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    intinya membuat point of sales atau stock manager online yang terintegrasi dengan tracking number. jadi ketika kami mengirim resi ke customer maka status finish dan resi diberitahukan ke customer secara email dan sms

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    Complete columns F, G, H & I in the attached speadsheet by searching Google Australia by copy pasting columns A, B & C.

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    Change of number 6 Hari left

    I have a screenshot of a table with numbers that I need changing

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    number one in google 6 Hari left

    how to be ranked as number one in google ?

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    Paint by Number 6 Hari left

    In May this year, my company, in cooperation with a German partner, started a project regarding numerical painting - we completed the required materials (paints, brushes, containers, frames, canvas) and now we need pilot graphics "Paint by Numbers", which will be created for our main palette colors and will serve as a template for further attempts. Subjects in the field of animals, lan...

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    Hi All, I need to know the active location of a mobile which may have old number used in it. I will provide all the possible number used. You need to tell me the exact location of the Phone in India The person who provide the solution will be rewarded very well. Payment only after verification of the location by my sources. Happy Bidding

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    I need a guaranteed working example of some UPS Tracking API Request XML/HTML that I can use to send The UPS Tracking API a Tracking Number and that will cause UPS to return back to me : 1. Digit Tracking Status Code 2. The Code Description 3. The detailed LATEST tracking info for the Tracking Number I pass to UPS (like "In-Transit" or "Out for Delivery", etc..) eg. "sta...

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    I need a Webscraper for windows (*.exe application) that does the following simple task: 1. I upload a list of keywords (for example 3000 keywords) 2. It searches each keyword and gets the number of results 3. Creates an Excel/CSV file with the first column the keyword name and adds a second column number of results - I need it fast in a couple of hours - Reply with the word "BLUE" - It...

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    I need a Database for Saudi Arabian Customers 3 Mill Contacts for Saudi Youth Aged 16 to 30 with 95% Accuracy. I need the Below fileds Name Contact Number Email City (If possible)

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    It just need [login untuk melihat URL] a large number of SMS through SMPP and receive delivery report, which should be bound with the receiver. In order to send short messages and receive delivery reports of different recipients, increase efficiency. 1. Support multi-threaded SMPP services to work at the same time. 2. SMPP is always connected 3. The default connectionmode is transceiver. 4. On the...

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    Lottery Number generate game 4 Hari left

    I need to make a lottery game similar to this Powerball game. The automatic number must be generated

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    I need an Amazon webscraper that does the following simple task: 1. I upload a list of keywords (for example 3000 keywords) 2. It searches each keyword and gets the number of results 3. Creates an Excel/CSV file with the first column the keyword name and second column number of results - I need it fast in a couple of hours at most - Reply with the word "BLUE" - It should scrape the numb...

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    I need a App, Tambola Number Generator App for Android.

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    Need to find the location from mobile number. He is in Mysore, Karnataka. Need his house location exactly, like address

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    I am facing the problem the my user put only phone number so i can't get the country code, Need someone who can change the field to dropdown select country code. See the attachment and start your bid with " 1 only " This will declare you review the attachment

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    Hi, I want to add "Your Phone Number" at Contact From - WordPress where user can key in their phone number.

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    I need a tool built or implemented for python on windows for web scraping tool data mining scraping website for email and phone number

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    The job is to find out from the IRS what tax returns I need to prepare, and then to prepare them. Must have experience preparing USA tax returns for people who are working outside the USA. I expect to pay about $200 per tax return, plus extra to get started. I imagine there will be about 8 tax returns but I am not sure about that.

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    I need a App, Tambola Number Generator App for Android.

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    Hi Freelancers! We are looking for the customer to be able to see what no one should call to order a taxi at the same time as our logo should be visible. The text should be on both cars ***OBS the number should be on the back of the the taxi cab. Both on Toyota and Mercedes VAN*** The number is 040 - 911 911 The text is desirable to be clear and should be easily snapped up. It should be simp...

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    I need ALL the number pattern combinations that the following 4 number patterns can produce in sets of 3: 1,1 1,2 2,1 2,2 For example: 1,1/1,1/1,1 1,1/1,1/1,2 1,1/1,1/2,1 1,1/1,1/2,2 1,1/1,2/1,1 1,1/2,1/1,1 1,1/2,2/1,1 ETC.......

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    Hi, we are looking for a developer who can provide/create a software that will track the website visitor's name, email and at least a phone number. Our company is based in Dubai, UAE and we are not subject to GDPR laws specially article number 3 of this laws required for the law to be applied that services shall be provided in Europe or the services provider is in Europe which is not the case...

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    Our company needs to build a customer mailing and phone number contact list. We have all of the data but we’d like for it to be pulled out of a few software tools and added to an excel spreadsheet. We’ve identified the process to get this done but need someone to do the work for us. Disclaimer: All data and information created as a part of this project is considered intellectual prope...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using [login untuk melihat URL] cv I would give you a link below [login untuk melihat URL] Please go through this link I need a system which detects vechile and number plate info of vechile that crosses the given area can any one do this

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    2220 Number Graphic Berakhir left

    I want to paint a mural on front wall, about the size of a single garage. Needs to be modern and I like the colors red white and black. Will be painted on a grey background. Must be simple and easy to paint by hand by a novice painter. Thinking of incorporating the house number 2220 into the design. Will be painted above garage. House will be painted a light grey colour.

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    We are receiving a high number of TIME_WAIT connections which is causing our server to bog down. We believe this is some sort of "attack" on our application. We need some help to figure out what is causing this and a method to prevent it. The application we are using is MYSQL and PHP based. We have already increased TCP ports allowed, turned on TCP reuse, decreased time out wait ti...

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    **** Posted a project like this before. The dev tried, but on inspecting the code, and it's functionality, somewhat ineffectual. Actually it was, ineffectual. I still released the funds. You pay what you get for, as they say say. The guy tried. So I post this again. Basically my requirements are: A) Ability to manually enter, 'upload' or set/use a list of keywords saved in csv for...

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    I want to get data by exceeding the security code on the website using php language. (Php- OCR) sample images are attached.

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    Every time I go to print labels that read data from other sheets in my workbook, I get waste/extras because my workbook has an abundance of placeholder labels (arrays) that either have to get deleted before printing, or be printed as wasted material. I want the Labels to only appear (resulting in ink on the printed paper) when there is a need to print them. That need is generated when non-blank en...

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    I need some help for someone to help my Canadian company with ITIN & EIN Number? We have set up an LLP in Delaware; but, we still need to set up the ITIN & EIN Number.

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    6 penawaran

    I need you to develop a simple invoice maker that has random invoice number generator using electron and it will installed on a windows desktop

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    4 penawaran

    Good day . In search of a designer. If you had experience creating images for mobile applications by the type of coloring by numbers, write to me to discuss the details. Examples of pictures and links attached. A lot of work. I need 3 designers [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL]

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    13 penawaran

    I want to build on my data base of all Child care centres and family day care New South Wales,Australia . I will provide The List of Trading Name looking for some internet research only including phone numbers and emails addresses For 1200 Trading. I need to Complete in 3 Days.

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    I need software that can search truecaller bulk search, specifying name, email id, gender etc by uploading excel with phone numbers and getting output in excel

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    Hi. I'm looking for someone to implement caller number masking on my app & website. The idea is caller wont know the actual phone number of the person the are calling, You can do it with, exotel, twilio etc. I don't mind unless the price is too high. The app is a progressive web app & the website is Wordpress. Please do not bid huge amount as its a small project is you have any...

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    I need to find the product image url to upload onto shopify for 20,000 UPCs, using a script to find. This will be entered onto an excel file.

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    39 penawaran

    We have all the past numbers this prng generates plus the sha256 hash of the next number. I need to find out the next number.

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    3 penawaran

    I am working to compare month from list string container and convert to int container , but got a bug and have no idea.

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    18 penawaran

    I need to create some macros or some scripting or programs which provides me a set of 4 digit numbers as output when I give a set of four digit numbers. I have the logic and algorithm ready. this is not urgent and I want to get this done.i can provide maximum of 100$.

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    I am looking for someone to write a piece of code that will hook into the WooCommerce checkout routine. After paying for the order I want the code to generate a unique random number, between a defined range, for each item in the basket. If multiple users are simultaneously placing orders the numbers issued must never duplicate. It's very similar to being issued with a lottery number for ea...

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    I need to be able to retrieve mobile phone number of french classified website "Leboncoin" Mobile phones has to be retrieved from android app as it's not possible to get so many mobile phone in website/mobile website. I can send you .apk if you need to install it, maybe this app is not available outside france

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    test relationship between server hash and server seed. the hash is known, and you need to find out the seed. each seed generate a unique number.

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    5 penawaran

    I need you to study a random number generator, with known client seed, and unknown server seed, and predict the result. ( server hash is known)

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    Hello, We need an api connection to our website, We have a partner that has an api but i don't know much about all this stuff. He has everything you'll need. We need this api to connect automatically all the products, prices, pictures and auto the order proces so when a customer places an order they also get to know it so they can fulfil it and also automaticaly provide the tracking n...

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    need a scraper software tool (either script which can be run on local computer or a web application tool) which will be able to do the following: 1) User will be able to import bulk keywords line by line (using a text file or direct import into the software). 2) The tool must take each keyword and run a query in Google with "allintitle:keyword". 3) Google will return a number of results...

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    Task 1: To explore and discover the hidden patterns, trends and distribution of Covid-19 all over the world. To also analyze the outliers in the spread of corona virus. Sub-task 1: to analyze if the trends increased,decreased or even fluctuated with time. Sub-task 2: To identify the peaks of the graph which simply means when largest number of cases were recorded for each country. Overall...

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    7 penawaran

    Current situation: Smaller number such as (0.00000030) showing as scientific notation (3e-7.00000000) What I need: I want you to fix this issue, by creating any custom javascript or anything you suggest, that it will show in proper decimal, not in scientific notation. Its very simple and small task. Main site: [login untuk melihat URL] I have attached photo of that issue.

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    Concept would be provided. It will used outline and line images of people, places and things. Some amount of ideation would be required.

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    I have a textfile and I need to count total Pass and Fail in the text file. The Data can be duplicate, so should take the latest one. Nodejs scripting

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