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    I need a complete system for a hosptial which would have all the functionalities i.e from reception till the patients check-outs. System must be online and as well as window based. I want patient module, doctor module, payroll module, pharmacy module, accounting module, reports (online/desktop) etc. This software application must consit of: 1. clinical mamanegement in the areas of patien...

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    i will tell you more when I contact you

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    We have UX wireframe done by one of our UX designers. We need it turned into a pretty logged in webpage for our users. We need a web designer with UI experience to take our UX wireframe and make it into a sexy logged in experience for our users. assets should all be done in vectors (so like illustrator or similar please) bonus points if you can code it up after in html + css, include tha...

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    I have the source to voip audio source. I hope insert it video call.

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    CSGO private cheat Berakhir left

    GUI ESP: Allies, Enemies, Boxes, Health, Names, SnapLines, Bones, HitBoxes, Spotted OR Running Only Toggle, and Custom Color & Thickness Triggerbot: Normal, Custom, Precision, Keybind, and Burst Aimbot: Normal, Custom, Precision, FOV, Smoothness, Keybind, and Bone AimAssist: Speed, Bone, and Smoothness Recoil Reducer: Check Precision, Shooting Time, Break Time, Keybind, Move Down, and Pun...

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    Zlecenie bedzie polegalo na usunieciu z aplikacji 1 MB (binarka, nie posiadam kodu zrodlowego) GUI. Cena do uzgodnienia

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    i) Conduct an independent study on Agile methodologies and Object-Oriented software development, and prepare a report (10 pages) addressing the following points: • provide an overview of Agile development methodologies: characteristics, history, current state, development, benefits and constrains; • discuss the relevance of Agile to the Unified Process; • discuss the compatibilit...

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    I have two CENTOS 7 VPS servers min install I need POWER DNS installed and configured as both Authoritative and resolving servers both to sync so when changes are made on DNS1 server they auto sync to DNS2 and I also need poweradmin gui installed for ease of use.

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    Wir haben eine GUI erstellt. Die GUI kann mit Firefox und Chrome geöffnet werden. Beim IE funktioniert die GUI nicht richtig. Es wird nur der Frame angezeigt. Sobald wir die GUI Lokal installierten kann die GUI auch vom IE geöffnet werden.

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    We already have proprietary secure microSD APIs for Windows, Linux, and Android platforms. The proprietary API is similar to PC/SC API. We need to implement PC/SC drivers for the three platforms based on our proprietary API. Project Requirement: 1. Windows PC/SC driver: 1) Implement a virtual card reader driver to interface with secure microSD. 2) A GUI is needed for users to choose whic...

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    We have an application, IKANALM, that works with parameter driven reusable scripts. These parameters are currently stored in flat files. We want a GUI application to edit and update these parameter files.

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    1) Individual preferred, If found suitable can consider for a co-partner in Startup for which app is required. 2) GPS tracking/Location Aware 3) Send receive SMS & process the commands 4) Payment Gateway integration 5) Eye candy & Smooth GUI 6) Coupon Code management 7) Timeframe 1st realese: 1 month 8) Make the source code available & setup the whole environment on my machine. ...

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    I have the source to voip audio source. I hope insert it video call.

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    Implement a threads and a GUI interface using advanced Java Swing classes. The project will be graded according the criteria for the final project - see below. Elaboration: Required data structure - the advanced data structure I want you to implement is a multi-tree with the following levels: Cave - level 0 Party - Level 1 Creature - Level 2 Artifac...

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    Need to write a [login untuk melihat URL] test that open this sample page [login untuk melihat URL] And start a call, the video source should not be the camera and the microphone but external video and audio file See exact step by step instruction for chrome [login untuk melihat URL] Now for Firefox need to do it differently See example how to do it in [login untuk melihat URL] I ca...

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    1. I need a youtube uploader with GUI (choose video preview (from a dir - drag/drop + display duration), add metatags (title, decription, tags, thumbnail), projects, open, save, save as, UPLOAD button...) check the api 2. After uploading, get video info to confirm: duration, title, youtube url(long) - I'll tell you how or use api... preview: embed video on app 3. At the same time (afte...

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    We are updating (evolution not revolution!) the homepage of a well respected job board. The website has large number of pages for employers, advertisers and job seekers which are graphically uniform via css. The management team has produced a prototype of the new design, which may undergo small further enhancements. The design is being updated in order to create more clarity and a better user exp...

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    The software is a REST API with Magento to allow mobile applications(Android and iOS) users to login and register with their account.

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    Write some Software Berakhir left

    1.) Provide a research report on evolution of computers. (2 pages) 2.) Research about Von Neumann architecture. Also illustrate with diagrams. Please also explain about ALU, Control Unit, Bus, Main Memory ( or RAM) and different types of Registers as well. (2 pages) 3.) Research and describe the functions of each components of a computer system? The following information is helpful for the Lab1...

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    Hi there, for the SciChart library I need a wrapper. Please download the trial version here: [login untuk melihat URL] some info: [login untuk melihat URL] For the mentioned library I would need a wrapper implementing the MVVM pattern. The wrapper should provide the capability to push data to the GUI controls from the business-layer ([login untuk melihat URL]). Please find the solution...

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    Update javascript values to support information from DB query

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    I am creating a GUI application using Python's Tkinter module. I need some assistance in creating three functions and threading functionality.

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    I am looking for a writer who is knowledgeable about the health insurance domain in India. The topic on which the sample article is to be written is 'Zone-based Health Insurance Pricing - What it means & why?' The article needs to be of 500 words and must include specific and relevant content.

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    Poker current hand Berakhir left

    Introduction: I'm playing poker on many pokerrooms: -Pokerstars -FullTilltPoker -PartyPoker -888Poker -CardCasinoPker -Redbet -WilliamHill -PokerMira I have many windows open very often. I play only cash games. For what: I'm building app "like poker HUD" which give me more chance to win by analising my current poker hand. What I need: I need a script to get ...

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    Ok so basically theres a flash game a friend plays and he needs a simple chat bot made Meaning he can add accounts to this bot (The Bot shouldnt open a GUI but should display logs) He can also select what servers for each account and what chat messages to say. The game also allows you to join maps usin a command /join mapname So he also wants to be able to schedule which maps a bot joi...

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    Developing a mobile app with enabled functionalities and easy to use GUI

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    Design project Berakhir left

    I need a design for GUI. Main menu, roundend popup, an interface windows like inventory, player info etc., notifications.

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    A 2 part project in Windows 8.1 using the [login untuk melihat URL] trading platform called "thinkorswim" (TOS). Full payment will be made at the successful conclusion of the project to my personal satisfaction. This is a fixed-price project and is time-sensitive. It does not pay on an hourly basis. The successful candidate must have the ability to step outside their comfort zone ...

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    executing the java code and designing it thru GUI

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    Design project Berakhir left

    I need a design for GUI. Main menu, roundend popup, an interface windows like inventory, player info etc., notifications.

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    Write some Software Berakhir left

    Project in java as GUI and Bussiness Logic And For Database Mysql

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    1. OBJECTIVES: a. Model Ship-Ship Digital Wireless Communication Links by means of LINK BUDGET calculation. b. 3 output plots (Fade Margin vs Range) required: i) theoretical lossless environment ii) with Free Space Path Loss (FSPL) iii) with Channel Fading (2 Ray Rayleigh) + FSPL iv) It would be good if have a 3D or 3-axis plot of (Freq vs Fade Margin vs Range). c. GUI Interfac...

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    Simple QT-Application consisting of a Widget with two Label-Widgets as childs. In a separate thread runs a TCP socket-listener, that receives short text messages from a client. The listener thread parses the incoming messages and updates the text of the label Widgets depending on the prefix of the incoming string. "l1:..." goes to label 1, "l2:..." goes to label two. Desired ...

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    Mobile development Berakhir left

    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. We have built a device through which we can control home appliances through bluetooth. Currently we are using BlueTerm for the control. We seek to provide a GUI to the same to make it marketable. We have the icons and layout already done.

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    1. Blackjack is played by from 1 to 5 players, and one deck of 52 cards is used. 2. The dealer is not involved in the game other than dealing cards to players. 3. Cards have the following values: Aces - 1, Face Cards - 10 and all other cards - their face value. 4. The dealer first deals two cards to each player. Each player then keeps asking for more cards from the dealer until s/he eithe...

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    Want a working tic tac toe for human vs human and with top winners listing to be stored in file and retrieved if asked...

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    Nagion customize Berakhir left

    Monitor PC and server tool that could be monitor via Lan. could customize open source like Nagios and customize new GUI with minimal option.

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    website, admin panel, android app

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    Write some Software Berakhir left

    hi guys, we a need generalized software, which we can compare the two images for colour variation, dust, dimension variation. if you have any doubt call me 7200075994 and i attached ppt file like that i want gui

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    3d modeling and animation, GUI design and sprite animation, banners for app store and google play needed, the budget is zero, if u are ready to work for a profit from a games , please contact me via this site or email

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    Read database and display contents in Kendo UI grid. Change the column to support buttons.

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    Hi, I'm a designer starting a meganto build and i'm looking for a little help with importing some sample data on my local machine, i'm looking for someone who may be able to screenshare with myself and get my local build's data up and running. Currently i'm getting a error with mamp > PHPMyAdmin referencing that the data exceeds file size limit. I'm sure this is so...

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    I will provide FBX source files of characters, GUI, and rigged files for game. I need these file put into Unity 3D game with 60 levels. I need deliver in 3 weeks. I will also need 45 second animation for game intro.

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    Mendesak PK
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    Hi, I am looking to develop a HRMS web application with the following: 1) Leave Management 2) Employee Record Management - Contact / Education (CV + Cert upload) / Employment Details 3) Payroll + Payslip 4) Time attendance machine integration 5) PHP codeigniter + MySQL If you have the above application with capacities for customisation please contact me too.

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    Hi , we want the full source android & iOS pjsip client gui is not important thanks

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    I need some help for a current site PHP side for: - Add code to email contact form fields. - Modify PHP to have more appealing buttons (Non-HTML standards) - Add JSON code for array of fields to be skipped on MySQL read. - Create graphic page to display search results from MySQL as identification card. I DO NOT NEED A COMPANY TO DO THIS TASK. I NEED AN INDIVIDUAL. DO NOT BID IF YOU DO N...

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    Write some Software Berakhir left

    i would like to write some code to make a program for vehicles obd2 by connect elm327 Bluetooth tool to the car and by running the program on laptop itis start to connect to the tool and read the data from the car as rpm,temperature,errors and sooo i only need the code and i will continue to do the program design and GUI also there are a lot of open sources software as pyobd ,so you can start wi...

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    Write some software Berakhir left

    . I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET. VB ,SQL,Access ...or any other software it is a pizza shop point of sale and inventory management tool. easy to be used with GUI. manage sales and print receipts manage purchase of food ingredients. must be able to connect sales and purchase because we buy food ingredients to sell our ...

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    We'd like to create an app that facilitates gaming/gambling through a popular local card game fairly similar to Blackjack. The project requires that you (the developer) develop and deliver the following: 1. Total GUI design 2. Game room design 3. Interface interaction design 4. Payment platform integration There are a lot more details to be shared with regards the game R & R an...

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