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    Need a Vlookup to reference list on tab "tractors" to populate a value of $/ha (L2) from the drop down list from of the different types of tractors (K2) in the "implement" tab

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    I have an existing joomla website using K2-store, there seems to be an issue with the ajax I need someone who can fix this for me.

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    logo design for a software product. The product name is "K2 Compliance"

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    S-DES project Berakhir left

    Create a program to encrypt and decrypt binary files using S-DES (Simplified DES) in the Cipher Block Chaining mode. The program takes the input of an initial key and an initial vector, reads the plaintext or ciphertext from a file, conducts the encryption or decryption, and writes the resulting ciphertext or plaintext into a second file. Your program must following the following input and output...

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    K2 development client POC workflow project. Will involve some VBA, integration with sharepoint, teams, planner and sql or mysql database and also two 3rd party data ingestion and reconciliation engine tools. Design a workflow for supplier invoicing. Some experience in logistics and transportation is required. Some Ui Path RPA integration may be required with K2. Only reply if you have experie...

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    we need a K2 automated workflow POC built for a client solution. Must have SmartObject experience, Sharepoint integration, Microsoft Office 365 integration experience (Teams, Planner, Outlook, Exchange), and SQL integration or K2 database experience. POC will API with a data ingestion application as well as Ui Path. YOU MUST KNOW ALL THE TOOLS. Dont't reply if you have not had experience w...

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    Background: CityDog Magazine ([login untuk melihat URL]) is the go-to place where dog lovers find community, entertainment and relevant information through a combination of online magazine, business directory, events calendar, and shopping; a place where visitors to the website can read articles, search for (and review) businesses by category and neighborhood, find local dog events, meet fellow do...

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    Design and implement a new custom theme for the K2 Five CABS application. Design and implemen t a new custom theme for general K2 Five applications, based on corporate identity guidelines.

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    5 years old twins boy, studying in K2

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    Project Details $75.00 – 300.00 USD Create a tool using K2 for Joomla that builds a series of artist pages by category. It CAN NOT be done in a way that touches the Joomla core code base and therefore could break when Joomla is updated. The idea is to have a tool that has a simple (form field) admin area to add artists info to a series of pages within different Joomla categories (one page...

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    yeastar pbx expert Berakhir left

    remote ans install on site k2 + S300 with 32* TA3200 gateways

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    Since K2 stopped the integration of its component (2.8. v) with Community Builder, users of K2 component are not synchronised with Community Builder. If you update to a newer version of K2 this synchronisation is lost. However developers of Community Builder have pointed out the parts of code (15 lines of code) that have been removed. [login untuk melihat URL] So theses changes can be developer ...

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    Born in Roseau, Dominica the heart of the caribbean, Kabral Richards, Aka Skydimex (meaning different dimensions of music ) is a passionate lover of all styles of music from his younger age. In 1992, while visiting New York, he discovers what will be his favorite musical playground : hip hop. Coming back with his new video single released in november “Time wit you”, he will be deli...

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    I am attempting to run 3x Nvidia Grid K2 GPUs on a Supermicro C9X299-PGF motherboard. We are attempting to run these GPUs in pass-thru mode on ESXi 6.5 or 6.7 – I already have it running with one GPU. I am aware that the C9X299-PGF is not certified to run ESXi and this GPU configuration but I currently have one K2 GPU operational on ESXi (loading but haven’t verified fully functional) ...

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    i need done the problem with the countryman, cabbage, wolf and goat. The problem has more restrictions as the usual. There are more wolves than one (W), more goats (G) and more cabbages (C). The ship has 2 compartments, A and B, not only one, which can store K1 and K2 elements (A->K1, B->K2). On the other shore, the countryman has a room with M places to stay. The wolves can also eat other w...

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    Trophy icon Create Logo Berakhir left

    We are trying to simplify our logo and incorporate our brokerage, Simply Real Estate with our Real Estate Team K2. The square with K2 on top and Simply underneath is what we came up with most recently, but we feel it's too basic and just looks like words in a box. We are looking for a big corporate, strong, elegant, professional, simple and clean look. We now call ourselves, K2 at Simply Rea...

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    I want an equation in column-M: If an Economy solution is chosen in column-Q Column-M = ((I2/100) * (J2/100) * (K2/100)) * 200 If an Express solution is chosen in column-Q Column-M = ((I2/100) * (J2/100) * (K2/100)) * 250 Is there any way for the equation in column-M to take note and into consideration what is used in column-Q? So if I select an Economy product in column-Q it will use 20...

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    Implement a communication infrastructure that uses AES to encrypt the traffic between two nodes A and B with the next characteristics. Lets consider a nod KM(key manager) that has three keys:K1,K2 and K3. K1 is linked with the CBC operating mode. K2 is linked with the OFB operating [login untuk melihat URL] is used for encrypting the keys K1 and K2. K3 is owned from the start by node A. ...

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    Hello, I would like a Joomla plugin that could create dynamically responsive tabs inside a Joomla article or Joomla k2 item, using the following syntax: {responsivetab Tab Title 1} The text for the first tab... {responsivetab Tab Title 2} The text for the second tab... {/responsivetabs} In a small screen (mobile/tablet), the tabs must be converted in accordions exactly like in [login untuk meli...

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    I need you to interpret the attached "terrain.m" file which calculates the Terrain and Height Factor (k2), within the context of the PDF file (Section 5.3.2 and Annex B), and convert it into an equivalent Visual Basic console application with applicable test data and highlighting the required input variables.

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    We are launching a mountaineering website and looking for someone to cover the big seasons on the big mountains (Everest / K2 / Antarctica / Denali)

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    I want a .net class library that can be used to consume REST web service in K2 BlackPearl and K2 Five. The dll will be able to run all five request type for a REST service namely; GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE. The .net library will be able to receive input parameters namely; - Base URL - HttpMethod: (GET, POST etc, as the case may be). - Content Type: (Application/Json), which will have to be ...

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    PageSpeed Optimization We recently updated the design of our website (touristic activities booking website, based on Joomla! 3.6.2 Stable with K2 2.9.0 as content manager) We used a specific template for the main text of our products (items) Due to technical constraints, we used numerous script to move the component of the old template to create the new style The new style is currently active and ...

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    There is the basic functionality of my android application working efficiently on current version. The application is build in Android studio and Kotlin Language. Now it need small update and I am looking for a efficient android developers support to update with a new version. For your convenience I am adding some hints of my requirement. 1. There is a dynamic json object (structure given below...

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    k2 institute Berakhir left

    I already have domain / web hosting, I only need a person who can design my website on word press.

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    18 penawaran

    I am looking for someone to help me setup an ESXi Server on a Supermicro C9X299-PGF Motherboard utilizing Nvidia Grid K2 cards. The issues I am having: I have experience setting up the same configuration but on HP servers. Although the Supermicro is not a “qualified” motherboard to operate the K2 cards, there is no reason why it should not work and others have done this. This is a vir...

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    I want to modify the formula in cell (K2 Class Overview) to populate a number when Methodology or Voiceskills is select on the COaching tracking tab. Methodology is already there I just can't figure out how to add Voiceskills.

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    Hi, we are into wholesale business for automotive and car care products in Oman, we need combined logo in arabic and English Auto Parts and K2 Car Care Products

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    恒耀平台返点多少【主管扣850142】【认准杏王】【主管扣QQ850142】拿顶级待遇和方案【无须打开直接加】<br><p>变得温馨。随处乱丢的杂志,为" a4 h9 w ?" }<p>6 a9 a9 k) v7 y0 d' [: d% g9 f等套爱到极至却 k5 m 6 b4<p>tx b7 [-548844772<p>f9 n- r.<p>a' c1 ?* _' d r( m<p>他说,还是 2019年全国注会著点kalaka1110花,这些钱够咱<p>们吃好<p>几天呢。结了婚, 广泛大概忐<p>( b q7 n. d% d( i( z无抡他怎麽,墟8 z- z, c; r6 d- r k<p>...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    I have redesigned Joomla web site - a photo blog, related to selfie photos of attractive girls - adult related photos (not porn!). I need someone to upload around 2500 photos using Joomla backend and K2 component. Place bid for 2500. Budget is low - don't bid outside it. thanks!

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    22 penawaran
    scheme tasks Berakhir left

    Question 1 [10 marks] Given the following code: 01| (define (foo n) 02| (define (iter a b c) 03| (cond ((> a b) c) 04| ((= a b) (iter a (+ b 1) c)) 05| (else (iter (+ a (- b c))(- b a) (- c 1))))) 06| (if (< n 3) 07| n 08| (iter n (* n n)(* n 2)))) 09| 10| (foo 3) [5 marks] Draw a contour diagram during the evaluation of foo at the beginning of line ...

    $6 - $11 / hr
    $6 - $11 / hr
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    A Base sheet of (n*m) Size has to be cut in "K" smaller shapes. Each Kth Piece will have a dimension rectangular (n' * m') unique dimension. All the pieces are rectangular in shape Input 1. Base Sheet Dimension, n*m 2. The dimension of each k1, k2, Note: Refer to the File: Sample Input [login untuk melihat URL] Output: 1. Total of Number of Base sheet Used 2. ...

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    Hi there all, just looking to get some work done a bit quicker for any of you Excel-Minds who would like the job! I am looking for someone who can solve these 4 formulas below: (I3-C3)*100000 = J3. However if the difference isn't a number then the following rules apply: IF C3, E3, G3, I3 are all the same then J3 = "Trajectory" (Coloured Blue) IF C3, E3, I3, are all the same then ...

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    1. The S-DES system must allow manual input for both encryption and decryption so the program can be properly tested. 2. The inputs for encryption are 8-bit plaintext and 10-bit key both in binary form. The output is 8-bit ciphertext. 3. The inputs for decryption are 8-bit ciphertext and 10-bit key both in binary form. The output is 8-bit plaintext. A sample test data: 10 bits key: 1000100011, P...

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    For number (1). 1. The S-DES system must allow manual input for both encryption and decryption so the program can be properly tested. 2. The inputs for encryption are 8-bit plaintext and 10-bit key both in binary form. The output is an 8-bit ciphertext. 3. The inputs for decryption are 8-bit ciphertext and 10-bit key both in binary form. The output is 8-bit plaintext. A sample test data: 10 bits k...

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    Redesign form Berakhir left

    i need you to redesign a form page through K2 workflow management tool , HTML ,Css ,C#

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    12 penawaran
    K2 workflow design Berakhir left

    I need K2 workflow management tool expert

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    2 penawaran
    JAVA Developer Berakhir left

    Urgent opening for *JAVA Developers Canditate * Work location - Dubai Processing days- 3 to 5 days Ticket,visa charges and accommodations provide by company Work Duration period - 3 to 6 month only Java developers Freelancer also welcomes Job description: 1) Proficient in J2EE, Spring 3.x, Hibernate, Jasper Reports, iBatis, Struts, JBOSS Application Server 5 on Redhat Linux, Oracle PLSQL...

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    Hello, I want a 3MF file colored for the below tugboat model to be designed in colors with minor modification. the 3MF file should be a printable file to be printed on a colored 3D Jetfusion 580 printer. [login untuk melihat URL] Wall-thickness of 0.5mm for all elements.

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    Joomla freelancer in bangalore required willing to meet me to explain for a new template new face cleanup the person himself should have full knowledge and total control of Joomla should be able to use my Akeeba back up and finish the upgrade on his test hosting server with seo site map Kunena k2 already installed seo on each article 50% done rest to be done [login untuk melihat URL] is the webs...

    $138 (Avg Bid)
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    5 penawaran

    [login untuk melihat URL] done few years back by me needs to be done with new template. Akeeba back up installed so wold be easy. Kunena k2 blogger site map seo friendly already New look feel mobile friendly social media seo ready for next 10 years required

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    7 penawaran

    Im attaching the php file for a module for k2 module which needs a fix the image displayed for the slider is getting the image from k2 image folders now I need to add a k2 article scanner that checks if no image is found in k2 images folder then scan the article and see the first image and obtain it and resize according to module specs and show it instead.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    18 penawaran

    Earlier I posted a project looking for the best solution to limit the number of characters in titles for category listings powered by the K2 extension on a Joomla website. However soon after posting, I tried using a simple if else statement that used the PHP strlen() function. This worked fine but it applies the function to every item whilst I need the first title to be full length and not trimmed...

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    6 penawaran
    i want to design k2 Berakhir left

    import and export ( whole saler)

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 penawaran

    Prezados, bom dia! Precisamos adicionar a planilha do link abaixo algumas regras “se” e que busque informações condicionadas a escolhas e informações na planilha “ORC TECIDO”… a seguir uma lista do que precisa ser feito: O resultado final é termos os valores dos produtos na coluna “I” de “ORC TECIDO” de acor...

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    2 penawaran

    Silakan Daftar atau Login tuntuk melihat rincian.

    Specs for [login untuk melihat URL] site Hello, im looking for a developer that is proficient with joomla (v 3.9.10), php 7+, MySQL, k2, je k2 story, quick file seller & joomla template setup with some changes to be made. 1) make changes to je 2k story extension to auto create different format k2 item/article. (also gather data to put into auto create quickfile seller product) Changes:-...

    $76 (Avg Bid)
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    7 penawaran

    Hi, I am looking for .NET Developer with the below skills. Knowledge of and experience of 5+ years: • Development o Web, Windows & Mobile Development o C#/ VB.NET & Core o ASP.NET, MVC, Web API & Core o HTML, CSS, JavaScript & TypeScript o jQuery, AngularJS, Angular and React o ORM (EF, EF Core, LLBLGen Pro etc.) o Web Services (REST & SOAP) • Databases o SQL Ser...

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    30 penawaran
    Trophy icon Logo Design Berakhir left

    'K2 vans' is the company name and we need a logo designing for the new business The company is to be UK based and will sell used vans, hire out vans and build commercial vehicle bodies. K2 is the most prominent part of the design. The word vans may fit below K2 or it may fit after K2 or it may look good built in to the bottom of the number 2. Simplicity is important no more than 3 co...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    2561 entri

    Build a responsive Joomla template from psd file. See attached images. Large image at the top will be a slider and will look and function like site in the attached file Inner pages will fade in like old site Top navigation area will stay in fixed position when scrolling down Book appointment button on right side will stay in a fixed position as user scrolls down K2 will need to be installed and a ...

    $152 (Avg Bid)
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    39 penawaran

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