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    hai saya ada 4 jenis antenna perlu di designed untuk bandwidth 0.3GHz hingga 3GHz menggunakan CS Tsoftware. jadi berapa rate harga yang awak akan ambik ?

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional with vast knowledge of both Arduino and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Key Duties: - Creating an advanced code for my Arduino Uno to function effectively. - Ensuring accurate collection of data from the RFID sensors. - Navigating communication with other devices smoothly. - Programing the RFID antenna for reading multiple tags with each performing specific functions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Arduino Uno. - Solid understanding of how RFID systems work. - Proven ability to develop complex Arduino codes. - Background in sensor data collection and device communication. Please, apply if you possess these skills and are ready for an exciting challenge!

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    I need an experienced PCB designer with proficiency in handling ESP32 modules to help design for a control system. This project entails the design and development of a custom ESP32 based PCB that's equipped with multiple input-output features, including analog inputs that ranges from 0 - 10vdc as well as analog outputs from 0 - 10dc. It also necessitates the integration of MODBUS, WIFI antenna extender connector, and battery backup components. Ideal Qualifications & Skills: - Robust knowledge of PCB design and layout - Experience with ESP32 modules - Proficiency in interfacing with analog inputs/outputs - Familiarity with MODBUS and WIFI antenna connector - Experience working with projects that require battery backup designs Environment: Th...

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    HFSS Expert Needed Urgently 2 Hari left

    Hi, I am looking for an expert in Antenna design to work on a project in HFSS Software. I will share work details in chat. Place your bid if you have prior expertise in HFSS software.

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    i need you to fix my antenna it’s not showing the red line as in the papar here the file HFSS and the paper i want it excaly as the paper design and the radition patrren must the same do it in HFSS using null steering method with phase 0,90,90,45,45

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    ...specifications of our antenna products compared to others in the market. Here's what I need: - **Deep Dive into Antenna Specs**: I want the infographic to break down the complex technical specifications of our antennas in a way that's accessible yet informative to technical professionals. This should include frequency range, gain, types (e.g., Yagi, Dipole, Patch), and any innovative features that set our antennas apart. - **Comparative Analysis**: Part of the infographic should visually compare our antennas’ specs and features with other leading products on the market. This comparison should be clear, concise, and accurate, highlighting why our offerings are superior. - **Visual Appeal for Technical Audience**: While I'm aiming for a high level of ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled antenna designer to create a GPS array for a short-range, anti-jamming tracking solution. This project aims to deliver precise and reliable tracking capabilities within a 1-mile radius. The focus is on designing an efficient and robust antenna system that can withstand interference, ensuring consistent performance. **Key Requirements:** - Design a GPS antenna optimized for short-range tracking. - Ensure the antenna is capable of anti-jamming functionalities. - Adapt the design for compact and efficient use, considering space constraints. **Ideal Skills:** - Experience in antenna/radio frequency (RF) design, especially GPS technology. - Proficiency in simulation and modeling tools for antenna desi...

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    ...a unique baseball cap design that encapsulates the essence of the oil and gas field environment with a masculine touch. The final design will be utilized in a professional setting, worn by individuals working around oil and gas fields. **Key Requirements:** - **Color Palette:** The design should primarily use navy blue as the main color. - **Lettering Style:** For the cap's text, we're looking for a simple and clean font style that's straightforward yet impactful. - **Design Motifs:** A crucial part of this design is the inclusion of a specific gas well symbol, which I've provided in a hand-drawn format. This symbol should be a solid red color. Antenna will be in yellow and text will be in white. **Ideal Skills and Expe...

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    Trophy icon Wild West Expertise Logo Berakhir left

    ...Candidate Will Have:** - Proven experience in logo design - Portfolio with themed work, especially Western-style designs - Ability to translate a concept into visual storytelling **To Apply, Please Provide:** - A selection of your past work relevant to the Western theme - Detailed project proposal or pitch - Timeline and milestones for project completion Please note, while precise colors are not stipulated, expect revisions that might explore a palette that could include browns, reds, and blues to match the Western aesthetic as the project develops. I have attached a couple of rough sketches I have in mind. There is a photo featuring the style western hat. If I could use the V in the hat to sit over the “O” it might come across as TV antenna (as with the ske...

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    ...experienced structural engineer to create a durable design for a 5-meter-tall tower that will serve as a base for a communication antenna. The project entails: - Adapting the design to withstand high winds and saltwater corrosion, ensuring a robust and resilient structure for a coastal environment. - Aiming for a tower lifespan of 20-25 years, with materials and construction methods chosen for longevity and low maintenance. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Structural engineering expertise, specifically with towers or tall structures. - Knowledge of environmental impact on structures. - Experience with designs that resist corrosion and high wind conditions. - Proficiency in CAD software and structural simulation tools. Deliverables: - Detailed design plans suitabl...

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    Trophy icon Antenna Cable Explained Visually 10 Hari left

    This project is to create an Infographic on the subject of: Low Loss Antenna cable Applications The attachments are content ideas for this infographic: These are just concepts as examples, and I do not want duplicated text from this document. [Although the title of this contest is "Antenna Cable Explained Visually" - please ignore that title and instead focus on making an infographic on the subject of: Low Loss Antenna cable Applications - and use the attached documents for ideas] Create an informative and visually engaging infographic that will cater primarily to professional installers and also be accessible to the general public. Here's what I'm envisioning: - Illustrate low loss antenna cable applications, emphasizing their importa...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned RF engineer with proven expertise in antenna design, RF circuit design, and RF testing and measurement. Your tasks will need to involve exploring and isolating components of wireless networks linked to BCI and nano radio, along with identifying and locating illegitimate implant communication signals. - Skills and Expertise: You should be at the top of your game in RF engineering, having an extensive experience dealing with niche problems in the field. - Systems Familiarity: Proficiency in cellular networks is highly desirable. Your familiarity with these networks should extend to isolating components and identifying signals within their framework. Your technical problem-solving skills will be crucial for the success of...

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    I'm seeking a proficient writer to craft a compelling academic research article focused on the topic of technology. This piece is targeted towards tech I'd like to maintain should be formal and academic. Ideal skills and qualifications: - Profound knowledge in technology - Experience in academic writing - Ability to use technical jargon and concepts fluently - Strong research skills, responsible for providing accurate and updated data. - Able to provide samples of previous work in a similar tone and subject matter. Knowledge in 5g, 6g, antenna The quality of the article is very important to me as it's addressing sophisticated audience. The successful bidder should be ready to incorporate any essential revisions to meet the desired standards. I look for...

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    Project AMC antenna Berakhir left

    Payment for the whole project as required.

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    Need a PCB designed using the ATMEL SAM21D + SIM7020G and should have the proper resistance trace and connector for an external LTE antenna. It should use a usb connector to program the SAM21D in a similar way to the Arduino MKR Zero. The Atmel microcontroller will be connected to the SIM7020G in such a way to send data over LTE of course. Additionally, there should be 3 channels to measure voltage between 6-40v using the Atmel's onboard ADC. Cost of components should be a consideration. Designs should be submitted in Eaglecad format.

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    As a project holder, I need to install a satellite uplink 2x500W KU + 3.7 KU antenna, for broadcasting services. I'll need an expert well-versed in supervising and commissioning the installation with our team. Key Requirements: - Prior experience with satellite uplink installations - Understanding the specifics of configuring the uplink for broadcasting services - Knowledge in RF equipments and RF measurements. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Satellite installation and configuration. - Familiarity with broadcasting services setup. - Proactive problem-solving abilities. Timing: End of March 2024 - April 2024.

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    ...effectively work on USA Directv or Dish Network camping in-motion satellite antenna, utilizing currently sold auto positioning system along with my multiple satellite flat antenna. My ultimate desire is to create a sample that's suitable for demonstration purposes. Your primary focus will be on: - System Integration: You'll take on the integral role of uniting the auto positioning system and the multiple satellite flat antenna into a single, cohesive unit. Your goal is to ensure that these different systems work seamlessly together. - Ease of Use: It's imperative that the integrated system is designed with the user in mind. Specifically, I need you to make the entire system lowest profile by optimal buildup of antenna + system. This s...

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    ...are in a bag. Bluetooth Module: A Bluetooth module such as the HC-05 or HC-06, ensuring compatibility with the Arduino board for wireless communication to a computer or smartphone. Power Supply: UHF RFID readers often require more power. A robust power source is necessary, such as a higher-capacity LiPo battery or a dedicated power adapter. Antenna for UHF RFID Reader: UHF RFID operations require an appropriate antenna. The size and type of the antenna will depend on the desired reading range and the specific UHF RFID module you are using. Connecting Wires: Appropriate cables or jumper wires to connect the UHF RFID reader, Bluetooth module, and Arduino board. UHF RFID Tags: UHF RFID tags compatible with your reader, for testing and deployment purposes. Software Requ...

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    I am in search of a seasoned RF engineer with experience in 3D modeling and simulation for the design and development of an omnidirectional antenna intended for signal transmission (television, radio, etc.). Key tasks include: • Analysis of antenna requirements for signal transmission • 3D antenna design and development • Testing and troubleshooting Skills Required: • Expertise in RF engineering • Proven experience with 3D design and simulation of antennas • Comprehensive understanding of RF testing and troubleshooting methodologies • Previous experience in signal transmission- specifically for television and radio. This is not just an antenna design job, this is a chance to create something...

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    I am seeking an experienced professional to design, and implement a setup that would allow for the display of GPS antenna signals on an oscilloscope. The aim is to conduct an experiment to measure the speed of light. Key responsibilities include: - Design and build a system capable of measuring, displaying and analyzing GPS antenna signals on the oscilloscope. - Ensure that the system is able to demonstrate a 10ns shift whenever the antenna is raised or lowered by 10’. Ideal freelance candidates will have: - Proficiency in the use of oscilloscopes and other related equipment, - A sound understanding of signal processing, - Knowledge in the physics of light and GPS technology, - Strong problem-solving abilities and the capacity to work independent...

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    I'm seeking an expert designer to build an array antenna with specific attributes: - The design is specified in the IEEE publication attached to this project. - Intended for high-speed communication applications - Must function within the microwave frequency range (L, S and X) - Dual-pol design - SEE ATTACHED IEEE PUBLICATION FOR FULL SPECS. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in RF engineering and antenna theory - Experience designing microwave antennas - Skilled in simulation software (e.g., CST, HFSS) - Ability to prototype and test designs - Strong problem-solving skills I value precision and efficiency, hence I'm looking for a freelancer who can deliver high-quality work within the set deadlines. Your work will empower communication technologies. ...

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    I need two infographics that will used to illustrate the subject matter on this blog post (please review the blog post to get ideas for your infographic: I will choose two winners of the contest: 1. One winner for Antenna Cable Installation 2. One winner for Antenna Cable Management Include the logo of Data Alliance (see: ): Small, and placed at or near the bottom (the logo should not dominate the graphic, but rather should be a more discreet aspect of the graphic). Include a small, discrete line of copyright text at the bottom: Copyright Data Alliance Inc. All rights reserved. Please double-check your entry for spelling errors before submitting it. In the file handover:

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    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled 3D artist to create a rendering of an antenna with a desert background. The rendering should be moderately realistic with some details, capturing the essence of the antenna in a visually appealing manner. I need two designs for two antennas one thisk and one is thin. both are 80 cm diameter The 1st antenna is 30 cm thick The second is 8 cm diameter color: tan standing on triapod orientation 30 cm upward background: desert similar to the image in teh website below I need teh design to be readable by solidworks

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    ...3D printed model. Any large STEP files of the final product will need to be broken up into two smaller STEP files so they can individually fit on the 3D Print bed. The printing area is 10"x10"x10". Please refer to image 1. This images shows a speaker grill for a car dash that sits inside of a bezel. We need to change the grill into a 3D dome that will hold 3 satellite antennas. That specific antenna dims will be provided later. THE OUTER PERIMETER OF THE STEP FILE NEEDS TO EXACTLY MATCH THE OUTER PERIMETER OF IMAGE 1. AGAIN, THE OUTER PERIMETER MUST EXACTLY MATCH THE IMAGE. Image 2 shows the speaker grill set into its bezel. In this image, the bezel is INVERTED, so it is showing the bottom side. Image 3 shows the underside of the bezel, and how the perimeter of...

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    2. System Overview The system shall consist of the following key components: * Multi-antenna RFID reader(s) capable of simultaneous tag reading. * RFID tags compatible with the reader's frequency and protocol. * Antenna configurations optimized for the application. * Reader software for tag data processing and management. * Integration with existing systems, if applicable. 3. Functional Requirements 3.1 Tag Reading * The system shall be capable of reading a minimum of 8 RFID tags simultaneously within a specified coverage area. * RFID tags shall be read without significant interference or collision. * The system shall support tag reading at a rate of at least 50 tags per second. * The system shall provide accurate and real-time data on the tags�...

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    PCB design Berakhir left

    Project Description: PCB Design I am looking for an experienced PCB designer to help me with a moderately complex project. I need a HAT for a Raspberry Pi Zero, the HAT will need to have a GPS chip and communicate with the raspberry pi via UART. The pcb will also need a connector for the antenna connection. Components: - NEO-M9N-00B GPS or similar GPS module PCB Layers: - I would like the PCB to have double layers. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in PCB design - Experience with designing moderately complex PCBs - Knowledge of various components and their integration into PCBs - Ability to suggest and select appropriate components based on project requirements If you have experience in PCB design and are ready to tackle this project, please s...

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    ...System Design Service with Specific Requirements and Flexible Deadline We are seeking a skilled and experienced RF hardware designer to provide RF system design services for our project. The ideal candidate will have expertise in RF system design and be able to meet our specific requirements. We are looking RF hardware design service and we already have a schematic design but it need some rectifications. Our requirement is to correct schematic and generate the Gerber file . for example You need to fix the transmitters heads and you only need to by or add frequency generator software and a little bit of software that only need for data saving, data control, and radar identification. Specific Requirements: - We have detailed specifications and re...

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    enclosure design Berakhir left

    Enclosure Design for Electronics with Smoke Detector Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing enclosures for electronics - Knowledge of smoke ventilation systems Requirements: - Design an enclosure for smoke detector - To be mounted on the ceiling with an attached antenna - No specific size or shape is provided, but there are some specifications - Ensure the enclosure is suitable for electronic components - Consider the need for shock resistance and waterproofing, if applicable Note: This project does not require outdoor or industrial enclosure design.

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    RFID and NFC Reader for Add-On Application - I am in need of a reader that can support both RFID and NFC technologies. - The intended use of the reader is for an add-on application. - I require only one reader for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing RFID and NFC readers. - Knowledge of inventory tracking, access control, and payment systems. - Ability to integrate the reader into an existing system. - Strong understanding of RFID and NFC technologies. - Familiarity with industry standards and protocols. - Proficiency in programming languages used for reader development. - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can develop an embedded NFC reader and antenna for my project. The intended application of this NFC reader and antenna is to be used as an add-on for a security system. Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing embedded systems and NFC technology - Knowledge of antenna design and integration - Familiarity with security system applications - Ability to meet deadlines and deliver the project within a month.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a Full Materials Declaration document for an antenna with cable and connector. The purpose of this document is to provide transparency for our customers. Skills and experience needed: - Knowledge of regulations and compliance related to materials declaration - Experience in supply chain management - Strong attention to detail I will provide documentation of all the materials (it's five documents). The freelancer will need to review and organize this information into a Full Materials Declaration in Word format. The document should provide a detailed description of each material used in the antenna with cable and connector. This project requires a freelancer who can accurately and comprehensively describe each material, ensurin...

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    Design a Qi compatible wireless charging receiver (RX) unit for 10 - 15W. - receiver antenna coil must be small, either 1) 24mm diameter or less, or 2) 20mm x 40mm or less - 10W+ receiving power at 6mm - when possible for capacitors and resistors use 0603 (metric) size parts - use parts available for purchase on digikey or mouser - provide 2.54mm header for external connection to +/-

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    I am seeking a freelancer to assist in setting up Sllurp with the Zebra FX9600 reader to capture tag events. The objective is to transmit data to a specified URL each time a new tag is identified, including the reader's IP, antenna ID, tag details, and timestamp. The completion timeframe is 2-3 days, and remote access to the reader will be provided. Key Requirements: Integration of the configuration into my preferred platform. Anticipated tag volume is below 1000. Desired Skills and Experience: Proficiency in configuring Sllurp with the Zebra FX9600 reader. Knowledge of RFID technology and expertise in tag event reading. Familiarity with various integration platforms.

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    RFID Reader Design a RFID Reader circuit for the PN532. Support I2C @ 3.3V. The antenna size should be 12 x 12 cm. I am in need of an experienced Electronic engineer who can develop an RFID reader that utilises the PN532 chip. Experience with the PN532 is preferred. Experience with designing RFID antennas is required. Please also explain your design, particularly how the proper capacitance is achieved. - Purpose: The primary function of this RFID reader is to identify object presence. The objects in this case are "custom devices". Sensitivity and accuracy are therefore paramount. - Design Requirements: The reader must integrate a 12 x 12 cm antenna to fit within the confined space of the unit. The core of this project is the implementation o...

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    ...the scanned mower (geometry of the tank should be largely retained) - Next step: moulds for tower, vessel and chain created ---> ensure that the cast models can be removed from the mold again (detail features of the tank can be adjusted to ensure propper demold) - Ensure dimensions (observe tower dimensions after thermoforming -- should be able to be inserted into the opening of the vessel) - Antenna, radar dish and gun barrels need not be included in the mold. These are produced later via 3D printing - Model can stop approx. 5 cm before the floor Preferred Material: - I would prefer the cast mold to be made using 3D printing technology. Thererfore no shells, only solid construction. Desired Size: - The desired size of the cast mold should be able to fit on a 3D scanned rob...

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    Moodlebox () is a Raspberry Pi projects which runs Moodle on a Raspberry Pi board (). Moodlebox broadcasts a wi-fi sign...devices. Desired outcomes: The Moodlebox cluster must: 1. be able to handle at least 75 simultaneous connections with video being streamed on up to 40 of those connections. 2. be customisable. All customisations that are possible on the regular Moodle installation must be possible on the Moodlebox cluster. 3. be able to have a wi-fi antenna connected to it to increase the range that the wi-fi signal from the Moodlebox is broadcast. The selected consultant will design the setup and guide someone remotely to setup and test the Pi cluster setup and installation of Moodlebox on the cluster.

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    Please contact for more details about the design for a stowable yet beam scanning antenna for high power microwave applications.

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    Project: CST Antenna Simulation Steps for Installed Performance I am looking for a skilled professional to show me step by step in a word document with screenshots, how simulation steps should be done for a basic monopole antenna installed on an airplane or any other platform, automotive or something else with hybrid solver. He/she will show in the word document; -how the platform(airplane/automotive etc) CAD file imported, -how an antenna is put on the top of the platform -then simulation steps for hybrid solver solution step by step, so every mouse click before running the simulation must be shown -Rather than an antenna design project, this will be only informative document for me as a hobbyist. Therefore, you are free to choose any antenna w...

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    Project Title: SIMCOM A7672S RF antenna - Network Issue Resolution I am seeking a freelancer with expertise in RF antennas and network troubleshooting to assist with resolving a network issue we are facing with the SIMCOM A7672S RF antenna. The issue is related to signal interference when using IoT/Normal SIM cards for communication. Network Issue: - The specific problem we are experiencing is signal interference. Interference Conditions: - The interference occurs constantly, without any specific conditions. Steps Taken: - We have already tried different SIM cards in an attempt to resolve the issue. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in RF antennas and network troubleshooting. - Familiarity with SIMCOM A7672S RF antenna and its commu...

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    $7 - $18
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    I am seeking a professional firmware engineer to help me create an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) with customizable options based on specific requirements. J1939 device specifications - WiFi 801.11b/g/n up to 150Mbps and simultaneous AP and Station modes - Bluetooth 4.2 Class 1 supporting BR/EDR and LE dual-mode - Multi-constellation GNSS receiver with built-in high-gain antenna - High-efficiency switching power supplies for low temperature operation - Over-, under-, and reverse-voltage protection exceeding automotive standards - ESD protection exceeding automotive standards - Full-color RGB LED for status indication - Dual-core 32-bit Tensilica processor at 240MHz - Built-in J1939 Type II 9-pin connector supporting both new and legacy vehicles - Physical layer and protocol auto...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to assist with the development of an RF based on SDR prototype. The purpose of this project is to create a functional prototype that operates within the S and C band frequencies. The desired operating frequency range for the SDR should be between 1-6 GHz with Tx upto 2 KW with sdr based phased erray antenna for Tx. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in RF engineering and SDR development - Experience with prototype development and testing - Knowledge of the S and C band frequencies - Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in SDR development

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    Model 4 pulsed threat radars with operating frequencies varying between 4-8 GHz with the EW Self-Protection System's jamming system on a fighter aircraft with an RCS of 12 m2 . Design the antenna for the jammer separately in MATLAB application and use the pattern of this antenna in the simulation. Perform a MATLAB simulation in which the detection (burn-through) distance of the J/S and the fighter is calculated for the jamming of the EW Self-Protection System at three different powers for each radar.

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to design and create a small electronics enclosure for my project. The enclosure should have the following specifications: Size Requirement: - The enclosure will be small, with dimensions max 100 x 60 x 10 mm - See pictures for first design draft Intended Use: - The enclosure will be for electronic sensors inside shipped goods. Can get cold and hot but not wet. - There will be a battery cover to easily change batteries - The design should include a low cost 4-wire connector that will allow the device to be electrically connected to a docking station. The docking station will be designed later, based on this design. - It should either be a cut-out for GPS antenna or a thicker enclosure to accommodate it. The ante...

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    I have very limited C# experience. I need help configuring a running copy of on 2022 Visual Studio 17. I plan on using some HID relays to control some Amateur radio antenna switches. K7OGW

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    Make an infographic about the distinctions between LMR-200 and LMR-400 coaxial cable types. LMR-200 and LMR-400 are coax types for antenna cables. The infographic can show some or all of the following information: 1. The differences in attenuation (signal loss) for each of the two types. 2. The bend radiuses of each of the two types 3. Diameter / thickness of each of the two types. 5. Shielding characteristics of each 6. Any other distinguishing information that you can find that makes the graphic more interesting is fine. I will choose some winners that are more complex and some that are less complex. 7. Maximum frequency range of each type (max for LMR-200 is 6 GHz). I will choose multiple winners of this contest (it may be more than five). Each winner gets their own feedback. I...

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    Make an infographic that compares 1.13mm and RG-174 coaxial cable types: 1.13mm and RG-174 are coax types for cables, also known as antenna cables or Antenna Cables with Connectors. The infographic can show some or all of the following information: 1. The differences in attenuation (signal loss) for each of the two types. 2. The bend radiuses of each of the two types 3. Diameter / thickness of each of the two types. 5. Shielding characteristics of each 6. Any other distinguishing information that you can find that makes the graphic more interesting is fine. I will choose some winners that are more complex and some that are less complex. 7. Maximum frequency range of each type (max for RG-174 is 6 GHz). I will choose multiple winners of this contest (it may be more than...

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    ----------------------------------------------------------- I WONT ANSWER "WHATS YOUR BUDGET?" QUESTION PLEASE SET A REALISTIC BID ------------------------------------------------------------ I have got a custom ESP32 board which has an onboard ceramic antenna. I need help to get a stable WiFi connection. I think the anntenna circuit needs to be adjusted.

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    Make an infographic about the distinctions between RG-174 and LMR-100 coaxial cable types. LMR-100 and RG-174 are coax types for antenna cables. The infographic can show some or all of the following information: 1. The differences in attenuation (signal loss) for each of the two types. 2. The bend radiuses of each of the two types 3. Diameter / thickness of each of the two types. 5. Shielding characteristics of each 6. Any other distinguishing information that you can find that makes the graphic more interesting is fine. I will choose some winners that are more complex and some that are less complex. 7. Maximum frequency range of each type (max for LMR-100 is 6 GHz). I will choose multiple winners of this contest (it may be more than five). Each winner gets their own feedback. Inc...

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    Hi I need to include a custom antenna Bluetooth (2.4 Ghz) in my current of PCB. The antenna will be connected to connector IPX-V1 + Wire. I dont know if the antenna could be ceramic or printed. The propousal of antenna must be tunning to 50 Ohm and SWR < 2.0 I attached the PCB form factor, and the zone were i need the antenna. Thanks. Ricardo

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