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    forever young Berakhir left

    VPS (Virtual Private Server) adalah sebuah terobosan paling canggih dalam teknologi virtualisasi server. VPS adal...dibagi menjadi beberapa virtual private sever. Setiap VPS terlihat dan bekerja seperti sebuah jaringan server sistem yang sebenarnya, komplit vps dengan pengaturan sendiri untuk init script, users, pemrosesan, filesystem, dan sebagainya.

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    NOMP pool fix Berakhir left

    ...[Pool] [coinmlite] (Thread 2) Share processing setup with redis ([login untuk melihat URL]) 2019-02-08 17:56:17 [Pool] [coinmlite] (Thread 2) Could not start pool, error with init RPC getblockchaininfo - {"code":-32601,"message":"Method not found"} another one not ever starts output 2 : [login untuk melihat URL] throw err; ^ Error: Cannot...

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    wordpress site fix Berakhir left

    ...[login untuk melihat URL](73): RevSliderAdmin->addSliderMetaBox() #2 /home/hor434/public_html/bara/wp-content/plugins/revslider/admin/[login untuk melihat URL](44): RevSliderAdmin->init() #3 /home/hor434/public_html/bara/wp-content/plugins/revslider/[login untuk melihat URL](162): RevSliderAdmin->__construct('/home/hor434/...') #4 /home/hor434/public_html/bara/wp-setti...

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    ...[login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] 3. To run the sample you can try the following command. java -jar [login untuk melihat URL] 4. To login to ActiveTick server use the following command: init [login untuk melihat URL] 443 {your activetick provided key} {username} {password} The following are a few sample commands on retrieving market data using the sample

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    5 penawaran[login untuk melihat URL] ) NOTE : - Please

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    Trophy icon Brochure template 17 Hari left

    I need a brochure template for a new business proposal. Its for a new software that will be proposed to developers. I need something like the screenshot attached but init more classy and attractive. I need it to be Microsoft word editable so that I can add or subtract content without issues.

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    ...the image will require interpolation while keeping the original aspect ratio. Source device will be provided + timing chart of source. Output LCD + LCD controller datasheet + init code will be provided. Development board will NOT be provided (you should have your own). VHDL is preferred but not obligatory, Verilog can also be used. Altera family devices

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    Digital marketer required for managing facebook page and its promotion for one month. I need page reach 3-4k/day posts : 4-5/day target audience: local, bhopal MP You will also handle ad manager.

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    WP Website Tweaks Berakhir left

    ...src="[login untuk melihat URL]"></script> <!-- End of Bibblio RCM includes --> Add this where you want your module to appear: <div class="bib--rcm-init" data-recommendation-key="0fb8c82c-52fc-4950-a0af-d342b12ea68a" data-auto-ingestion="true" data-style-classes="bib--row-3 bib--hover bib--recency-show"> </di...

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    HEY, we are a Bhopal Based company "ComJoyHype" ,for this project we need a developer immediately as we need to get it done by 10th of [login untuk melihat URL],we are an active IT company in bhopal,the developer working with us gets the priviledge of having several other projects lined up for him. we require a website which works quite similar to Urban [login untuk melihat...

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    12 penawaran

    ...option. bad superblock on /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_root missing codepage or helper program ,mor other error. Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill innit! Pid: 1, comm: init Tainted: G. W ----------- 2.6.32-504.8.1.el6.x86_64 Call trace: ? panic+0xa7/0x16f We can't do it with ssh. An expert with cents and grub should help me fast

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    Android Work Berakhir left

    We are looking for At-least 3 year of Experience Android Developer in Bhopal (M.P. ), India Experience The Android SDK. Again, this goes without saying. ... Working with APIs. ... Git. ... Back-end Skills. ... Passion. ... Collaboration and communication. ... Writing. Able to report at on-site location - Jaipur (daily basis) remaining hour can work

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    Bhopal, MP, INDIA, Requirement of a person with excellent communication skills, for marketing and sales of training centre. We train the students for the improvement of professional and technical skills.

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    4 penawaran

    ...and Certified at Best Painting Firms like Asian Paint. We are committed to provide best painting experience to customer. Currently we operate in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Bhopal and Indore, looking forward to add happy customer across PAN India soon. About the work : Hired person responsibilities include: 1. Write content for ColourDrive blog, social

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    10 penawaran

    ...using keywords. Total Words Range: 700-750 Plagiarism free Write up Categories: 1: Home Introduction to clinic: 70 words using keywords a: Dentist in Bhopal b: Dentist near me c: dental clinic in bhopal 2: Why choose us will have sub categories, incorporate above keywords for write up of below mentioned categories 2a: Our DOCTORS [ 50 words breif

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    27 penawaran

    ...and Certified at Best Painting Firms like Asian Paint. We are committed to provide best painting experience to customer. Currently we operate in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Bhopal and Indore, looking forward to add happy customer across PAN India soon. About the work : Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Write new articles/blog

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    16 penawaran

    Hi Shrikant M., I noticed your profile and see that we both are based from Bhopal(Mandideep). I have few years of experience in MNC and these days trying my hands on freelance. Let me know if you're interested in connecting

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    1 penawaran

    We need an experienced JAVA developer to work on our Gaming industry related project. Project Link - [login untuk melihat URL] ...[login untuk melihat URL] Skills Needed - Core JAVA, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, REST Web Service, API development. Location - Freelancer will need to work from our Pune or Bhopal office at least 2 hours a day.

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    20 penawaran

    We need instant server fix for critical error happened today. "Failed to start LSB: OpenIPMI Driver init script" "Failed to start LSB: Systems management Data Engine" see attached

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    18 penawaran

    Need a software developer and website developer I have a confidential project. We can discuss on chat so if anyone interested please chat, Preference - Indore or Bhopal

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    javafx application Berakhir left

    build successfull.. but run time error ant -f C:UserspathaJavaFXProject3 jfxsa-run init: Deleting: C:UserspathaJavaFXProject3build[login untuk melihat URL] deps-jar: Updating property file: C:UserspathaJavaFXProject3build[login untuk melihat URL] Compiling 23 source files to C:UserspathaJavaFXProject3buildclasses Note: Some input files

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    ...: python, request library and other necessary library This pseudo code is for starter reference purpose: # PSEUDO CODE import request class website_a_scrap(object): def init( yyyy ) header_list, proxies_list, cookies_list = [], [], [] fail cookies list, failt proxies list, fail header list = [], [], [] function_scrap ( yyyy ) def

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    19 penawaran

    ...59,000 word count and the genre are- thriller/mythology/adventure/science fiction. Brief summary of my novel- The story is about Abhay Sharma, a young college student in Bhopal who embarks on a journey to expose an ancient secret. In the process, he uncovers an alien weapon that re-establishes the forgotten bond that Earth shared with Planet Astra

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    26 penawaran

    ... UMAP(a=None, angular_rp_forest=False, b=None, init='spectral', learning_rate=1.0, local_connectivity=1.0, metric='correlation', metric_kwds=None, min_dist=0.5, n_components=3, n_epochs=None, n_neighbors=3

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    8 penawaran

    ...collected from the two websites viz: Websites; 1. [login untuk melihat URL] (we will get all- 48k) 2. [login untuk melihat URL] (we will get all from the 5 regions in the drop

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    Web development Berakhir left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it. I am saquib from bhopal mp india and i want to start a new online business i want website *Removed by Admin*

    $2242 (Avg Bid)
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    20 penawaran

    I am looking for photographs of hoardings across metro cities and other tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India. This is ...and tier 2 cities in India. This is for a project in media monitoring. I can offer 100 rupees per image. Need cities like Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Delhi, Noida, Bhopal, Cochin, Chandigarh, Goa, and various other locations.

    $137 (Avg Bid)
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    5 penawaran

    We want to develop a very similar app like the ur...very similar app like the urban clap and we want it play store ready. We can give several other projects to the freelancer if we like the work ,we are a big company based in Bhopal and have several other projects to get done. We will require a demo of the work before handing over the entire project.

    $912 (Avg Bid)
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    14 penawaran

    ...kernel (half of kernel size) kCenterX = kernelSizeX / 2; kCenterY = kernelSizeY / 2; for(i=0; i < dataSizeY; ++i) // rows { for(j=0; j < dataSizeX; ++j) // columns { sum = 0; // init to 0 before sum for(m=0; m < kernelSizeY; ++m) // kernel rows { mm = kernelSizeY - 1 - m; // row index of flipped kernel for(n=0; n < kernelSizeX; ++n) // kernel columns {

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    4 penawaran

    We require a website very similar to Urban Pro which should have 3 interface...Urban Pro which should have 3 interface. We would require some demo module before starting with the work. We have several other projects to outsource as we are a big company in Bhopal, if satisfied with the work we would continuously allocate the projects to the freelancer.

    $141 (Avg Bid)
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    8 penawaran

    ...include the following methods: init (parameters - Poloniex API credentials) getChartData (parameters - currency pair & time period) getBalances (no parameters, uses credentials from init method) getBalanceHistory (no parameters, uses credentials from init method) getOpenOrders (no parameters, uses credentials from init method) getTradeHistory (no parameters

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    10 penawaran

    ...05:20:54', '37', NULL, '[login untuk melihat URL]') made by require('[login untuk melihat URL]'), require_once('[login untuk melihat URL]'), require_once('[login untuk melihat URL]'), require_once('[login untuk melihat URL]'), do_action('init'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, WC_Download_Handler...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
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    9 penawaran

    Dear Developers, We are one startup in Brazil with more than 3 years in the market. We are looking for a web / mobile deve...instances: 1- MongoDB 2- Web / API Second activity is to continue the project with the other features to be developed (to be budgeted separately) More information, contact us. (Init PROJECT - Hub7) Best regards, Borges, Felipe

    $14 (Avg Bid)
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    1 penawaran

    ...html page letter"B" continue + other stuff) have a question talk to me thanks! one of many possibilities how to do it! 1. load png letter 100x100 pixels (1kb lenght) [login untuk melihat URL] init() invert picture (we are creating mask later draw it over matrix) good sample how to do it here [login untuk melihat URL]

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    7 penawaran

    I have a issue on my website: Error: Duplicate Pixel ID: 1423381331264249. at A ([login untuk melihat URL]:25:14694) at Function.T [as init] ([login untuk melihat URL]:25:31017) at [login untuk melihat URL] [as callMethod] ([login untuk melihat URL]:25:28810) at ra ([login untuk melihat URL]

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    ...async=!0; t.src=v;s=[login untuk melihat URL](e)[0]; [login untuk melihat URL](t,s)}(window, document,'script', '[login untuk melihat URL]'); fbq('init', '1863383140550358'); fbq('track', 'PageView'); </script> <noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src...

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    ...player instance. 4. Call init function for the player. But with the bzplayer pro the steps are a little bit different: 1. Include P2P Medial Loader scripts. 2. Create P2P Medial Loader engine instance. 3. Instead of creating a player instance, you have to modify the bzplayer which uses the [login untuk melihat URL] framework 4. Call init function for the bzplayer

    $43 (Avg Bid)
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    6 penawaran

    I am working for the marketing campaign of a School in Bhopal, India. I need a good graphic designer to design flex, brochures and such print media works for me.

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    21 penawaran

    I am getting kernel-panic-not-syncing-attempted-to-kill-init-exitcode-0x00000100 error. Server keeps restarting and never boots to Oracle VM Linux Server. Error images attached.

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    5 penawaran

    .../home/mrmail/public_html/portal/hbf/core/[login untuk melihat URL](109): FrontController->handleRequest() #7 /home/mrmail/public_html/portal/admin/[login untuk melihat URL](15): FrontController::init() #8 {main} Uh oh! Something went wrong ... PHP [Error]: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: '...

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    ...query string: -uid => unique value that identies the user - lang => user language. For the proof of concept could be "en" or "es" The mobile web will have 2 screens: Screen 1. Init screen - If the user is authenticated in Firebase, proceed to screen 2. - If the user is not authenticated, the uid wil be sent to an endpoint (Firebase Cloud Function). This

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    ...robot. The code is like below. Except the first line, all the “gpio” are lower cases. import [login untuk melihat URL] as gpio import time def init(): [login untuk melihat URL]([login untuk melihat URL]) [login untuk melihat URL](19, [login untuk melihat URL]) … def forward(tf): init() [login untuk melihat URL](19, True) … [login...

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    ...conduct additional research. Do not rely merely on the case summaries as it is not possible to write a 2,000 words report based only on case summaries. The Case study is The Bhopal Case – Charan Lal Sahu v. Union of India PPT PRESENTATION I need well-presented PROFESSIONAL but short summary in PPT Presentation up to 6-7well presented slides with audio

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    39 penawaran

    Need Female Garba assistants to teach Garba for Ladies batches at reputed upcoming navratri event in Indore and Bhopal Cities, 15 days sahukiya teachers only, 5 to 7 PM, NO PAY - applicant will get free entry to event. to be contacted by applicant herself, agents mediators, coordinators, excuse.

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    4 penawaran

    This Script is Fairly Simple Do K init Check the disk space of two different directories Capture the output and send an email Set up a cron Job for 24 Hours

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    17 penawaran

    ...error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/user/Desktop/[login untuk melihat URL]", line 33, in <module> InputRequirements() File "/Users/user/Desktop/[login untuk melihat URL]", line 7, in init client.Quote.Quote_get(symbol='XBTUSD').result() File "/Library/Frameworks/[login untuk melihat URL]", line 213

    $600 (Avg Bid)
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    17 penawaran

    So to clarify first this not my offer it just a way To ask how much my project will cost if u will work on it.. Hi nishchal I am Shivansh I am from Bhopal not too far from your location Indore. I want to make a game and I am looking for (accets) 3D models with rigs I have some work for u. I find your rates reasonable I want to make a high graphic

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    Avr studio C prog Berakhir left

    Need C code in avr studio with mega 32 for VL53L1X , code need to measure distance to 4m, library with function init, start measure, stop measure, read measure, change ranges

    $237 (Avg Bid)
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    4 penawaran