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    I need an instagram account generator. Features to have: - use of proxy (eg SOCKS5). - account with name according to the country. - follow and like. - Accounts must have pictures - name based on the nationality of the account to follow. -plug and play.

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    I have got an android app that can generate QR code. I need a person that had experience implementing Dynamic Links from here [login untuk melihat URL] Start your message with +++ so I know you read the description

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    I have a microgrid set up supplies power to a dynamic load having some renewable generators and diesel generator integrated with battery, supercapacitor and flywheel. The requirement is to minimize the cost of electricity while maximizing the reliability of the power supply, subject to a couple of system constraints (power balance, limits of energy storage systems). Need to solve it using nature-i...

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    MXStart is a survey-based benchmarking website that consists of 3 main functionalities/components - Survey, Analysis, Report Generator. Survey side - The system will allow admins to - ability to create/edit surveys - Ability to add/remove/edit questions for the surveys - Ability to set a topic/domain for each question and give weighting/scores to the answers Analysis side : -System analyses the ...

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    qr code generator site 1 hari left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. website need to be clone of [login untuk melihat URL]

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    Hello, I am looking for a team that could revamp and implement marketing strategists that will make sure my site uses the best keywords to drive more and more relevant traffic and to change my visitors to customers by using Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Optimization / Google Local Listing (GLL) / Content Promoting / Facebook Business Profile Creation & Promotion. The scope sho...

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    Lead generation 1 hari left

    I want an expert lead generator with the highest conversion rates

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    I am looking for some design ideas for t-shirts/hats for my guitar shop - named "Guitar Brando" We specialize in up-market guitars and guitar amplifiers. I have a few ideas utilizing some local fonts/logos that exist - but replacing these with my shop name. I am open to utilizing any of these ideas - but NOT combining these ideas. Please keep these themes separate from one another. 1) ...

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    I am looking for a talented hardworking Front End developer, who would be willing to go the extra mile to get great results. Please read it all. What do I want to achieve? 1) Some Page components need to be polished. 2) Create a simple and easy-to-understand web page, which users like to use/play around with. 3) The end result should be that the users should enjoy the page like a game, while not...

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    We are looking for a php developer with experience building blocks and packages to integrate a single page into a complete concrete5 packages. Take [login untuk melihat URL] this view 1. Create "Credit Application" package 2. Include single page 3. Code controller to create express objects 4. complete JS needed to process form steps to thank you including validation. In the end this p...

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    Hello, I must make a simple program in Python. Could you do one of the three programs below: (You can choose the simplest program) Program 1: In Python, a GUI generator program for the ping system command. It should take as input, a home and some input parameters. OR Program 2: Write a Python GUI generator program for the tracert system command. It should take a domain name as input and at le...

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    Hi ! Im looking for sales manager/ lead generator. Who has experience in generating leads with LinkedIn and Upwork. Also with previous experience as a sales manager in IT sphere.

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    Please contact me for a work simulation as soon as possible. Really need to fix many things. The system i study have: 1- a PV generator which delivers a power of 8280W working with a voltage of 48Vdc 2- a battery of 48Vdc 3- a bidirectional full bridge DC-DC boost converter with dual outputs which takes 48Vdc to 180V 4- a fault tolerant 5 - level inverter which takes 360Vdc to 220Vac 5- Frequenc...

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    To design new safe box design for hotel uses - Front opening with slim border. Concept: Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Futuristic. Same design in keypad or touch screen design. Design only the front panel (door) for safebox, body does not require to design. Size will be given to designer for references. Door Size: W419 x H173.5 mm Safebox is for hotel use. Have to match with hotel concept to...

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    I want to show the hidden possibilities from my old house, someone need to pimp it up from the photo.

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    hi freelancer i had convert an alternator car generator into sensorless BLDC motor . i would like to control this type of motor using suitable driver system with Arduino. The system must have the following point : 1-Code of the Arduino with the perfect control algorithm using the feedback of BEMF from each phase as a sensor to determine the next phase movement precisely 2- Simulation using Prot...

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    The hidden secrets behind design choices, and Along the way, shows how so much of our world can be a dazzling magic show, a seductive work of art and a sublime experience.

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    I have a site developed in wordpress / Woocommerce. I use Porto Theme. I am not satisfied with how the menu is displayed on my page from the mobile device. the search field is very hidden in the menu. images look a bit blurry I am looking for a person with design experience who can help me enhance the appearance of my page and make the browsing and buying experience optimal. the website is: [lo...

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    About us: We are a data-driven enrollment marketing agency that helps colleges and universities of varying profiles shape enrollment. From search through the point of deposit, we use data and analytics to better understand students so that we can engage with them in more meaningful ways across all digital channels and print. What we're looking for: An experienced web developer or agency to h...

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    The file uploaded is a PDF of one page that was created on an unknown version of Word and saved as a pdf on Word 2007. The size of the chart, title and page no. and the name that goes with the P. -vii- remain the same. Change: 1. remove all (periods) ... no matter where they are. They cannot be hidden by lines they must be gone. 2. the four columns of numbers and words must be ...

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    Hello, We want to slightly re-approach how to request free samples on our website, [login untuk melihat URL] It is currently setup using woocommerce, with the following free sample plugin: [login untuk melihat URL] along with some custom visual modifications. If one were to have a look at the site, [login untuk melihat URL], and scroll down you will see the products with a "FREE SAMPLE&quo...

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    I am looking for a talented hardworking Front End developer, who would be willing to go the extra mile to get great results. Please read it all. What do I want to achieve? 1) Some Page components need to be polished. 2) Create a simple and easy-to-understand web page, which users like to use/play around with. 3) The end result should be that the users should enjoy the page like a game, while not...

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    I need an offline basic app for booking homestay reservations on a multi year calendar [login untuk melihat URL] is the closest to my requirements I don't have a hosting server. Developer needs to make my firebase free hosting server if needed for server configurations or make a server on pc is also fine. I don't intend to purchase any hosting service for this app. No hidden costs involv...

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    I use a website that allow to create album cover generator I need an automation to create random album cover The website seems to have protection vs selenium webdriver

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    I have a form where I can enter image information while uploading an image (Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress). The wish is for the title and description to be uploaded to the media library together with the uploaded image. It also send an email - and thats wanted. ------------ <form id="form" action="" method="post"> <div id="info" class="amu_...

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    Please build a template that automatically generates internship completion certificates in PDF. Please input a layout, with a company's logo. The template should be easy for me to amend. At a click of a button, based on the namelist tab inputted into the excel file, it must automatically save each individual user file into PDF that is automatically saved into the student's name. Please ...

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    I'm opening a beauty center for ladies , i need a design how and where to put the assets , furniture , whole decoration , what material to choose , 3d design . contains a private room for wax and makeup one bathroom small mini kitchen for the staff 4 mirrors for hair with 4 hair chairs 2 sinks for manicure sink and 2 chairs 2 hair sink one minibar next to the waiting area one rece...

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    We are a group of persons working in consulting for customs. We are developing a risk management system and we are interested in improving our image detection models. Thus, we need an experimented machine learning engineer that could build image-input models for anomaly detection (i.e. drugs, hidden merchancy, hidden places in containers, people traffic, others models would be desired). Engineers...

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    I use a website that allow to create album cover generator I need an automation to create random album THe website seem to have protection vs selenium webdriver

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    News Aggregator -- 2 1 jam left

    The aim of this project is to create a news aggregator in python. Specifications: 1. The engine should be build on top of Scrapy and needs to be well structured, scalable and well optimized 2. The engine should crawl websites that will be provided from a JSON file or database (should be flexible because we haven’t decided yet) 3. Spiders should be build in that way that can easily scale up,...

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    I have a wellness brand that is looking to create a website and app. Wireframing and Design will be done in advance and given to freelancer to build. Website Pages - About us - Programmes / services - Booking Packages (3 Tiers, with payment capability and waiting list) - Membership (signup, profile, upgrade) - Shop (eCommerce) - Contact us App Functionality - Booking Packages (3 Tiers) - Cal...

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    fuel less generator Berakhir left

    hello, I am looking for an electrical engineer who have knowledge about renewable energy I want to make a fuelless generator i.e, free energy generator if any one is interested please contact me asap thank you.

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    Logo hidden Lodge Berakhir left

    Hidden Lodge offer exclusive and unique lodging in hotels boutiques or vacation homes mostly in the beach.

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    Seeking experienced engineer, who have worked on CFD of Wind Turbine. We have unique wind turbine geometry and want to get it simulated in Ansys fluid or OpenFoam or SolidWorks or StarCCM or ComSol Multiphysics or whichever you have hands on experience. You must have real time experience and should not require any assistance to work on this problem. We will provide you the geometry / CAD files an...

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    Hidden Point Berakhir left

    Necesito hacer una página web con base a una plantilla de WordPress con ecommer y añadir distintos plugins.

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    *Some of these settings are hidden or managed by your organization this message is above in red and I don't know why but it cant be removed, I tried a lot of solution to this problem white the help of google and youtube but it just can't be removed. Help me please

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    Hello! Welcome to our contest! We want 2 different synonym to be derived like the words below (The words you will find must be longer than 6 letters) -Delicious -Unique Taste -Yummy DO NOT USE online tools & websites like synonym generator to find synonyms because we can do that too. To find words(synonyms), look at box designs, banners, advertisements, websites of some famous fast ...

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    Need an expert to perform Technical SEO audit of on-page SEO, and off-page SEO for our site: We need to improve speed, Security, Navigability, confirm no 404 errors, redirect, links, install sitemap, confirm mobile friendliness, crawlability, and content. Keyword integration is critical. Must achieve page one Google ranking within 90 days.

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    I need someone to make me a cookie generator for Nordstrom.

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    The objective is to design as a minimum viable product a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain network whose characteristics are those of a conventional lottery. The functions of the "smart contract" would consist of issuing a certain number of tokens (such as lottery tickets) each month in exchange for a stablecoin (Tether or DAI) with a limit of 1 token purchased per cryptowallet a...

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    hello i have magneto site and face a prboelm where the price getting hidden need someone to solve it only post if you can work now

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    android app create whatsapp, android app send whatsapp message, android send message whatsapp contact, how to see last seen on whatsapp without going online, whatsapp online status checker, how to see last seen on whatsapp if blocked, whatsapp last seen hack, how to check last seen on whatsapp if hidden, how to see last seen on whatsapp iphone, whatsapp last seen checker iphone, whatsapp last see...

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    build an apps to feed TradingView data to eSignal MetaStock Pro 10.1 and Advanced Get 9 RT in real time (not EOD) TradingView data: Crypto and Futures data you should had experience in eSignal MetaStock Pro 10.1 and Advanced Get RT and help me to setup this project the apps should have auto reconnect and refill missed data function while each connection no hidden code or password protected and al...

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    3D real-time application, browser-based. With the possibility that several people can visit the 3D worlds simultaneously / independently of one another via a simple link (permanent link). In the 3D worlds, additional information should be accessible and playable (clips) via hidden links. (only Ukraine)

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    for json generator change project change hardcode input to take input from swagger file

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    i m a interior desisigner and want leads in interiors

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    Build playlists generator with Spotify’s API ? (in Python!)

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    I would like to create an MVP of a document generator site. My priority is to build something lightweight with a decent frontend that can generate usable, commercial documents like RocketLawyer. I have several templates that I would like to be automatically filled using a series of questions based on the topic. I have a few topics in mind with the forms already. - Privacy policy - Real estate le...

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