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    Target trainee adalah agen penjualan berupa produk tertentu dan produk kredit dari perbankan ataupun koperasi/bpr Diperlukan jg materi untuk materi dan cara2 untuk memcapai target penjualan

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    Need to do a POC for Azure. Will need to deploy three HDInsights cluster that needs to be air gapped (disable internet) and have AD integration and Kerberos authentication setup with no ESP enabled. Once done, will need to test the connection among the different HDInsights to connect to hive and ADLS using Spark. Finally will have to install some softwares as a jar or package with no internet access.

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    I am looking for a graphic digital artist to create promotional material featuring pe...hearing impairment (hearing aid), physical disabilities (wheelchair-user), intellectual disabilities/autism (based on creativity), and a person without disability. Total 5pcs of hexagon puzzles (ideated from company logo). The intended use of the artwork is promotional material, will be used as website banner and with tagline: “Enabling Abilities, Empowering Opportunities.” Company’s name is Connect Hive Pte Ltd. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Graphic design - Experience in creating promotional material - Knowledge and sensitivity towards disabilities and disability representation - Ability to work collaboratively with the client to ensure their specif...

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    Logo design Berakhir left

    Logo shall be unique, eye-catching, and effectively communicates the core values and services of "Connect Hive": The logo is comprised of two main elements, a beehive and a network of lines. The beehive represents the concept of a community, working together towards a common goal. The network of lines symbolizes the connectivity that Connect Hive provides for its clients, connecting them to resources, opportunities, and each other. The image of the beehive is created with thick lines that form hexagonal shapes, with a gradient of warm and vibrant colors that gradually transition from yellow to orange. The network of lines starts at the base of the beehive and extends outward, forming a web-like pattern that intersects with other lines, creating nodes where they me...

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    want someone eho can teach me python with one project and hive me road map to next steps to my career

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    ...unique designs for seven custom t-shirts for my 40th birthday celebration. The themes revolve around royalty, Beyonce, the Renaissance, and black pride. All t-shirts should have a unified design on the back and individual, personalized designs on the front. Back Design: Two crossed iron crowns in a Renaissance style with a small silhouette of Toronto's skyline at the center. Include the text "JBee's Hive Tour '23" and a stylized Beyonce-inspired bumblebee. Front Designs: Seven distinct designs based on specified themes for each shirt. They range from constellation Virgo for "Virgos Groove" shirt, stylized '4' incorporating symbolic images for "4" shirt, stylized black panther for "Bitch, I’m Black!" shirt, R...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can quickly edit my VIDEO HIVE existing After Effects promotional video template. The final video needs to be 30 seconds or less in length. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in After Effects - Experience in editing promotional videos - Knowledge of video editing techniques to create a visually appealing and engaging video - Attention to detail and ability to work efficiently to meet tight deadlines I have already chosen the After Effects template for the video, so the freelancer will simply need to make necessary edits to the template to fit my promotional needs. If you think you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal along with your relevant portfolio.

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    I need a freelancer who can help me enhance our migration techniques from hive data to Neo4j database. Our hive data size is less than 100 GB and we are currently using Hadoop for migration. However, we are facing speed and performance issues with the current migration process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in migration techniques from hive data to Neo4j database - Expertise in Hadoop and other tools or frameworks for migration - Knowledge of optimizing speed and performance in migration process - Familiarity with data consistency and complexity of the process The project requires quick and efficient migration techniques to ensure that our data is migrated smoothly and without any loss. Please apply only if you have the ideal skills and experi...

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    Winnie's Waggle Berakhir left

    Its a book about a little bee called Winnie. Winnie wants to be the waggler scout for the hive, but she has to learn how to waggle (the actual bee dance that real honey bees do) but she comes across some trouble along the way.

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    Company Name: AfriHive 1. Beehive: Since the name "AfriHive" contains the word "hive," incorporating a beehive or bees into the logo could be a natural choice. This can represent collaboration and productivity, as well as a sense of community. 2. African theme: Since AfriHive is based in Algeria and focused on supporting African startups, incorporating elements of African culture or design into the logo can be a way to represent the organization's mission and values. 3. Simple and modern: A simple and modern logo design can represent the organization's focus on innovation and technology. Using clean lines, bold fonts, and a minimalist color scheme can create a strong and memorable brand identity. 4. Color scheme: The logo color scheme can be inspire...

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    ...on SQL and Business Intelligence (BI). Deep understanding over relational database systems. Expertise on efficient data flux implementations over distributed frameworks. Native level or proficient in English (Written and spoken). Is a must: Engineering background (Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Physics, Control, etc), Mathematics or Statistics. Knowledge on Big Data environments as Hive, Hadoop or Impala. Expertise on centralized data repositories (Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Mart) by GCP, Azure, AWS or Snowflake. Programming expertise in Python or R. Expertise over other dashboard tools (Power BI, Looker, Dash). Expertise on software versioning tools (Git). Expertise with agile methodologies. Project objective: The client has a web application: the “Ven...

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    Hello, Task-1: Create code of Apriori Algorithm and implement in Apache hive. As per my side hadoop and hive already installed just you need to implement only. Thanks

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    Trophy icon Logo for a Podcast Berakhir left

    I am looking for a graphic designer to create a logo for my podcast. The podcast is called The Relationship Inn. I don't have a preference in color or have a color scheme in mind, but I prefer PNG so I could change the color accordingly. I prefer a minimalist style for the logo. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in graphic design and logo creation. Strong com...project should have experience in graphic design and logo creation. Strong communication skills are a must, as I would like to collaborate with the designer to ensure the final product meets my expectations. The Relationship Inn Hotel theme It's a podcast about *relationships* (to ourselves, to each other, to the planet, to our parents...ect.) NO MICROPHONES PLEASE Possibly include a crown or a ...

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    Trophy icon LeadHive Logo Berakhir left

    I am looking for a talented designer to create a stand-out logo for my business, LeadHive. I would like this logo to be provided in a PNG format and I’d like to include multiple colors in the design. The logo size isn’t as important, although it would be great to have options of different sizes just in case we need them. Please feel free to include any other concepts or ideas you may have ...designer to create a stand-out logo for my business, LeadHive. I would like this logo to be provided in a PNG format and I’d like to include multiple colors in the design. The logo size isn’t as important, although it would be great to have options of different sizes just in case we need them. Please feel free to include any other concepts or ideas you may have for the project. ...

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    I need to complete my project. already most of task completed just one step is away. Right now first we need to resolve why insert operation is not working then we will go further.

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    1. A PDF document containing the results of the execution of the 2 programs. Along with each result, write a short paragraph explaining how you used your programs to generate the results. Include a description of any post-process...screenshot of Hadoop executions! 2. A zip file containing all of your Map/Reduce programs Now, using Python, write the two separate Map/Reduce programs (identified earlier) using Hadoop 2.10.1 on GCP to compute the following using the sample HVAC data You are required to run your program(s) via Hadoop 2.10.1 pseudo-distributed mode on an GCP instance. You cannot use any “add-on” to Hadoop (such as Hive). The great majority of the data processing must be performed within Hadoop; relatively minor “post-processing” (e.g., sort) is a...

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    I have developed a design Adding (Wazuh+ Hive , Osquery+ GRR) which basically works on Intrusion detection system I have POC (Proof of concept) , So i want freelancer get objective, research questions and contributions for my design and create a neat report of 50pages, I can sit and explain about the project. Need a qualified person in cyber security focusing on intrusion detection system.

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    Trophy icon Create a logo - 27/03/2023 00:08 EDT Berakhir left

    ...the logo. The domain is: Please do not put ".com" in the design. Here are a few logo ideas for : 1. Incorporate a beehive design with the brand name in a bold and clean font. This can symbolize the hive's cleanliness and organization, as well as emphasize the "hive" part of the brand name. 2. Use a hexagon shape to represent a honeycomb, and add the brand name inside or alongside it. This can symbolize the hive's structure and organization, as well as emphasize the "hive" part of the brand name. 3. Use a blue and white color scheme to represent the freshness and cleanliness of the products. Add an image of a person or hand washing to further emphasize the product's purpose. 4. Use an image of a bee with the...

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    ...create in HDFS command lines (hdfs dfs -??????) the following tree structure /data/common/raw/DATABASE_M1/ETUDIANT_M1 In HDFS command lines, Create a file in this directory (having 3 columns firstName, lastName,email, with your data) Display HDFS command line contents of directory Display the HDFS command line contents of the file HIVE: Create a database DATABASE_M1 With HQL, create a database DATABASE_M2 With HQL, create a hive table ETUDIANT_M1 in the DATABASE_M1 database pointing to the data/common/raw/DATABASE_M1/ETUDIANT_M1 directory With HQL, Display the contents of the STUDENT_M1 table With HQL, Create an ETUDIANT_M1_PART table in the DATABASE_M1 database partitioned on the DateRecep field (in year month, day, hour, minute format: YYYYMMDDHHmm) and pointing to the...

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    DATA ENGINEERS Berakhir left

    ...Data skills with experience working on Data projects · Strong data warehousing skills is mandatory. · Strong experience in designing, developing Data solutions both on premise and on cloud · Strong knowledge on optimizing workloads developed using Spark/SparkSQL · Experience in EMR, Hadoop, and AWS services and Pyspark · Proficiency with Data Processing: HDFS, Hive, Spark, Python. · Strong analytic skills related to working with structured, semi structured and unstructured datasets. · Expertise in AWS cloud native services. · Good knowledge of any RDBMS/NoSQL database with strong SQL writing skills · Experience on Datawarehouse tools like Redshift · ...

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    I need some one to record videos of natural honey extraction from Honey bee hive and record it step by step, If you can't send the videos in HD then this job is not for You. If you are videographer & you can deliver such content then this is a longterm job!

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    Trophy icon Create logo Berakhir left

    Looking for a contemporary logo for new business who will be selling smash burgers, grilled chicken, donuts, milkshakes and Doner. Business name: Gourmet Hive Slogan: Good honest food. No Colour Preference but can use yellow & black to reference it back to the hive. Open to ideas but preferably would like the logo to relate with the business name so would like to see hive reference & link it back to the food we selling. Can focus on the smash burger if you like. Need the logo in the following formats: AL, SVG, PNG, JPG & PDF

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    Logo Desigining and all types of designs...........

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    No Of Tables = 1 Table name = t_shopping_electronics No Of Columns = 6 This is similar to online/in-person shopping/checkout experience. customer can buy multiple things in one transaction. --- Transaction_id, Name, Product, Cost, Brand, Date --- Inputs Transaction ID is same for the trip/receipt Customer can buy multiple products in the same shopping trip . 1 receipt = 1 transaction ID Requirement Extract data where Customer buys TV + HOME THEATER and DOES NOT buy Watch group by Date, Brand WATCH can be treated as ERROR ( but we need to start with TV + HOME THEATER - because a lot of business data is embedded in these 2 rows ) --- If Customer buys only TV + HOME THEATER- INCLUDE If Customer buys only TV + HOME THEATER and other non-watch products - INCLUDE If Customer buys o...

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    Desarrollador FICO Berakhir left

    ... Características de los profesionales especialistas del Servicio: - Sólidos conocimientos en herramientas FICO-Blaze/RMA y DMP Streaming, - Sólidos conocimientos en Arquitectura y Sistemas TI. - Validación de Pruebas de Concepto (POC). - Experiencia en Arquitectura de Integración. - Conocimiento en Blaze-RMA, DMPS, Hbase-Intermediate, Hadoop Intermediate, Hive Intermediate y Kafka. Solución de FICO DMPS y Blaze contemplan las siguientes actividades tanto correctivas como también evolutivas: · Resolución de dudas sobre herramientas FICO y otras herramientas del proyecto. · Control de acceso en las herramientas de creación y asignación de perfil...

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    ...91b/ search box on the top (middle or top right) menu items across the top (TBD) decent amount of empty space to give it an uncluttered look animated dropdown menus categories list on the left no socials (maybe in the bottom directory area) background color warm cream highlight dark green and blue little bee on the green vines - hive = home flowers have books in the center really attracted to the way has set up his blog page on his website. I like the simplicity of the boxes and then one can choose a box and read blog posts according to the subject matter. I also like how he has the choices for his website up in the corner and the title of his website (his name) up at the top with a line to section

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    About Balloon Boutique Derby: Luxury balloon installations . Love luxe materials Aimed at weddings and business professionals Project Description: Love the design of balloon hive Derby, the gold events. Really want it to appeal to mainly women as they will be my ideal clients. Love golds, pearl, silk. Love the creed logo. Would like it to be timeless and elegant and evoke luxury.

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    Hi Eyasin, Thanks again for the Hive Construction Services logo, I need some help with some marketing material and service area maps for both print and website. Would you be interested?

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    This is strictly a WFO job. Only local candidates from Chennai OR those who are ready to relocate to Chennai should apply. Duration: 6 months plus Role1: Bigdata, Hadoop,sprk,airflow, CICD, python (scripting)...relocate to Chennai should apply. Duration: 6 months plus Role1: Bigdata, Hadoop,sprk,airflow, CICD, python (scripting), devops. 3-8 years experience. Role 2: Data product manager - Tableau, SQL queries with managerial skills 5-8 years experience. Role 3: BI engineer - SQL,SQL Server, ETL, Tableau, data modelling, scripting, agile, python 5-8 years experience Role 4: Data Engineer - Big data, Hive, Spark, Python 3-7 years experience Very good communication skills is mandatory Must be ready to work from our office in Chennai Timings: 9 hours, IST business hours, Monday...

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    ...решения аналитических и исследовательских задач в области создания продуктов и услуг на мировых финансовых рынках: торговля валютой, ценными бумагами, производными финансовыми инструментами. В команду ищем опытного ETL разработчика, готового сочетать задачи по ETL 50%, а также 10% ML и 40% DS. Стек: SQL+PL/SQL Greenplum, Teradata, MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite,… DWH+ETL работа с хранилищами данных Hadoop Hive, Impala, Spark, Oozie, … Python pandas, numpy, pyspark, … Machine Learning Что делать: Рефакторинг прототипов моделей машинного обучения от команды DataScience – адаптация кода к пайплайну поставки моделей в промышленную эксплуатацию с сохранением результатов и оценки моделей в хранилище Greenplum (MLOps) Проектирование и разработка корпоративной аналитиче...

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    Hi there, I am looking for someone to help me brand my product, as well as come up with a name for my business. I am selling homemade granola, and I will be starting in farmer's markets. I only use locally sourced honey to sweeten the granola, it is deliciously chewy. I was thinking about branding it with some sort of honeybee or hive design. timeframe would be ideally within 2 weeks.

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    Trophy icon Design a logo Berakhir left

    I want an improved logo based on the imaged given below, specifically i want a ship inside a hive like structure like this one. Please look at the second picture, and maybe put the ship in the hive and merge them

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    E- learning Berakhir left

    I want to learn Python, Hive and Pyspark and to solve complex sql queries personally from a expert level developer. Need a expert data engineer to help with different king of data engineering work.

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    18 penawaran

    Hi there My name is Ruan van den Heever, Owner of Hive Digital based in SA: We are looking to grow your international client base, offering services: 1) Social Media Management and lead generation for B2B and End Consumer Brands 2) Web Development + SEO 3) Studio content creation, animation and design 4) Whatsapp Chat bot solutions I am looking to onboard and partner with a freelancer that has a good track record + ample amount of experience to assist us in taking Hive Digital (Been growing since 2016) to the following countries: -UAE -USA -UK We need an appointment setter, and closer to contact prospects in the any one of the above countries. Would you be able to assist, if you could kindly send me a few references of past clients or digital

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    7 penawaran

    Changing the property pictures from a carousel to a collage/gallery: I am interested in displaying the property pictures in a gallery format rather than a carousel.

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    3D designer Berakhir left

    I would like to get a design that I can print on an Ender 3 pro 3d printer to print a modular Langstroth Bee Hive. In order to match dimensions of the interior and the height, it would have to be sectioned into modular pieces. I would also like to make the walls thick enough to offer insulating properties for cold weather areas.

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    Trophy icon Logo ideas - The Pool Hive Berakhir left

    Looking to rebrand my swimming pool company. Logo needs to be modern and clear. I like the idea of geometric design/hexagons? Please be creative then we can work together to make a final version

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    263 entri

    About The Riverdale Hive Artists Collective : The Riverdale Hive Artists Collective is a storefront ceramics and painting studio in the East End of Toronto offering group classes and private events. After school classes for kids 6-18 Daytime, evening and weekend classes for adults. Gallery featuring the artwork of our founder Toby Sue Carrel and other members of the Artists Collective. Project Description: Bright colours with pottery images. TRI folded Modern style. Background should be navy blue with bright yellow font.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Berakhir left

    Need a logo for Hive Construction Services, LLC Something simple and professional, Bee related them is welcome but not overkill or cartoonish.

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    1123 entri
    Food Application Berakhir left

    I need Food Application with similar features as + 1 year maintenance Backend: Java, Scala, Python, Go, Rust, NodeJS Frontend: ReactJS App: Kotlin (Android), Swift(iOS) IAAS: AWS DB’s: + 1 year maintenance Backend: Java, Scala, Python, Go, Rust, NodeJS Frontend: ReactJS App: Kotlin (Android), Swift(iOS) IAAS: AWS DB’s: MySQL, Postgres, ScyllaDB Caches: Redis, Aerospike Message brokers: Kafka, Rabbitmq ServiceMesh: Kubernetes ecosystem, Mesos, Consul Load balancing: Haproxy, Kong Data platform: S3, Presto, Druid, Snowflake, Flume, Flink, Hive, Spark, Storm Search: Solr, Elasticsearch CI/CD: Custom built tool over Jenkins Monitoring: Thanos (by improbable), NewRelic (APM), Custom analytics systems built in-house

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    Confluent-kafka coder is needed with prior experience working with kafka and java programming language, API's and AWS kibana, logstash. 1. Project is about building kafka topics, consumer, producers and pipelines for ingesting real time data in to hive. 2. Prior experience building and testing API's (Rest/ Soap) Telugu people preferred. Paid monthly basis

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    I am looking to create an explainer video. I have’ve been buzzing for. It takes just a few minutes to create your Hive profile, after which you can then apply to jobs directly or submit your resume and we get to finding the jobs that are the best match for you. Interviewing can be scary - not knowing what is going to be asked - but don’t worry we will prepare you for your interview, and once you’ve accepted the position, we’ll bring you in for hands-on training to make sure you are ready to crush it from day 1. Then it’s time to fly and show them what you’ve got! Human Bees provides purposeful talent matching to find a job that works for you, not the other way around. We want to empower you to Bee better. So, what are you waiting for? Appl...

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    118 penawaran
    Trophy icon create a logo Berakhir left

    need a logo for a company called "hive marketing" or "hive marketing solutions". would like something beehive themed. preferably pretty simple. Id like to keep the color scheme you see in the image attached. that photo is one i made for myself that i would basically like to be improved upon.

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    299 entri

    i need an eng to integrate wazuh with thehive

    $580 (Avg Bid)
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    ...provide appropriate visualisation/s and report the results of analysis. All the steps/Python code/results must be shared. (A) Data Analysis (75%) • On given datasets, identify the questions that you would like to answer through data analysis. • Given two datasets, use SQL queries to create a new dataset for analysis. • Perform data cleaning and pre-processing tasks on the new dataset. • Use HIVE, MapReduce (or Spark) and machine learning techniques to analyse data. • Perform visualization using Python and PowerBI and report the results. (B) Issues and Solution (25%)• Identify the current issues in the use of Big Data Analytics in the fashion retail industry. Based on the identified issues, propose an effective solution using various technol...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    15 penawaran

    ...writing on topics like AWS Azure GCP DigitalOcean Heroku Alibaba Linux Unix Windows Server (Active Directory) MySQL PostgreSQL SQL Server Oracle MongoDB Apache Cassandra Couchbase Neo4J DynamoDB Amazon Redshift Azure Synapse Google BigQuery Snowflake SQL Data Modelling ETL tools (Informatica, SSIS, Talend, Azure Data Factory, etc.) Data Pipelines Hadoop framework services (e.g. HDFS, Sqoop, Pig, Hive, Impala, Hbase, Flume, Zookeeper, etc.) Spark (EMR, Databricks etc.) Tableau PowerBI Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Python C++ C# Java Ruby Golang Node.js JavaScript .NET Swift Android Shell scripting Powershell HTML5 AngularJS ReactJS VueJS Django Flask Git CI/CD (Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy) Puppet/Ansible/Chef Docker Kubernetes E...

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    23 penawaran
    Trophy icon Logo for membership community Berakhir left

    I am looking for a logo for my membership community. It will be a "hive" of resources for business owners to assist with content creation and growing their brands using social media. The name of the membership is "PostHive". I want to words to be together but obvious that it is two separate words. I like a more of texted based logo but some sort of imagery such as a bee hive, honey and/or bees are acceptable.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    215 entri

    check the documentation first at: Project Budget: $100

    $140 (Avg Bid)
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    8 penawaran

    I need to change the Windows VPS Password from Rescue Mode because I have no access on it. I tried by myself but it says: root@vmi552968:~# chntpw SAM -u Administrator chntpw version 1.00 140201, (c) Petter N Hagen openHive(SAM) failed: No such file or directory, trying read-only openHive(SAM) in fallback RO-mode failed: No such file or directory chntpw: Unable to open/read a hive, exiting.. I need one expert to fix this.

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