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    Merubah bahasa pada saat proses transaksi dan Memasukan data kurir lokal di situs bigcommerce

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    ...cepet ngalir. Berikut rincian kerjaan: 1. Shipping lokal, JNE / TIKI / POS (pakai data terupdate, jangan per provinsi loh ya, contoh : ) 2. Perbaikan / Fungsi Kecil Meliputi : Ubah ukuran gambar produk menjadi lonjong (sekarang persegi) Fungsi subscribe to newsletter di homepage Ubah Font Size di halaman tertentu Hapus Logo dari 'Powered By' dari temanya. Berikut link temanya : Diskon seluruh barang (gimana caranya biar seluruh barang ada diskon, tapi ga ngedit satu-satu, misal pakai voucher) Dokumentasi tertulis buat admin, sederhana aja ga usah banyak2. Pindahin domainnya dari ke Prefer yang di JKT / BDG + gampang dikontak

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    We have online real money ludo game which was made on unity platform powered by node js and socket Io

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    I need two individuals how can provide me professional grade audio and video engineering/management for high school graduation on June 8th and 9th in Potomac MD. You are not required to bring any device at all. You must have experience with Allen and Heath QA-16 mixer, powered speakers, wireless microphones and light systems along with recording the entire event (using our own video system). You NEED TO BE LOCATED WITHIN 10-30 MILES OF " Chateau Drive, Potomac, MD 20854". This is not an online project! It is completely ON-SITE!

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    I am looking to discuss a project with a BigCommerce developer who would be able to help me build apps that would help integrate into a custom software (that I do not own) and pull info from my accounts on that software. We list 1000s of items using the software described above to Amazon and we're looking for an effective way to use BigCommerce as our own marketplace. We want to use a 'headless' version of BigCommerce powered with WordPress as the frontend and then use BigCommerce for managing products, syncing stocks, resyncing prices, and then also pulling in additional product information. We need the system to be able to communicate with our custom piece of software to remove stock in real time when it sells on another platform. W...

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    I am doing a project to put together a rig to produce hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis. the objective I have set for this project is to maximise H2 output per unit volume of the system. i want to get an idea of the sort of performance possible with at 3 budget points: R10 000, R20 000 and R30 000 (ZAR). ideally this system would have ...the dimensions of this 5 cubic metres are also flexible as long as the volume of the cuboid it can fit into is equal to or less than 5 m^3. the functions of the system should include electrolysis to produce and separate the hydrogen, and storing it in a pressurised container. Key objectives include: maximising H2 output (even at the expense of efficiency), all components should be electrically powered, 5-10 year operating life (running 12 hours...

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    ... present examples of best practices to increase women’s participation while also considering cross cutting themes such as financial inclusion, climate resilience, and the mobile gender gap. The online AgTech research tool should help the researcher identify the most relevant resources on their topic. Assumptions: The research tool is available on a public website built with WordPress. It is powered by an off-the-shelf search engine with the capability to crawl and index the contents of a wide range of digital formats including PDFs, MS Office documents, websites, videos and podcasts that sit within a closed directory. The search engine should be built into the website via a WordPress plugin or easily other easily compatible ways....

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    DELIVERY WEBAPP -- 2 3 Hari left

    ...mention. THE FRONTEND STACK: 2. React.js - & Element UI as Javascript Frameworks 4. MUI - Design UI Language 5. JS Library: ; Pollyfill; Preact; Web-vitals; JQuery; Backbone.js ; ; ; 6. Next as Static Site Generator 7. Webpack - Miscellaneous 
 OTHER TECHNOLOGY SUGGEST TO USE AND IMPLEMENT IN CASE NEEDED: 1. Cloudinary - CMS 2. Algolia - AI-powered search and discovery platform 3. Sentry - Issues tracker 4. Jenkins - Automation server and CI/CD Tool 5. Swagger UI - Rest api documentation tool 6. Datadog - RUM as Cloud Scale Monitoring 7. Geo Location - ip-api 8. Stripe - Payment gateway 9. Postman - Api testing 10. Google Tag Manager - Tag Manager 11. Google Font API; Typekit- Font Script 12. Mapbox - maps for web and 4business. 13. Redis

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    Looking for someone with experience to help develop an apparatus that allows multiple users to use one steam boiler. Must have mechanical knowledge working with dry steam or superheated dry steam. Details, I'm looking to design an electric powered single boiler unit that will produce "Superheated dry steam", with the ability of many (human) operators to clean different items at once (example: instead of one operator in a hospital cleaning/Sanitizing 1 item at a time, to have a group of operators cleaning multiple items at one time without loosing the efficacy of the heat/pressure. The steam delivery hoses will need to have the ability to reach 20-30', so we can position the operator safely, with controls on each delivery nozzle. This project is from design ...

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    I want to build a discord chat bot which can identify NSFW images through machine learning model

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    ...down circui that makes 5V on output should be able to provide 5V of output in the whole VCC range - ESP32-S3-WROOM-1-N16 as microcontroller - solder pads for connecting main SF8-B Weipu connector - 2x rugged joysticks input (solder pads as with main connector, 4x ADC channel, supply voltage selectable with 0R jumper 3.3/5V) - 10x button inputs with debounce circuit - Generally the device is powered from computer's 5-36V DC bus but we want to have the option for wireless communication so there is a need for 1S LiPo battery charger and 5V out step-up circuit (there should be ready IC solution somwhere on the market) - remaining 6 pins on the main connector should have CAN, RS232 and USB. Isolated if possible in small enough footprint. - every pin of main connector shou...

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    A cargo vessel has admirably coefficient of 500, fuel coefficient of 120,000 and service speed of 19.9 knots. Her propulsion is powered by a single 2-S, 9-cyl. marine engine with compression ratio 22. Cylinder bore 1m and piston stroke 2.5m directly driving a single fixed-pitch screw propeller , at C-MCR the engine delivers 40MW of brake power at 100rpm. The engine can run on diesel fuel (MDO) with formular C12.3H22.2, lower heating value of 42500 kJ/kg and stoichiometric A/F 14.5 employing a diesel cycle or natural gas (NG) mainly consisting of methane with formula CH4, lower heating value of 49770 kJ/kg and stoichiometric A/F 17.2 employing an Otto Cycle. The mechanical efficiency of the engine is 0.95 and all partial engine efficiencies are the same regardless of the fuel employe...

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    ...receiver) and I would like to find someone to give me a hand with it. A summary of specs is presented below: - The emitter (Tx pcb) it is like a keyfob. It should incorporate an encoder (HT12D or similar) along with an RF emitter IC and a PCB printed antenna. This board will be powered with a coin cell (3V). There will be only 2 inputs coming into the encoder. - The receiver (Rx pcb) should incorporate a decoder (HT12E or similar) along with a RF receiver IC and a PCB printed antenna. This board will be powered with a single LiPo Battery (3.7V). There will be 4 outputs. This board should also incorporate a LiPo charging management circuit (TP4056 + DW01 + FS8205) and a DC-DC boost IC (MT3608 or similar) since one of the outputs requires 12V. I´ll provide you ...

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    I am looking for someone who can setup and manage API integrations from my suppliers to SELRO and then on channels such as AMAZON, EBAY and REVERB & BIGCOMMERCE.

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    Hi Logic Powered Solutions, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    We need an experienced BigCommerce Theme Specialist to optimize the CSS/JS/Templates/Themes of our website to reliably pass the Google Page Speed Test This project requires intimate knowledge of BigCommerce and BigCommerce Templates This job will require the ability to diagnose and evaluate what is slowing the site down, minifying code, removing unused code, modifying the order the code is loaded/executed, addressing content issues such as picture format/size, as well as providing insight and guidance on best practices for maintaining good page speed metrics.

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    I'm looking to get a code added to our website to add a processing fee for the specific payment method on our BigCommerce store.

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    ...ML strategies given the time constraint Functionalities: Bot - Create Buy/Sell Orders given a set of rules (essential) - Error Handling - for stability and reliability (essential) - API connection to an exchange (essential) - Using TA to create a set of rules for orders (essential) - Replacing TA with more advanced Machine Learning (Desirable) - Strategies powered by Supervised Learning (Regression/Classification) - Strategies powered by Deep Neural Network (Tensorflow & Keras) Dashboard - Display Opens Orders (essential) - Track Performance (essential) - Show Ticker and choose ticker (Desirable) - Can pick the stock for historic analysis (Desirable) - Back tested strategies showcase (Desirable) - Display analysis for a chosen security/equity using various financial m...

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    5 penawaran

    I need to know how to enable the "BIO" section of sites powered by "Powered by Higher Logic" By default, the BIO section is inactive when a profile is created. Sample url is: Bid by starting with the words "Powered by Higher Logic" for me to know you have read and understood my question.

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    9 penawaran

    We need API integration from other website to our bigcommerce store, need to get products and prices, should get updated. Looking to hire soon!

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    16 penawaran

    Kukun is the leading originator of property data and predictive analytics, enabling homeowners and real estate investors to make forward looking financial decisions to generate wealth. Utilizing the most accurate data on the current condition of a property, the company provides AI-powered home valuations to account for increased value when renovations are made, or decreased value based on property neglect. With home value as the foundation, Kukun provides solutions that illustrate which communities are likely to see the most price appreciation, how to make a profit on home renovations, how to easily estimate the cost of any renovation, and includes all information home buyers and homeowners need to optimize the financial outcomes of their home ownership journey. Kukun’s data a...

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    14 penawaran

    Convert the data sheet into feed file using Excel VBA for Big Commerce Mens Clothing

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    1 penawaran

    Build and design my wholesale b2b and b2c BigCommerce website.

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    14 penawaran
    Continuity Tester Berakhir left

    I want to make a continuity tester for cable harness. The cable harness consists of leads provided to five shelves of equipment. Each shelf has 2 cables first cable has 5 wires and second cable has 4 wires. I want to read continuity from the first shelf cable clear down to the fifth shelf. I want to use led lights from an inexpensive string of Christmas lights powered by 120 Vac. Each shelf would have a total of 9 Led lights, for a total of 45 Led lights. When I have complete continuity on all wires 45 Led’s would light. When I have any wires with bad continuity those Led’s would not light. The circuit would need some type of replaceable fuse in case of a fault in the wiring. I need this circuit ASAP. Any other questions just ask.

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    I need a PCB created that can power a 120mm computer system fan This object; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PFBPHL6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A25D34XLVTWT9M&th=1 and also a computer water pump this object; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GY7426A/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A32PLH8B12583F&psc=1 While being powered from a trickle of this object. :g:da0AAOSwTZhbtqqN I am looking for a design layout that i can build. I do not know the cost of this design creation and am taking a stab in the dark. Please let me know in your bid.

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    12 penawaran

    Hi Kostiantyn U, hope you keeping safe if you in Ukraine. I am currently working on a little project. It is a Raspberry Pi powered by SOlar / LiPro battery, a DC USB solar charger in between and a 4G hat for connection to the web. The goal for this unit is to take pictures from a river bank every hour, and upload them my server. I have built a prototype that is going on site in the next few weeks but the end goal is to combine all of these parts into ONE PCB along with the Pi and battery.

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    Link example: When "Add Your PSN ID / Text Left Handle:" is not selected, the text field doesn't show. When it is selected (either color option), the text field appears. I'd like the code for this.

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    13 penawaran

    READ FIRST!!!! any bid less than 2 min will be ignored, and your bid price will be final. Bigcommerce work

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    33 penawaran

    I looking for Bigcommerce export developer . Get Featured Product in categories page

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    Bigcommerce Export Berakhir left

    I looking Bigcommerce expert Developer , I need to show feature product in categories page . Website Url :

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    5 penawaran

    This is for IT Consulting. I'll give you some information and you should be able to design accordingly with 4-5 adds tabs(contact, home, etc..) I have my own domain and we should be able to connect the website to that and make it active in web and mobile. and also need to add free version of Static hosting POWERED BY FIREBASE. Since this is a single page website, I shouldn't experience any issues in future, if so you have to y=take care of this for free of charge. plz respond with your bids.

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    20 penawaran

    I'm looking to get a code added to our website to add a processing fee for the specific payment method on our BigCommerce store.

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    Hello Developers, I have a woocoommerce powered website and i have build app using flutter based FluxStore App (). The app works fine but the search module is not great. On my website i use Ajax Search Pro Plugin () to manage everything related to search. I want you to integrate the Ajax Search Pro Plugin with FluxStore App so that it works flawless. Also it needs to be future proof so that even if fluxstore and ASP plugin gets updated it should not cause any issues. In case any new issue happens you need to rectify it. I need you to do this in very low budget but rest assured that you can sell same code to others as many

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    Radio controlled model airplane transmitters are now capable of using lua scripts. One dramatic change in the hobby is that these airplanes used to be powered by combustion engines that were loud and therefore easy to "hear" what your throttle setting was. Now, electric power has become popular with very quiet motors that make it virtually impossible to determine your throttle setting by sound. The hobby could really use a lua script for an OpenTx radio transmitter that would generate a sound from the tranmitter speaker that would increase and decrease in pitch based on the throttle position of the transmitter. Here is a link to a forum that discusses this issue:

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    Experienced bigcommerce developer with Stock Sync exp, who can sync inventory products of other website.

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    20 penawaran

    Role: UI/UX Product Designer At Kiwibot we are building the largest robotic last-mile delivery network to support operations in several environments from college campuses to cities across the US, Middle East & Asia. We believe that the future will be powered by clean and effective technological solutions and that everyone should have the access to receive anything at a low or no cost. As a UI/UX Designer: You’ll report to our Head of Software & Platforms, it could be a great opportunity for you to join us. The ideal candidate can quickly translate complex problems into clear and understandable solutions. As a Product Designer, you will contribute to the creation and scale of Customer's faces and Operational platforms to make the Kiwibot experience fulfilling....

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    My idea is to create verse with powered virtual reality and RPG where users create their own games and have made within the meta verse where the story would be the refinement man contaminated the earth has its days numbered with That the government and businessmen come together to explore space to find home for humanity there in every existing planet could be explored and new planets could be accessed enxrudive in other galaxies Tufa that users want could create in meta verse house woman children and even get married create farms boats everything exactly everything and everything would be paid for by our currency I want a project like this one

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    15 penawaran

    Some one who is good in bigcommerce with Stock Sync exp, who can sync inventory products of other website.

    $218 (Avg Bid)
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    6 penawaran

    I need an XML feed built to certain specifications that updates either live, or at minimum every 5 minutes. Currently bigcommerce updates our current feed too slowly and not all the data is present all of the time which causes our products not to list on the aggregator that we plug our feed into. this is what our current feed looks like: you can see some listings are missing the required fields which prevents our aggregator from using it. this is the aggregator we are listing on, here it it's specifications: Please start with "BC" in your proposal, so I can know you are serious.

    $589 (Avg Bid)
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    19 penawaran

    I need to build a website like Javaris AI, Rytr etc A website with AI-powered copywriting functionality

    $229 (Avg Bid)
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    8 penawaran

    We need a bigquerry report developed that we can run and export to csv on a set date range (normally daily), for data being extracted from bigcommerce. Format of the report can be provided, and will involved pulling data together from a few different tables.

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    Hello sir/ ma'am , Today I am about to understand something that hardly anyone would...Details :- 1) Electric car : Electric cars function by plugging into a charge point and taking electricity from the grid. They store the electricity in rechargeable batteries that power an electric motor, which turns the wheels. Electric cars accelerate faster than vehicles with traditional fuel engines – so they feel lighter to drive. 2) Hydrogen car : Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are powered by hydrogen. They are more efficient than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles and produce no tailpipe emissions—they only emit water vapor and warm air. FCEVs and the hydrogen infrastructure to fuel them are in the early stages of implementation. ...............T...

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    9 penawaran

    We need to sync product on our website with some other small stuff to be done, I will share more details with the suitable developer /company thanks

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    25 penawaran
    Need a Fundraiser Berakhir left

    Building a Solar-powered aircraft to fly around the world and need help funding the startup cost for the project.

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
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    ... Tasks 1. Need it reskinned to say Bash Sports Online Soccer 2. Given physical controls 3. And online multiplayer 4.I have the characters, as the game is already completed But I need one super powered team crafted from one of the teams, as well as a "Turbo" button and state where when you hit a button, the character runs faster 5. 2 Single Player, 2player local , Arcade Cup (which is play against 8 random teams, and then against the super powered team) 6. 3 Online (Bash Connect) Ranked, Friendly match 7. Controls (assuming Xbox Controller) Left Analog Stick move A - pass, change to nearest character B - Shoot, tackle X - Turbo boost 8. I need the Music Changed 9. I need the UI Changed Game 3. Need to Build this

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    8 penawaran

    I need someone who can design my BigCommerce website

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    8 penawaran

    Hi, I have an LED driver that was being developed for me that was 95% complete before Covid hit and then the company I was using lost most of its staff and couldn't finish it. Its a 20mm flashlight driver that powers a custom made 20mm LED star with 2 LEDS in series, both have similar Forward Voltages. The light is powered by 2 16340 Liion Batts (4.2V) in series. The driver has 3 modes, Hi, Lo (approx 30%), and 8HZ Pulse. I have photos of the driver I can send you. It was designed about 2 years ago so the design is probably outdated. I'd also like to have the ability to modify the firmware (Arduino?) if I want to, to change the Pulse rate or mW power output. I'll need design files that I can send out to a fabricator, get a prototype, evaluate, tweak if nece...

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    This is an individual assignment whereby you have been tasked by the Racing team to design the front upright for an electric powered lightweight single seater race car. The race car features all-wheel drive and each wheel assembly has its own outboard mounted electric motor and epicyclic gearbox. The team are downsizing their wheels from 13” diameter to 10” diameter wheels and have chosen to use a commercially available 10” magnesium wheel to fit a Hoosier 18.0 X 7.5 -10 slick racing For the purposes of the assignment, CAD and a technical drawing of the OZ 10” Magnesium wheel is provided, the latter can be viewed online here. This will allow the accurate representation of the inside of the wheel and gives sufficient detail for the mounting face of the wheel h...

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    We are looking for help migrating our existing website into Bigcommerce platform. This project has substaintial size and will need to be splited into more stages. We are looking for web developers - page builders with graphic skills.

    $10559 - $21117
    Bersegel PK
    $10559 - $21117
    68 penawaran