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    Membuat Android Apps, memprogram firmware (ESP32) & cloud server (Google) untuk produk WiFi Outlet. Produk ini terkoneksi via WiFi, sehingga bisa untuk menyala/matikan peralatan elektronik dari jarak jauh dengan SmartPhone Android selama terkoneksi dengan internet.

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    Perangkat lunak adalah istilah khusus untuk data yang diformat, dan disi...untuk bahasa pemrograman tingkat tinggi seperti Pascal dan bahasa pemrograman tingkat rendah yaitu bahasa rakitan. Pengendali perangkat keras (device driver) yaitu penghubung antara perangkat perangkat keras pembantu, dan komputer adalah software yang banyak dipakai di swalayan, dan juga sekolah, yaitu penggunaan barcode scanner pada aplikasi database lainnya.[4] Perangkat lunak menetap (firmware) seperti yang dipasang dalam jam tangan digital, dan pengendali jarak jauh. Perangkat lunak bebas (free 'libre' software) dan Perangkat lunak sumber terbuka (open source software) Perangkat lunak gratis (freeware) Perangkat lunak uji coba (shareware / trialware) Perangkat lunak...

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    Membuat website sederhana menggunakan PHP firmware symfony, dapat menampilkan map (Google Map), dan melakukan pembayaran seperti pembayaran e-commerce (paypal, bca, mandiri, dll). Website ini juga menggunakan sms gateway, untuk mengirimkan informasi ke user.

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    This is regarding mcu firmware and GUI development work for automobile ecu code reading and deliver the real out put data. Our customer needs few raw data like rpm, TPS, engine load,  vehicle speed, engine timing and some of the live data needs as output can we get it ?

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    We have multiple LED controller projects that used ESP32 controller. I am looking for a ESp32 firmware developer who has rich experience in ESP32 firmware development. Looking for an experienced developer.

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    Qmk firmware api 4 Hari left

    Hi. i want to set my qmk keyboard code able to recive led controlling commands using their raw hid api . Or alternatively to set it using via or vial , or openrgb repo's. Just to make it work properly. Please offer only if you have good experience with qmk code .

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    I just got and assembled my 3d printer and i cant get the build plate to move manually or find home. I also need to flash to original firmware. Idk what else i need to do to get my first print but i need help

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    PCB design and Firmware development 3 Hari left

    The PCB is required with onboard memory and Bluetooth chip, we want to store some images on the onboard memory. The PCB will be connected to a 2.8” LCD round display and we want the ability to trigger the selected image which is already on the PCB onboard memory from our mobile phone in a nutshell.

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    Zapraszamy do udziału w projekcie lepszego jutra - SmartCity. Autonomiczny System Obsługi Obiektów to kompleksowy ekosystem dla miast przyszłości. Autorska elektronika, firmware oraz software. ASOO to: - urządzenia końcowe ( zespoły przekaźnikowe, moduły I/O cyfrowe oraz analogowe, czytniki NFC+, czujniki ) - - kontrolery magistrali komunikujące się z API poprzez TCP/IP - API obsługujące komunikację kontrolery/baza/integracje zewnętrzne - interfejs web Zadanie obejmuje napisanie nowego api według przekazanej dokumentacji. Zakres współpracy obejmuje też autotesty kompatybilne z Jenkins.

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    IOT application 3 Hari left

    We wanted to develop an Embedded Firmware for IoT Application. Following is our brief requirement, 1) We need to interface the GPS Receiver, Temperature sensor & LTE CAT 1 Modem with the IoT processor (You have to suggest us the correct H/W platform) 2) The GPS data, Temperature sensor data need to send on cloud at every 5 sec (duration should be programmable) using LTE modem, the protocol should be used as MQTT. Scope of work 1) Identify the low cost H/W platform on which our application should work. 2) Develop an embedded firmware 3) Initial prototype development will be done on development which we will provide 4) Deliverables: Complete source code

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    Backend and Frontend Website 2 Hari left

    ...the ts code for services, data display * Backend, Expressjs : Partially done. to be completed If this is a success, I have the following to do as well, we will discuss the requirements when we are done with the first one: * Tracking device website/app: dashboard with angular done, need backend that is not yet started. Mobile app UI done with IONIC. Might need some changes. I am developing the firmware for this backend. So that can be a good opportunity to work together and make this a success. * An angular app to manage, edit and create pvc cards. Think about it like a hotel NFC card design app. You are able to do your design, based on a template, validate it and work with your team on it. You are also able to generate many cards based on the data you can enter on the platfor...

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    We're having an aftermarket android (android 10) tablet of a car on which some modification has to be done (suitable for an electric car), like developing a theme, homepage, modifying apps, root enabling, custom animations. The work is very simple as of now, & requires only adding a custom homepage, starting (boot) animations & modifying existing firmware apps (including deleting/hiding). Along with tablet we're having all the wires & other necessary hardware. We would be giving the hardware & info of the same (like battery info or other info from the hardware) has to be displayed on the screen. The chosen candidate has to work on the tablet & might require to visit our office, hence its is recommended that the candidate must be from Bangalore, India. P...

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    Hi Muhammad ! I have my own PCB already designed in Altium, also the source code done but need some improvement and Im having issues with the current engineer I hired. Would you like to join me in this project ? The device is already working and I received PCBs assembled from factory, everything works fine, just need to improve the firmware a little bit and maybe make new PCB design in the future (same ICs, same firmware, but different PCB shape). Thanks !!

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    Develop and test firmware for an existing TI CC3200-based IoT Smart Plug hardware design and: * Implement WiFI access point provisioning and account registration * Provide on/off control of an attached electrical load via a relay * Transmit telemetry data to the cloud, including power measurements from an ATM90E26, using an existing AWS SDK * Implement Over-The-Air update capability for the plug (optional but desired) The firmware must be very reliable and utilize best industry coding standards, include a well commented RTOS, a modular structure, interrupt-driven I/O, semaphore protection for memory access, proper WDT implementation, etc. Specifications and hardware schematics can be provided after signing an NDA. Sample hardware will be provided once we start.

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    Hi, We have the WE826-T2-16 Mb and installed Openwrt openwrt-21.02.3-ramips-mt7620-zbtlink_zbt-we826-16m-squashfs-sysupgrade. Now we like to update this firmware, so we get a new firmware to do all explained below: 1. Make sure the UCI calls (see attachment) are default configuration in the new firmware 2. Get variables from a server explained in `Get variables` part 3. Make a script explained in the part `Discover DHCP` 4. Set Root password of router GET VARIABLES In the UCI calls we have some variables. Some are hardcoded. But a few we need to get with a simple post call like below, and store. If post call is not available we should retry a few times, and if still not available sent an other post call and only retry after restarting the modem. Post first time: ...

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    ..."as3911_interrupt.h" #include "iso14443a.h" #include "clock.h" #include "ic.h" #include "uart.h" #include "delay_wrapper.h" #include "sorex_hal/Communication/Rfid.h" #include "utils/debug.h" #include "utils/reschedule.h" #include "buzzer/sounds.h" #include "cardman/cards_manager.h" #include "application/application.h" #include "application/rtc_timeout.h" #include "application/software_functions.h" /*! brief Firmware Version string (will be written to UART while initializing) */ #define FIRMWARE_VERSION_STR "v3.3.1" /*! * brief Short timeout before initializing/calibrating the RFID unit * Has been introduced to get better calibr...

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    ...(full and incremental) to be setup through Windows. Need to run data deplication on various VMs. Need to decommission ADRMS Need to establish trust between 2 ADs and then remove one AD. ADs are in both locations. Need to reduce to 1 AD in each location. Note currently have 1 domain for Exchange and 1 for all other. Reduce to 1 Domain. Need to ensure latest updates (server and exchange) and firmware are running on all servers Need to ensure that server ports are locked down but for Exchange and internet access. Exchange Server is structured to run a Witness Server. Need to ensure that operating effectively. What else??? Tell me how you can effectively deploy. Need to review antivirus. Currently using Kaspersky. Consdiering all we have is MS, what exchange & ...

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    Hi, i am interested in this to be used with an arduino....please check this link, the schematics are there if you scroll down, the seller says this is the SPI module, so we need a pcb and add mcu and firmware. i am assuming the mcu can be an arduino ;) let me know what you think. thank you. :)

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    Design 4xSDI seamless switcher with 2 HDMI outputs which support 1080...with input auto-detect resolutions feature. Output interfaces (2xHDMI) must support full range resolutions up to 1080p. Each output must could configured separately (out 1 has just 1 mode and out 2 supports 2 modes) Each output could have own mode and resolutions, must not effect one out config to another output. Freelancer who want to doing this project must design hardware and software (FPGA Firmware) and send to us the sample hardware designed also at the end must deliver all source codes and source files like PCB layout and programming codes also must will describe all codes and designing to our engineers for programming new boards. All hardware costs (PCB + materials + assembly) and shipping costs are paid ...

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    We want to develop our own app and website for PMWANNI project. We want to connect all the devices to our cloud server by updated firmware. please tell me how can you help me. How you can complete the project ? Also we have to discuss price

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    Hi, I want to develop an captive portal where customer connect wifi and access internet. But for that we have to update router by firmware and need to connect all our router to our cloud server. Can you please guide and develop it. Please replay me

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    A Stm32 project Berakhir left

    1. This is a project based on a circuit board. I will provide the schematic diagram later. In the picture you see a BLE module, but I will try to add one more. 2. The connector on the upper left has 4 input, 12v, gnd, CAN+ and CAN- 3. The 4 connectors on the bottom is pretty much the same, it control 4...pulled, the ws2812 will start to light up. 6. After 20 seconds, the motor should reverse back. And the Ws2812 strip should light off. 7. Whenever a certain CAN signal is received (will be provided), all the 4 motor should pull for a second. All 4 ws282 strip will light up 8. The WS2812 effects will be based on WLED, we only need to port the effects. 9. BLE module should be able to update the STM32 firmware and also do settings to the STM32 (light effects, motor pull duration, motor ...

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    Toys pcb designs Berakhir left

    Toys pcb designs, cad data,. Gerber, firmware etc

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    I would need your expertise building firmware and pcb design of our IoT device using nordic nrf52810 + decawave uwb + nfc .The device can be controlled from an android / ios mobile app . A few salient features of the mobile app are - 1) pairs with a bluetooth device from user with a unique ID 2) measures the distance of the connected bluetooth device and points in the direction to the device 3) activates a speaker on the bluetooth device using the app . Shall share the UI pages of the app once we start the work .

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    ...saying its an estimate/ hourly rate or whatever other excuse. YOUR BID IS THE FINAL BID AND I WILL EXPECT TO PAY THAT AMOUNT FOR ALL THE WORKS IN THE ATTACHMENT*** Timescale : To be completed with full UAT hardware sample and web pages within 4 weeks of date of order Webpage: For full details please read the attachment thoroughly, and you will need to have experience of PIC Controller, Modem Firmware and Voltage regulation to bid for this project. On developer acceptance, I will release a small payment in advance for purchase of necessary hardware for you to supply a fully tested and working system. All copyright is to be owned by myself and a full suppliers list is to be provided to me on conclusion of this project as well as all designs, calculations and uncompiled code. A...

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    The project is to add the circuit into existing PCB. The circuit is offered. The designer will update the schematic and PCB. And if you know about firmware development for ATXMEGA128AiU and Atmel studio 7, it is preferred.

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    ...Embedded Linux that are available on a Freelance Project Basis to work with clients. Requirements/Qualifications: - 5 years of experience in embedded software development, C, C++ - 2+ years of experience with Embedded Linux - Working experience with the firmware layer - Fluency in English - Nice to have: yocto/linux Tasks: -Developing software for “State of the Art” IoT products for DAX listed German companies -Leading technical role, giving input to the software architecture -Product: smart home, new R&D for market release 2024 -Focus on the firmware layer, if wanted support towards the application layer -Yocto/Linux distribution Benefits: - Working on big projects in the German market you can get on your reference list - 100% remote work Start of firs...

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    Looking for an embedded engineer who can build firmware for the energy meter using HLW8012 and send the data to the AWS using MQTT. The hardware stack includes ESP32+SIM800L+HLW8012+Indicator Led's P.s: if someone can implement it using the M65 OPENCPU platform, preference will be given.

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    I send u messsage saying I agree with the $100 for the mikrotik firmware cloning the tplink 841, without any responsability from your site related to wifi quality. I just need a minimum signal for 1 device to connect to test the portal. after that I have a way of turning wifi off

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    Due to the microprocessor shortage, I can no longer source the processer for my PCBA. This means I can't manufacture my product. I need somebody to redesign the PCBA to support the new processor, and edit the firmware to accommodate the new processor. I will supply the Altium native PCB design and Arduino code. Deliverables will be the revised Altium PCB design, revised Arduino code, and a working prototype PCBA that was manufactured in a production environment. The original processor is an ATMEGA328P-AU. The new one (I was able to purchase a lot of them) is ATMEGA4089-MUR. It is expected that you will posses the knowledge to ensure that the design is robust electronically by reviewing power and thermal design. Most likely if the new processor wattage is equal or less t...

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    Hi We have a boat that have 2 x electric motor mounted in the rear of a boat driven by VESC motor controllers. We want to control it from knobs on the steering wheel by canbus communication. I have attached the Canbus protocol of the steering wheel and how the buttons is going to Control the motors. So we need a custom firmware for the VESC. On this steeringwheel, we have foreseen the following switches/buttons: Pos. 3 = 2 position-switch for the on/off switching of the VESC motor controllers Pos. 4 = 8 position-knob for the speed regulation (both motors). It gives 8 – set speed settings Pos. 5L = = 3 position-switches (momentary) : forward – neutral – reverse for left motor Pos. 5R = 3 position-switches (momentary) : forward – neutral – reverse for...

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    TASK1---FW/ENCRYPT Berakhir left

    Secure Firmware Update by encrypting the External Flash. This is to be done by encrypting the Firmware after build and sending the encrypted FW to AWS and from AWS to ESP32 in the field. The Critical issue is the encryption key can changed as we wish. The Encryption Key must be stored securely and safely.

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    firmware developer Berakhir left

    we require a firmware developer who can use esp-32 together with uPNP and SSDP protocol for our device to work via the internet

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    26 penawaran

    HP 3PAR 7400 buyed from Ebay. Need Assistance to Update Firmware and Initial Configuration with VMWare ESXi, Windows ISCSI etc...

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    7 penawaran
    RFID Card Reader Berakhir left

    I have been looking for a freelancer who can develop RFID card reader with following requirement. requirement: - detectable distance: 3cm - input voltage: 3.3V - communication: UART - board size: 59.5*59mm - interface: PH2.0 4P(1-VCC, 2-TX, 3-RX, 4-GND) You are free to choose the RFID chip, but should ensure the requirement of detectable distance and stock. You s...freelancer who can develop RFID card reader with following requirement. requirement: - detectable distance: 3cm - input voltage: 3.3V - communication: UART - board size: 59.5*59mm - interface: PH2.0 4P(1-VCC, 2-TX, 3-RX, 4-GND) You are free to choose the RFID chip, but should ensure the requirement of detectable distance and stock. You should provide pcb design file(Altium Designer) and firmware at the end o...

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    This a multi project all related to the ESP32 These projects require a very good experience with ESP32 and EV [1] Secure Firmware Update by encrypting the External Flash. This is to be done by encrypting the Firmware after build and sending the encrypted FW to AWS and from AWS to ESP32 in the field. The Critical issue is the encryption key can changed as we wish. The Encryption Key must be stored securely and safely. [2] ESP32 project to verify using OTA or wifi to blow eFuses to prove this can or cannot done and the eFuses are blown or not blown [3] ESP32 project to implement selective ISO15118 security features on ESP32. The work will also include development of all necessary drivers for QCA7000/MSE1021 chips on ESP32. To implement "Communication over powerline (TL...

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    Bluetooth Speaker Project Requirement Economical Price , Good Sound and Bass Quality Preferred MCU By : Zhuhai Jieli Technology , Website : MCU Documentations and SDK : , Bluetooth Speaker Specifications Single 5W Speaker, Mic for Phone Calls, 18650 3.7V Battery, Type-C Charging are some of the basic things, detailed info as below Bluetooth Version : V5.0 or above Speaker Driver : 52mm 4Ω 5W Full Frequency Range * 1 Mic : Yes Input Interfaces ( Playback sources ) : 3.5mm AUX , USB , MicroSD, FM Charging Interface : Type-C (6Pin) Battery : 3.7V (18650) * 1 No. of Keys for Control : 6 ( Power/Mode, Previous, Play/Pause, Forward, Volume Down, Volume Up ) Indicator : Yes ( RGB LED ) System Sound Confirmations : Yes ( Startup, Shutdown , Mode Change, Bluetooth Pairing ) More details o...

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    Hello. Im looking for someone who can create a custom firmware image for all mag series (linux) 250-254-322-420-520-524.

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    Please find belo...company) settings - Write RTC (Time) data Factory/Depot mode (Our company only) - Write factory data (defaults, serial number, etc.) - Reset meter - Firmware Update 1. Verify firmware version for the device using the App 2. Send firmware file to device from the App over the serial port 3. Confirm firmware update for the device using the App Technical Assumptions for App: 1. App will connect to water meter using wired USB to optical serial interface 2. Android App supporting API level 24 3. Meter firmware will be bundled into App. New firmware requires updated App build that includes new firmware version. 4. No Database hosted on AWS instance to record meter values. How wi...

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    Need a software/firmware developer that can program an OBD2 Bluetooth dongle to communicate with an ios/android app

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    19 penawaran
    TouchGFX Firmware Berakhir left

    I have a custom board with an STM32F767 that is to drive a 1024x600 TFT LCD touchscreen display. The firmware will require the use of the external SDRAM and QSPI flash. Details will be provided once offer is accepted. Assets in .png format and fonts will be provided and a Cube MX file will be included. I will require the entire source code to be developed in STM32 Cube IDE and TouchGFX. Previous experience is required, native english speaker only.

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    18 penawaran
    OPENWRT Firmware Berakhir left

    I already have the enviroment to generate openwrt images and some directories there for different router models with the customization that I need, for models such as tplink4300 and ZBT826 and unifi edgerouter. I need openwrt experienced developer to create the directory for Mikrotik Hap lite and customize it accordinly to the other models files/directories. I know its not much files but I dont know which ones.

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    Telecomms Engineer Berakhir left

    To go on our customers site and update firmware on SNOM IP Handsets. (some knowledge of Asterisk will be useful). A technician from our side will also be available remotely to guide.

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    3 penawaran

    The project is to develop an application based on FPGA development board with interfacing Analog Eval. board for processing audio signal. Here is details : H/W will be used : 1- Zynq Zedboard or MPSOC development board. 2- AD7134 dual chip AD Development board. Both boards connected by FMC LPC/HPC connector. S/W - F/W : 1- AD7134 is supported by AD and it has all firmware required to interface to many fpga board, so we can use this ready HDL/DRIVER for interfacing the AD7134 to our fpga board. 2- interfacing to PC through Ethernet with ready library "LIBIIO" or using "Matlab FPGA data capture". We have all hardware development boards on hand, can use it remotely. Any details will be discussed in details.

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    8 penawaran

    Currently, we are using STM32L1 series MCU and another sensor. Now , need to replace STM32L1 series MCU with STM32WB10 (Integrated BLE) and establish communication with Android Mobile App. ...

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    12 penawaran

    Platform: C++ Phyton Firmware App Type: PCB board firmware We have created wifi camera device, now we need debug and upgrade for: 1. facial recognition firmware + Camera APP focus to take photos 2. 4k 60fps video firmware integration with android and IOS 3. control our custom build wireless camera device to take multiple photos & videos at once. (some form of coding can be provided from some other sources.) Please enquire with us for more details, we can sending coding for our finished version coding for you to get started. (some form of coding can be provided from some other sources.) Please enquire with us for more details, we can sending coding for our finished version coding for you to get started

    $364 (Avg Bid)
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    6 penawaran

    I have a Lenovo ThinkPad P71. I got a blue screen with error. See the attached pics. I need help resolving this issue. Below are my pc details: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pr...Virtualization-based security Not enabled Device Encryption Support Reasons for failed automatic device encryption: PCR7 binding is not supported, Hardware Security Test Interface failed and device is not Modern Standby, Un-allowed DMA capable bus/device(s) detected Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions Yes Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions Yes Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware No Hyper-V - Data Execution Prot...

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    11 penawaran

    Microcontroller based occupancy control with PIR input & 7-day timer prediction. The objective is to turn off the load via a relay when no occupancy is detected. The twist is that we need an internal timer/datastore to predict when to turn if on again based on historical performance. Based on Microcontroller : STM32G031F6P6 No Realtime Clock or memory backup. Resets on powerup. Full coding of firmware required with full documented code. Reply with your choice of IDE and language. Please provide a quick outline of your initial thoughts/solutions and if you have worked on similar code. Choose freelancer will be required to use existing hardware and have little input into to hardware changes. Completion by end May required.

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    box android Berakhir left

    Hello, I have an android 11 MMB box based on ROCKCHIP chip, during the recovery phase it is blocked and always remains in red light on, I also have the firmware with but when I do a hard reset, the pc cannot detect it

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    11 penawaran