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    I have a COB LED 50W Lamp Light 12V Circular LED Bulb powered by a 12V battery. I also have a ARDUINO MEGA 2560 (if needed). I would like to linearly increase the intensity through the COB LED with variable programmable time steps. This is used to simulate the sun rising light from dawn so i can't use PWM technics, just analogical. I can handle the programming but i need some help to figure out the hardware.

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    Develop and test firmware for an existing TI CC3200-based IoT Smart Plug hardware design and: * Implement WiFI access point provisioning and account ...provisioning and account registration * Provide on/off control of an attached electrical load via a relay * Transmit telemetry data to the cloud, including power measurements from an ATM90E26, using an existing AWS SDK * Implement Over-The-Air update capability for the plug (optional but desired) The firmware must be very reliable and utilize best industry coding standards, include a well commented RTOS, a modular structure, interrupt-driven I/O, semaphore protection for memory access, proper WDT implementation, etc. Specifications and hardware schematics can be provided after signing an NDA. Sample hardware will be provided once...

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    ...able to control a PWM triac dimmer (complete module) for an incandescent lamp. Also a MAX481 to process the DMX signal. I don't know if you have already had contact with lights from the event industry? But these are usually controlled via a DMX signal and can have an address between 1 and 512 and receive a value from 0-255 per controlled channel. The address and some other values ​​should be able to be adjusted with this light via an OLED display and 3 buttons. A menu would have to be set up for this. The menu has an estimated 15 subpages. The menu or programming should have the following functions: -Conversion of the received DMX values ​​into PWM values ​​for LED and incandescent lamps -Setting the PWM of the PCA9685 (…Hz - 1500Hz) in the menu -Different dimme...

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    ARDUINO FLASH UNIT Berakhir left


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    I need an experienced programmer in ESP32, bluetooth and RTOS for connecting 6-9 ESP32 devices to android and iphone simultaneously via bluetooth and Wi-fi. The devices should connect seamlessly just like headphone connect to our phone. Data to be sent and received after connection is established: 1. From phone to ESP32s: ON command (make a digital pin High to turn on a relay connected at the end of it) 2. From ESP devices: From ESP devices, once ON command is received, a timer will start. There is a OFF switch connected to one of the GPIOs which will turn off the timer and send timer value to the mobile. The application running on phone does not need to have high level GUI. a basic one will also do. Functionality is more important. I would prefer someone who can come down to Pun...

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    we want to use esp32 + sgtl5000 in the project, we want to mix up to 5 mp3 file read from sdcard or http stream and mix them together and send to output headphone jack we want to use the features as in teensyduino but without any external ...right vumeter values - read from sdcard - read from http mp3 stream (like icecast or shoutcast) - play, pause, stop any source - get position and duration of loaded mp3 files for each - add new file to mixer (when any mp3 finished, we want to add new file) - if possible, but not mandatory, compressor and limiter filter to output and each mp3 (or kind of gain control) you are free to use RTOS or arduino libraries.. after this project, we will add ethernet, rtc , usb etc.. and if you capable of them also, we will open a new project f...

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    Hi João Pedro P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Nós temos um projecto com um Raspberry pi e um Arduino conectados a relays e sensores e a serem controlados pelo Node Red. O que nós gostaríamos era de fazer a adição de um shelly dimmer e com MQTT conseguir junta-lo a nossa aplicação. Gostavamos de explicar melhor e temos outros trabalhos. Trabalhos com hidroponia e agricultura vertical. Obrigado pela atenção,

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    Electronic Berakhir left

    LED Light dimmer control through the whole light body rotation

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    Hi, if you have experience in software development for real-time operating system (RTOS) in C using "IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM" this task is for you. The software will run on a POS TERMINAL We need to develop software with only 3 features. - User management (Associate POS to a user in the system) - Auth Terminal (Generate QR Code) - Verify Payment Communication with the server via http/json - Restful API. Max Budget: $150 USD Awaiting offers!

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    Create android App Berakhir left

    Create android app for home automation with following feature using MQTT 1. User Registration 2. Add Users/ModifyUser/Forgot Password 3. Add/Edit Home, Rooms 4. Add devices (JSON based, no hardcoding) (DeviceType= Relay, Temperature, Fanspeed, Dimmer, Humidity,Door Lock, Door Sensor ), Modify device, Delete Device, Rename Device 5. Share Device with another user 6. Assign/add devices to a room above devices (Relay, Temperature, Fanspeed, Dimmer, Humidity,Door Lock, Door Sensor) All UI operation should be using MQTT protocol, No Hardcoding on number of switch/Relay or Sensors, Tested using Arduino(ESP8266)

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    ...Embedded C Job Description 2 to 4 years of experience in Automotive Embedded SW development. Skills: • Experience in C / Embedded C / C++ programming/Assembly PRogramming • Good Experience in RTOS concepts FREE RTOS, TI RTOS, etc • Knowledge in Linux OS customization, Linux Kernel & device driver's development • Strong knowledge of Software development life cycle. • Experience in Embedded Development tools chains (Compiler, debugger etc..) • Hands-on experience in the capabilities of the application and how to drive the data into it and get the solutions • Strong knowledge of 16/32 bit Micro Controllers, RTOS, communication protocols like SPI, CAN, MilCAN, UART ,I2C, UDS and RS485/422. • Monitor and cont...

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    ...poder usar este programador ESP-PROG-JTAG La conexion seria remota por anydesk, teamviewer, etc El entregable seria: 1 acompañamiento remoto para cargar un codigo ejemplo (basico) 2 acompañamiento remoto para hacer debugging paso a paso Valoro para proximos proyectos o para ampliar el alcance del mismo, que tenga experiencia en MQTT seguro (8883) o por websockets, IoTHub y HTTPS, programacion RTOS (IDF) No incluye asesoria de programación...

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    Hello how are you? I need to code a software for a POS <very limited hardware> in C/C++ via SDK. All communication with the server is done via http via API Restful Basically we need: 1. Authentication layer (bind POS on account) 2. Make a sale (Displays QR Code for payment) 3. Check payment status -- Resources: - Lock/Unlock POS API Restful will be provided. Make your offer!

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    I am looking for a C-language programmer who can reverse engineer an embedded system based C project that runs on a 32-bit ARM MCU board. I have its complete source code and I can build it using GCC toolchain in Eclipse IDE and ru...looking for a C-language programmer who can reverse engineer an embedded system based C project that runs on a 32-bit ARM MCU board. I have its complete source code and I can build it using GCC toolchain in Eclipse IDE and run it on the hardware. I have JTAG based debugging tools also. If you have very good understanding of C-language programming in embedded systems and also have some knowledge of RTOS and TCP/IP stack then you can take a look at the project to see if you can reverse engineer it. I need to do it in 3-4 hours maximum at any time during ne...

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    Hi Deep K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. ARM Cortex Based Board sensing temperature and vacuum and controlling relays and AC Dimmer etc. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Badi, I hope you're well. I've 2 eval boards: stm32 nücleo Board and nRF52840. I want to transfer data from nRF to nucleo over BLE with Zephyr RTOS. Can you help me about this project? How much does it takes? Thanks Serkan

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    Hello I am looking for someone who can help me set up development environment for free RTOS code base for ARM based microcontroller. You should know CMake, Visual Studio Code, GCC, on linux and windows operating system. I need some one who can start working on it immediately.

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    Design the required circuit, simulate it to ensure its readiness، PCB design, control using arduino.

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    12V LED DIMMER Berakhir left

    Hi, I have a very basic project of dimming 12V led with PWM. We can find some circuit in the market but it is big. I want to make a smaller version of the PCB with UFL connectors. The design should be made in EASYEDA so the SMD components can be attached and shipped. Technical information 1. 10K potentiometer with on-off switch feature. 2. the circuit should not be more than 2cm x 2cm. It can have a dual PCB for added components. 3. PWM frequency should be high so the flickering is not there. 4. when turned ON minimum V should be 7V and the max should be 12V. 5. Input is 12V 5A, the output is 7V -12V 300mA to 3A.

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    ...working for and with very experienced, senior embedded architects and developers. You will not have to interface with project managers, product owners, or other non-technical management. The project is NDA, but the following skill-sets will be priorities when reviewing candidates: - Usual embedded development skills. C/++, RTOS, JTAG. I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO, etc. - Nordic nRF53 series and development tools. - Working with uBlox or similar development boards. - The Zephyr RTOS, specifically as used by the newer Nordic toolchains. - Configuration and splitting of interrupts using the basic semaphore, handler thread pattern. - Battery and power management. Configuring very-low-power system wakeup inputs. - BLE: creation of a BLE advertiser and endpoint service/characteristic...

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    ...of this example) water heating resistor. Assume a situation where 7 Amps are being drawn by the other appliances leaving only 8 amps left. The remaining power is 8 A x 230 V = 1,840 VAC. Turning on the water heating resistor will trip the circuit breaker unless the other devices are switched off. By using the proposed device (call it resistor dimmer), the user can reduce the power to 1500 VAC and therefore turn on that resistor. Controlling the dimmer using a 0-10V DC input, it would be possible to have that device controlled by home automation or by BMS systems. Objective: My objective is to build such a device, manufacture it and sell it with an end-user price of not more that USD 150. The max power load of this device should be about 3000 Watts. The device should b...

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    We want to build an application in RTOS for inputting spdif audio and sending it to i2s . It's on custom rtos . It is an embedded system software project.

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    We want to build an application which will receive spdif input audio and decode it and send it to i2s . It is done using the kernel and in custom RTOS.

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    We want to make an application in custom RTOS which takes spdif audio input using gpio and gives it to the i2s pin.

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    Development of software and firmware for microcontrollers in the environment bare metal, RTOS, embedded Linux. Candidate only from Poland willing to join the office Full-Time in Gdansk.

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    ...Ahmedabad. Commercials will be discussed after having technical discussion. Job description: Skill set required: • Must be an expert in embedded C programming as required to develop, test and debug firmware for embedded system designs. Nice to have: C++/Assembly programming skill. • System Architecture Design and System Optimization Skills • Must have working experience in any RTOS • Must be an expert user in at least one of these tool chains: Keil, IAR, GCC • Prior Work experience/exposure of working on WiFi, Bluetooth, SPI, UART, I2C, I2S, LCD, ADC, DAC • Nice to have: knowledge on USB, TCP/IP, WAN, GSM, GPRS, GPS, RS232, RS485 • Must have firmware development experience in an industrial rela...

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    RTOS Software Berakhir left

    Want a driver to be written for a firmware, based on RTOS provided by the chip manufacturer.

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    Embedded Software Engineer Requirements: • Expertise in Embedded C, STM Microcontroller, ADC, I2C, UART , SPI, CAN, DMA, ESP32,ESP826 • Expertise in development tools like STM Cube IDE, STM Cube Mx, Keil Compiler • Experience with a complete life-cycle of an embedded software system • Knowledge of Free RTOS, Ethernet, LCD interfacing, SDRAM, External Flash, modern OS coding techniques, IP protocols, and hardware interfaces • Good communication skills and the ability to interact with customers • High-level writing and documentation skills • Familiarity with software configuration tools • Critical thinker Location: Bangalore, INDIA Full-Time

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    Hi Chanchal K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I know you have worked on Nordic SoC and ADXL375 integration. I need to design FreeRTOS version of this firmware. Right now, I have the firmware for RTOS, need to update it to FreeRTOS. Please let me know when you are available. I will share details.

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    Hello, I need my products listed on a new Amazon store for my business in Australia. Our store has 200 SKU but we wish to use your services to list and optimise 5 SKU to start with. If it goes well then we will expand to more SKU. The Products will be Shelly 1, 1L, 1pm, 2.5 and Dimmer 2. Our Store is Based in Australia but we can ship worldwide. Can you assist with the set up and optimise of these products on amazon? Thanks Calum

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    Need the task to be done with given inputs

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    Background: The product is a device controller built on embedded platform with ARM LPC4088 processor. Industrial devices are controlled by serial or TCP / IP communications. The protocols can be MODBUS or ASCII. The firmware is built in 3 layers (Bootloader, Core, App) in C + language on RTOS operating system. The product works and is in a productive environment, the problem is that it is not stable and there are bugs due to bad programming practices. The total size of the code is 650 KB Objetive: 1. Complete review of the source code, functional documentation. 2. Analysis of improvements and recommendation of best practices. 3. Code optimization. 3. Quote to refactoring the code as justified according to the previous points.

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    I need someone who can work on esp32 freeRtos and have knowledge about hardware interrupts.

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    Hello, I am looking for an HTML5 / CSS expert who could help me creating IoT Dashboard in HTML 5 to: light up/light down a bulb Dimmer a light light color change open / close a door Display a Temperature Display an alert on humidity and flood Display an alert on mouvment. What I am looking is the HTML5/CSS interface, not the IoT device management. I would llike to create building blocks that I can set together to create a Dashboard. Excellent skill in HTML5/CSS/JS is required.

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    Bi-weekly web scraping of Vahan Parivahan data for RTOs in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Faridabad, Surat and Palwal

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    Dear reader, If you are an FPGA SoC expert with at least five years of experience in C, scripting, kernel programming, RTOS, FPGA, SOC, and Softcore processors, please kindly contact me. Best regards

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    I want to create a python code for bi-weekly web scraping of Vehicle Class Wise Fuel Data of 7 RTOs (GJ1, GJ27, GJ38, HR38, HR51, HR30, HR73) from 2012 to 2021 from Vahan Parivahan dashboard. Link: Person should be able to do this in python and provide me with a code so that I can later on scrape parts of website easily. He should also have excel proficiency.

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    i am planning to write and publish a book ESP32 controller, I need embedded systems engineer with technical writing skillsand good background in ESP32, Multitasking RTOS, and OTA

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    Requirement --------------------- Need a PCB/Circuit board design Output : there will be 12 LEDs arranged circular like 12 hours/minutes in wrist watch. LEDs will glow based on current time E.g.: if time is 2:30 then led Number 2 and led no 6 will glow. led 6 will glow slightly dimmer to represent it is a minute by varying the voltage Brief Details: --------------------- circuit should be made with minimal components making cost of product should be as low as possible circuit should provide a way for the user to set time the design should fit in a wearable wrist band design should allow two modes 1. Always on LED 2. LEDs will turn on pressing button and turn off after 2 sec Deliverables --------------------- 1. BOM file 2. Schematic file 3. Gerber file 4. Pick and place file 5. D...

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    I am looking for a firmware engineer, having an experience in BMS Firmware Development for EV application. He should have the following experience: 1. Firmware development of STM32, AVR MCU's. 2. Firmware development of CAN Protocol. 3. RTOS Development 4. SOC, SOH Note: 1. Please share your past experience in BMS Firmware Development. 2. Please share your estimate cost and timeline.

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    ...Microtech Electronics is a leading manufacturer of Ceiling Fan Dimmer/Regulator. We have a manufacturing plant where assembly and packaging is done with a group of 15-20 workers rapidly and we also take care about our quality control setup in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our manufacturing capacity is approximately 50,000 pcs of fan regulator in a month and increasing rapidly. We are looking for an opportunity to join as a Manufacturer supplier of Dimmer. I am glad to inform you that we have the capacity to fulfil the required quantity in the given timeframe. We pride ourselves on the quality and the workmanship of each and every product that we produce for our valued customers in India and abroad, with an extensive variety of dimmer switches. Our product has already bei...

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    NanoCPI Code review Berakhir left

    Background: The product is a device controller built on embedded platform with ARM LPC4088 processor. Industrial devices are controlled by serial or TCP / IP communications. The protocols can be MODBUS or ASCII. The firmware is built in 3 layers (Bootloader, Core, App) in C + language on RTOS operating system. The product works and is in a productive environment, the problem is that it is not stable and there are bugs due to bad programming practices. The total size of the code is 650 KB Objetive: 1. Complete review of the source code, functional documentation. 2. Analysis of improvements and recommendation of best practices. 3. Code optimization. 3. Quote to refactoring the code as justified according to the previous points.

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    ...frequency is to be between 15 and 35 Hz, ideally 20-30 Hz (flashes per second generated by the bulb). The system can be either with fixed or ideally regulable output frequency (top would be with a modulator and digital display of frequency), have an on/off interrupter and simple electric cables/connectors allowing for standard plugs adapted to countries to be connected to which any dimmer LED lamp (probably needs to be dimmer?) could be connected. If submitting an offer, please be so kind to specify: - Details on how the product would be considering our above requirements/options - If 220v/50Hz / 110v/60Hz are in the same box or separate - If 1-2 prototypes can be included for testing (we are in Europe, so 220/50) - If you have any idea/advise for early-stage production...

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    Please read carefully before bidding as I don't want to waste any time with people who didn't check the requirement and bidding with fake bids and ask for more than my budget Design a catalog for smart products Products are as follows: Switch Dimmer Water Heater Switch IR Controller Temperature and Humidity Sensor Motion Sensors Door-Windows Sensor Door Lock IP Cam Siren Robot Vacuum Smoke Sensor Gas Sensor Socket Wicked Door Lock Drawer Lock Attached are the products images and you won't use all of them because some products has photo's from each direction/ dimension. However, there are several products that have different designs and I want them to be in the catalog. for example boiler switch has 2 different styles and I want them in the catalog. The catal...

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    A professional Embedded C Programmer/Embedded Systems Engineer is required with a strong background on the following: - Cortex M0 - RTOS - Embedded Linux - Embedded C/C++

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    We are looking for an experienced Firmware engineer to write firmware on Renesas and/or ST microelectronics microcontroller for a Battery project. Experienced in FreeRTOS/Azure RTOS is a must-have qualification. Access to Oscilloscope, Power supplies, Loads, debuggers for testing the firmware is a Plus. We will provide the hardware to the engineer to write firmware. Experienced in Battery managements Systems and developing SOC, SOH algorithm is a PLUS.

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    Linux resource Berakhir left

    requirement for the C++ & RTOS and C++ & Linux in total. 9 in RTOS & 6 In Linux with C++. Location is not constrain- we are open for the All location- Mumbai, Bangalore, Mysore, Baroda & Chennai.

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    Need to make a free rtos scheduler for 4 way traffic intersection where tasks can be cars and they can slow down but not stop. Possibility of paths and collisions have been calculated just a system needs to be developed Deliverables Any .c file or files using freertos library.

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    1. Login / Registration/Forgot Password using PHP+ MySql 2. APP to get JSON data using MQTT and render devices(Fan/Dimmer/Light/Temp) ESP8266 3. Possibility to add / delete modify rename Device 4. Possibility to share a device with family 5. Add rooms and assign devices to room

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    I want a functional GPIO device tree binding on the ST Nucleo H743ZI , a simple program , which will use GPIO binding to light User led in Zephyr RTOS !

    $8 - $20
    $8 - $20
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