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    Implementasi algoritma Chacha20-Poly1305 pada simulasi pengiriman pesan publisher-subscriber MQTT. Dibutuhkan segera ahli yang ahli di bidang Cryptography, MQTT dan bahasa Pemrograman PHP atau Python, diselesaikan dengan cepat paling lama seminggu. Hanya butuh memprogram ulang algoritma Chacha20-Poly1305 agar dapat memanggil fungsi enkripsi dan dekripsi chacha20-poly1305 pada pengiriman pesan MQTT subscriber-publisher.

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    I'm looking for someone to help me build a library in A9G which can connect to MQTT server in embedded C Although A9G SDK already provides MQTT library but the catch here is the credentials for the connection. - I need the username to be 255 chars and password to be 750 chars long for the mqtt connection The official SDK provided by AiThinker on A9G does not support building connection with 750 chars password, it has a max limit of 255 chars. Thereby we need to build library from scratch with connect, subscribe, publish, disconnect, onConnect, onDisconnect, onPublish, onSubcribe as abstraction methods

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    My name is Ankit and I'm looking to hire an experienced Java Application expert to create a desktop application for me. I need the application to be built on Eclipse Netbeans, be accompanied with a MySQL database, and use the MQTT communication protocol. The ideal candidate should also have significant experience developing applications on the Eclipse Netbeans platform, as well as intimate knowledge of MySQL, HTTP, WebSockets, and MQTT standard. If you possess all of these qualities, I'm confident that you can complete the task at hand. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cross Platform Desktop Application

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    Hi, I need to program the LILYgo 7000G board to communicate via MQTT via LTE and wifi. It is also required to read the GPS position. Regarding the power part, it is necessary that the board goes into deep sleep consuming in general less than 50 ua/hour. To achieve that it should be possible to turn off the SIM7000G via software through the ESP32 and put the ESP32 into deep sleep. It would be necessary to see the rest of the electronic components and their power consumption.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a Java Swing project using the Netbeans IDE and the MQTT messaging protocol. The project should include an MDI Container, an arrangement where one window contains multiple, smaller windows, which allows me to manage multiple components of the application. I am hoping to find an experienced software developer who can help me create this project as soon as possible. Thanks in advance! MDI Container will Contain Multiple Grid Responsive Updating Graphs with Min Max and Current Values calculated from Query using Mysql or Time Series

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    I'm looking to develop a cutting edge RESTful Service application that will run both on Windows and Linux platforms. To do this I require a highly knowledgeable and experienced software development team that is familiar with building applications usi...will require expertise in creating RESTful protocol services using Windows and Linux platforms. However, with the right team, this project could lead to further innovative applications and ongoing collaboration. Phase I: Implement HTTPS Server [device configuration via GUI(Linux/Windows] Phase II: Implement secure REST API [Linker server] Phase III: Implement MQTT. Subscribe to topics [get states of the system] Phase IV: Configure MQTT broker to publish topics: gcs/alert Phase V: Interface modem with NM Device [send/recei...

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    Compile Paho MQTT Berakhir left

    I need someone can compile this library This library does not work with andoid 12 . need someone can modify this class And send me recompiled.

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    Hello we will create Esp32 base mqtt devices for your project with the features discussed before.

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    esp32 ble scanning Berakhir left

    Need read ble nus gatt services into esp32 and then mqtt data forward

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    MQTT expert Berakhir left

    I need someone who have rich experience with mqtt Need to connect scooters to mqtt If you have rich experience with mqtt, please contact me Thank you

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    Need freelancer who can parse this using node red into influx db and create grafana graph {"msg":"advData","gmac":"94A408B0482C","obj":[{"type":1,"dmac":"BC572900A067","time":"2023-03-10 18:36:17.000","rssi":-77,"ver":1,"vbatt":3017,"temp":29.920000000000002,"humidty":58.200000000000003}]} Items to insert into influx db dmac rssi temp humidty Who can work immediately can approach and bod for this .

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    make custom firmware for a mqtt device to work with OCPP.

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    Mikrotik Knot Lr8 Berakhir left

    Need an Mikrotik Knot Lr 8 script To 1 use LTE as carrier if no WAN or Ethernet is present 2 Scan for LORA devices and forward by Mqtt 3 scan for BLE devices and forward to 4 scan Modbus and forward to

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    ...and other important information, and will be capable of sending notifications to the user's phone in case of events or hazards. Additionally, the Cube will be modular and scalable, with separate modules or classes for each sensor and functionality. We are looking for an experienced freelancer who can provide expertise in the following areas: ESP32 development Sensor integration and programming MQTT protocol PCB design 3D modeling and printing/laser cutting Software architecture and design. The freelancer should have a strong understanding of IoT devices, and be able to work independently and deliver high-quality work within the given timeline and budget. The deliverables for the project will include the firmware code, PCB design, and completed Cube, as well as any necess...

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    The application must be implemented using Python and should connect to an existing MQTT Broker and display the content received through MQTT on the UI. Please check the attached document for more details.

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    Build an MQTT Dashboard which sorts and displays the data contained within each MQTT message. Data will be processed from its raw modbus register to specific data formats (i.e int16 -> Float32) Various graphs and displays required, including line charts and heat maps (Preferably User configurable) Data is stored locally user selectable time ranges for data display Sort data sets by topic name Should handle missing data within MQTT messages by using last known value Any other developer suggestions will be considered and paid for accordingly. All MQTT messages are streaming live already. (MQTT message content available upon request) Example image attached. Program should be a local based windows program Should not look exactly like the example image (...

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    Freelancer who has worked with selenium chromdriver for Scraping data from a website And can Automate to fill fields or Post File as attachment Programming skills requires are Java or Python Other than this MQTT EMQX LINUX RPC advanced knowledge will be useful

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    EMQX Broker Rule Engine will contain instructions of sending messages or a list of events with delays multi rule These rule will be created by user using a interface or web api You will be provided a EMQX Broker where you have to develop as per specification this is a multi user system with multi time zone issue to be kept in mind when designing

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    EMQX Function development is required to be developed and deployed on Docker or Ubuntu server the Freelancer will have to build a delayed scheduler and location monitoring agent to send instant alert based on criteria , we need login builder function rules

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    I am looking to create a MQTT broker on my raspberry pi to communicate to a BLE beacon though an ethernet cable, the location data from the advertisements will then need to be stored on a database on the Raspberry PI

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    1. refactor and compile. 2. Use mqtt to send messages from client to server. 3. Trim the UI and simplify. Discuss and modify database.

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    ...with ESP32. General Qualifications - Developing FreeRTOS projects with ESP - Able to remotely update ESP software - It will communicate with the server via socket connection with MQTT - It will communicate via UART - Provide internet access with GSM Module - Able to communicate with MDB protocol There are ESP32, Quectel EC200 GSM Modules in the project. It communicates with ESP32 and Quectel GSM module via UART. It will also communicate with Vending Machine and Payment Devices with two UARTs. The software on the ESP will be updatable from remote servers. It will communicate with the servers over Socket with MQTT protocol. We are dealing with applications from experienced engineers with ESP32 and Quectel. Inexperienced candidates will not be considered. I expect you to w...

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    Develop new codes Fix old issues in graph and pdf reports Android Application Project is milestone based and uses mqtt for real time data from iot

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    Embedded systems Berakhir left

    ...() C2H3CL-20 sensors and I would like to get a board that does the following things: 1. provides a solar panel input of 12v and charges a lipo 2. uses the lipo wake up a microcontroller (esp32 would be good) which would: 2.a: sample from a front end w the above sensor 2.b: store the sample on flash storage 2.c: send the data to a basic webserver or mqtt server or whatver 2.d: sleep again Kindly select the components, capture the schematic and lay out the board, take the lead on firmware, and work with me through the testing i would be happy My goal is to open-source this design and to hand these sensors out in response to the environmental disaster in Ohio in the US. I have a bunch of experience deploying sensors so I can hopefully help

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    1. Able to Pub/Sub MQTT Topic and modify ACL on the web page, server, and the client could be on different service ports and container based 2. Drag and Drop Feature integrated with 3. Able to run in the background 4. Able to interactive with API/Executable file(python/go..etc)/Macro/JSON 5. Comprehensive UI (User-friendly. not means complicated UI) 6. 2nd development from open source is acceptable 7. Offline operation(No internet access) 8. Able to put a logo icon 9. Good communication 10. The nice outcome with long-term cooperation

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    Necesitamos un firmware escrito en arduino, freertos para el hardware ESP32R4 V3 Capaz de trabajar en multiproceso con los siguientes Hilos: - Recogida de todos los datos posibles cada 5 minutos de un Analizador de redes EASTRON SDM630 mediante RS485 y envio a un servidor MQTT (Necesitara modulo adicional RS485, deberá indicarse cual y como conectarle) - ASTRONOMICO: Función que calcule el orto y el ocaso cada segundo en función de unas variables de latitud y longitud y unos offsets + - para mover un relé. - Comunicación GPRS constante a través de un modem SIM800L, con mecanismos de seguridad para evitar que nunca se pierda la comunicación.(Necesitara modulo adicional SIM800L, deberá indicarse cual y como conectarle) - Wa...

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    Home Automation Space : Sensors on remote networks : MQTT, Port FWD and VPN I need a specialist to assist with setting up my routers to deal with port forwarding, fixed IP, and receive data from remote sites where I have sensors sending data via MQTT to my host. I have tried to configure this myself, and I am no network specialist, without success.

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    Must know ST tool chain, GIT and JIRA workflow. Be intimately familiar with RTOS e.g. FreeRTOS. Know Linux and AWS. Proficient with memory management, sensors, controls, and various communication protocols (QSPI, ModBus, IP, CAN, BacNET, MQTT). Have had direct experience with control systems. Must know:STM32 with FreeRTOS In your application write 'RTOS' on top of your bid to avoid bot bidding Thanks, Link4

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    We are developing a PoC for an IoT solution using state of the art hardware. An important deliverable is to configure the PoC hardware correctly so it communicates efficiently with the cloud solution and between devices. The cloud solution is an AWS-based MQTT broker that connects to InfluxDB and/or Azure IoT, but this may be re-developed to connect directly via MQTT using Azure IoT DPS and Azure IoT Hub. There will be two types of hardware in general. Some LTE/NB-IoT gateway autonomous devices and some BLE devices that will need gateway devices to connect to the cloud. Units must be configured to send sensor data to the cloud solution in the correct frequency. High-level tasks includes, but are not limited to: 1) Development of new and/or changes of existing firmw...

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    We are starting development of an IoT backend based on Azure and InfluxDB. *** It is a requirement that you have previous experience with InfluxDB and Azure a longer perspective may include the following high-level steps: 1) Setup of Azure for storage of backend data 2) Setup Azure AD for IAM 3) Setup Azure IoT 4) Integration between Azure IoT and InfluxDB 5) Setup of Power BI to ingest data from Azure IoT 6) Configure and implement access control, including access to InfluxDB 7) Test setup of direct integration between Azure IoT and AWS-based MQTT broker Each of the high-level tasks will be broken down before initiating the work. Work will be planned and tracked on Azure DevOps and Azure Boards. After conclusion of this first work package, there is an opportunity for m...

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    $15 - $25 / hr
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    Professionally, Electronic Circuit Design and software will be purchased. Altium designer will be used for circuit design. Quectel EC200U Mini PCIE or Guson GM196 Mini PCIE will be used as GSM Module. Nuvoton or ESP will be used as the processor. With the software to be developed on the processor, MQTT protocol will be used over the GSM Module, a telemetry circuit that can communicate with UART and MDB protocol and which can be updated remotely will be made. We expect the project to be completed within 15-20 days after the start of work. We will work with Professional and Senior engineers. Beginners should not bid. Write OE at the beginning of your offer for fake applications

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    I need a sample project developed with C# and .NET core to subscribe for mqtt topic (using mosquitto broker) and store this data in MSSQL or Postgres.

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    Prerequisites ・Must have experience with PHP, SQL, and MQTT ・This project is related to IOT. 【What we want developers to do】 1. Debugging the previous version (check the database, check the specifications, and fix any bugs) 2. Add new functions (search, creation of tables) 3. Add support: already have functions, but add a store (create invoices, send emails) 4. Implementation of asynchronous processing of sending/receiving by MQTT  (MQTT may not be implemented) Current status There are no specifications, so we have to start by analyzing the DB. After talking with several developers, we will decide who to request. As our initial cilent wants to check developers skill, ※YOU MIGHT NEED TO SEND YOUR WORK HISTORY AND SKILL SHEET.

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    Hi have an MQTT broker that receives a ceratain amount of data, i need a script that will continusly read the mqtt broker and them stores this informations into influx db. This method if working is acceptable This buckets needs to be used as data sources for grafana dashboards.

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    i need Iot app and Dash board MQTT

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    I created a Code for a Wallbox, so that Hotel Guests are able to use their Hotel Room Cards to start a charging process. The Code basically checks the validation of the Room Card, reads the Room Number of the Card, and transmits Room Number and the authorization to the MQTT Server. The Charging Station does the rest and sends an Email at the End. The Code works, but I have some hickups with collecting the mqtt Data of the current charging Rate and total Amount. Now I thought if it would be possible to use it with Tasmota, so I would be able to edit the Script from Remote, and don't have to flash the pcb onsite if changes are needed.

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    Objective : Need to integrate OCPP on our android application for communication between our chargers and central system/App. Description : We have an android application build, which has the base functionalities of charging ev vehicles with our chargers. Currently the communication between the chargers and application happens through a Network using MQTT Protocol. We need to integrate ocpp on top of it through which our application can also get configured with other chargers as well.

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    I am looking for freelancer who can develop IFTTT type rule based MQTT scheduling of commands . The Application is similar to ewelink App where user can define scenes . Eg Turn on lights at 4am . And mqtt will send command to the device Eg When motion detected turn on alarm for 10 sec These rules will be dynamic and will be set by end users based on the devices which he owns . For Inexperienced developers this will be super tricky so please ensure you are ready for some nasty logic execution and code writing . Preferably 10+ years are suitable who have MQTT , ANDROID , NDK EXP

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    We are building IoT web applications with django and mqtt *Below are our requirements 1. Mosquitto Broker Configuration - Securing Mosquitton connection with clients - Logging connect and disconnect with clients - Sending active status on client - configuring disconnect of client Mqtt with Django App with Paho library - configuring for mqtt client - Subscribing to topics for only One's - Receiving message from subscribe topic to desire Qos level - Storing data to received Message Table - Running app with as long as server running - Publishing to a topic with desire Qos level - Getting conformation on received data - Storing sending information 3. Scale-up planning and execution - How we gonna manage 500 Device connection at a time - How w...

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    Netbeans Developer Berakhir left

    Freelancer will develop Modular Program to interact with MQTT server and Generate UI like Temperature Gauge , Graph showing real time data . Development is to be done in Java Netbeans

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    MQTT implemenation Berakhir left

    MQTT implemenation using python

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    Need a code for quectel for esp32 to send mqqt data to AWS IoT .

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    Develop a mosquitto MQTT broker on Ubuntu AWS EC2 with dynamic security plugin - saves client usernames, passwords & roles, acls to a mongodb database on localhost. Only people who have implemented similar projects before may reach out to me .

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    IoT Visualization Berakhir left

    Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana Installation and Configuration on Client Server DELIVERABLES: - Installation of InfluxDB, Grafana and Telegraf inside dockerized containers - Configuration of Telegraf for MQTT and HTTP endpoints - Configuration of Telegraf and InfluxDB ingestion - Base Grafana Dashboard Templates for Environmental Sensors CONDITIONS: - Data population and Grafana configuration limited to 7 sensors. Use templates to configure additional sensors. - Requires base, untouched, and unmodified Ubuntu 22.04. The client will be asked to re-install/re-create the server if this is not the case. - Data is available and sensors are online at the time of ingestion.

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    The Application is to be developed in Java Swing using NetBeans modules. 1. Login /Register 2. Connect to MQTT Database 3. Generate API using the provided format for communication. Client will send data to server and server will return on status message client will reply and send next sequences of command and control . UI Dashboard And so on . Developers who wants to work on long term can bid with there relevant experience. Developers must have 10+ years proof required

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    iOT Server Berakhir left

    To create MQTT server with visualization, as per the attached file.

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    MQTT Controller Berakhir left

    to develop MQTT controller as per the attached file

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    ESP32-Bacnet Berakhir left

    We need development support to adapt a ESP32 Bacnet library and server example to a custom board. first step is to compile and run the library example and then to implement the required changes. The project use esp32 IDF environment over platformio. we have to implement the bacnet protocol in one of our products we already use wifi, mqtt, lora, modbus and a customer requested us also a bacnet version unit is based on espressif esp32 processor there are already lbraries (two) implementing the bacnet stack over eps32, we pick already one based on esp32 IDF environment and we were start testing there are some minor issues setting up environment and compiling correctly to start testing so we need someone supporting us in this task first to make example running and th...

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    ...JavaScript language, MongoDB and Node.js (Express, Mongoose) technically proficient Mastering the Microservice architecture, Experienced in creating and deploying Docker containers Restful, experienced in API Integrations, Knowing Scrum and Agile methods, Experience with non-relational databases Experience working with GraphQL, Previous experience working with ElasticSearch Knowledge of RabbitMQ, MQTT and , Knowing the web and mobile application development lifecycle, Knowledgeable in software development methodologies Experience in at least one of the version control software such as Git, BitBucket, Preferably with a minimum of 2 years or more experience. You must write "EVD" at the beginning of your application. This is necessary to distinguish fake applications. Th...

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