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    ...freelance support to take the initial customer service template that comes with MS Access and make adjustments that will enable us to use the database as our warranty returns database. This is currently handled on an Excel spreadsheet but could do with improvements. Additionally the basic data entry or lookup part should also work on our Sharepoint Foundation

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    Hello, I would like to start an Access database similar to the Access "Service Template," built within the program. However, I would like to add/connect a Confirmation No. box/field and an area to attach and save documents. This will help me search thru the database for all projects when customers ask me a question about an individual project I've

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    ...use MS Access to track checking in, checking out, adding, transferring, and removing of assets from among different locations. The Lending Library Template provided by MS Access seems like a great start, but I need more functionality, specifically by adding functions that will allow the use of a barcode reader to automate much of the data entry. ...

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    Write some Software Berakhir left

    Mortgage Business Database MS Access 2010 Purpose The primary purpose of this data base is to be able to enter a contact into the system and then take them from Lead Marketing to Close of Sale through the use of (automated if possible) templated task/action paths that I am able to copy and modify when needed. The database is for my use only. Example-

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    ...Management (being able to interface and manage clients (new and existing) as well as delegate tasks and projects to staff.) - Client on boarding (Setting up clients’ accounts and access) in online dashboard or platform - Customer Service (engaging with clients and prospects via email, skype or Google Hangouts, phone, Basecamp, etc and follow ups) Internet

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    Build a small database based on existing MS Access template, and 4 front-end data entry interfaces

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    We need an Access Database created to allow our service department to enter service tickets. Then they have to be searchable by Name, Ticket Number or Phone Number. All fields must be active with data entry points. Need to be MS Office 2013 Compatible. Template is attached.

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    39 penawaran this in technical terms during interview. - Can easily, WITHOUT research, create a VBA workbook with cells that can be used as merge fields to populate Outlook oft template files. Can explain how to do this in technical terms during interview. - Can be available to talk with our tech lead on an a scheduled basis on certain days (some day(s)

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    7 penawaran this in technical terms during interview. - Can easily, WITHOUT research, create a VBA workbook with cells that can be used as merge fields to populate Outlook oft template files. Can explain how to do this in technical terms during interview. - Can be available to talk with our tech lead on an a scheduled basis on certain days (some day(s)

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    I need someone to write and develop a software to monitor, update, alert, analyse, and estimate all data related to running construction projects (initial idea) Since it's only an initial idea so i have a very low budget since i don't know if it will work or not, later can be developed with better budget and the advantage will be given to the same

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    I need an Inventory and Customer Sales database in MS Access. I only have Access 2000 so need it to be edited by me on Access 2000, and work on newer versions when I get it. I buy raw products, then manufacture and sell a finished fashion product. I need a database to enable tracking and inventory control, including customers. I want the raw products

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    I need an Inventory and Customer Sales database in MS Access. I only have Access 2000 so need it to be edited by me on Access 2000, and work on newer versions when I get it. I buy raw products, then manufacture and sell a finished fashion product. I need a database to enable tracking and inventory control, including customers. I want the raw products

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    Project Description: Please bid ONLY if you understand the project. I need someone to create products database preferably with the desktop & web interface (I am thinking Access with SharePoint would be easy, but if you think using MySQL/SQL Server that would be fine as well). It will also have the ability to compare prices from other website (web

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    Data Entry Form Berakhir left

    I need a web based data entry form developed for an existing mysql database. The database currently has no web based forms so an initial setup will need to be created such as an admin page to manage users and user rights. The tables and form layout are already planned / developed. I would expect all code and rights to be provided to me for

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    ...a database or be uploaded (e.g. jpg, tif) painting = a handmade painting or drawing which will produced by the client motif vs. style template = a motif is an image which will be painted or drawn, a style template is an image which will be used to paint or draw the image in certain style theme = magento sometimes uses the word theme and sometimes

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    ...Explorer toolbox appears, click the Connect to Database button. See pic1*** 6. When the Add Connection dialog appears, click the Change button. In the "Change Data Source" dialog, select MS Access Database File; Uncheck Always use this Selection; then click OK. See pic2*** Click the Browse button to navigate to the [login untuk melihat URL] file in your

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    ...p.m., PST. 1. Utilize Microsoft Visio 2008. 2. Create a new ASP.NET website called "PayrollSystem. When the "New Website" dialog opens, select "ASP.NET Website" as the Template, select "File System" as the Location, and select "Visual C#" as the Language. Click Browse and navigate to the folder where you want to save your website. Add "...

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    ...and invoices scanned and retained per contact or asset/inventory item. I have attached a powe point presentation with the look and data with what entry items I need to input, basicall this can be found on the MS Access web page. Inventory with ability to track totals when issued or upon reciept of items Asset inventory by company, customer ect

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    ...permanently linked to custom fields of user input data for the scanned item that is associated with a thumbnail pic downloaded from a SLR camera. Related financial accounting with real-time tally based upon preset rules. Template must accept handheld SKU label scans for initial item identification and manual data entry (i.e. item description, etc,.) and item

    $1000 - $2000
    $1000 - $2000
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    MS Access reports Berakhir left

    ...entries in our MS Access database in a way that matches a template that we will provide you. In addition we want to create summarised reports based on a time period filter or product filter. We require 4 summarised reports in total (display templates will be provided) + 1 that displays single data entries in a way specified by a template. Our relational

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    ...written an access database to keep track of all their members but have one last user interface/data macro I need in order to make it complete. This data macro is "Add visit" and this is what I need it to do. In the combination form view which displays a form and a table (based on the contacts MS access 2007 template) I need a data c...

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    ...the feasibility of integrating and automating a number of functions between the SQL back-end, MS Exchange and MS Office via the in-house VBA front-end. POC Development will take place locally using VBA / MS Access 2010 and via remote desktop access to a single server running: * Microsoft SBS Server: Exchange 2008 * Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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    I have a premade order form i created in Excel. I would like to have a program that creates a MS Database of clientele, property information, values, etc. Basically storing data entry information into an Access file. For every order I enter, I would like it to store clients separately or give me an option to pick from a client already entered

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    ...Marketing Manager for a lead generation company. We've been in business for eight years and have accumulated 100's of spreadsheets with approximately 500,000 to 750,000 contact data records (names, addresses, company name, type of system, etc.). The spreadsheets are disparate in the headings ("Zip" on one might be "Postal Code" on another). Some may

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    ...have been using some online spreadsheets on google apps to allow a number of our employee users (at different workstations throughout the same building ) to input and share data in our picture framing business . Customers bring in some type of artwork (eg photo / canvas / object) that they need framed - here we assign a job number, recorded their

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    I am looking for someone to utilize my existing .dwt template and write the code for a page that allows site visitors to enter 1 to 3 search variables.? Based on the entry(s) the page would search an existing ms access database table to find matches against the search critera and return the matches from this table, 1 additional table and one

    $135 (Avg Bid)
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    10 penawaran

    ... Preferably, all information about Callers can be captured in MS Outlook using a customized Contact Form, but an all-inclusive standalone application for this data entry would be OK too. All responses need to be documented, and all voice recordings need to be stored for later access.? If Callers answer "Yes" to certain questions (using their touch-tone

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    4 penawaran

    I need a MS Access 2003 Database which will allow me to do the following. ? 1. Raise purchase orders on the behalf of my clients that will be sent to various vendors. ? 2. When the vendor has supplied the service they will send me an invoice. I will search the database for the corresponding Purchase Order and enter the invoice details against

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    16 penawaran

    MS ACCESS 2007 Template (modification) I am looking to modify a Microsoft Access 2007 template. [login untuk melihat URL] If you know Access well, this should be easy. The template will have 8-10 tabs going across each with different types of information. THIS MUST BE SET UP AS A RELATIONAL

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    ONLINE ADDRESS BOOK Berakhir left

    ...choose some weekly or monthly newsletters to sign up for. There will be a calendar form for user to pick a date that the newsletter will start sending. The newsletter will be a template which will be auto-send at regular intervals. It will read username from database then email "Hello " followed by contents which are similar to all users in the

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    15 penawaran

    ...using MS Access which will record and monitor data on returns of electronic products which have failed in the field. There will be a requirement for data entry forms and then a reporting template to facilitate various reports. The forms will record serial numbers (and check if this serial number has been tested previously) and other data s...

    0 penawaran days and hours through multiple positions leading up to final qualification at all positions. Forms required will be: Basic info (name, date hired, title...) Data entry form for each person at each position. Positions have a maximum amount of allowed days and hours to accomplish qualification. Administrators will add the date, amount of

    0 penawaran

    ...newspaper website. Our model is somting similar to [login untuk melihat URL] The newspaper covers financial markets so we will need to have a charting module and market data grabber from [login untuk melihat URL] and google and other websites. We need a subscibtion section for registred users only. **** Major note: All webdesige should be Right to Left (RTL)

    $1274 (Avg Bid)
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    11 penawaran

    ...MLM and Party-Plan companies. Enquire about adding a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and Party-Plan software to our company's website based on ASP.NET, aspdotnetstorefront IS, MS-SQL is the database. We will host and keep the source code. I would like to know about pricing, and extra information of your MLM software for ASP.NET integration and specifications

    min $5000
    min $5000
    19 penawaran

    ...pdf) files will all use the same template design functions (drag and drop) Brief description on our software: Cabinet Vision With our current software, we want to bring orders from this new website and seamlessly integrate with a (.ord) text file, and download it in our software, which would require no data entry for the customer’s new order

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    Access database Berakhir left

    ...ratings data is held in excel spreadsheets - one file for each horse racing meeting, with up to 8 sheets in each file ??" one for each race, with the results and odds entered for the winners and places in each race. The ratings are held in three standard templates ??" an old template and a current template for flat racing and one current template for Nation...

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    14 penawaran

    ...started with an MS Access template for Contacts Database, and added fields to make it ‘look’ like it should. First step is to add the database fields, finish the entry forms (for new tabs), and make sure the database is working correctly. Each of the source data files has a different format. It’s very important to me that no data ...

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    41 penawaran

    ...Install Flash Template (1) Add Name Logo to all pages (2) Menu Name Changes: "Biography" change to "Featured" (3) "Featured" heading in right column name changed to "Your Area" (4) link list of all US states below the "Your Area" heading. AL AK AS AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FM FL GA GU HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MH MD MA MI MN MS<...

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    1 penawaran

    Please review the specifications below. We are seeking someone with Teamsite 6.5 experience. If you are interested please reply back with your MS Word resume, hrly rate desired, availability for a phone interview and onsite interview. Immediate start. We prefer corp-to-corp. Thanks. Regards, George Sackett Managing Director 201-818-5651 **Job

    $5000 - $25000
    $5000 - $25000
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    Quote Managment 2 Berakhir left

    I require a Database to build and track quotes. this database should be: Developed for Access 2003 It Must be multi-user The main "Quote Screen" shall resemble a template I have and will provide. I will expect to hear from the coder at least every other day, and will expect not to be lied to about deadlines I will not accept any logo’s or

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    ASP/MSSQL Utility Berakhir left

    We need an application that will allow the user to access a map of the watershed with all of the Alert stations (Similar to the first link) where a person can click on a gauge and make a list of gauges will show up (Java Script) We have already started the template for the way we want it setup There will be the following options: 1. Select date range

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    3 penawaran

    ...certificate tracking capabilities with new software. We are looking for a coder that can create a template which accesses and modifies several separate databases to create a final document report based upon artifact based criteria. Image handling within the database entry program is a must up to 10 unique images per report. Ease of use is a must and future incorporation

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    23 penawaran

    ... Template Designing Corporate ID Flash & Shockwave n e-Mersaling Animation & 3d Modeling Character Animation with sound/Voice Coordination Corporate presentation CD/DVD Custom Design Work Software Programming & Application Development (Microsoft & Sun-Java Technology) Data Base Management [ MS SQL Server

    $20 - $100
    $20 - $100
    12 penawaran
    Skills Database Berakhir left employees will get access to an excel file to input their technical skills into a "resume" maker(excel). The employees will enter their data in a preprepared excel such as Title, Name, years of experience, Education, Computer Skills, languages and technical skills. The all data are are input via text box entry, whilst the t...

    $63 (Avg Bid)
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    15 penawaran

    ...program. It's originally made by Inspire Engineering, but shut down. ... The current program is MS Access based. Simply takes orders etc, and puts it into a database with the imaginable infomation. It seperates it into different databases depending on the data its writing. I want the program to do the following: It has to be tested, and proven. - When

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    7 penawaran

    ...provide access97 DB with required tables and test data) 1. Uses customer code passed in URL to retrieve customer info from MS Access 97 database. 2. Uses customer info to personalize template form header with company name, contact name, phone number and email. Need not be "Cute". 3. Displays template form with line items extracted from item xref tabl...

    $293 (Avg Bid)
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    37 penawaran