken joe from Surfsup. A cool, lai...a popular surf destination in Indonesia. Are target audience are people who come in for a chicken roll after a surf. We had the idea of a surfing chicken as our logo/mascot. Similar to chicken joe from Surfsup. A cool, laid back, chill, easy going chicken who only cares about surfing (see attachment). We really like a cartoon/pencil/sketch vibe, which is easy recognisable. Maybe him holding a surfboard would be cool. The chicken roll shop will be called SOMM shack ( as in beach shack) are slogan is Roll, ...

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    3 Pictures an outline vector file

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'three outlines of a surfboard (dxf) _ size 8`x21"'

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    I need a vector outline from my surfboard

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    Use Adobe Generative or other tools to do the following: The image starts at the knees and goes up to the head, and includes a partial view of a surfboard. The subject is a man wearing sunglasses. Here's the breakdown of variations needed: Remove the surfboard from the picture entirely. Extend the image to include his legs, with two variations: a) In the first variation, keep the color of the pants and shoes consistent with the existing attire. b) In the second variation, replace the pants with board shorts and the shoes with sandals. Provide two versions of each of the leg variations: one with the sunglasses on and one with the sunglasses off. When the sunglasses are off, please make sure the subject has blue eyes.

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    ...categories: 1 Head-hair-hats 2 eyes-glasses 3 SHoulders 4 Chest 5 clothes 6 Ears 7 skin. Ideally i need 20 traits per categorie. Total amount of 140 traits. Also need 7 different backgrounds for the dog. Each one will represent a collection as the folowing ones: 1 the beaches, 2 the panoramic views, 3 the nights, 4 the ways of getting around Suances (the 7 means of transport such as bike, horse, boat, surfboard...), 5 the towns of the municipality, 6 the seasons historical and 7 delicacies (typical foods). These are like medals or paintings that are going to be combined in the background. And lastly i would need 49 paintings representing 49 experiences that the users can make. Can be done with AI. I need a good price and good quality. Thanks for your offer...

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    I am looking for someone to create a simple surfboard table with a firepit. The table should be large, over 6 feet in size, and have legs made of alu-pipes (with a box/storage under) The Firepit is already bought. no need to design. Requirements; - PDF's - Production drawings - All measures for all parts - Production friendly design.

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    Trophy icon Australian Themed Tech Logo Berakhir left

    We are looking for a text and single icon logo for a brand called "A.I. Mate"; an Australian themed digital bra...preferred colours are burgundy or pink (feminine) and brown or sand (representing Australian earthy tones). We'd like the logo to incorporate ONE Australian icon along with the text. Examples of an Australian icon may include: an Akubra hat hanging off the logo text, a koala, kangaroo, or BBQ beside the text, an Australian native flower forming the stem of the text, or even a pair of thongs or a surfboard incorporated. The style we're looking for is more cartoony, (not sharp lines or corporate styling), as this is for a fun brand. We've attached some logos that we find inspiring, however please note we are looking for a more minimalist logo (one...

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    I am looking for a graphic designer who has an eye for color to help me finish a unique project. I have a surfboard in design, but it is stuck at the moment, and I need a fresh set of eyes. This is just the paint scheme. I will provide multiple examples of what i am looking for---and perhaps you can give me a better design. I can provide samples after we assign the project or to a select few who are interested.

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    ibis project Berakhir left

    I need a graphic designer to help me with project IBIS. the ibis (pic attached ) is a renown scavenger and has earned the name "bin chicken" , my project is to design a series of caricatures that can be printed onto hats , shirts coffee mugs etc. These pictures will be amusingly abstract such as an IBIS with human like hands on the end of its wings holding a golf club and the caption " Bin Golfing" or with a surfboard under its wing and the caption " Bin Surfing" . there are many more options to add to the range but for this project i only need a sample to trial . The prints will need to be JPG format so they can be transferred to an embroidery machine or a t shirt printing machine etc.

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    Trophy icon Lennox Head Chess Club Logo Berakhir left

    Background I want to identify the local community and location as p...location as part of the logo The club is based in Lennox Head N.S.W famous for surfboard riding Surfing is the main recreation in Lennox Head. I would like the logo to illustrate a large wave with a chess piece using a surf board. The image of the chess piece is that of a Chess King with arms legs and smile. The logo can be a black and white drawing if designer chooses. I need to own copywrite for the images and the image to be presented in common formats. Copies of style of drawings are available. The king riding surfboard needs arms , legs and big smile The king is for illustration purposes The contest winner will be asked to quote to prepare web page design, facebook and Instagram page and ema...

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    Epic Whoopie Pies Berakhir left

    I need an idea I have for a logo put on paper. This is a cartoon like design of a woman on a surfboard riding a wave. I have some pics of examples of the style I am looking for.

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    id like to have our Dancing Puffin character illustrated as surfing. simply on a surfboard in the same style as he appears normally. it's for a print ad.

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    Paint two portraits from photos on surfboard shaped plywood about 2 x 6 feet each. I will furnish the “surfboards” painted with exterior White House house paint. I will also varnish over your art to protect it, but please use exterior acrylic paints. I am attaching the two images.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    Trophy icon Logo design for a shirt Berakhir left

    I am looking to create a logo for a shirt. I would like the logo to have both text and graphics included, and I have an idea or theme in mind. As far as color variation goes, I am aiming for 2-3 variations. I am loo...represent my brand. The ideal candidate should be knowledgeable and experienced with branding, logos, and typography. Creative solutions and ideas are a must for this project. I am looking for someone who can turn around the project quickly and efficiently, so please provide your expected timeline with your proposal. I have attach a photo of the type of design I’m after and a drawing of the number 1770 then a skateboard above a surfboard above a fishing rod above the word adventure. Open to other ideas asking as it involves all the above words and imag...

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    Id like someone to design a simple logo for a side hustle business . It's name is longboard strategy and architecture. The logo should have a surfboard in it, something to show its an IT business and have a feel similar to the crayon drawings attached. Id like a simple logo with the company name below, and also a more compact version with the initials LSA. The colours shoud be simple red, green, blue and black at about half intensity

    $20 - $167
    Sorotan Bersegel
    $20 - $167
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    About Surf City Scoop Microcreamery: Homemade ice cream shop churned on the island of Topsail Beach. Producing authentic flavors infused with local ingredients! Project Description: Our current logo is a sea turtle riding a wave on a surfboard with ice cream in its hand. However, it currently just says homemade ice cream and doesn’t include Microcreamery or “churned on the island” which we would like to have displayed on the logo as well as Topsail Beach, NC.

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    Surfboard design Berakhir left

    Need to design the new colors with the template I provide. Re-design the template with the colors : Model 1, model 2 and model 3 are the new color combination. Add logo. Simple job. Once job done and validated, will need to add the logo size which can be measure based on the surfboard size (8ft and 9ft). 1 logo size fits all.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
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    Please design a logo for our new self catering rental business. The property is called Islay Breeze The website will be Please try and include a landscape with seaview out to an island as we have a beautiful view from the property try to include Sun, Sea, Boat, Beach, Surfboard if possible. Thank you

    $12 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for an artist or graphic designer that could make me some artwork for my upcoming single release, like an album artwork. My band is called electric surfboard and it’s an indie rock band. I’ve attached a section of the song as well. We don’t have an idea of what we want so feel free to use that info to make something.

    $6 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon 2d Animation for a Facebook add. Berakhir left

    We are looking to have created a 2D short of an Efoil surfing off into the surf. Efoil is an Electric Surfboard with a Hydrophroid Foil. ( Not My Company) accept video files - MOV, mp4, AVI, etc.

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Logo needed for surf brand Berakhir left

    Hey, I'm looking for a logo for an upcoming surf clothing business called 'Ocean Studio Aus' or 'Ocean Studio'. I'd like to have a little character as well as the brand name designed. My vision for the character is a turtle wearing low cut black shoes with ankle-height white socks, walking to the left holding a surfboard on its right side. Retro style/ old cartoon. I have attached a mood board with the art style and the colour palette I'd like to use. Also included in the mood board are the fonts I am fond of. Please reach out with any questions you have. Thanks in advance

    $17 (Avg Bid)
    58 entri

    I have a surf hat that I would like to replicate here Please find an image attached. I’d like a case designed in the same material that is drawstring to hook on to a wetsuit tub or bag etc. NOTE: I have a second project I need help with. It is a surfboard wax remover product. I need design and a tech pack put together for both of them for manufacturing I am ideally looking for 1 designer

    $234 (Avg Bid)
    Mendesak PK
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    40 penawaran

    I would like to have my logo redesigned logo design, you could consider incorporating imagery that is related to health, fitness, and surfing, such as a wave or surfboard. The color palette should be clean, calming, and professional, using colors such as blue, green, and white. You can also consider using a symbol or icon in the design, such as a wave or body silhouette, to represent strength and conditioning. It's also important to make sure the logo is easy to read and memorable, with clear and legible typography. For inspiration, you can look at other health and fitness logos, and make sure your design stands out and differentiates you from your competitors. This one are some of the criteria to be followed Attached is my current logo

    $53 (Avg Bid)
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    126 penawaran

    I am the owner of a surfboard brand that has been selling on for many years, and looking to expand on I have 8 different colors on 7 total board models, meaning 56 total sku's. I would love to have some assistance in managing the listings, A+ Content creation, managing content, imagery, etc. Experience in Amazon/ list building is required.

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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