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    ...to fit - fit image to actual working area (not save proportions) Resize (save proportions) - change size of image Rotate 90° - skip rotate 90° to right or to left Free Rotate - soft rotate +1° or -1° Center verticaly - center vertically to actual working area Center horizontaly - center horizontaly to actual working area Flip image - horizontally

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    Hi there I am using the super sozializer plugin for my wordpress website and can't login due to the social login icons. It seems a problem with reCapcha plugin. Also some sites in the backend can't be updated regarding a blank white page. Can someone help me fix this issue? Regards Simon

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    Our website is currently not loading properly and we need it resolved. Here is the website: [login untuk melihat URL] Looking forward to your assistance. Thanks, Jonathan

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    Fix Stream player that does not play any sound anymore in latest IOS versions. It played normally in the past but now once you hit the play button, no sound appears. This is the player url - [login untuk melihat URL]

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    We need help to fix this problem. Probably one of the plugins that causing a trouble.

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    The teamspeak server starts but I cannot reach it anymore after a reboot.

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    ...same script generate other effects (add frames, add background, add object, face in hole, add text on image). Other effects work, only this one (add glitter text) not work anymore You should check log/debug it to locate the issue and fix it. Otherwise, you sell or point me to a similar script (I'll pay you for this) that works fine. Thanks Important:

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    We moved to https on 14th of octobre and since then google analytics doesn't show CPC clicks and ecommerce transactions from Google Adwords anymore. This needs to be fixed. I think someone with Google Analytics and adwords experience can fix this soon. Don't reply if you cannot fix this within a few hours. If it takes to long, it takes a lot of my

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    Hello, I plan to develop online print service with Prestashop and As part of this project, firstly I need to develop DIY j...image with 300DPI automatically. - Select Image Select Sample Style for toolbar List - Generate Preview 3D web Image Required Skills for Project html5 Canvas, DIY,imageMagic etc Understand Chinese will be prefeered

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    sotwear is ready and workin but need to improve it for that im lokin for devloper havin talent

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    I cannot log into admin. It just loops the log in and wont let me log in or when choosing "Forgot password" it doesn't send. Presta was working fine last time I was in admin 7 hours ago. Wondering if someone can fix this.

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    Hi, I need someone who updates me a wordpress plugin quickly, because with the new wordpress update the plugin has stopped working.

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    the page of my site (on PHP Symfony) directing purchasers to paypal does not work anymore

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    ... Now I've deleted the plugins and tried everything I could, searching every forum, asking everyone I know. But; my customizer doesn't work anymore, plus when I schedule posts on wordpress it doesn't post anymore but says "scheduling failed". I don't want to loose all my comments, statistics etc. so I rather don't install wordpress again... I hope...

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    if i load my website i get this error: The [login untuk melihat URL] page isn’t working [login untuk melihat URL] is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 url is [login untuk melihat URL]

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    18 penawaran

    I need to get a linux script working that I found on the internet. [login untuk melihat URL] Got it to work to grab the images, but it's not grabbing the title yet of the albums.

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    need someone to change the size of my featured images on m website so the image is not cut off anymore...

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    38 penawaran

    Impossible to restart mysql server. Root cause: possible that the / directory was full and cause the crash of the mysql server (config/password ...)

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    14 penawaran

    Another developer has installed an add-on for more sales details for my accountant.. But when he put online the site didnt work good anymore my site opencart it was a problem because MySQLi needs to be enabled in the server

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    Another developer has installed an add-on for more sales details for my accountant.. But when he put online the site didnt work good anymore my site opencart it was a problem because MySQLi needs to be enabled in the server

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    Another developer has installed an add-on for more sales details for my accountant.. But when he put online the site didnt work good anymore my site opencart

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    We have a program that we need some edits to.

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    I'm using Magento & My control panel is VestaCP that automatically installs Nginx & Apache. My SSL certificate expired & I received no notification regarding that. I bought a new SSL & installed it on my server, but since then the page is down & it says "server taking too long to respond" I'm using Cloudflare as well. Need help in bringing my site live.

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    like the title sais, there is something not correct in nginx config file. if you can help me fix it, would be great. it shouldnt take very long, probably s just 1 or 2 wrong lines.

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    I have a script that is calling for Jpg support. It is giving me this error: "JPG support is not installed; will not be able to read/write JPEG images" I have PHP 5.6.19 installed I have imagemagick installed Server is Debian - Jessie PHP INFO is tell me: JPEG Support enabled libJPEG Version 6b However the script is giving me the error above in the second sentence and not a...

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    I worked with a freelancer a while back who helped me make a email web scrap...here: [login untuk melihat URL] Right now, it's not grabbing the emails properly anymore, and I'm not sure why... If you want to help with this project, I will give you a free copy of the software to test with and hopefully get working again. Thanks

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    Hey, I cannot log into my dashboard in wordpress anymore. I get an 404 error. need to be fixed within a couple of hours

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    My server went down yesterday. No ssh possible anymore. It's a hetzner server and I do have access to LARA-console ([login untuk melihat URL]) and Rescue system. We should try everything to keep data and not to simply reinstall from scratch. German language freelancer nice to have. After this "I NEED HELP FAST" issue has been fixed

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    I sell Moonshine from my basement, i need a writer to make content about Gin and other alcohols not being trendy anymore!

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    Ich habe laufende Arbeiten, die sich auf unser letztes Projekt beziehen 'Drupal Fix, after Restore of application the side and the backend didn't work anymore'

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    fix the problem from drupal 7.32 after restore the application on the server and made it work with the existing database. more information about defect later, because at the moment i make a new backup.

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    I want to transfer the sites and their related MySQL databases to a new host which I will require access to and also make some future minor amendments/updates to the sites.

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    Hi. I deleted all the prducts in my magento store because i wanted to make a fresh start. Now i added and imported some products but i cant get them to show in the categories no mather what i try... It is probably something very little but i just dont see it..So just a quick fix so no bullshit bids please..

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    I want to transfer them to a new host and also make some minor amendments/updates to the sites.

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    Hi, I run prestashopt website and setup wordpress blog on it After checking my blog I notice that top website and footer do not show anymore same as main website, I have low budget for this project so please bid accordinly Happy biding

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    Need to update default certificate (certificate expired warning) [login untuk melihat URL] Install BCMath extension and imagemagic. CentOS Linux 7.0.1406 (Core) Plesk v12.5.30

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    Hello, I run Ubuntu on my VM Machine that I control with Citrix Xen Center (i have multiple VMs on this) a...Pangolin 12.04 (64-bit)' - The bootloader for this VM returned an error -- did the VM installation succeed? Unable to find partition containing kernel The Server doesnt start anymore. If you think you can handle this, please let me know.

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    4 penawaran

    Hi, We build our website with the Visual Composer plugin. Suddenly it stopped working. It keeps on loading. Help is needed.

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    Hello, I need someone to fix payment gateway 2checkout on my website. It used to work just fine but since today it displays an error that says the page wasn't found when people are about to pay from my website Waiting for your bid

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    Having a look over team viewer to check why my project isnt running. Getting an angular error.

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    there are certain things that are in limited supply, homes, classic cars, rare violins, paintings, stamps. i need someone to review how these things are gaining in value around the world and explain why they can often command premium prices

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    We will give you 4 abstract avatars. You will provide us with each of those abstract avatars with all combinations of initi...combination should be a separate png image (eg. [login untuk melihat URL], avatar1-ab.png...) Font will be provided. Ideally you will write a script that can do this programatically (ImageMagic or similar, photoshop scripting etc.)

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    ...LAMP instance on Amazon AWS [login untuk melihat URL] 1. Install Apache Openmeetings [login untuk melihat URL] 2. Install ImageMagic, Ghostscript, SWFTools, JODConverter, FFMpeg, SoX, and make sure they work with openmeetings as per instructions 3. Connect OpenMeetings to MySQL 4. Install OpenLDAP and

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    ...template is critical because they use thumbs for frontpage and others. Another problem is to change the cover of the homepage. Again, before it was working. Suddenly, we can't upload the cover anymore. We want to correct these 2 bugs because the website is used by someone without deep knowledge of computers. So it must be simple for her. So 2 bugs

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    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Freelancer just took $30 and now says my account is -26. They also let some Paki Fucking Raghead scammer run with almost $1K so don't use this terrorist network run by Australia. Close my account assholes you'll never see another dime from me.

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    Worked as sale tax consultant in haryana punjab delhi gujarat from last 10 years. Has good command over legal matters and could manuplate as per client's requirement. Has good network chain in department as well as in market also. Can save you a lot of money as sale tax with no future problems guaranteed.

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    My adult entertainment website was hacked awhile back. It's a simple wordpress/buddypress setup with a webcam feed and a one click payment processor. I need a design change. i would like to use a theme that I would need to purchase and one that mimics facebook closely. Buddypress is way to ugly. There are alot of bugs as well that need to be worked throguh like when I click certain users it t...

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