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    I am interested in outsourcing our technical blogs to freelancers. The topic can be discussed and modified. The main goal is to educate our prospects and customers about the importance of a good antenna in their wireless product and system. Radientum is a company specializing in designing and testing antennas (WIFI, NFC, GNSS, Cellular, UWB, NB-IoT, Bluetooth and LoRa/Sigfox) for wireless produc...

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    I need PCB design file for Lora armband. - 1:1 communication - communication range should be larger than 1km. - small FPC antenna. we can use 6dBm or 5dBm FPC antenna - when transmitter click button, receiver will get a packet data from transmitter. - to use altium designer Finally, freelancer will share PCB design files, BOM, gerber When you bid, please answer the following questions - do you h...

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    We require a low-cost flow meter that will work equally well in full, or partially full water pipes and open channels. The device must be able to measure velocity, flow, temperature, and depth. The device will require a Doppler sensor (or some other means) to determine water flow velocity, and a depth sensor to allow the device to calculate the actual water volume (flow rate). In addition, a means...

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    Need an end user device design to record and report sensor data via LoRa / LoRaWAN / Helium LongFi transmission. Temperature, Humidity, Light Level, Sound Level, Infrared/heat, Flame, Smoke, CO, CO2, Acceleration, Magnetic field, Battery Percentage, and other sensor date. Sensor data to be written as (UTF-8 representation) records to a flat file in key=value pair format on a per sensor basis by a ...

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    I would like help with coding Heltec LorRa Node 151 STM32L151CCU6 to read SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor and send data via LoRa

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    The objective of this work is to develop a logger connected on the basis of LoRa technology on which to connect meteorological sensors if you know LORA WAN , ALECTRONIQUE hardware developement

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    NXP MCU programming Berakhir left

    Need help with NXP MCU programming for LORA project. Boards that I am are as follows: RT1050 EVK Board OM13097UL Board SX1272MB2DAS Board

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    Need to sense vibration and sound impulse, once sensed the board must send trigger via lorawan to central location (up to 100 remote devices required) Lora bridge (central device) must talk BLE bluetooth to mobile device and alp I need the person to recommend hardware (arduino, sensors, lora radio) to use. Packaged as small and rugged as possible. Remote sensors to be powered by small solar (on...

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    Project for Lora K. Berakhir left

    Hi Lora K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I want to put a LoRaWAN in place that includes lights (which we source together), a LoRa gateway (which is recommended by you), configuration of network and integration into a SQL based web app. I run the server (ms windows server with iis) so we can build a web service or whatever is easiest but all incoming data goes into MSSQL db and all outgoing data initiates from same. The solution should be...

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    Hi I have a Raspbian running in RASPBERRY zero and RASPBERRY 3. Each ones are connecting to internet by : Zero by Dongle LTE and raspberry 3 by ethernet to Router LTE. To controls it, I use the DWservice as remote control, Some time I dont know the DWservice is going down in both raspberry. 1.- I need program to CHECK if the dwservice is running. and In both raspberry I running two process (wrote...

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    Trophy icon Liquor Catalog Design Berakhir left

    We need a PDF product catalogue with and elegant background design that showcase gift baskets. Size: 8.5” x 11 Total Pages: 32 Deliverables: Editable CC InDesign, CC Photoshop (or if other format, you must ask first) and a PDF file. 1. Cover: Designed by you including the company's logo and text information provided on the spreadsheet. 2. Back of Cover: Designed by you, include text i...

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    We need Lowpower device Based on Arduino Nano And Micrchip Rn2903 Module We Also Need Firmware all commends and Basic Points we Provide You. What We need All Design File Including Firmware 2-3 POC What We Pay: For Design 150$ For Firmware : 100$ And For POC 100$+Lora Module

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    Incorporate Heltec CubeCell board ([login untuk melihat URL]) , take capacitive wire reading on analog pin and display percentage full in tank on OLED screen ( LoRa receiver)[login untuk melihat URL]

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    Develop an Arduino sketch on esp32 mcu to allow seamless communication between a modbus rtu device and lora/mqtt network. Device shall use the WiFi and lora transceivers on board esp32 mcu

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    I am using Lora 32u4 II V 1.2 I want to make sure I have the right code to put it into full deep sleep mode. [login untuk melihat URL]

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    Arduino LoRa Expert Berakhir left

    I have a LoRa Base and nodes working. But I need someone to help review the design, code to be sure it is using minimal battery power. LoRa Node > Lora Base (Connected to WiFi) and A7 GSM

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    Arduino mega Berakhir left

    Need a PCB and schematic in eagle files with following components : - Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V 5V MB102 - Arduino Mega - SIM800L - SX1278 LoRa Module - NEO - 6M GPS - RFID - RC522 - GY - 521 - BMP280 - Display OLED-091 - Gas Sensor Mq-2 Note that door must be choosen by me due to code

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    Ho bisogno di realizzare un HotSpot WiFi con le seguenti caratteristiche: WiFi 2,4Ghz accesso attraverso un'App per navigare in internet (da reallizare molto semplice si carica e quando si passa sotto HS in automatico si collega al SSID del WiFi). Che riesca a intercettare tutti i MacAddress dei Device che passano sotto di esso. Che riesca a colloquiare con altri sensori Lora.

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    esp32 expert needed Berakhir left

    We are looking for a talented embedded engineer for help with an ESP32 project. Preference for a candidate with experience in LoRa, AWS IoT(Amazon FreeRTOS), and Silicon Labs MCU. An ideal candidate would work well with other embedded enginneers on the team, provide recommendations, and be a problem solver.

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    the project will use; - Network Protocols (MQTT and Microsoft OPS-UA) Communication Interfaces: - LORA module - Wifi module - RJ45 network, using ATMEL microntroller and external MAC / PHY chip (will have to carry a driver)

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    Trophy icon I need a logo designer Berakhir left

    I am re-branding my website and would like to change my current logo to reflect the new content. The blog will now focus more on lifestyle than travel. I'd like the logo modified by removing the travel and airplane. The new website name is Like A Chieff, it focuses on luxury lifestyle. See attachment for website colours and font is Lora. I'd prefer a logo that is larger in width than ...

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    STM32F103 project with OLED, ADC, MPU (accel), RFM95W (lora), GPS (uart) and ESP (wifi). Based on HAL and C, written in STM32CubeIDE. I'm beginner with STM32. Some parts of my project work fine, but I need help with some troubles (eg. uart via DMA)...

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    We need to read data from i2c sensors on a esp32 mcu and forward via mqtt protocol or lora (using a ttgo esp32)

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    I am looking for help to connect few sensors to monitor pressure/temperature in remote area. The sensors will be wireless connected, not by wire, so they are battery operated. The sensors will have to be LORA/Zigbee etc so that power requirement is minimum. Plan is to have 3 sensors which will be connected to a wireless gateway - which also has to consume minimal power so that it can run on bat...

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    Looking for medium level PCB Design specialist. Questions: without answers we are not considering you. Existing Tech. Do you use Eagle? Have you ever used HopeRF RFM95 LoRa and made antenna adaption circuit? Are you familiar with low power (<6 uA while sleeping) techniques? Please cite when you used those. Tech 2. What DC-DC do you typically use? Are you experienced with solar nanoharvest cir...

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    I am a farmer. I want to use Arduino to monitor the farm. I did some research and figured that I can use "Lora communication protocol" to monitor my small farms (ie, temperature, moisture, UV radiation, etc.) and to be able to communicate such as sending monitoring data and receiving simple commands (ie, switch on a motor, switch on a solenoid, etc.) the project will involve: 1/ Ardu...

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    To bridge SX1276 Radio to my Processor using 1 . Star connection 2 . Mesh connection, to my processor .

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    To bridge SX1276 to a Radios using 1 . Star connection 2 . Mesh connection, to my processor .

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    wireless IoT communication using LoRa

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    Assignment required Berakhir left

    ASSIGNMENT: Work frame: Investment Memorandum Company XIOT: XIOT is an IoT solution provider in Sweden and Norway (end to end solution – Consultancy – SW – HW – implementation - support) Word count: 1000 + Graphics on PowerPoint Assignment outline: Market analysis Market Overview & evolution + Graphic Sweden Norway Market Potential (TAM) + Graphic Sweden Norway Market O...

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    need schematic and pcb of arduino project ( Door n cloosen by me) of device that reads temperature, humidity, luminosity, GSP, shock , NFC reader, and every main features of following sensores and sends to GSM phone using SIM800L and using Lora WiFi to comunicate each others. Sensores used :GY-521, GY-BMP280 , GY-61, NEO-6W GPS, Lora WiFi, SIM800L, display

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    Objective: Create a basic firmware design for a custom Microchip ATSAMD21G18A card; Use the Atmel Studio + ASF + FreeRTOS development platform so you can start the basic services of Microcontroller, Clock, digital I/O, analog ports, SPI, UART and I2C communication. Create configuration for custom board with ATSAMD21G18A, with I/O mapping and Sercom configuration. Firmwar Feature Summary: FreeRT...

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    I need to make a LoRa network with Arduino minipro devices as slaves and a mega as the only master. Communications will be bidirectional between master and slave. Slaves don't talk to each other.

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    The network is aimed at broadcasting GNSS RTK messages from a base station to the nodes and at providing basic comunication messages between the nodes.

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    make pbc for nano v3 and lora sx1276

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    lora/arduino pcb Berakhir left

    make pcb for project lora-arduino

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    Project for Lora T. Berakhir left

    You want to be a webcam model, sexy XXX work?

    $15 - $15 / hr
    $15 - $15 / hr
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    Project for Lora A. Berakhir left

    Looking for hot ladies, XXX webcam, videos and pics.

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    Lora communication Berakhir left

    I want to implement the Lora communication on RHF76-052. This need to implement using STM32L052 of RHF76-052. Please bid only if you have experiences for RHF76-052/78-052! I will accept only bid with "rhf76/78"

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    I want to make a Weather monitor based on Node Red Working on linux or Openwrt to print the results on another device via lora, I prefer Node Red over NodeJS

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    We are implementing an IoT solution for tracking large animals using LoRa networks in tropical mountainous rainforests (with no mobile network connectivity) of an area roughly 600k ha in size. Our solution is comprised of communication between the sensor nodes and the base stations, over the wireless channel utilizing the LoRa physical layer, whilst the connection between the gateways and the c...

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    I need a classic ASP page written with VB script code that will act as a JSON rest API web service. This ASP page will be hosted on a Windows server running IIS 7.5. This page will accept JSON Posts from "the thing's network" I need you to write the logic that will parse the JSON header to extract the variables and values. I will write the code to insert these values in a databa...

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    I have already deployed a number of sensors and have them working in Grafana. The flow is from the sensor (run on ttgo (esp32 with lora), through a gateway I made myself (RAK831), the ttn which decodes the payload, then node-red processed the data from ttn and stores it in a database (Influxdb), where grafana used the data for visualisation. I have ultrasonic sensors, Pressure Transducers, Temper...

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    CDSENET E32-868T20D UART [login untuk melihat URL] I want to develop software that creates a Mesh network of LoRa devices with a single admin and many end devices. The end devices will be able to receive and respond to the admin

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    I need two simple (!) Arduino C++ sketches; the first sketch is for an Arduino Mini Pro (Atmega 328P, 8 MHz, 3.3 V) connected to a Lora Hope RFM95W radio module (915 MHz) and with 3-wire capacitative water sensor connected to the Mini Pro A0 pin (+Vcc 3.3 V + GND). The sketch for the Mini Pro must sense once each day (to save battery) the presence of water at the connected water sensor and then se...

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    We need to have small keyrings/watchsize/wearable IoT devices with various functionality to track and connect to both bluetooth and wifi. Especially BLE is of interest. Optionally to NB-IoT, LTE-M and LoRa Must have long standbytime, so understanding the concept of programming for ultralow power consumption is a must. You have to show, real experience and understand how to program use the Arduin...

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    GY-521 +Bmp280 +sim800l +nfc +Lora WI fi technology. Send SMS to get info from device and display I've internet

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    I need the design and construction of the following 3 prototype cards (as smaller as possible): Board_A It is based in this board: [login untuk melihat URL] On that page there are video links where he explains in detail the functionalities In his site he publish his electronic diagram and many details about it. But his design is based on ESP8266.I need a design based on ESP32. This first board wi...

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    Hi Miftahul Arrijal R., Hi I am from Lima-Peru. I need to quote me the design and construction of the following prototype cards (as smaller as possible): It will be a emergency panic button. Normally the circuit is sleeping, and when i push a button, it will be wake up the microprocesor, run its program that send a mqtt message of the alarm. It is based in this board: [login untuk melihat URL] ...

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