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    Vector design of vexel art face done using Photoshop 1. Suitable for birthday gifts 2. For graduation gifts 3. For a wedding gift 4. Printed and displayed with frames Prices start from 35k - 50k Workmanship 1 - 2 days WA: 081229275119 E - mail: yusnanadikusuma@

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    I'm seeking an illustrator for three sketched style illustrations, featuring a dog, a turtle, and a butterfly. The illustrations should be minimalist and have a consistent style. These will be framed in 10w x 15h cm frames, with 1cm of hidden padding, so please consider this when creating the designs. Key requirements include: - 3 sketched style illustrations (dog, turtle, butterfly) - Minimalist theme - Consistent style across all three illustrations In the attachment you can find an example of the style I would like. I don't have preferences on colors, it could be just pencil.

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    I'm looking for a Python script that uses PyAutoG...documentation on how to set up and use the script, including any necessary installation of additional software or libraries. Requirements: Proficient in Python with a strong understanding of automation scripts, specifically with PyAutoGUI. Experience in developing automation tools that interact with web browsers, preferably Firefox Here is an example of a website that has two independently scrolling frames. I want it to place focus on firefox an a pc app then sub focus on the right scrolling frame. Once its on the right side it can begin to select radio buttons and spacebar or enter select a push button to advance to the next page or refresh the page of the website. Attached find similar code. This attached code is for i...

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    I'm in need of a complex script that combines SMC schools, ICT schools, and commercial use elements into a single Tradingview indicator. Here are more details on what I'm looking for: - The script should include various elements from SMC and ICT schools, as well as classic trading methodologies for commercial use. - The primary feature of the ...and Vortex editing would be an advantage. Please only apply if you are confident in your ability to meet these requirements. For clear information Smc and ict also automatic fibonacci +trend channel + trend lines with SR liens + stock and crypto and forex liquidity table+ dashboard table with major information from rsi and Vortex also macd and Ema 50 also Ema 200 + trend status with multiple frames all in one with control pane...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer who can create a professional and corporate cover page for my business proposal. Key Details: - Incorporate Company Name and Logo: The cover page should prominently feature my company's name and logo. - Include Company Slogan: The designer should also incorporate our slogan in a tasteful manner. - Use Borders or Frames: I prefer the inclusion of borders or frames for a polished, structured look. Expectations: - The design should be sleek and professional, aligning with the corporate nature of the proposal. - The final product should be delivered in a format that can be easily edited, as I may need to make small adjustments in the future. Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in creating corporate design materials. - Proficient in graphic...

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    ...expertise in Pine Script v5 and a deep understanding of technical analysis principles. My requirement will be as below; 1. Convert 3 indicators into a strategy.(Source code will be provided) 2. Alert Creation. 3. Buy/Sell signal, Trailing SL/Trailing TP integration with alert function. 4. Session End/Start as per the script. 5. Code debugging required if any. 6. Back testing in different time frames. 7. Eliminate false signals. Ideal candidate should be; 1. Expertise in Trading view 2. Proficiency in Pine script v5 development. 3. Ability to convert indicators accurately and efficiently. 4. Strong understanding of technical analysis and trading concepts. 5. Excellent communication skills, promptness, and attention to detail. 6. Open for discussion on Zoom meeting. 7. Experien...

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    ...developer with experience in C++ for a project involving the Raspberry Pi. The task at hand is to create an application that can take a 50Hz 1024x640 video stream from a remote URL and display it on a local monitor through the HDMI output. Key Requirements: - The application must ensure the playback of the video stream without dropping frames. - The latency between the incoming video stream and its display on the local monitor should not exceed 2 frames. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in C++ is a must for this project - Prior experience working with Raspberry Pi would be a significant advantage - Experience in real-time video streaming and low latency applications would also be highly beneficial. Please note that the primary use of this application is fo...

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    ...means that the model should be designed to be used in a surveillance context. - Real-Time Processing: The model must process in real-time. This means that it should be able to detect objects with minimal delay, crucial for surveillance applications. Other requirements include: - mAP, F1 Score & FPS Analysis: Provide a comprehensive evaluation of the model's performance through mAP, F1 score, and frames per second (FPS) analysis. This will help us gauge the model's accuracy and speed, two critical factors in its effectiveness. - Model Explanation: Offer an in-depth explanation of the model architecture. I would like to understand the internal workings of the model and how it detects objects in real-time. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Strong Tenso...

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    I have a wordpress website, it has a plugin I use, but when people go to the website to use from mobile, it is clunky. What I want is an IOS and Android App that will allow a user to login and use only the pages of the plugin, i.e view and edit projects, tasks etc, everything functions, but I want to remove the framework around it, so the app will just run the plugin component to it the app will just run the plugin component to it and maybe allow them to edit their wordpress user profile, i.e update their details. The plugin I am using is called Taskbuilder The app should; 1. Provide a login screen (which is the wordpress login credentials) 2. Go straight to the plugin page but dont show the wordpress dashboard and frames etc.

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    Damaged Wooden Door Frame Repair 5 Hari left

    I'm in need of an expert carpenter proficient in repairing damaged wooden door frames. The objective of this project is to restore the door frame to its original condition. The ideal candidate should possess: - Extensive experience in carpentry, specifically in repairing and restoring door frames - Proven track record in handling projects that deal with wooden structures - Capability to properly assess the damage and provide a comprehensive repair plan - Excellent understanding of wooden materials and their unique qualities This project is not just about having technical skills, it also requires attention to detail and respect for the materials you're working with. If you're this kind of professional, kindly submit your proposal.

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    Python Automation for Bee Detection 5 Hari left

    ...seeking a skilled Python freelancer to assist me with a specific automation project. The task involves training video frames for bee detection. Key Tasks: - Train video frames for bee detection: I have a series of video frames that I need to analyze for bee presence. You'll be responsible for training the Python code to recognize bees within these frames efficiently. Goal: The primary objective of this automation task is to enable the Python script to accurately recognize bees within the video frames. The end goal is to achieve optimal object recognition. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Python programming - Experience in object recognition - Familiar with training video frames - Background in automation and data analysis If you have t...

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    Object Detection with CNN 5 Hari left

    I'm seeking a skilled machine learning expert who can train a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for object detection, specifically tennis balls. I have my own dataset. This dataset is poor so I will need a skilled expert. I need detections on at least 50% of the frames. Key Responsibilities: - Train the CNN model on object (tennis ball) detection - Fine-tune the model for higher accuracy - Provide the trained CNN Model's code and implementation details

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    ...guest portraits. The ideal candidate will have expertise in creating detailed and realistic style. The task would require drawings to feature guests in specific attire. - Deliver traditional-style portraits of wedding guests - Have a keen eye for detail, particularly when rendering attire - Have prior experience in portrait drawing or illustration - Should be able to work within specified time frames - Knowledge of various attire styles would be an added advantage The perfect fit would be someone who can genuinely capture the essence and emotion of our wedding day through these portraits while emphasizing the specific attire. Looking forward to working with a professional who can meet our needs. Wedding is May 31, 2025 in Bristol, RI. Expecting ~150 guests, so artist would ha...

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    ...sensor lights attached to external cameras, all internal areas to have cameras with exception to guest bedrooms and toilets. Property to have an outer moat with a width of at least 12 feet and depth of at least 12 feet with circulation pumps so the water does not become stagnant, the base and sides of the moat to be concreted. All doors are to be armoured bulletproof doors with reinforced steel frames this includes internal doors and 2x sets of large double doors that's one at the front of the property and one at the rear of the property all doors are to have a self-closing mechanism, smart locks with fingerprint, facial recognition, the garage door must be armoured please see link before for examples of doors and gates all internal doors must also be armoured with a self-c...

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    I need assistance with formatting an MS Word document that has been converted from PDF. The document contains some unwanted frames that need to be removed and various sections of the main body text that require amendments. Specifically, you'll need to: - Remove unnecessary frames from the document - Amend specific sections of the main body text - Optionally, transfer the figures in the document into Excel Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in MS Word and Excel - Experience in document formatting and editing - Attention to detail for accurate text amendments - Optional: Experience in data transfer to Excel

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    This Project requires a local engineer based in New Hampshire. There are several details that will need to be seen in person. I'm in need of a structural engineer to help me with a renovation project that involves modifying garage trusses to accommodate a lift. A similar project is discussed at this site and pictures of the changes made are attached. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct thorough structural analysis of the existing garage trusses. - Provide detailed calculations for the modifications needed to safely install a lift. - Ensure design adheres to necessary building codes and permits. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in structural engineering, specifically in renovation

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    ...customizable colors and notations. * Provide notifications for events like breakouts and changes in character. * Implement algorithms to detect Bos, Choch, and Fibo levels accurately. * Create a user-friendly interface for customization of colors, visibility, and time frames. * Visualize Buy, Sell, Stop Lose and Take Profit events. * Show events in the digram itself and in a tabular format based on user's preferences. * Support multiple languages, such as English and Arabic. Ensure compatibility with different time frames (e.g., 15 mins, 1 hour) for flexibility. This project would be ideal for a developer with a strong understanding of trading indicators and the ability to translate these into a custom solution on TradingView. Your ability to create a reliable an...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned Python developer with specific experience in video analysis to create a script that can process a full mp4 video and identify the positions of a Color Checker card ( ). The idea is to scan each frame of the video, locate the Color Checker, and log its position. The final detection shall share the first frame, the intermediate frames and the last frame of ONE color checker card. Key Requirements: - The script should be able to read a video in mp4, mkv, mov format. - The library used for reading the video is not fixed. You can choose from libraries like (e.g. OpenCV, PyAV, or MoviePy, but the solution should be compatible with both Windows and Linux (and mac) - take a look here:

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    ...picture. Here are all the features to have: New: all newly inserted ads, the badge must stay for 5 days after the ad is published. Verified: small green sign on the ad indicating that the advertiser is verified. New pictures: we must indicate when an advertiser published a new picture, or changed a picture. the sign must stay 24h → this feature does not exist on the mentioned site. Colored frames: we must have 1 color per ad category (girls in pink, escort salon in purple, guys in blue, trans in yellow); if the advertiser registered as a girl for example, the frame around her ad will automatically be pink. 6. Security and backup: It is crucial that the site is secured of course, and has a daily backup, in case we get hacked. 7. Technology: Ideally, it will be in Larave...

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    Frontend HTML and Javascript developer for frames/second GUI

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    ...structures for residential, commercial, and bridge projects. - Collaborate with architects and engineers to ensure designs meet standards and client requirements. - Prepare technical drawings, specifications, and reports using AutoCAD for steel structures, trusses, and Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB). - Provide support to construction teams during implementation, ensuring structural integrity and safety. - Stay updated on industry trends, codes, and regulations related to residential, commercial, and bridge design, as well as steel structures, trusses, and PEB. *Qualifications:* - Bachelor's/Master's degree in Civil Engineering or related field. - 1-2 years of experience in structural design, with a focus on residential, commercial, and bridge projects. - Proficie...

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    ...structures for residential, commercial, and bridge projects. - Collaborate with architects and engineers to ensure designs meet standards and client requirements. - Prepare technical drawings, specifications, and reports using AutoCAD for steel structures, trusses, and Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB). - Provide support to construction teams during implementation, ensuring structural integrity and safety. - Stay updated on industry trends, codes, and regulations related to residential, commercial, and bridge design, as well as steel structures, trusses, and PEB. *Qualifications:* - Bachelor's/Master's degree in Civil Engineering or related field. - 1-2 years of experience in structural design, with a focus on residential, commercial, and bridge projects. - Proficie...

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    I'm looking for a dedicated professional to undertake basic editing tasks for a series of educational tutorial videos. You will be provided with raw footage that needs trimming and merging to create a seamless learning experience for viewers. Your tasks will include: - Trimming unnecessary parts - Merging clips to ensure logical sequence - Ensuring smooth transitions between frames - Delivering finalized products in a timely manner Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in video editing, particularly with educational material - Proficient in using various video editing software - Excellent attention to detail - Ability to meet deadlines successfully Please provide your previous work samples along with your bid. Looking forward to collaborating with a talented i...

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    ...who can help me deploy my PyTorch model into a standalone web application for real-time predictions. Key Project Details: - Purpose: The primary goal of this project is to make real-time predictions with my PyTorch model. The model is already trained and ready for deployment. The weights are in .pt format and it is a pose estimation model. I want to capture the realtime webcam input process the frames and plot out the output(Keypoints). I also want to display the FPS and latency of each frame. - Platform: I intend to use a standalone web application for this deployment. You should have experience in deploying machine learning models in web environments. - Model Maintenance: I do not foresee any updates or maintenance for the model. It will stay as is post-deployment. Ideal Fre...

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    I'm in need of a dedicated and experienced structural engineer who can provide a full suite of services for my residential building project. The ideal candidate should be able to efficiently handle structural analysis, foundation design, and load calcula...located in Florida, so Engineer must be licensed in FL and able to sign and seal plans. Key requirements: - Proficiency in structural analysis, foundation design, and load calculations - Experience in providing full structural design for residential buildings - Experience with Simpson portal or shear wall products - Strong communication skills - Ability to coordinate with engineered trusses and design conventional trusses as required. This project is on a tight timeline, so the successful applicant must be able to d...

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    I'm keen to find a well-versed ASP.NET MVC core developer to work on building a project from scratch. This task includes: - 4 Web Forms using Razor View and 4 Listing page with Filtering and Search feature. - Code first approach - Wire frames will be shared with shortlisted developer. - Entire code project need to share. - SQL Server DB. Key skills required: - Mastery in ASP.NET MVC core - Proficiency in Entity Framework and Identity Framework - Profound understanding of user authentication protocols - Demonstrable experience with responsive design - Ability in creating professional, corporate designs.

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    ...fonts or from Adobe Fonts (which we have a license to), and place the following copy in the listed sections. ------------------------ For the headline use: Custom Handmade Clip-on Sunglasses ------------------------ For the center section circular image use the following copy: Upgrade Your Vision, Enhance Your Style Crafted to perfection, our clip-ons seamlessly blend with your existing frames, providing superior sun protection while keeping you in vogue. ------------------------ For the bottom rectangle copy use: Ask us today, how you can get your pair of custom clip-on sunglasses. ------------------------ The deliverable will ideally be an Adobe Illustrator file, however if it can't be vector based, then it can be a Photoshop file. I know that very few bidders ...

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    ...plug-in for Figma. The plug-in will streamline the process of extracting text content from Figma frames and exporting it to a CSV format. This CSV file will be utilized to automatically populate templates in Marketing Cloud, optimizing our workflow for copywriting and content management. Key Deliverables: Custom Figma Plug-in: Develop a custom plug-in for Figma that enables users to extract text content from Figma frames and export it to a CSV format. User Interface: Design and implement a user-friendly interface within the plug-in for importing text, managing templates, and exporting CSV files. Import Functionality: Create functionality within the plug-in to import text content from Figma frames. The plug-in should recognize text layers based on their names and...

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    I need an expert in Wikipedia page creation, who is proficient in Portuguese, to assemble a comprehensive University profile. Preferred Skills: * Proven Wikipedia article writing and editing expertise. * Fluency in Portuguese. Proficiency will be tested. * Exceptional research skills. Frames Milestone #1: Draft writing/editing - $200 Milestone #2: Publishing Pages – $200 The Wikipedia page should be organized in thematic sections to allow intuitive navigation and easy access to the information. I look forward to a professional and respectful collaboration.

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    ...them? - Market size and growth potential: What is the current market size? What is the potential for growth? My Company details - We are into laser source manufacturing, this source is applicable in different application in different industries. Application for automotive - Laser Welding Applications include: airbag components, fuel injectors, pressure sensors, fuel cells, batteries, seat frames, door panels, solenoids, body components, gear components, power train components, antilock brake components, hem flanges, head lights, tail lights, exhaust components, high speed remote welding, aluminum joining, polymer welding. Laser Marking / Engraving Applications include: VIN tags, radio buttons, control panels, mirrors, fuel Injectors, airbag components, pressure sensors, sol...

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    ...At least 7 seconds preview for each Animation / Submission [ MATERIALS ] - Keyshot 10 Animated Scene ( duration ~ 40 seconds ) [Download Link Provided] [ TARGET ] The goal of this contest is you to finalize the scene, to render the animation and to provide us with the final frames. [ ANIMATION SPECS ] - 25 Frames / Second [ Expected ~ 1000 frames ] - (1920 * 1080) px Frame / Screen Size [ ANIMATION ] The animation opens with a zoom in to the kitchen (panoramic) and shows the manual booklet ejecting the wall bracket and then floating in front of the camera while it opens. Once the manual booklet is open in front of the camera all its pages are shown one by one but with particular attention (longer time

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    As a campsite operator, I am seeking the expertise of a competent structural engineer, specifically experienced in the design and construction of steel frames for high-endurance conditions. Key aspects of this project include: - Design and construction of a steel framework for a tent base. Your experience in this field must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the material's strength and resilience, particularly for outdoor structures exposed to adverse weather conditions. - Durability is a major factor. Our company desires maximum durability for this frame, ensuring it can withstand heavy rains and wind loads. Prior experience developing reliable structures for harsh environments will be essential. - Base Requirements: -Dimensions: The base should measure 6...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can assist in providing a detailed material takeoff based on my construction plans. The primary focus will be on Frames Truss Roof Batten Metal Ceiling Batten Metal Wall Wrap Damp Course Insulation Locks Door Frames Cavity Sliders Doors Hinges Arc/Skirt Outdoor Rafters Exposed ( F17 – H3 ) Duragal 90mm Post’s Eaves Lining 6mm Cement Sheet with relevant pine framing and finishes (Quad) - nails Fibre Cement Sheet Cladding Framing Nails Batten Screws Mallee Timber is a Building Supplies company we are can supply the above materials to construction sites. We are currently requiring material take offs and quantities completed so a quote can be provided to builders. Requirements: - Proficiency in reading and interpreting constructio...

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    I need a structural engineer to deliver structural drawings for my two-story wooden garage. These drawings should primarily detail: - Framing: Highlight the gaps, placements, sizes, and arrangement of frames involved in the construction. - Cross-Sections: Show these to give a clear picture of how things come together and the end result. As the garage will be constructed from wood, the drawings should reflect the considerations and specifics for this material. Prior experience in wood construction projects and structural drawings will be invaluable for this task. Strong understanding of construction codes will also enhance the quality and accuracy of the deliverables. In summary, I am searching for a professional who can turn my wooden garage concept into a set of detailed, accur...

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    ...solution with a high degree of automation and precision. Familiarity and hands-on experience with the Telegram API and financial trading bots are highly beneficial for this project. Key Software Functions: - Seamlessly copy signals from a specific Telegram channel (Pro Trading bot) - Operate around the clock, 24 hours a day, without manual intervention - Effectively copy signals for different time frames and currencies - Interact perfectly with Pocket Option broker Specific Requirements: - Skillful integration with Telegram API for smooth signal copying - Develop an algorithm to filter specific types of signals as required - Implement real-time signal updates ensuring the most accurate and timely data The most ideal candidate should have experience in Python programming, a ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced travel planner to organize an electrifying adventure travel experience for a span of 1...include visits to nearby towns, local markets, cultural festivals, or historical monuments, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the local culture. Ideal Skills: * Proven experience in planning adventure trips * Knowledge about various water activities * Understanding of various cultures and the best local experiences around the world * Excellent organizational skills * Able to suggest best time frames based on activity and location. With these skills and knowledge, I believe you can put together an adventure travel itinerary that strikes the right balance between thrill and cultural immersion. Please chart out an exciting travel plan that promises an unforge...

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    I have a need for a skilled Pine script developer to develop an automated script for my TradingView platform. The script must be capable of advanced operations like multi-timeframe strategies and complex calculations. Desired Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in Pine programming language, wit...skills, with the ability to understand and outline trading strategies. - Diligence in testing and debugging to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the script. I use trading view and use 2 indicators, market cipher and super trend, id like a bot which would look at the 1,2,3 and 4 hour trend of bitcoin, if all 4 time frames match id like the bot to buy 0.1 shares of bitcoin and only make 89 ticks for example. The same goes for a sell signal, if all 4 time frames match, i...

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    I'm looking for a programmer proficient in either R or Python, who has worked with the Interactive Brokers API before. The primary goal of this project is to create a list of functions that can be used to establish a connection with IBKR, source data from it, and place orders through it usi...sourcing order placement, fectching live positions and sourcing market depth for given stocks - Transform the output in desired format (preferably in R) Ideal skills/experience: - Proficiency in either R or Python - Previous experience working with the Interactive Brokers API - Strong understanding of stock market data and trading The final output should be in the form of a dataframe or list of data frames, making it easy to use in R. Prior experience with financial data or trading platf...

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    ...(Show a home with visibly grimy, dirty exterior windows) Is a dusty haze clouding your pristine windows? (Close up shots revealing dusty haze and grime buildup on the glass, obscuring the view.) Traditional cleaning methods have failed to truly cut through exterior grimy haze and completely disregard cleaning window frames. (Visuals depicting traditional cleaning methods. e.g., squeegees, rags, leaving streaks and failing to remove stuck-on grime, especially on frames) Until today's game changing-water fed pole systems. (Shots showcasing the water-fed pole system components. Water purification system, telescoping poles and brush heads) Obliterate grimes grip with the unrivaled cleaning power of pure, filtered water. (Visuals of purified water being press...

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    I'm looking for someone to design a range of personalised products for my shop. These will include: - T-shirts - Mugs - Keychains - Notebooks - Acrylic plaques - Canvas - Coasters - Glass photo frames - Stone slates The target audience for these products is both adults and children, so the designs should be appealing to a wide age range. I want the products to be themed around specific events such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Fathers Day, and birthdays. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in graphic design and product design. They should be able to create appealing and on-trend designs for a variety of products, as well as have experience in creating templates that can be easily personalised. This is an emerging business, so t...

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    I am seeking an experienced craftsman to create 50 poster frames in varying sizes and colors. Here are the key specifications for this project: - Sizing: The frames should be square sized and in the following dimensions: 8x10 inches, 16x20 inches, 24x36 inches. - Material: The material to be used for the frames is not yet decided. I will share a design to help you understand the look, feel and quality that I'm after. - Colors: The color palette for the frames is Black, White, and Silver. Skills & Experience: - Experience working with multiple materials for crafting frames. - Attention to detail to accurately reproduce specified design and sizes. - High level of craftsmanship resulting in clean, professional finishes. - Prompt communicati...

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    I am seeking an experienced craftsman to create 50 poster frames in varying sizes and colors. Here are the key specifications for this project: - Sizing: The frames should be square sized and in the following dimensions: 8x10 inches, 16x20 inches, 24x36 inches. - Material: The material to be used for the frames is not yet decided. I will share a design to help you understand the look, feel and quality that I'm after. - Colors: The color palette for the frames is Black, White, and Silver. Skills & Experience: - Experience working with multiple materials for crafting frames. - Attention to detail to accurately reproduce specified design and sizes. - High level of craftsmanship resulting in clean, professional finishes. - Prompt communicati...

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    'm looking for Video Processing Engineer to help me get realtime video from an IP camera into my Android app. I need to get all frames in real-time so I can process them. Please explain how are you going to implement it. Only experienced developer who has experience with this please. ***If you are not a video expert please don't bid and waste our time. Please start your msg with the words "I'm a video processing expert!"

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    ...this case, the calculation would look like this:  If Low < Open_range_low and High < Stop_loss_to_be then we return Open_range_low minus Low, and so on untill the End_time or High is greater than one of the stop_loss options. The purpose of this exercise is to return the highest profit for Long trade and Sell  trade, applying stop loss calculations for every day from the dataset between time- frames. The resoults should look like this: Time Open range Highest value 08/06/2023 6.6 -1.5 09/06/2023 4.1 4.1 09/06/2023 4.1 12.1 12/06/2023 4.2 4.8 12/06/2023 4.2 5.6 13/06/2023 3.7 12.8 Notice that in many instances, there are two outcomes for one date, which are Long_trade and Sell_trade...

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    Requirement Description The project involves capturing frames from video streams, with a focus on detecting and recognizing Mercosur License Plates. An algorithm for image cropping (after detection), grayscale conversion, thresholding (using Otsu's method and binary inversion), deskewing and filtering characters of the image has already been developed with OpenCV. It is necessary to train a YOLO model for detecting these plates to generate weight, cfg and names files that will be used by the cv2 DNN. Furthermore, training of Tesseract for recognizing mercosur plate characters from the same plates is required, with training data consisting of images pre-processed according to the aforementioned sequence. Tesseract must recognize the license plate characters with this single c...

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    3D render of house exterior, including front and back in Scandinavian barn house style Light Grey roof White vertical cladding/white render Black aluminium window frames Grey flora e.g Olive trees

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    I'm in need of a professional who can assist in sourcing various building materials from China / Turkey / India / or any county The materials include roof sheeting, interior, lighting, light gauge steel frames, doors, and windows, with a quantity of less than 100 units for each. We will have continued work every week We are always adding new products Needs to be able to negotiate best prices and bargain effectively with sellers which maintain a professional reputation Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in international sourcing, particularly in China - Strong knowledge of the construction industry and the specific materials required - Excellent negotiating skills to get the best price - Good understanding of import regulations and documentation Your ...

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