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    ...not been very thoroughly tested and lack any good examples to show the end-users how to use them (although I do have a very primitive and ugly-looking test program, which will be given a a prototype to the choosen coder). I need a creative developer with experience in MS SQL Server, OLE Automation, Delphi, VB and VBScript (yes, all of them!) to prepare

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    I need a very we'll rounded microsoft visual c++ developer who has extensive knowledge in con building, we have some multimedia components which need to be wrapped into com objects. the environments should be microsoft visual c++ 6.0. There are 12 small projects (around 60k each) which need to be made into com objects, all should be made com

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    I need a really good DHTML and Javascript developer who has extensive knowledge knowledge in the IE browser and how it works, i need someone to make us DHTML/javascript examples inside IE that will be used within a collaboration system for live chat and web browsing, technologies used can be Javascript, SHTML, HTML and anything else which is suppoerted

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    I am in need of a VB developer. I am in the process of upgrading a website's code. All existing code was programmed by my client's previous developer. One of the pieces of software used on the site was a custom component that was called to query and import specific data from CSV files into the database. I have the component, but no sour...

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    Wargame Server Berakhir left

    ...“whateverpass??). I would like this application to have 12 to 15 levels that a user must progress through starting with simple /etc/passwd, and suid exploits, and progressing to making the user write scripts that exploit simple race conditions, and programs that exploit simple buffer overflows. I would like the application developer to have actually

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    RAS DLL Berakhir left

    I require a delphi-based RAS Customer Dialler dll that I can assign to a RAS network connection. Windows 2000 and later operating systems enable developers to provide their own custom dialers that work with the Remote Access Service (RAS). The custom dialer is implemented as a single dynamic-link library (DLL) that simply exports the following entry

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    Excel VBA -> VB Berakhir left

    Hi, I have developed a VBA excel program. I am not a developer and it took me a long time. I now want to convert it quickly into a VB program or windows based executable. It can be found here. [login untuk melihat URL] Please feel free to comment on the best way to do this. Please note: My code is ugly so it will

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    Paypal PHP Berakhir left

    I need the following code to be working on my server. It is to record transactions in my paypal account to a mysql database using php. You will recieve access to a developer account on my server that supports php and has an existing mysql database to work with, as well as a copy of the php file to modify. You will need a working [login untuk melihat URL] account to

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    ...intermediate/advanced web developer as a component of overall website. ## Deliverables Web based 1-on-1 interaction media that must support any combination of the following: Recorded Video, Live Video, Recorded Voice, Recorded Video. System must be modularized in such a way that is can easily be accessed via my ASP.Net project. What I am envisioning is a

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    ... | | I have an Amy Game Concept that I am interested in joint-venturing with a software game developer. The concept will need to be designed, developed for Pcs & Mobile phones. The Ten Fighting Soldiers will require, Soldiers with

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    We need several animated flash character to work with our Lola bot software. We borrowed some specifications from another Webmaster here in order to keep this project consistent and hopefully to allow for the same developers to pool resources and work for us on this project. We need sexy characters for our working chat bot (fully body / face)female

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    ...knowledge of a couple different technologies for multimedia, as well as a fairly good knowledge of music programs like ACID, Cakewalk Sonar or any other audio based recording software. The application will do something very simple. It will read the contents of a CD-ROM which contains audio sound clips in ACID, MP3 and WAV format. The application must

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    Voice Chat Software Berakhir left

    This is a really simple project for a programmer who knows what he's doing. I need a voice chat application for win32 that has the following features: - User management and automatic user registration through a server (with a well chosen RDBMS) - searching, inviting and adding users to contact list - P2P voice chat (with some well chosen

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    ::::::::::::: WANTED! :::::::::::::::::: Full rights desktops applications. Primarily looking for software apps focused on marketing, organizational, management or general Internet. You must be the original author able to prove you have the legal rights to sell those rights to me. Documentation of transfer of full rights to me is required. No

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    ...Web/Program Developer _** When a customer buys a Cd from our website, we have him fill out a form with his information (Name, Address, Age, etc). For marketing research purposes, we need to expand the questions in this form and have the information automatically appear in a database. I need to be able to classify this data, so that I can research

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    I have a Delphi component which implements the AIM / ICQ protocol. I can't seem to get the File Transfer feature of it to work, although the programmer seems to have written alot of code for it. It logs in fine, sends/receives messages, handles buddies, however I really need a programmer to add the File Transfer feature and fix up any other

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    I have a customer who is looking for a experienced web developer who has extensive knowledge in Java / JSP / DHTML / and HTML... The developer should have extensive knowledge on how these technmologies work and how the browser displays them. The project will allow users to use the same browser and collaborate using DHTML objects and links

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    I represent an art school which would like to add an internet based class scheduler to their website. They currently utilize an ISP to host their existing site. They do have a server running IIS which could host this application and could be reached by adding a link from the existing site. Current Environment consists of MSSQL Server 2000

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    webbased installer Berakhir left file has grown to 1,5 megabytes. It will install automatically in Internet Explorer but the user doesn't see any progress. Suggested sollution =================== I need a small webbased installer program for my activex EXE userdocument. The install program has to be webbased (activex) that shows the progress of the download of the main

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    I would like a clone of Dope Wars/Drug Wars but my game would not use a drug theme. The game functionality would be similiar to these games but mine would deal with different products. Also, if possible, the goal of the game would be slightly different. I also would like a more modern GUI. Once the game is complete I would like the developer to suggest

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    DataEntry - I need someone to go to [login untuk melihat URL] and compile a database of all the artists, seperated by genres and sub-genres (example; Genre Top40, subgenre: Rap). I need the artists or bands name, website (if available), and e-mail address. There is a total of 250,000 artists on the website. The website is closing its doors on Dec.2, so this project would

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    I am looking a talented VB or VC developer to work on a backup utility designed to archive and restore messages, calendar items, tasks, notes, and contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Opera and Netscape Messenger. This would include both stand-alone and server based (ie, Exchange) models. The app will include a scheduler to

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    A very simple project but I don't have the graphics knowledge needed in an appropriate software package. Make an animated GIF (image file) of dimensions 300x300 pixels (so I can perhaps reduce the size in JASC Animation Shop 3)which realistically depicts a golf ball rotating on the Y-axis. Will have the initials "GPU" on it every half-rotation

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    3 penawaran

    I need help in implementing the following Auction House Application decribed in the following book:(All code included) [login untuk melihat URL] It would be nice if we could communicate via e-mail or MSN Messanger. Help means explaining technology of EJB, servlets, database connectivity

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    ...1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, 3rd party components,

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    Hello, To be brief, I need a VB. Net solution that allows file copy to and from a fileserver via HTTPS (SSL) It will do the following: 1. Open a connection to a remote server by IP using SSL 2. Verify that the connection should be open by the code(code-signing perhaps) 3. Mount a fileshare to this IP 4. Be able to create a directory

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    I am an employee at a company and my job was to find a developer who could work on some VNC modifications so that we can effectively use it for training and offere it free with our current training products, im looking for someone who has a deep knowledge with VNC< someone who has worked with it before, this person should have the following skills

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    I am looking for a php/db developer for a full eventscalendar. It contains a news-section, links, venue-list, user interface, admin/mods section, messageboard,... The 'wishlist' is on [login untuk melihat URL] Thanks! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of

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    ...Bug Tracking System **Bug tracking is a common problem in software development. There are several good bug tracking systems in the marketplace that are web enabled. It would be an excellent learning opportunity to implement such a system in Java. Thus, the entire class will build a software bug tracking system that is web enabled. The specifications

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    I need a simple class developed that will call the [login untuk melihat URL] and [login untuk melihat URL] for a TCXGrid class. The TCXGrid class is an express quantum grid from Developer Express. The class will have two methods: 1. For writing the component to a stream. 2. For reading the component from a stream and instantiating the component

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    Hi I am a software developer and like all of you, sometimes I am also coding for RAC. What I want in this project is a logo for a web site. I have knowledge on using image editing and creating tools, but because I am not a designer I cannot create good images. The web site is an advice website therefore the logo should mean "If...

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    21 penawaran

    I need a coder who has experience in yahoo store's RTML. I want to open a yahoo store online while using the functions on yahoo store (inventory database, search, shopping cart, order transactions, etc). I would like to easily be able to add/remove products and their descriptions. I do not want to have to depend on a coder if I need to accomplish minor

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    I am looking for an experienced php developer that is familiar with PHPNUKE. I run an up and coming sports web site that uses php nuke. I want to add a fantasy football league to my site so that current members can run their own league. It must be a fully functional fantasy football league where the members can do the following: **I want this to function

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    Hello Web Site Developers, I need a four page web site for my DVDs, Videos and Video Games products. The web site developer must have the knowledge of these products such as new releases, what's hot and should have access to pictures & descriptions of new and best selling titles. The web site will include nice and professionally created logo, background

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    I am wanting a coder to develop an application that offers the same functionality as There is a patent pending on it so this application must be unique in certain ways. Basically I am looking for a developer to do a small bit of digging to determine the best way to develop this. I am also going to be putting up a site similar

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    Portal system Berakhir left

    I want a portal system for my startup with the following: 1) a classifieds area 2) a yahoo like directory and search system 3) a banner system 4) forums 5) user management system 6) site stats & analysis system The site has to be designed and developed, so I will also require the developer do the designing part. I want a logo designed for the name "MaxTotal&quo...

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    Customization of Perl CGI code, Hot Links Pro ([login untuk melihat URL]). I bought a copy and requested some help making some customized changes, but was unable to contact the developer. I'm looking for a developer to help me customize the Perl CGIs. 1) Study and understand the Hot Links Pro CGI 2) Help customize the core functions of the Hot Links Pro CGI

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    COM + VB example. Berakhir left

    We need a developer to take the following program at the link below : [login untuk melihat URL] make th program totatly into a com object, than i would like the developer to make the excact example they provice in vb using the com object, so the com object will hold all the functions and it will be made

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    Payment Terminal Berakhir left

    I need an experience ecommerce developer to design a small web based (ASP/PHP) or visual basic interface that will allow my customers to submit credit card transactions thru Vital POS partner. The interface should use the requirements from the attached API. With the payment terminal, I will need the following functions: 1. Make (purchase) sales

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    16 penawaran

    I'm a software developer that's been asked by a client to do a job that's a little outside my usual area of expertise. I'm web/database programmer and do lots of programming in many languages, but I don't get much into the realm of programming that involves graphics manipulation. My client, a graphics design firm, has landed a contract to do a large

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    ASP and powerpoint Berakhir left

    I am looking for an ASP driven slide sorter which will allow the user to view & re-arrange a slide presentation thru IE 5+, then click 'save' to create the .ppt powerpoint file and download it to their local machine. To create the .ppt file, Powerpoint will need to be installed on the server and using [login untuk melihat URL] such as: Set PPObject

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    I need a webpage designed for a small webhost that is changing domains. It needs to have the look and feel of [login untuk melihat URL] but I do NOT want to steal any images or anything else. On [login untuk melihat URL] there are dropdown menus at the top of the page. I would like for some of these to be added in that have the same feel/look. The designer who takes

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    We are seeking a jsp developer which has knowledge in jsp/java/applets using tomcat and the sun jdk. Developer must have knowledge in HTML, Javascript and forms/cookies. This project is to develop a co-browsing system like the one located at [[login untuk melihat URL]][1] and [[login untuk melihat URL]][2] They support browser between one or many users

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    I need a function written in vbscript that can sort a multi-dimensional array, evaluate it and categorized/sorted it in a new array. **ARRAY will be created from a getRow in ADO **so it will be array (data,key) i = count parray(1,i) = item a parray(2,i) = measurement1, parray(3,i) = measurement2 The array will have measurements

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    6 penawaran

    ...Amazon storefront site: I have a shopping portal at [login untuk melihat URL] It is designed to just be a basic shopping portal with items from the Amazon database and backend processing all through Amazon. I am an Amazon affiliate, obviously, and the site is just a basic storefront. It is 50% completed and my old developer has disappeared. The things

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    15 penawaran

    I would like to introduce my self, my name is martin gordor, i am a consultant in the USA, my company seeks projects with corporations within the USA and canada, we have a project availible, the description is below, i have never used rent-a-coder before, so bare with me ;) Basically what we are looking for is the following ; 1) We are seeking

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    I would like to introduce my self, my name is martin gordor, i am a consultant in the USA, my company seeks projects with corporations within the USA and canada, we have a project availible, the description is below, i have never used rent-a-coder before, so bare with me ;) Basically what we are looking for is the following ; 1) This project requires

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    17 penawaran

    I would like to introduce my self, my name is martin gordor, i am a consultant in the USA, my company seeks projects with corporations within the USA and canada, we have a project availible, the description is below, i have never used rent-a-coder before, so bare with me ;) Basically what we are looking for is the following ; 1) We are

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    ...previous developer got about 80% through with the site and then stopped working on it. In this project, I need to be able to do the following: -Add, edit and delete banks -Add, edit and delete customers -Add, edit and delete transactions -Search through all of the information, click on something to view the full details. Also, I want

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    Hello Coders! I am looking for someone to develop a live chat messenging system for both my website and as a brandable product. If you will take a look at <[login untuk melihat URL]> you can download their demo version and see what I am looking for. I would like to integrate the chat system into my customer support ticketing system and add site

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