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    Saya memiliki web smm panel dengan framework CI yg sudah tertanam fitur payment gateway paypal, 2checkout dan stripe untuk isi saldo member. Saat ini saya ingin menambahkan fitur pembayaran untuk top up saldo bisa menggunakan lokal bank transfer / pake midtrans. Jika ada saran pake local payment gateway apa saya pertimbangkan. Flow nya : User masuk halaman deposit User pilih metode deposit User isi nominal deposit yg ingin ditambahkan User melakukan transfer sesuai nominal (+kode unik jika bisa) Setelah pembayaran masuk, maka sistem akan membaca bahwa pembayaran diterima dan saldo akan otomatis ditambahkan ke total saldo member. Dan nilai top upnya masuk ke history admin di bagian riwayat deposit Ketika user submit pembayaran, admin akan dapat email pemberitahuan kalo ada user yg ...

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    Template yang kami beli hanya menyediakan pembayaran via paypal dan stripe. Kami ingin menambahkan pembayaran via bank transfer dengan halaman konfirmasi untuk bank2 di indonesia, dan kemungkinan juga untuk menambahkan payment lain yang bagus di indonesia.

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    Deskripsi saya butuh aplikasi Android dan iOS untuk in-app-purchase, lebih spesifik untuk jualan konten digital ( magazine ). app disini termasuk admin panel, untuk data entry konten dan juga termasuk upload konten nya. mungkin mirip dengan mobile app berikut : Surfing Magazine, People Magazine, National Geographic Mag, Men's Health Magazine.

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    Kami ingin membuat aplikasi mobile untuk produk kami. Pada dasarnya produk ini adalah produk yang ingin membantu penjualan ...properti yang ingin dia jual, ada fungsi gps disini - Para agen yang berada di sekitar lokasi properti penjual akan mendapatkan notifikasi, dan mereka bisa memilih apakah ingin mengambil "order" tersebut atau tidak. Disini tentunya juga ada fitur GPS, dan sebenarnya cara kerjanya kurang lebih sama dengan fungsi di aplikasi driver milik uber/gojek. - Pembayaran dan fee di dalam aplikasi melalui CC / STRIPE Sekali lagi semuanya hanya melingkupi frontend, backend application dan API nya akan kami sediakan. Tolong sebutkan total bid anda, waktu pasti kapan bisa selesai, dan pengelaman ada sebelumnya apakah pernah membuat aplikasi dengan fitur ya...

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    Template yang kami beli hanya menyediakan pembayaran via paypal dan stripe. Kami ingin menambahkan pembayaran via bank transfer dengan halaman konfirmasi untuk bank2 di indonesia, dan kemungkinan juga untuk menambahkan payment lain yang bagus di indonesia.

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    Template yang kami beli hanya menyediakan pembayaran via paypal dan stripe. Kami ingin menambahkan pembayaran via bank transfer dengan halaman konfirmasi untuk bank2 di indonesia, dan kemungkinan juga untuk menambahkan payment lain yang bagus di indonesia.

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    We are running an Angular Membership Website that collects a payment using a simple StripeCheckout which returns a Token. This is then sent to a Stripe Charge Service which creates the payment. This is now failing due to 3D secure. We wish to migrate to the new style checkout - The website already calculates the "Amount" and we wish to then display the new style Checkout Form (which I understand deals with 3D secure). This should return an accept and pass the value to the existing API Call or Fail and pass a failure message to the existing API call. Existing Code snippets are attached. This is only about integrating the new Checkout Page and passing back the acceptance message to the existing API Call.

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    ...between Wordpress and all 3): - Stripe Checkout - Hubspot - Crisp - Integration - new: - Stripe Customer Portal () - Affiliate marketing New features: - Grouped navigation with subnavigation items - Assign client groups in the backend, based on the kind of product(s) they signed up for or if they are a former (inactive) client - Additional fields (some dynamic) in multiple forms: Sign-up/Registration, My Account (user account page - modifidable by user), backend (wordpress admin) - Ability to add new form fields on the fly for specific user profiles from the back end - these should have the option of being shown on the front-facing My Account page - All checkout via Stripe portal ( hosted) or

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    I need apis for my app our backend is in node js

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    Hi, THIS PROJECT IS FOR MYSQL DATABASE EXPERTS NOT FOR WP DEVELOPERS. A few months ago I have changed my WordPress hosting and that host converts my WordPress database into latin1 while migration of my site. Now I have changed my host but due to latin1 few features (e.g. WordPress multisite) of WordPress are not working. When I changed following line in wp-config from define('DB_CHARSET', 'latin1'); to define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8mb4'); My whole text matter (Hindi and Marathi) getting messed up, can you please fix and cover my database smoothly. see the URL all Unicode text got messed up Here is the WordPress manual Here is one more person who faced an issue like me First, you need to fix the issue on the staging site and then you can work...

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    Hi Tangram Canada Inc., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I need someone good at Prestashop. I have lots of projects but a new one that needs stripe and be debugged

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    skadate uwa/ios/android app dev 6 Hari left

    ... but this part is for the web redesign/ some minimal feature additions on both web and the web app Features and functionality Redemption codes (discounts, free membership, upgrades etc. – one time use, time options Various membership levels male (free, basic, free upgrade, premium, gold, lifetime member) female & Trans ( free, paid premium) Couple Free/Premium Payment processors (papal stripe & Crypto) one time payments only not re-occurring Gamification of site features and enrolment / also information gathering where basic info is gathered initially and 1 or 2 questions are then asked on a log in or time sensitive basis to gather additional information Smooth flow Modern contemporary look and feel Web, Web app, IOS and android versions ( all submitted and...

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    Create website using React and take inspiration from Domain will be using godaddy Database will be using Firebase/MongoDB 3 Main website: - landing page - questions page (to show and answer question) - admin page feature needed: - login/signup - landing page - questions page to show question and user can answer - payment (stripe) - resetting questions for a user - reshuffling questions - data scraping from typist to database + database integration to website - user subscription

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    ...traits are in the eyes layer, and 1 of the traits is reduced to a rarity of 7%, another is adjusted to 13% the other 2 traits will auto calculate to be 20% each. • User should be able to generate randomised preview every time the ‘Preview’ button is selected. All previews generated will have a watermark over it. • To be able to Pay and Generate collection. Payment gateways should be PayPal and Stripe. • If there are not enough traits to generate the number of collection entered, then upon pressing ‘Pay & Generate’ it should notify the user how many NFTs they can generate with the number of traits they have supplied and advise the user if they want to generate more, they would need to add more traits. Must have a good understanding of NF...

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    Flutter Developer required 6 Hari left

    ...performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application - Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for great performance - Maintain code and write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest quality - Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect applications to back-end services - Experience developing integrations with common APIs (e.g., Firebase, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Stripe, Vimeo, Google etc.) - Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git - Strong knowledge of design principles, patterns, and best practices - Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning - Experience in launching apps on Play Store across different countries - A knack for benchmarking and optimization - Good knowledge of SQLite database - Mu...

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    $956 - $1912
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    ...'paypal' => true, 'mercadopago' => true, 'stripe' => true, ], // accepetd payment methods 'subtotal' => '891.90', 'shipping' => '50', 'discount' => '250', 'taxes' => '100', 'total' => '791.90', ], you need to create the checkout page acording with the post data, and let the user choose a checkout method and do the payment. The user will be able to add 1 coupon After payment is success you should send the user with a post request with the same data you receive at checkout attaching the success payment data, to the url "/checkout/success" the url for the checkout is "/checkout" This wil...

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    We are needing to generate Stripe payment links for our customers but want to offer them AfterPay options also. Seeking someone who understands how to connect and code this into the payment links of Stripe.

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    We require a UI/UX designer to re-do screens on a mobile responsive web app. We have developed a mobile respon...screens on a mobile responsive web app. We have developed a mobile responsive web app using Quasar. We would like to have the screens UI, redesign but using elements of the Quasar library. The app will be used by people the have minor visual problems and so a clear font, size, colour and contrast are import. Design and a contemporary UI is also important. Some of the payment screens are also in Stripe. The Quasar UI link is as follows and the screens are attached. This is an urgent job and 24 hours would be ideal. We would like the designs returned in FIGMA. Please note the logo in the designs is not the logo we are using. We are open to any colour choices. T...

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    Solve STRIPE ERROR in our WOOCOMERCE is getting error when I try to add my own credit card

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    Hello! I I already own some e-commerce websites and I'm looking someone to make another one. I'm selling softwares online. All I need is a good looking homepage, Stripe/Paypal/Coinbase Commerce sync, few text details and images. Nothing much difficult I think. Here is one of my websites : How much do you think would it cost to make a similar one ? (with same features) No Wix, No Wordpress, No WooCommerce, a standalone website using Paypal & Stripe Integration.

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    Hello all, I am looking for someone to build a website for me, its a pretty simple website which will contain the following: -Login/Sign up -A question bank of around 2500+ MCQs of medical questions, and the explanations of answers along with photos. -A subscription system which will allow users to pay through stripe in order to access said questions. -The ability to reset the solved questions so user can attempt the questions again. -The ability to select different chapters so user can solve questions from selected chapters to mix things up. As we will move forward, new things will be added so we will see how it all goes. I will give you the workflow, you will have to implement it! Hope we can work together on this beautiful project which will help thousands of medical students...

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    Hi , i am looking for someone to make some adjustments that must be completed today. There are some amendments to be made. We have a ticketing website for a concert event under Tickera. 1. Seating plan choosing of ticket is not required. I want to do a simple qty and add to cart kind of ticketing. Sample of current a...standing area. It is not required. We realised on Ticketra that is a straight forward Choose Qty>Add to add to cart function (Sample 3) under Ticket type function - 2. Under event listing the current maps is not showing (sample 4) this highlighted area used to have a map. 3. Resterise entire website on mobile and desktop 4. Fastern website 5. Stripe woocommerce emails to be directed to a given email for new orders.

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    We need to have a wordpress website with woocommerce payment integration for stripe payment gateway and seamlesschex paynote payment gateway

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    Splat gun design. 5 Hari left

    I need a design for a splat gun. - It needs to be the shape I sent in the file. - the main color needs to be pink, also one more color thats not pink (such as yellow), just a little bit of it. - the ammo also needs to be pink. - the mag and the handle need to black Thank you -Max

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    Hello! I am looking for a custom Ruby on Rails app just like SuperPortal - - this site allows Stripe customers to connect their accounts to enable them to basically allow their customers to access the Stripe Customer Portal to update their information, add a payment method and more (). We are wanting this to be a SaaS application with a monthly fee of our choosing. We would like to keep the database simple and as little sensitive data as possible. No login page either, users would get and email with a link to directly "login" Thanks!

    $750 - $1500
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    $750 - $1500
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    Stripe have updated their API to deal with 3D Secure and now use PaymentIntent. Need some help with code as it keeps failing with "You cannot confirm this PaymentIntent because it's missing a payment method. You can either update the PaymentIntent with a payment method and then confirm it again, or confirm it again directly with a payment method." I have

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    I need to use unix operating system and C language for the program

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    Hello, we need to create 2 pages for a donation website. Page 1: It will include a selector of the foundations the people would like to donate, also they need to be able to choose if they want a monthly or one time donation, and amount. Page 2: This is the checkout page, they need to choose the payment method, it also has a form for the card details, personal info and donation button. Please start your posting with the word "Kiwi" Figma files will be provided

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    We are seeking a full stack dev with heavy full stack experience to join our team of 7 developers. We are building a pla...highly experienced in React/Nodejs/Express/Typescript. This is a long term project, and will be challenging. In the next months, this project will deliver a PC, Mac, Linux, and Web app from a single code base. Interest in the data science and machine learning industry is a plus! Requirements: - Node.js - React - Typescript - Javascript - payment gateways - API development experience - Stripe payment gateway (metered billing) Nice to have: - interest in Machine learning/data science - AWS devops experience - Experience building/packaging PC, Mac, and linux apps - understanding of building out and roadmapping micro services + separation of...

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    Hi. Do you do US Stripe Verification? If you do how much do you charge?

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    Tengo este script php: Y quisiera implementar mercadopago como medio de suscripciones a planes, actualmente acepta "stripe" como medio de suscripciones, pero no funciona en mi pais (argentina). Adjunto unas capturas..

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    ...features - Option for new company to signup free with free trial option - Define subscription plans based on user count and features/apps . We will use all apps available on the odoo enterprise edition. - Subdomain based client login URL with SSL. - We may use open source Saas kit if it fulfills the function ( ) - Pricing plans/Upgrade/ Payment via stripe / shall be available inside the client dashboard - Local app store to enable disable add-ons by client ( apps will be eligible to activate based on his subscription) - Disable Marketplace appstore on client side ( not on superadmin) 2. Change the UX theme ( baxkend CSS) entirely based on below template Url : - All

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    I am looking for someone who has experience in 1- How to register in the Ukrainian payment gates 2- How to link it to the bank and link it to the website 3- Each gateway knows what cards it accepts like American Express Visa, etc. 4- The portal that downloads the amounts on the same day Important notes: i not interested for paypal or stripe

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    Integrar Pasarela de pago Stripe 3 Hari left

    Integrar pasarela de pago en formulario de WordPress, el formulario se creado desde cero como un plugins y necesitamos integrar en ese formulario la pasarela de pago de Stripe. No pago más de 50€ por este proyecto.

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    i have stipr account also api ready , what i want to do is that i need to collect my service provider bank account information and put in stripe payout from there the money which already splitted will go to their account

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    I have a hosting and domain resellers account. Currently with "direct admin" access. I need you build me a website that is automated similar to Hostgator or any other fully functional hosting company and connect the API from the domain resellers account to be automated. I need the website in the WordPress platform. connect to payment provider . woocommerce, paypal, stripe.

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    109 penawaran

    ...should be look and work like (same as) 3) USER DASHBOARD (please check user dashboard image) A) User should be able to edit, share a link, download PDF, Make a copy , combine with cover letter, delete 4) PAYMENT SECTÄ°ON A) The script we purchased has a monthly payment option, but we’d like to add a “pay per download” option as well (so both will be offered). B) Script has paypal and stripe integration, we need to add " payment gateway" C) We need same payment screen and steps like (please check payment image) 5) COVER LETTER There is no cover letter section in the original script (it will be added after the next update) and we want this section to be the same as 6) PDF DESIGNS We do not want to use the PDF templates that are avail...

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    84 penawaran

    Hello, I would like to quote your services for a Squarespace + Stripe integration, only books will be sold by catalog. We are not sure if something like pabbly connect, zapier, , etc. will be required, we need to clarify that issue in order to forcefully quote the requirement.

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    The project consists in creating a multi-step ajax form on a drupal 8 website. Step 1 is a multi-choice (with 3 options) Step 2 calculates a price according to what is selected on a radio button field Step 3 is a two field form (telephone and mail) Step 4 collects and charge a credit card to Stripe A mockup is provided (use for description and design). Our website is hosted on ; having your own access to this platform is a plus.

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    20 penawaran

    ...development experience (iOS, Android). 2. Experience with Flutter & Dart. 3. Bonus Points - Experience with Java and/or Swift/Objective-C. 4. Experience launching and managing Production mobile apps on both OS i.e. Android & IOS. 5. Experience authoring, testing, and deploying code mission-critical applications. 6. Experience developing integrations with common APIs (e.g., Firebase, Twitter, Instagram, Stripe, You-Tube, Google etc.) 7. Mindset to take up project individually. 8. Must have built at least two Android and/or iOS apps with Flutter. Have published one or more mobile apps on Google Play or App Store. 9. Experience working in an agile development process. 10. Writing clear, maintainable and testable code....

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    I need help in strip payment gateway it's give error in when transaction form india it's give nor inr transaction errror Thanks

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    8 penawaran

    We are looking for an individual who has experience in integrating Stripe with Java. Some of the high-level requirements 1. Generating Invoices at specific periods 2. Emailing invoices 3. Adding cards 4. Payment gateway

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    12 penawaran

    We are seeking a software engineer to join our team of Golang developers. We are building a platform that will be used by machi...advanced experience with Go, Node.js, React, javascript. This is a long term project, and will be challenging. In the next months, this project will deliver a PC, Mac, Linux, and Web app from a single code base. Interest in the data science and machine learning industry is a plus! Requirments: - Golang - Node.js - React - Javascript - payment gateways - API development experience - Stripe payment gateway (metered billing) Nice to have: - interest in Machine learning/data science - AWS devops experience - Experience building/packaging PC, Mac, and linux apps - understanding of building out and roadmapping micro services + separation of...

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    ...should also somehow be included in design: - Privacy Protected. Data Secured. We Don't Sell User Information. I'M LOOKING FOR A DESIGNER WHO IS VERY GOOD AT FINDING CLEVER WAYS TO INCLUDE DIFFERENT PHRASES, LAYERS OF PHOTOS OVER EACH OTHER, TRANSPARENT BACKGROUNDS, YET SIMPLE ENOUGH TO BE CLEAR TO THE POTENTIAL MEMBERS. Maybe a montage of social network photos, American themed photos, stars and stripe photos, US. MILITARY photo, or phrases. Free Speech. Make America Great Again Join. Connect. Interact. Fight Radical Liberal Agendas ----------------------------------------------------------------- ***** ON SITE FEATURES**** Voice & Video Chat Live Streaming for Campaigns, Events, Church or Businesses Conservative Crowdfunding Platform Video Share Platform- Cr...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    15 entri

    Hello everyone. I have a flutter project and I want to integrate Stripe payment method. Please help me asap. I am very urgent. Thanks for your consideration.

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    37 penawaran

    Required experience: Xcode and Swift, Stripe/payment system of choice, Google Firebase/database system of choice A markdown with UI, features, and technical details is attached.

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    61 penawaran

    Set up and create products for my vacation rentals. My company has a master stripe account, and I need to add payment gateways and links using stripe.

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    52 penawaran
    Site scraper and export to XML 1 hari left

    ...scrapper ( ) to fetch all information (Category, Name, Description, Manufacturer, Price, Special price and etc.) and to create a XML file (I will use this file to import the products to my site). The script must be in Python or PHP. ONLY FINAL BIDS!!! DON'T BID AND THEN ASK FOR ANOTHER BUDGET!!! SUCH BIDS WILL BE DELETED!!! The XML file structure is like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <shop> <products> <product> <sku>12554</sku> <manufacturer>Nikon</manufacturer> <category>Product Category</category> <name>Coolpix L5</name> <description>Product Description</description> <picture>,,</picture> <status>1</status> <cost>...

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    25 penawaran

    Necesito desarrollar una plataforma online prácticamente es un directorio de em...en donde hay: - Login y Registro de empresas con perfil completo. - Categorias y subcategorias. - Carga de productos. - Buscador con filtros de productos y de empresas. - Chat online dentro del login (al estilo para que se envíen mensajes internamente entre los usuarios registrados. - La plataforma no va a manejar ventas sino que mediante membresías anuales, pasarela de pago con stripe. - Las membresía serán de menor a mayor en base a cantidad de mensajes enviados internamente con otros perfiles. - Ya tengo referencias del diseño. Propuesta por desarrollo completo no por hora. Luego del desarrollo habrá una etapa de mejoras por fuera de...

    $1124 (Avg Bid)
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    39 penawaran

    Need recurring and one time payment using stripe payment gateway in our CRM. More we can discuss on chat, once we connected. Only Serious developer place bid on it.

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    16 penawaran