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    JOB DESCRIPTION: Primary skills: sales and research research for companies/people from a specific website and find their contact details from google search call the lead, build rapport, follow sales process/framework, close deal Secondary skill: smart coordination ("VA skills") Any other skills you have, please put on the online application form provided above You must have a desire t...

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    Dovrei aggiornare la sitemap del sito. Changing sitemap

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    I need a Telecaller and Lead Generator for US

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    I need a form to be generated where one can select the options and a whatsapp api link is generated. Example : Option 1: BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES If choose - AUDI OPTION 2: A1, A3, A4 If choose - A1 OPTION 3 : BODY, ENGINE, AC If choose - AC On submitting, it will generate [login untuk melihat URL] Which will open in whatsapp with message typed : AUDI - A1 - AC This code will be used in exi...

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    It's an Organic Grocery store. Currently there are upto 25 products only. I want to set it up along with, GST invoice generator and emailer Loyalty points Order confirmation format little customized Sales reports for admin Export sales reports to excel Export orders to excel Export customers to excel Product bulk import facility set up theme like: [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melih...

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    Task will include: Making Spreadsheets in Excel, Order Processing, Client Coordination, Writing Mails, Basic Research Online, Data Reporting & Filing. Candidates with excellent academics and excellent communication skills will be preferred. Responsibilities and Duties 1. Making Spreadsheets on Excel 2. Order Processing 3. Reporting on Excel 4. Writing Mails 5. Basic Online Research 6. Filing

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    *EXPERIENCED CANDIDATES WITH PAST RESULTS ONLY* We provide LinkedIn Lead Generation to Digital Marketing Agencies and we need an EXPERIENCED LinkedIn Lead Generator when it comes to LinkedIn Outreach. *The Role* You must be both experienced AND have previous successful results when it comes to this role. You will be doing the following 2 simple things: - Creating Prospect Lists via LinkedIn ...

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    Following changes are required for our Angular based PWA website: 1. Product list page(existing page) will have a "Generate Barcode" button against each product: CHANGE: Clicking on this button should print 'product barcodes". Number of barcodes = product's available QTY 2. Custom Order Page(New Page): onLoad: User should be able to scan the barcode with mobile camer...

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    I have a sql server database for restaurant management software consisting of approximately 80 tables Required:- 01 - Linking tables and making relationships between them 02 - Designing program interfaces based on the database and linking the interfaces with the database 03 - Design the Activation Code Generator 04 - Make complete protection of the program against copying, encryption of program ...

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    We require the assistance of a good data miner or lead generator. The leads should comply with the following requirements. 1) Name ,surnames and contact number 2) Must be ex-pats 3) regions include Asia, Africa 4) Spanish of origin preferred 5)ages 30 to 50 6) exclude any person within finance industry.

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    Sitemap problem. Search console is not able to read Sitemaps.

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    I need a Java expert with knowledge of black box testing. You must look at tsl generator and reply about it in your cover letter Write obama at top of your letter Looking for someone to start right now and assist me in long term Lets discuss

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    Android Application Berakhir left

    I created a QR code Generator and Scanner Application, I Generated a Qr codes for Text, Url, Text Message, Phone Number, Email, etc... but, Iam not able to share, Save, Copy that Generated Qr codes and in scanner there should be flash light and zoom buttons. In the Application There should be the History of Generated Qr code and there should be Setting button.

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    Android Application Berakhir left

    We are creating an Application for QR Code Generator and Scanner. We Generated a QR codes for Text, Url, Phone Number, Text Message, Email, etc... but, we are not able to share, copy and save that QR code to Other Applications. In scanner we want add Flash light and Zooming buttons. We want the History button and Setting Buttons in QR Code Generator.

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    Syntax generator Berakhir left

    need a syntax generator that would write random program to a file

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    ***** Must send links of work done of social media friends and followers organic links. Assist Setting up Wordpress Network using plugins 1-/ Managewp dot com 2-/ [login untuk melihat URL] or [login untuk melihat URL] or - Multiple Page Generator Plugin (MPG) 3-/ Hootsuite or better for a social media autoposter Experienced in below Internet Research / Marketing On-page and off-page S...

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    Need to build a Utility that has the following functionalities:- 1. In the front page there should be two fields 'Controller Type' and 'Test Type' 2. When the user selects the controller type and test type. Based on the combination of these two the configuration file should look for the Yaml-example file(which is named as the combination of controller type and test type). I hav...

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    6 penawaran

    We are in recruiting business. And would like to generate leads.

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    Seo Virtual Assistant for 3 Months Seo Virtual Assistant for 3 Months 1st Phase: Keyword Research Website Analysis Competitor Analysis 2nd Phase: Meta Title Tag Optimization Meta Description Tag Optimization H1, H2, H3 Tag Optimization URL Optimization Bold Italic Tags Optimization Non-Index Able Attributes Analysis Image Alt Tag Optimization [login untuk melihat URL] Optimization XML Sitemap O...

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    **Only Serious and Dedicated people needed** We are a small business based out of India and we are looking for Digital Marketer Individual or Agency to work for us on commission based. We basically are looking for someone who can get us projects from various Platforms be that, social media or Digital marketing. We need experienced person or agency to work with us and help us grow business. I...

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    tax generator Berakhir left

    i need to someone to assist in building a generic tax generator

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    9 penawaran
    money dobler Berakhir left

    am looking for a simple website for bitcoin generator where we can actually double our bitcoin and need it to be done as soon as possible and i can pay through bitcoin also if you want and i have attached the sample down go thru and msg me for more clarification

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    HELP WANTED! i have created a forum/blog Application using android studio and firebase. it is written in (Java) - All i would like is a simple personality questions generator - the outputted answers will need to be bases of information from existing forum entered into the application. Additional features will be discussed later with an additional fee of course. Must flutey speak english. Resou...

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    Need to build a utility (web app) which will look for the file through [login untuk melihat URL](already there in the zip file) and then According to the required fields in the file accept the inputs from the user in the HTML Form. I have worked on it but unable to come up with the server side code to read the file and enable/disable fields based on the read file. Below is the precise descripti...

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    Text Splitter PHP Berakhir left

    I need a script (I already have one made so maybe you can tap into it). I need to be able to click on any LETTER like Q (as many as I want) and it will EXCLUDE those in the random generator of letters. I also need to be able to make sure it does NO repeats in the random letter generator with a limit of 5000.

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    14 penawaran
    Website Required Berakhir left

    Hello, I need a responsive two page website. Two pages required; would prefer website to be coded purley in HTML, CSS, with Javascript as required. No page builders.. I will be moving the coded website to a static site generator like jekyll. I am aiming for a website with good site speed, along with well coded mobile responsiveness ( built mobile first). I would like the website to be passing ...

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    26 penawaran

    Need a desktop application (C#) that can store inventory information, ask user questions and stores answer about the equipment and in the end prints out a PDF report. Some calculations are also required. In Phase 2; the program is to self anlyze .las files and fill in some required information.

    $35 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    8 penawaran

    I need a web form, preferably in PHP, similar to the link example: [login untuk melihat URL] where each saved form should generate a row from an EXCEL spreadsheet, in the end let me save this spreadsheet. I need to validate the fields, Date, Number, I'm from Brazil, so I need to consider our date and money format, if possible validate the CPF and CNPJ as well. Basically a spreadsheet genera...

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    4 penawaran

    In search of a lead generator expert, B2B and other exclusive top leads. Clean leads with 95% up to date records and zero bounce.

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    17 penawaran

    Zencart - Change sitemap .html to google friendly and submit to google and create [login untuk melihat URL] file

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    6 penawaran

    We have the Sitemap and Wire-frames ready we also have a purchased Theme Ready. We have done some work, and we need some help finishing it off by adding new Pages and detailing. Looking for a person who can take it up and complete a wordpress Website, as per the Sitemap with internal Links, Menu, CTAs, Modal forms, Blog, Portfolio (as per theme) and everything else needed for a fully equipped OIE...

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    23 penawaran

    Scanning of QR code at differnt locations and its data generation for post scanning analysis. App should be able to tell who has scanned it, at what location and at what time. APP should be used by closed gruop user with admin is giving permission for using it. App should also be able to generate QR code. Along with this generated QR code should be able to print through app.

    $97 (Avg Bid)
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    9 penawaran

    UPDATE: Unfortunately the client changed his mind and doesn't need the images downloaded anymore, so we will cancel the project. Hi! We need someone to access a website that contains an image generator tool and generate an image, then download and save it. The process needs to be repeated for 10000 times because different images will be generated each time, so the end result will be 10000...

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    26 penawaran

    generate a biphasic current with a low frequency and a low voltage hi, i want to create circuit similar to an old circuit, but with some modifications, so that i can set the output frequency and the output voltage here are the details of the old circuit : old schematic : [login untuk melihat URL] notes about the old schematic : [login untuk melihat URL] simulation video of the old circuit :...

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    4 penawaran
    Build a website Berakhir left

    I need a name generator site with the frontend and backend like [login untuk melihat URL] with some more advance functions than this site.

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    7 penawaran

    Siteground recently upgraded the PHP Version on the server, and eversense then, my label generator website stopped generating PDF's properly. I attached the error I receive when trying to view he PDF so i can download it

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    14 penawaran

    Hiring Experienced Node.js Developers to build a dashboard authentication system for managing recurring billing/subscription for a digital service hosted on discordapp. Flow of the logic 1) Admin generate keys on admin dashboard and load onto user dashboard for sale 2) Users will have to be logged into the user dashboard with their discord account first before they can purchase the key 3) Users w...

    $1119 (Avg Bid)
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    24 penawaran

    1) Authentication System (Admin / User Dashboard) The system works exclusively with recurring subscriptions. Flow of the logic 1) Admin generate keys on admin dashboard and load onto user dashboard for sale 2) Users will have to be logged into the user dashboard with their discord account first before they can purchase the key 3) Users will receive purchase confirmation of subscription (Containi...

    $1362 (Avg Bid)
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    61 penawaran

    (attached image is part of requirements) design is based on this Project on github: [login untuk melihat URL] This shall be easy for an experienced web developer with experience in PHP and JS. I've put very detailed requirements below. Don't be scared. :) Only developers with good reviews and completion rate will be considered. A. Main Objectives A.1 a web page for user to watermark ...

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    13 penawaran
    FPGA Programming Berakhir left

    Adc interacing, vivado, sysstem generator, xilinx ips

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    10 penawaran

    I'm working on an architectural design program in C #. This is Building Patterns. Some info: [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] I've started developing an automatic floor plan maker, but I see I'm moving too slowly. I already see that I should apply: [login untuk melihat URL] I'd be happy to have someone do it for me. Expectations: 1. C # Winform environment ...

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    10 penawaran

    Hi! I need someone to do some basic SEO fixes on my website: This includes: 1) URL resolve 2) XML sitemap 3) [login untuk melihat URL] 4) Structured data 5) 404 page 6) Connect instagram 7) Submit sitemap directly to search engines Thank you!

    $64 (Avg Bid)
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    31 penawaran

    1) Authentication System (Admin / User Dashboard) for managing recurring subscription service for Discord Server Flow of the logic 1) Admin generate keys on admin dashboard and load onto dashboard for sale 2) Users will have to login onto the dashboard first before they can purchase the key 3) Users will receive purchase confirmation of subscription (Containing invitation to Discord Server, URL a...

    $1097 (Avg Bid)
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    23 penawaran

    1) Authentication System (Admin / User Dashboard) The system works exclusively with recurring subscriptions. Features: - Auto key generator - Key validator and activation - Discord login Oauth2 - Oauth with refresh token, meaning if the discord gets shut down i can move all members pretty quick. - Instant delivery of license keys - Stock management - Data-table - Cancel membership within a clic...

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    70 penawaran

    we have an Arabic website while I am checking the website by writing this in the google search site:[login untuk melihat URL] with and without https /http /www I find that google did not cover our websites for the past hour/week and for the past month is very weak while we have a lot of content In google search console > Excluded we have Server error (5xx) 2 Page with redirect 991,996 Craw...

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    8 penawaran

    Hi, Using the extension: [login untuk melihat URL] I need the sitemap which allows me to get from this site: [login untuk melihat URL] (page 1 to x) a CSV containing: - The date of the match - The country - The type of match - Teams (if impossible to separate) - the result - Rating 1 - Dimension X - Rating 2 So I only need the sitemap and not need the data yet. On my side I manage to recover ...

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    8 penawaran

    I have a project that I have been working on for some time but I am stuck on the programming phase. This project has potential to be a solid revenue generator but without an intuitive and reliable user interface the hardware is only good for the highly technical. I have the hardware 95% developed and saleable but I require software to accompany the system. I have written some software and I nee...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    29 penawaran

    Need a a PAID CONSULATION of 30-60 minutes to start with and multiple further ones if I get contract extension:: My client does not accept paid lists from 3rd parties, he wants them personally generated and checked by me. He also wants longer articles with contextual links. I have all of these things and need advice on how to leverage my GSA and Scrapebox + SemRush and SPyglass API toolset for m...

    $231 (Avg Bid)
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    5 penawaran

    Keil MDK-ARM Audacity FM4 Starter Kit from Cypress Matlab PC running Keil MDK-ARM An Oscilloscope An audio frequency signal generator

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    4 penawaran

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