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    Hi everyone, Currently we have an openvpn mobile app based on Html5 on both IOS and Android Platform. However, it was in our own language and there is some tiny bugs. And due to the low loading speed of H5 app, we decided to hire someone to build it with Flutter. We will provide the full source code of the current app includin...

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    We're looking for someone to duplicate an iOS app onboarding flow and help us build it into an Ionic/Cordova app that can be installed on both iOS and Android. Video link of onboarding flow we'd like to copy: [login untuk melihat URL] We've identified the following major features/technical challenges

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    Custom CRM & APP Berakhir left

    ...FREELANCERS - I won't HIRE YOU! I am Sorry for being so abrupt, but my view is, that if you can not give read all my job and look at the links and give me an accurate professional proposal, then you can not be right to work with. So many freelancers, just copy and past and send me anything. I am looking for someone to build a CRM similar, but ...

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    DONT BID WITHOUT READING REQUIREMENTS. I want to hire someone to build me a custom android app. You have to combine the functions of 2 to 3 different apps in 1 app. Like you have to develop an app witch will do WhatsApp status saving, WhatsApp junk cleaning etc. The app must be able to be customise...

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    Resort Applications Intl. Inc. is seeking an experienced individual in full-stack native mobile app development for both IOS and Android platforms. We are in the process of changing app development firms and need the assistance of someone make sure our best interests are looked after and our backend is set up correctly. We are a small startup and need

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    ...Tala Aldhahri, an entrepreneur. I would like to hire someone to build a mobile application for people to sell their used stuff. This is pretty much how I want the app to look like. [login untuk melihat URL] The application should be bilingual in both English and Arabic language with a switch feature; however, it would willi...

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    ...development and would like to explore the feasibility of I would want to understand how much it would cost to build a credit score system similar to Experian to do credit checks on customers when they are trying to do the following : Assess affordability for someone looking to rent a place Assess affordability for someone ...

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    Build me an app Berakhir left

    I have an idea that i want to implement on an app. I want to hire someone that who will build me the app and keep working for me as IT for the app and support A non-disclosure agreement will be signed before discussing the APP

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    ...have a platform to build mobile apps without code. It is built using php, mysql, Mobile jQuery, Phonegap, cordova. This platform needs maintenance, updates, addition for new features and ongoing work. In this project, I am interested in someone who is able to do small tasks. I need you to have a look at the platform [login untuk melihat URL] and to regi...

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    Build a app for Chefs. (iOS and Android) Hello Freelancer , I already have a app for chefs published but i lost time to work on it. I need someone who is able to build the app new from scratch, develope it on the app store and google play store and everything which is need. The app has to be on all stores world wide for...

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    build an app Berakhir left

    i would like to hire someone to build an app for me about fitness industry

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to design an application for me, something in the same vein as Uber. The application will use existing map API (Google Maps) to pinpoint the location. It should roughly have the 3 main components below: Buyer app Seller app Admin console The main features of the app are: GPS navigation and routing Registration and

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    Mobile development Berakhir left

    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I need someone who can help me to design and build app for sell and hire produce, connact with me [login untuk melihat URL] I am living in vietnam

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    ...currently finished. I want someone to work on it fixing bugs and adding new features. There is 2 app. IOS and Android. IOS is build with objective C. I want someone to come in and start working on customization and editing stuff and fixing bugs. I want to hire that person for 500 dollars a month to work on the project for us. The

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    Project for Erik L. Berakhir left

    Hei Erik. Was looking around Freelancer in a search for a Swift developer to complete an iOS app we are building. The previous developer unfortunate got sick and had to quit with just a few remaining tasks left. It was estimated to 4--6 hours of work to be to build a release. 1) I need a developer that works fast and can understand English ...

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    Mobile development Berakhir left

    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built. If this is the wrong sub I apologize. Before deleting please direct me to the proper place. Im looking to hire someone to build me a script or bot (not sure correct term) that will allow me to get released blocks of time for Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex is Amazon 2 hour Deliver...

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    ... My first app. Designs and assets are completed. Able to take source code from GitHub from a Swift/ObjC repo and build a similar Android app. Bonus if you know Xamarin, but not necessary. Not sure if we need that. Looking for someone to offer some architectural guidance and bonus if there's an ability to walk me through the...

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    58 penawaran

    Hello. Here is an explanation of the functionality that we will require on this project and would like to hear your thinking in regards to the technology that would be best suited to our situation. We are hoping to have a solution developed for a Taxi Company which will consist of an Android app to track Taxi locations in real-time and have ...

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    Build an app for me Berakhir left

    I am currently looking to hire someone to build an app for me. I am willing to offer pay and an office to work from, but I need someone who is proficient in both android and iOS app development. I need someone who is familiar with current technologies and interfaces that are already available to the m...

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    ...am looking for someone who can create an earning android app for me similar to Champcash or mcent. I am having a rough idea for the app and want someone to build it for me. App features includes 1) Login & Signup Page 2) More than 30 ad networks integrations. (Suppose if I earn USD 1, I want to give back my user USD 0...

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    App Development Berakhir left

    We want to hire someone who can build an android app which is of earning platform , where u have to collect point and can withdrawl the points in money . We want a experienced app developer who can give his best . If you provide the best service we will provide you the future projects .

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    23 penawaran

    ...are looking to have someone develop an Android/iOS app for us where our audience will be able to have easily access to our audio sermons. We have a currently existing website, with an identity of its own, but the audios there are not as easily accessible as we would wish, as the website is somewhat lagging. We would love the developer to...

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    i have build an app for my business in flash but i need someone to help in connecting the app to a backend like wordpress backend , and develop some button function in the app. i need someone who have built an app previously in flash and knows how to work with data sending and receiving. if the developer is ...

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    17 penawaran

    ...have build an app for my business in flash but i need someone to help in connecting the app to sql database, and develop some button function in the app. and help me to create the main app. i need someone who have built an app previously in flash and knows how to work with data sending and recei...

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    15 penawaran

    Looking to hire someone to create authentication platform using OpenID Connect. The goal is to create a service similar to Google+ or Facebook login, where various apps and websites can have users login with our authentication platform credentials. A strong knowledge of OpenID Connect, OAuth and web security is a must. You will be responsible for

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    $154 - $1158
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    We are looking to hire a developer for an on-going work basis. Our busy study has an overflow of websites we need to build and maintain. You will not need to have any design skills as we would design and provide all artwork files and [login untuk melihat URL] would need to suit someone who work for themselves on a full time basis as ...

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    122 penawaran

    ...for someone to build a website where a family can build their own children's equipment hire package. This could be from just hiring a cot for 3days to a full offering of car seat, cot, booster seat etc... I already have a childcare recruitment company which is progress of being built but that is based on an app. I would like the new...

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    iOS AR App Berakhir left

    I want to build an AR ruler measurement app. Here is example [login untuk melihat URL] to use out of the box. Something similar but more accurate and for several different industries [login untuk melihat URL] Where will we end up: Using parts of this core technology, we will end up with a) a ruler-measurement

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    Mobile development Berakhir left

    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built. I am looking for someone who can help me to build app can hire and apply cleaner

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    85 penawaran

    ...looking to hire someone very good and serious to build my APP. (Senior Software Engineer , if possible) . It`s a private project, we can talk in private , and I will explain what I need to be done. You need to have good expericence with SMTP Server (Single Mail Transfer Protocol) / Mail / POP3 / IMAP / Security. To be hones...

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    47 penawaran

    ...would like to discuss a project that you may be a good fit for. We had paid a developer in the US to build an application for us in .NET. He also used DevExpress. Unfortunately anytime we need to make an update to this application, it must be re-compiled and without a DevExpress license, it is hard for us to make updates. I am hoping <...

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    1 penawaran

    We need to hire an extremely reliable and capable Ionic and Ruby on Rails developer to finish an app that was started but never got finished. This is the situation: We hired someone offshore to develop an Ionic app 9 months ago. The agreed-upon completion time was 3 months. The guy promised that he would do a good job in the beg...

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    55 penawaran

    Looking to hire a developer to build a music related app. want someone who will be an extension of my business and willing to sign a none compete, non disclosure while working with us. This is an app for android, os, and other platforms

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    39 penawaran

    ...NOT READ OR HIRE YOU. READ MY POST BELOW. Hello I want build my own desktop software for the mac OS but I DO NOT want build a cheap app that is downloaded from the app store. I want build a desktop program that is a higher quality that I can sell from my website.. 1) I need someone to Give Direction on which Coding Languages I need...

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    7 penawaran
    vb.net Berakhir left

    I'd like to hire someone to help us finish projects on-site, not remotely. We have 3 locations. Columbus, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Greenfield, IN. We'd like to build an internal helpdesk app, a simple ERP solution and various projects.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    30 penawaran

    PLEASE READ THE POST ALL THE WAY TO END Looking for an experienced app developer for an app IOS and Android also WordPress site Must be experienced with apps and necessary to finish the job without any complications on time this job is for a client of mine, therefore, I need to meet theirs expectations and app would be in theirs standards ...

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    75 penawaran

    ...this project. Before we talk about the app, let us discuss about RocketSavvy (my company): RocketSavvy is HQ in Toronto, Canada. We have offices in 7 countries and are growing. We primarily focus on VoIP Telecommunications and IT Support for Government and Private Sector Companies. We have never built an app before and some of our customers are showing

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    147 penawaran

    We are looking to hire a full stack developer in Meteor or anyone who has a lot of experience with javascript. [login untuk melihat URL] Most of the site is built and looking for someone to continue to build more features (an app to go along with the site, direct messages to each other, admin panel, data import, etc). It i...

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    9 penawaran

    I am looking for someone to build me an app that allows employees to post temporary gig type jobs (eg, catering staff for the night, babysitter, brand ambassador). Employers: -would go in, post the job, the dates, select the skills required, pay rate etc. -rate and review employees post-hire, potentially write a linked in recommendation Empl...

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    71 penawaran

    ...need an iPhone app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. I need someone who can build a personal assistant like Siri or Alexa. I need a program that can store information like any of these personal assistants. I have all the designs, and i have all of the commands and functions I need to be intergrated into this mobile app...

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    87 penawaran
    ios Berakhir left

    We are looking for an iOS developer to hire on a long-term freelance/project basis using Swift. We need someone who can do the ios version of an app we have existing build , all APIs end points and framework would be provided. This is the apk for Andriod, we need an IOS version: [login untuk melihat URL]

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    48 penawaran

    ...a developer who can build an ios & android mobile news app with a backend web interface to publish and manage content. The content will be in both english and arabic and will mainly consist of news article containing text and image/video. Articles will be classified by category. See attached spec sheet. The work will need to start asap and be complete

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    98 penawaran

    PLEASE READ: I will ONLY entertain bids where the provider has read my description and tells me how they're going to be unique in their services to us. I'm building a cyber security podcast. This podcast will be an interview based, up to the minute security/ethical hacking podcast and security resource. There will be 2-4 hosts, and 2-3 guests on

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    42 penawaran

    I'm building a cyber security podcast. This podcast will be an interview based, up to the minute security/ethical hacking podcast and security resource. There will be 2-4 hosts, and 2-3 guests on each podcast. There will be blog posts and interactive polls and discussions. I am a senior business development, risk management and information security

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    zoho creator Berakhir left

    Need someone to build an app with zoho creator. Labour hire / recruitment CRM.

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    22 penawaran

    We have an app we are developing in Swift. We need someone to help us update the profile page. We can provide the source code. This is a small project but will lead to a lot more work for whom ever we hire. There are some rules. 1. Don't call me 'Dear". I am not your boyfriend, nor do I want to be. 2. Start your bid with "...

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    23 penawaran

    I need to build an IOS App for my company to make it easier to do business with our customers. the App will need constant update and improvement to increase users experience. therefore I'm looking to hire someone in-house for the long term to work at the company

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    3 penawaran
    Write some Software Berakhir left

    ...software. They use our software to post jobs and hire people. Our clients want to list their jobs on their company Facebook Page. We have an API that provides job listings for the client, that could be used to list jobs on a Facebook page/tab. We are looking for someone who can build a Facebook Page/Tab App that displays jobs from...

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    5 penawaran

    ...looking to hire someone to design and build an iPhone & Android app for me. The design should be clean, fresh and modern. The concept is a health app to support people looking to lose/gain weight which allows users to put their weight loss stats over the top of a motivational image to share with the...

    $1224 (Avg Bid)
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    72 penawaran