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    Saya ingin membuat plugin wordpress untuk url shortener dengan statistics & analitics serta bisa dipasangi pixel facebook & pixel google dan juga bisa untuk membuat link autochat whatsapp

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    ...features: A. Member Area, for Administrator 1. Manage categories 2. Manage products 3. Manage product tags (i.e. Bestseller, Bestdeal, Promo, Floor 1, etc) 4. SEO Configuration 5. Manage product reviews 6. Manage Footer content 7. Manage front-end UI of the store (dynamic layout, image, wording, banner, dan link) 8. Manage Voucher distribution 9. Manage front-end pages statistics (i.e. product statistics, promo/ads, campaign) 10. Manage social media links B. Store's Front End 1. Product search (Auto Suggestion) 2. Product filter 3. Links to social media fans pages 4. Product detail (Rating, Reviews, Share-to-social media, Expedition) 5. Products list per category 6. Products list per tagging (i.e. Best Deal, Hot Seller, LT 1 dll) 7. Shopping C...

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    Pengolahan data SPSS statistik skripsi, tesis, desertasi.

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for a team of experts t...will be similar to , users should be able to enter lotteries with crypto. So everything from user registration with basic kyc process, crypto deposits, random winner selection with provable fair system and everything else that is necessary needs to be done. Second feature of the site is a simple crypto dice game like We also need an admin interface with all types of statistics, user management, support ticket system I will request many more features as this projects grows and as we see what else is needed. I need someone who keeps working with us after the website is finsihed to manage content and keep developing this project. Further details will be discussed when we have our first chat. Regards

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    R Studio - Statistics 6 Hari left

    R Studio - Statistics - R Studio - Statistics

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    Statistical Results Analysis -- 2 6 Hari left

    I have carried out a statistical analysis using spss for my research project. I need someone to critique my statistics and point out any potential flaws with my methodology/results and how to correct them. A good knowledge of statistics is will need to be TODAY. Please contact asap.

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    Software to compile data statistics of equities and commodities. I attach a docuent with all details, asnwer me only if you undesrtand and can make in the budet wrote

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    Business/market research 5 Hari left

    Trends in technology jobs in the following countries - countrywide statistics Canada India USA UK Australia

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    statistics video I need someone to do short video about bullying statistics 1 minute video Voice over The video needs only to contain numbers and graphs Please show some of previous work

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    Software to compile data statistics of equities and commodities. I attach a docuent with all details, asnwer me only if you undesrtand and can make in the budet wrote

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    need help on writing report on statistics and finding issues

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    Project Tasks: Find a dataset that is satisfactory (it is more than 8 fea...categorical (and which type within these category). You should include the range in your data (and if necessary the expected range). Analyze your data for missing data or errors, etc. Use label encoding or getdummies if necessary. All Your code should be fully commented, and you should break it up with text boxes explaining the ideas. Change the data type if applicable. Impute the data Get the statistics and a basic analysis of what is going on Do some charts, correlations, etc. Answer your 2 questions with your data using Python to provide a solution that you explain with text boxes as well as commented code Do regression to test whether one of your variables can be explained via this model. Evaluate you...

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    Use file 1 with example to complete file 2, price is negotiable

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    Hi all, I have installed XBT on my server and configured the xentracker addon for xenforo 1.5, the xbt statistics page work but unfortunately the announce page redirects to the 404 error page not found. Can anyone help me fix this error?

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    Hi all, I have installed XBT on my server and configured the xentracker addon for xenforo 1.5, the xbt statistics page work but unfortunately the announce page redirects to the 404 error page not found. Can anyone help me fix this error?

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    Should be full of photos, statistics, facts ams all other relevant points.

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    ...Compound interest (the good and the bad), investing (stock market will be the focus but I want to add info about crypto, bonds and real estate), credit/ self-credit repair guide, and life insurance (other basic forms about finances can be added). Each of these topics should state the importance of that topic (Ex: it is important to have good credit because, It is important to invest because), statistics about each topic (Ex: the average earnings of investors are..), the do’s don’ts and how to’s (ex; how to fix your credit, how to get out of debt, how to save). The book will be focused on the steps to financial freedom but will add in motivational sections or quotes, I want this book to educate my readers about finances but keep them motivated and uplifted. I d...

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    Statistics expert 3 Hari left

    Need someone who is expert in statistics to help in some tasks asap

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    1. Create an excel spreadsheet using simple formulas without macros 2. Spreadsheet for tracking of job status 3. Able to calculate lead time against current date 4. Able to change color automatically 5. Able to auto compute chart 6.. Drop down selection

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    Statistics 2 Hari left

    Need help explaining these results for a statistics course I’m doing

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    A survey was taken out to test 3 hypothesis, now I need quantative analysis taken out including profiling, descriptive statistics and test of differences

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    5 Healthy Eating & Nutrition Markets In Need of Writers Now Statistics and Studies portal, Statista, recently reported that the Wellness industry has arrived at absolute legitimacy, earning a whopping $3.4 trillion in market shares annually. A hefty $574 billion of that market share comes from Healthy Eating and Nutritional markets. So, how can a freelance writer get their share of this healthy green while writing about green and clean living? Here are 5 markets that are in need of your wellness pieces now: Vibrant Life Magazine, a print and online magazine. Just as the name implies this magazine is full of energizing health-inspired spirit. These pages promote physical, mental and spiritual balance in life. The target audience is the active adult and active family. They are lo...

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    1-Use methods of descriptive statistics to summarize the data. Your answer should include the followings: a. Frequency distribution for amount charged with starting point 1800, class width 1000. For income use starting point 20 and class width of 10. b. Histogram for Income and amount charged. c. Crosstabulation for amount charged and income. Draw a side by side chart d. Scatter diagram between amount charged and income. e. Compute means, medians and 25th percentile for amount charged and income. f. Compute variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and correlation coefficient for amount charged and income. g. Find five-number summaries for income and amount charged and draw a box plot for them. Make sure each table or graph has a title and X and Y axes are correctly lab...

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    Sales manager needed. No cold calling. (You would respond to prospects or customers who have already contacted us.) We sell services to small businesses and startups. We need a manager to help develop a formulaic sales process involving screen-sharing demos and/or webinars. Manager will be required to brainstorm and "invent" creative sales offerings, test them, record numeric statistics, A/B test, run webinars, write sales scripts and hire/train others. Applicant must have a good speaking voice with excellent English along with a quiet work environment, noise-cancelling headset, and very stable high-speed internet to support screen sharing. Past experience developing sales processes, writing scripts and creating webinars is REQUIRED. Applicant must be a self-st...

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    Need to gather statistics about current usage of jenkins (ie, list oh jenkins job owners, number of build failures) using rest API.

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    educational puzzles platform 1 hari left

    We are looking for an HTML/CSS/javascript platform that will enable us to implement educational games with 10-40 scenarios. Each scenario is a puzzle, word game or memory game. In each scenario, the player have a few tries to " do" the correct solution. At the end of the game, we need to see the game statistics ( for each scenario, how many tries were needed, etc). The objects in each scenario can be a shape, a picture, an animation, a video ) the results in some cases can be done using a mouse click or via speech . The speech recording will be sent to Google speach recognition in the backend. We will provide the HTML objects ( design, pictures, video, animation etc) . What we need is the Javascript platform for the game(s) and every scenario. See below print screens...

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    ...statistical analysis. • Running machine learning tests. • Using results to improve models. • Training and retraining systems when needed. • Extending machine learning libraries. • Developing machine learning apps according to client requirements. Required Skills • Good knowledge of Python or R, SQL Advanced math and statistics skills, surrounding subjects such as linear algebra, calculus, and Bayesian statistics. • Advanced degree in computer science, math, statistics, or a related degree. • Master's degree in machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, or related fields. • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. • Software engineering skills. • Experience in dat...

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    Need to Add Avatar to the Followers list As we can see on the image we've a Followers list with a list of users, we need to add the avatar of that user before each username

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    Candidate should write a in Python code to hedge the existing option trades and find good probability trades 1. Need candidates who is well versed in writing in python code 2. Good experience in HTML 3. have knowledge in probability and statistics

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    I need content for my website. This is my project about: I am basically an IT/Tech specialist staffing firm focusing on Latino job seekers ... and businesses/organizations seeking Latino IT/Tech talent. So both job seekers and employers are my target clients. What I...basically an IT/Tech specialist staffing firm focusing on Latino job seekers ... and businesses/organizations seeking Latino IT/Tech talent. So both job seekers and employers are my target clients. What I really need now is the text content for my website in the different pages or sections. This content must include words that mention Latino IT tech advantages. If you can find some numbers, and statistics that would be helpful. We must talk about diverse leadership and what is happening in the IT Latino job mar...

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    Need complete info about 1. What is Gangrene and detailed info about types and severity etc 2. Effected countries, Statistics and what solutions are they following currently. 3. Current remedies for Gangrenes treatment like amputation etc which are running in market and also news/info/update from Doctors around the world on this treatment. 4. Should be presented in the form of PPT with images, graphs etc. Complete Analysis of existing medication and their effects including references.

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    Require someone to manage our account each day, checking specifications, placing orders at the authorized levels, gaining knowledge of how the system operates, implementing observed ways of improving on the statistics being realized, optimizing delivered results further and generally growing our share of the market. You would have to be able to manage this from about 11am till about 9pm NZ time Will look at offering to New Freelancers who are willing to learn our systems

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    ...consist of videos tutorials. The Features that I expect in the website are categorized below in 2 categories: 1st category: Must have features: 1. Admin control over all courses to approve or delete or modify them. 2. Teachers portal so they can upload classes and wait for approval from admin. 3. Students auto approval after confirming payment received and expiry date of the course subscription. 4. Statistics of students behavior and interactions with website and course. 5. Adding coupons for discount for instructors with specific criteria like sell of certain number of courses. 7. implement ACL(Access Control List) 2nd category: Good to have features 1. Facility for live classes in future if needed. 2. Communication messaging between instructors and admin. Example websites:

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    RetroSender is a JavaScript script used with Google Sheets by employees to send out weekly e-mail reports to the clients. Right now the employees manually fill out this weekly report as a separate spreadsheet. The employees want this report to be filled automatically from their other Google spreadsheet. In addition, they want a new data entry in their Spreadsheet for additional statistics. See attached document and workflow graphs for details

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    Hello, This position will be responsible for applying AI/ML techniques on data and generate insights that identify recent trends/relationships in data and bring improvement/automations into the process if required. Note - The Person has to be available to join immediately. Minimum Qualifications Degree in applied quantitative discipline (e.g. Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computational Science) Responsibilities Data preparation and validation : Prepare data for processing by organizing information, checking for any inaccuracies, and adjusting and weighting the raw data. Evaluate the statistical methods and procedures used to obtain data in order to ensure validity, applicability, efficiency, and accuracy. Identify relationships and trends in data, as well as any factor...

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    We have a need for some very specific reporting from our Office 365 Tenant. We're looking for mail statistics for unread mail as well as mail delivered. The reports need to be delivered to internal email addresses daily. I expect this project will be a short one for someone who knows how to query Office 365 using standard Microsoft API's (Graph...etc.) NOTE: we want real time statistics that can be generated on the fly AND have an automated email sent out with daily/weekly/or monthly reports. We also want the ability to send them as either Excel/CSV/or PDF attachments. US based teams only. English must be your primary language. If you don't speak fluent English, I'm very sorry but you won't be considered.

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    Please do T-tests and regression on this data-set and while recording how you do it; Id love to learn to do it myself! H; Danes think the dark green is healthier than the light green H; Indians think the dark green is healthier than the light green to a smaller degree than Danes Regression for age, income and birth city population

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    ...Each operator at the service, in addition to viewing the appointments booked by users, can create appointments, modify appointments and / delete appointments, even those of other operators. Operator REPORT: Each operator will be able to view only his own statistics (number of appointments carried out, time taken for each appointment, in total, etc.) ADMINISTRATOR of the site: You can add, edit or delete cities - locations - operators - services - resources - schedules and appointments DIRECTOR'S REPORT: You will be able to see all the statistics - number of appointments carried out, divided by city of headquarters and operators, individually or through ongoing questions (e.g. operators based in a specific city / appointment) The report of operators and administrator...

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    $250 - $750
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    Writing one word paper about Saudi Arabia effort in humanitarian on the world in Education field. You can use the link bellow to help you to write

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    Need an expert to handle the project on Business Statistics Data Analysis efficiently. Deadline -- 3 hrs. Budget-- $50 USD.

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    Trophy icon P.U.R.P.O.S.E PRODUCTION Company Berakhir left

    This is a production company that will have multiple companies under it. -The mission of this production company is to provide multiple productions that assist The urban community with self-development The acronym stands for : people understanding real people overcoming statistics by example

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    23 entri

    We are currently working with Jitsi and need a fork with several changes to the UI. Below are several points that need to be addressed: - Selectable operational modes: (one to many or one-on-one). In one to many mode, the viewers should all see the sender only. - writing measured connection statistics to a local file. - making the in-UI buttons available on a seperate webpage to remote control the connection. - exporting the video from the WebRTC stream. Please only offer your services if you are able to execute the above mentioned points and are experienced in working with the Jitsi environment. There are many more changes that will need to be made in the near future so we are looking for a long time relationship rather than a quick fix.

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    i have all the plots that need to arranged into a single plot with the legends, in the way represented in the image. please look into the attached

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    need code for a website scraper which converts various tabled statistics that can be put into csv

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    FRONTEND Application Frontend consist of a street map with Markers...6. User can access marker details after clicked on it 7. Users can provide rating/review markers and will be appeared on the marker details BACKEND - Admin Panel 1. Multiple role users with specified permissions for each module: a. View b. Edit c. Delete d. Marker approve/decline only 2. Markers management ( CRM based ) a. Create b. Edit c. Delete d. Approve e. Search/Filter 3. Full statistics on markers view, page view etc. 4. Application development should be done based on modules a. Markers b. Categories c. Reviews d. Users GENERAL 1. APP will load markers based on map zoom 2. APP will load marker details after marker its clicked 3. APP should be secured against DDOS ,XSS, injections and other types ...

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    ...application development to enhance & increase the business. We wanted to migrate from WIX to the Worpress or any other sophisticated platform and take it to the next level. - Desired Applicant: - Previous history of migrating a website from WIX to WordPress - Deep knowledge of Tech & Web Development. - Developed & maintained a recognizable eCommerce site. - Successful Track Record. - Good with Statistics. - Results were given in a short time span. - Developed a recognizable mobile application Please find the attached document for details. Apply only if you meet the above criteria with reasonable prices. Please do not apply without reading the requirements. We do not entertain such cases. Our expectation is very high. Please mention your portfolio in you...

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    Data science Berakhir left

    The data set provided for this assignment is punctuality statistics for selected UK airports. There are 12 files for each month of 2021. For this assignment, you will be reporting on how the data could be used for research using a data warehouse & Tableau.

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    i have a job which requires me to solve the statistics problems using excel builitin functions. Inbox if you are confident. Thanks.

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    data crunching project, message for more details

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    Artikel Komunitas statistics Teratas