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    I need the improved graphics for attached image. This is a Solitaire collection. It has buttons: Author, Description, Snapshot, Install, Search, Print and Close. I need to get a very bright and catchy interface for the same, it should reflect the essence of Solitaire games. There should be very innovative rollovers on all the buttons, name display

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    ...-Password protection -Option to install with local GUI files or hidden console mode or command line interface -Prepared for integrated Windows help file system -Follow Windows GUI design guides (buttons, menus..) -All local settings affected by GUI/command line operations should be stored hidden and encrypted -Functionality (see for a good example the EDTools

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    ...already do this already. Although we have never used it, we like the look and feel of what these guys did ( [login untuk melihat URL] A snapshot is included below) but we want some modifications as noted below. (If you can point us to existing freeware/open source tools and can customize them to meet our needs ??"

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    DOS WebSurfer / GUI Berakhir left

    ...Utilities like MPEG video player, AVI/Quicktime/MPEG3 multimedia player or TELNET client,EMail, as well as ability for alternative fonts and or "skins." PrintScreen key to create snapshot and save to a file on HDD. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation

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    Design and implement a program to simulate processor scheduling. Theprogram will support round-robin scheduling. The program must maintain a ready queue and a list of waiting processes. The simulation will run in integer time steps. Input to the program will consist of the following information. No particular line fomat is [login untuk melihat URL] are to be separated

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    ...window with standard controller underneath. Player will have 4 simple buttons underneath that movie window: CAPTURE, SAVE INDEX, LOAD INDEX, CLOSE. 1)Capture button takes snapshot of the current frame and opens image(1:1 ratio) in the new canvas and also stores it in [login untuk melihat URL] this new canvas there are 4 buttons. NEXT,PREVIOUS,CLOSE,SAVE,DELETE. 1.i)NEXT

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    mapping program Berakhir left

    ...the alternatives might flow as quickly as possible. For this project, you will write a simplified version of such a system. Given a map of streets and freeways, along with a snapshot of the current traffic between points on the map, your program will be capable of finding the shortest distance or fastest route to get from one location to another. ##

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    ...desktop screen to another computer for monitoring a computer like one at a school. The problem I have found with most solutions is either it is far too slow where it takes a snapshot and sends it as a whole image which is no good cause its slow and sluggish. Or the user of the computer can tell when someone is watching like with a VNC because the mouse

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    ...code that uses the windows API to achieve the folder watch function if it may help. I do not know how well it performs, but seemed to be pretty good. I have also included a snapshot of a form in VB, which may give you a better idea. Any new idea and/or modifications to it, is welcome. Please no third party components, or copyrighted material without written

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    ...folder with a bunch of Sub-folders. Let us say 100 sub- folders. Well, instead of clicking on each one to view its contents, you would have a program that takes a "visual" snapshot of what is in each folder and catalogs it. Step One. Start the Program These would be the Dialoge Boxes--in " " Step 2. " Select Main Folder" Step 3. " Select # of Photos

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    Dynamic form zoom Berakhir left

    I need a dynamic form zoom. When you press the zoom buttons (see snapshot) Form2 and panels rescale OK, but fonts and borders don't. Attached are the files of this sample, Delphi 3 version. There are two problems: 1. I need to use non True Type fonts, so ScaleBy Delphi function don't work with the captions. 2. ScaleBy also don't do 2x or 3x zoom for

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    ...with a dbf data base file on it. I have to create the application on a Win 2000 machine and it must do the following. 1. Go to the Unix box and open the dbf file. 2. Take a snapshot of the data in the file. 3. Export the data back to the 2000 machine. 4. Dump the data (SQL or what ever) into an Access database. 5. Repeat this every hour on the hour 6

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    Video Player Berakhir left

    ...screen. The user must be able to control the player, i.e. fast forward, stop etc. Furthermore the avi must be able to be manipulated, eg, brightness or contrast. Furthermore a snapshot from the avi can be saved to hard disk. Incorporated into the avi player is a seek object function, that will allow to search for an avi without actually viewing all the avi

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    HTML Thumbnail OCX Berakhir left

    I need an OCX (ActiveX control) which will grab a URL, take a snapshot of the web page, and shrink that image down to thumbnail size. The new image should be accesible so that I can assign it to another control's picture property. Possibly, save it to disk. The picture above displays this functionality as displayed in Windows Explorer (XP) I will

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    ...modifications which are made from setup/installation programs. This is how it should work: 1. The tools makes a "snapshot" from the registry and the file system. 2. The setup program runs 3. The tools runs a second time and makes a second "snapshot". Based on this two snapshots it generates the modifications from the registry (addition, modification and deletio...

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    ... text, images etc. Also it should support Alpha blending. This is a .NET Winforms Control Library project. The control should have a Designer to let the user customise the design time settings like images, header text, etc. Just play around with that view in your windows explorer and you will see what features I am looking for. I need this component

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    ...Deadline for delivery is : 5th of Jan 2003! Bid only if you can deliver this completely tested by the deadline date. regards. Note: Please find attached in the zip file, a snapshot of the control I want (look into the left hand panel view in the image). That is the control I am looking for. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    ...mouse clicks. Left, DBLLeft, Right and DBLRight [login untuk melihat URL] the Screen [login untuk melihat URL] the Rect coordinates of what has focus. (Code included) API Call 1 should access the dll do the snapshot and then return the snap shot into a VB Picture box like in the included code. API Call 2 should just return the RECT Coordinates of the area that had focus API Call 3 Should

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    ...complete products falling in categories of Networking tools, system utilities, games, CRM, ActiveX, multimedia tools etc Pls attach complete details of your product with exe or snapshot. All the source code should be provided to us. We'd prefer applications done in VB or C/C++/VC++. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    payflow pro Berakhir left

    Take a look to see what it woud take to get the PayFlow Link to also work with the new checkout CVS for latest snapshot of OSC2.2 (post Nov. 1st)? Getting the PayFlow Pro module to work fine with it is top priority, we have one already integerated with previous system, now we need to update it for newer version. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...have a set deadline, but the natives are getting restless, and need to have this project operational in a few days. I am looking for serious professionals. I've included a snapshot of my report, so you know what you're up against: Version: SWF4 File length: 4677725 bytes Frame size: 760 x 400 pixels Frame rate: 12.00 frames/sec Total number of frames:

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    Quickbooks SDK Berakhir left

    ...the invoice in qb. This is not the complete requirement but on seperate postings we had little luck finding programmers knowing QB SDK. If interested please give a bid, snapshot of existing program you wrote, sample code, etc. I am making a document based on our requirement, and will send it to you upon completion. Thank you, Kam ## Deliverables

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    ... The signature would be at the bottom of the form. When the user clicks on the Submit button, the applet must be capable of sending the data as form elements and making a snapshot of the form in jpeg or gif (or another small image format) so that it may be saved for later usage. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    I need to rework [login untuk melihat URL] into cool site. Content will remain the same, but framework may change. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functi...ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform UNIX (or ASP) MSIE, Netscape ## Deadline information Please attach template / snapshot of the proposed design.

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    ...chart of busy times from the content of multiple Outlook calendars. The goal is to display all availability of meeting room in a snapshot screen. The display must automatically refresh every 5 minutes. Enclosed see a snapshot and a copy of the free program [login untuk melihat URL] (Free program from Microsoft(c) Change extension to .exe before unzip). It may look

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    1 penawaran

    ...from having duplicate records (don't want to call the company twice) and also have more simple buttons that msaccess provides now, like create, new, delete, update, here is a snapshot of the database i have now, you can update that and don't have to start from scratch, created with msaccess 2000 wizard [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL]

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    32 penawaran was valid then the program would then download information from the web server, like the server path to upload the photo's to, and the refresh delay between taking each snapshot, alternatively we don't mind if the program has this information hard coded into it (FTP, username and password information, upload path etc.) but this would need to be stored

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    I'm capturing an image via a hand held scanner through com1. I can read a barcode no problem, I then scan a special barcode symbol which put this scanner into snapshot mode for image capture. My question is, How can I save the capture to a file eg. [login untuk melihat URL] I can see the data in the recieve buffer, but don't know how to retreive it all and pump it

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    5 penawaran have an email routine that sends an Access97 report as an attachment in PDF format. It must work exactly as the [login untuk melihat URL] works with the output format as a .snp (Snapshot) file, only the attachment is a PDF document. It must not require the end users to have Acrobat or a printer designated as a PDFWriter, or any other dependencies. The routine

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    7 penawaran to avoid having any DLL dependencies (just have one standalone EXE). I've sucessfully compiled the Perl DLL using MinGW 1.1(though it seems you have to use the 5.8.0 snapshot, the latest standard release doesn't compile with MinGW without some significant modifications). However, I haven't had much luck researching the ability to compile as a static

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    Snapshot on the fly Berakhir left

    ...laptop images. Right now we do that by making snapshot of our client’s home page. But all this is done manually. It takes forever just to email just one hundred clients. To see a sample, please go to: [login untuk melihat URL] We need an application capable of taking on the fly a snapshot of receiver’s home page and be seen where it’s

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    [login untuk melihat URL] does not have PHP. ## Deadline information Preference to offers of quicker jobs. Evidence of experience with the DB aspects of these programs a plus. I will provide snapshot of [login untuk melihat URL] php-nuke 4.2 DB to coder for trials, testing, but script will need to work on actual icannwatch DB as it exists at time of use.

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    Monitoring Software Berakhir left

    ...what change to log files and maybe send net send to admin. I would like the probe and performance counts to build real time & log so I can capture at the minute and daily snapshot what's happing to my servers. So I can plan growth and capacity ( I need to work out who as been saving large file to my servers) Modules can be broken down to network probe

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    I am wondering if a program can be created in Visual Basic that will capture snapshots of the screen and place each snapshot into a collection and then when the user is finished each image is saved as a bitmap file. 1. Capture snap shots of a windows desktop each time the user clicks the left mouse button. 2. Write each image to a collection 3. When

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    4 penawaran

    I need software to capture a high resolution video snapshot from a USB camera. It must be written in VB6.0. When the software is launched it should be only a window with live video with a capture button and hide button at the bottom. Tab at top of screen (labeled "History"). this is where you see time and date of picture, if double clicked the picture

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    4 penawaran

    ...all based on php so the solution created must be given in php only The OSCommerce shopping cart can be downloaded at [login untuk melihat URL] (I am using the latest snapshot version) so you can test it on that. You can download the 30-Day trial of Verisign PayFlowPro at [login untuk melihat URL]

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    4 penawaran the solution created must be given in php only (no ASP pages) The OSCommerce shopping cart can be downloaded at [login untuk melihat URL] (I am using the latest snapshot version) so you can test it on that. You can download the 30-Day trial of Verisign PayFlowPro at [login untuk melihat URL]

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    2 penawaran
    Pocket PC Snapshot Berakhir left

    I need and urgent delivery of a Pocket PC snapshot tool, that can monitor a Before snapshot, allow me to install an application (Cab File) and then take a second snapshot. The Text report should list all additions,removal and changes to the Filesystem,Object store and registry. I need a quick professional job doing by a reliable coder. ## Deliverables

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    ...with msql 2000 db engine, has admin section need html edited to reflect [login untuk melihat URL] site, also a little customization. 3. admin function to add new and old pictures to snapshot page, currently done Manuel and run dream weaver extensions to create photo album and cut and paste, can continue to cut and paste, or use automatic solution with admin. 4

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    ...reinstalling it to my system should anything happen. ## Platform win 9.x & up ## Deadline information i only need serious bids. so i would like for you to submit a snapshot or (i think its called) GUI of what it would look like with your bids. i would like the whole thing done in by mid feb 2002. although its not a definate deadline at this time

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    ...orientation is sufficient. I prefer QuickBasic (for DOS) code, though I am willing to consider Visual Basic or C++ code, for Win98 or Linux. Extra code to export a single-timstep snapshot of the objects to the POV-Ray raytracer upon request would also be a plus, but is not necessary. As an example, the code should be capable of running an accurate simulation

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    Screen Capture Berakhir left

    ...over the images. Once the snapshots are ready, I have VB code that will allow me to select bmp files and convert them to avi. I need this code to be incorporated with the snapshot recorder. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all

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    13 penawaran

    ...There will be a counter that will show me how much hard drive I am using everytime a snapshot is added. Once the snapshots are ready, I have VB code that will allow me to select bmp files and convert them to avi. I need this code to be incorporated with the snapshot recorder. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    13 penawaran