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    Sedang mencari ghoswriter untuk penulisan novel bergenre fiksi

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    Bacalah Kemari Berakhir left

    Menulis sejumlah artikel Membuat sebuah cerita science fiction, drama, cerita anak-anak yang memilki nilai cerita tak terduga tetapi bermakna. Saya ingin memiliki sebuah novel menarik dari cerita khayal drama yang memberikan pentingnya arti kehidupan. Ditujukkan untuk semua umur, tanpa tidak ada yang perlu dikhawatirkan. Meningkatkan minat baca pembaca dan menyajikan bahasa pemaknaan.

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    Kades Yudha Berakhir left

    Kades Yudha adalah novel berseri yang ditulis berbahasa Inggris, dibutuhkan penyempurnaan tata bahasanya. Dicari bantuan : 1. Latar belakang sastra Inggris/bukan yang punya kemampuan english grammar-nya baik. 2. Punya spesialisasi editing bahasa Inggris di creative writings, khususnya fiction novels/stories.

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    Write some Articles Berakhir left

    If you want someone to help you make some short story or something about fiction i can help you

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    Write a Book Berakhir left

    write a fiction novel culture backgrounds asia

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    Saya ingin menulis beberapa artikel baik dalam bahasa inggris maupun indonesia. Saya sudah pernah mengirimkan beberapa artikel ke sebagai citisen journalist. Saya juga menulis beberapa artikel dan fiction yang ada di dalam blog saya.

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    Opening Title Sequence 6 Hari left

    ...fitting for the type of video you are trying to present. • Include at least 6 different names and 1 title (minimum 7 text elements) • Add animation/motion to the text that helps attract the viewer to it. • Choose a typeface and font color that matches the theme of your sequence • The video should hint to or reveal the mood/feeling of the show that it is created for (love story, action, science fiction). FINAL SUBMISSION - • Put all required files into one folder and COMPRESS/ARCHIVE the folder into a .ZIP file. • File > Save An appropriately named After Effects project file () • File > Export Export video file (in the correct size and frame rate) (preferably QuickTime) • File > Dependencies > Collect Files All of ...

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    Hi there. I am an establish professional screenwriter in Los Angeles. I am currently developing a science fiction feature film project regarding the Alcubierre Drive, a speculative warp drive through which a spacecraft could theoretically achieve faster-than-light travel. An integral part of the project is that it must be "hard sci-fi" -- the science must, at the very least, feel real. I am not a scientist, although I have some background as a hobbyist in astronomy and just a general curiosity (hence the inception of this project). So I require assistance in gathering and processing the necessary materials from the requisite scientific journals, speculative lectures, popular literature, etc. In other words, any help in parsing through and digesting the amount of materials ...

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    Trophy icon Design a book cover 9 Hari left

    I would like a design for a science fiction book that I authored. It is my first book and I'm going to self-publish by simply getting it printed. So I have to submit the artwork in a specific format. I would like the source and the PDF conversion of the file. Technical Requirements: 1. Use attached template and stick to the precise measurements. 2. Color profile must be: North American General Purpose 2, with CMYK set to U.S Web Coated (SWOP) v2. See 3. Use 100% black 4. 1/8″ or 0.125″ or 3mm of bleed where applicable (e.g. top, bottom, left, right) 5. Save as a PDF with trim marks and bleed. See Creative: 1. The book features an actual location in present day.

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    £5 non negotiable payment. Examples attached. My project is to design a book cover for a non-fiction book. I have a soft yellow color palette in mind, but other than that am open-minded and creative ideas are welcome. The book cover should be digital-only and no physical book cover is required. I look forward to seeing the creative and unique designs you come up with! The Book: Title - What they don't tell you about Labour INTRODUCTION 1 Chapter 1: Braxton Hicks aka The False Alarm 4 Chapter 2: The Very Start of Labour 9 Chapter 3: From Contractions to Birth 15 Chapter 4: When Assistance Is Required 24 Chapter 5: After The Birth 27 Chapter 6: Final Thoughts

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    I'm in search of a proofreader for a children's book that i have written in English. I am a retired elementary school teacher and have written this book about a dog named Storm. The story is based on true experiences but is fiction. I'd like some guidance on the book style and flow and not too repetitive. My desired turnaround time for this project is 1-3 days. This project is for a children's book and therefore requires significant experience with young children and knowledge of children's literature.

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    Christian fiction 3 Hari left

    my project is to identify what people are searching for on Amazon , what is selling , then tailor my book to meet that demand .

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    Dear all, I am seeking an experienced marketer / designer to to setup, design and run my kickstarter project for a new fiction based physical card game. The game is complete and comes with 81 cards, a 12 sided die and a digital manual. All the art for the cards and manual are complete, as is the logo. I would like someone to develop a captivating kickstarter campaign, including the design of the required web based imagery and/or video for the game. If you are available and interested please let me know, as well as your price and time for completion. I have a background in illustration and design amongst other things so are looking for someone who is proactive and keen to create a great campaign. With kind regards, Joshua

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    $501 - $1003
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    I am looking for someone who is either currently or been a parent, who is keen to write a narrated book around parenting with a diplomatic approach in today's digital world. I have had experience as a parent and an educator of young children up to 13 years of age and have done some research around best ways to parent in today's evolving society. This project will require the ghost write to do some extra research, add some personal experience (no need for reference - or maybe use a pen name), humour and rhetorical questioning. I am also thinking the element of a little bit of journal diary writing/reflection added would be good too at the end of each chapter. Legal aspects may also be a good touch to add as being mindful of some parents getting in trouble with the law around the w...

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    Here are the details: The assignment The assessment asks you to analyse a particular market :UK fiction book market. The form of the portfolio is a text document (MS Word), which follows the following content structure: -Title page -Market overview Market volume calculation Trend analysis -Market segmentation Defining segments, comparing them Choosing segment/segments for targeting -Competition analysis Defining main players of the market Classifying and rating competitors -Dissecting a market strategy of a chosen market player Product strategy Pricing strategy Promotional strategy Place strategy -References -Appendices - Assessment criteria: 1. Market overview is evaluated on a scale of 0-12% based on the following criteria: a. The market is defined correctly; no term confusio...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help me find Instagram influencers who are passionate about promoting non-fiction eBooks. The freelancer must be an expert in the field of marketing and have experience working with Instagram Influencers. The freelancer's job will involve identifying potential targets, researching each target's background, building relationships with the influencers, negotiating pricing and payment terms. The ideal candidate will be organized, detail-oriented, able to work independently and have excellent communication skills. I need someone who can start immediately and there is potential for additional work should I be pleased with the results of this assignment. If this sounds like something that interests you, click on the link below to c...

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    I want to tell a short story lasting 10 mins in the middle of my presentation about a menopausal woman having a bad day. It should have 3 parts to the story displaying mixed emotions. The outline is attached. Its needs to be grammatically correct, eloquently written with emotion so the audience can feel her pains, interesting and thoughtful. A non fiction book will follow.

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    I want to tell a short story lasting 10 mins in the middle of my presentation about a menopausal woman having a bad day. It should have 3 parts to the story displaying mixed emotions. The outline is attached. Its needs to be grammatically correct, eloquently written with emotion so the audience can feel her pains, interesting and thoughtful. A non fiction book will follow.

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    We have a number of clients who need us to produce content for their Product Descriptions, Landing pages, Brand stories, - Social media posts, Blog posts, About us pages, News Letters, Sales Copies, Stories (Fiction / Non-fiction), eBooks, and much more. ** It will be a plus point, if you have experience writing for cars, vans, trucks, etc. ** If you are new in the field of Copywriting we're ready to give you a chance to learn and earn together. JOIN US AS A TRAINEE COPYWRITER Expectations from Trainee Copywriters - Initially , we need you to produce 12,000 words (We are ready to pay you somewhere between $60-$90) - If you do a good job, you may expect this opportunity to turn into a long term job with the better pay rate - Be creative and never plagiarize - Plagiari...

    $60 - $90
    $60 - $90
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    Beta readers -- 2 Berakhir left

    No file sharing. Seeking beta readers for non genre Literary fiction short story, 10k+/- words. Answer the following questions after reading the story: Did you have any questions once you’d read it? What’s working here? Is the writing style engaging? What’s not working for you?  What kind of tone did the piece have? How did you feel reading it? Did the ending make sense? Did it feel right? When did you start caring / when did the piece grab your attention? Did you have any questions once you’d read it? If so, what are they? Would you pay to read more? Thanks you for your help.

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    Ghostwriter required to write a non fiction eBook on how to be a mindful leader in a business. Budget up to £800.

    $1060 (Avg Bid)
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    90 penawaran

    Hi Deborah, I would like to work with you on my interactive fiction project. The budget you see here is for representation purpose only. I accidently deleted the pervious post and there was no other way to contact you. Hence, this. Our terms stay as decided previously.

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    I am in need of an editor for a children's story/book I am working on, specifically for an audience aged 5 to 10. My ideal candidate would have a background in Children's literature and be passionate about providing the best work possible regarding interest and experience with young children. The story is fiction but is based on true facts about a dog being rescued from drowning. The story is written from the dog's point of view and is educational as well as entertaining. I would like to have suggestions for helping the story to "flow" correctly as I am concerned about the mix of fun information along with educational facts for teaching children about water safety. At this time the story is just over 1200 words and may need to have some things removed. ...

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    82 penawaran

    I have a non fiction self help book on Amazon--and it needs to be on audible too. I will narrate. I have the software, the mic, etc.... but I need the engineering help with someone experienced at this for intro, outro, uploading, etc.

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    39 penawaran

    Details fiction story book with 8 interesting chapters with images.

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    23 penawaran
    Robot Model Berakhir left

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for someone who can modelling a 3d character based on the examples down below. The character we need is a science-fiction robot for motion-capture as a .fbx file. It’s important to create an original character to prevent copyright problems.

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    My novels can be bought at my bookstore. So that all of my customers can see the books I have in my store, I wish to build a website. The website will provide ...all of my customers can see the books I have in my store, I wish to build a website. The website will provide a picture of the book, a brief description of the book, the author, and the book's price. I want to be able to add new books on the website when I upload it to the library. I want my customers to have the option of filtering books by author or by genre, such as poetry, romance, science fiction, etc. But I don't want to pay through the website. The website only displays the books I have in my store. They can quickly filter what they want on the website. They should visit our store if they locate the books t...

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    95 penawaran

    I started years ago writing my book, but can never seem to get the time to finish it. My book is autobiographical. I am South African, born during the Apartheid Era. My story is similar to the Trevor Noah story. I am looking for someone who can take over the project and complete it on my behalf. It is a story with a mix of fiction and non-fiction because of the story-telling within the book. It is not a simple project, and needs someone who is able to put across my voice, and the little nuances and poetic flair that I have as part of my character.

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    We are looking for a full time team member. Following will be the expected job roles 1. Writing one line stories for Instagram. 2. Writing articles and blogs about the product lines on website 3. Creating keyword rich content for e-commerce products 4. Answering relevant questions on Quora and Medium

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    $1169 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a talented graphic designer who can create an eye-catching book cover for our upcoming publication. The book is a non-fiction work in the self-help genre, and we need a cover that conveys the theme and message of the book while also grabbing the attention of potential readers. Responsibilities: -- Design an original book cover that meets our specifications and reflects the book's content and style. -- Collaborate with our team to refine the cover design and make any necessary revisions. -- Provide final files in the required format(s) for printing and digital distribution. Requirements: -- A strong portfolio showcasing previous book cover design work. -- Expertise in graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. -- Excellent c...

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    20 penawaran

    A children's book version for elementary school-age kids about my book the Time stone a science fiction fantasy adventure novel Synopsis A group of unlikely heroes from the opposite sides of the track embark on the ultimate human adventure surrounding an ancient alien transportation device. As the four improbable companions travel through time in search for answers and a way home, they end up stumbling on an age-old mystery that might stop a disaster in the future from occurring. Can these four heroes step up to save the future and, maybe, learn something about themselves in the process? Please tell me how much to do illustration for 12-24 page book standard number of pages 8.5x8.5 standard size print book layout with words and color illustration's together for kids carto...

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    I have the manuscript of a thriller/spiritual fiction book that is in French. It needs to be translated into English by an English-language native. It is 108 pages, 45000 words. My budget is 1800 euros.

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    I currently have...subscribing (like subscribe to the science fiction chat). I would like them to be able to add documents and have permissions for these where they can let or deny people to view them. This is a writing community based website and so I need several pages made that can be genre specific that they can join if they want to. I imagine there will be the start of this, then adding in page templates that I can change and add based off of one specific page. An example would be a Fiction Writers section that has a fiction chat, a fiction forum, articles on writing literary fiction, a fiction contest etc. It would be like a subsection of the website where once a member enters they have to navigate to the genre they are interested in (like ...

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    ...per/HOUR OF THE TEXT TO BE REVISED/ADAPTED. <<<<< We have a collection of narrative-style fiction stories translated almost literally from Brazilian Portuguese to English and require proofreading and eventually slight adaptation for the English spoken in the USA. We're looking for someone, human, not AI/Grammarly, Quillbot, etc who can consistently revise/adapt at least three stories per week. Each dramatic story is between 2500 and 3500 words long. We aim to have texts that sound more natural to a native English speaker aged 60 and up, particularly in the United States. The texts are to listen to audiobooks. We will give preference to candidates with experience revising and writing in the style of fiction stories and/or journalism. Our maximum ra...

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    $61 Rata-rata
    69 penawaran
    Finding Writer Berakhir left

    Hello, I am Minnie. I am finding writer who are interested to write erotic fiction or 18+ story I need 500 words/part and 3-5 part/story. Total around 2,500 words and 5 parts for 1 story But i need 1 part first around 500 words. If it's good i would like you to write in long term if you are interested. I need draft first.

    $95 (Avg Bid)
    $95 Rata-rata
    104 penawaran

    I need a story writer who can write 5,000 words (Fiction+Thriller Mixed) within 2/3 days at a very cheap rate. My budget is $10 and if I like the work I will also provide a bonus. It will be a good opportunity for new freelancers to earn good ratings for their profiles. PS: I will provide the story theme, so you have to write according to my demand. Do not apply if you do not agree with my demand.

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 Rata-rata
    15 penawaran

    Looking for a native English speaker who can can take a 30-page pilot episode screenplay and convert it into the first few chapters of a book using the same voice. Give me a sample of your creative fiction writing when applying

    $142 (Avg Bid)
    $142 Rata-rata
    53 penawaran

    I urgently need a well-written Fiction Book/ eBook or Novel of about 40-50,000 words.

    $485 (Avg Bid)
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    59 penawaran
    Trophy icon 5.5" x 8.5" Book Cover with spine Berakhir left

    Genre: Non-Fiction Title: Healthy Relationships NEW Subtitle: 5 Keys to a Happy, Loving, Thriving Partnership That Lasts a Lifetime /* Please disregard OLD Subtitle: 5 Keys to a Happy, Loving, Thriving Relationship with Your Partner: Mutual Trust, Effective Communication, Setting and Respecting Boundaries, Dealing with Conflict Positively, and Relational Self-Care */ Author Name: Ariane S. Turpin Dimensions: Ebook cover 5.5" x 8.5" and Print book cover (with spine for approx. 120 pages; and back cover will have the book description/blurb and ISBN placeholder) 5.5" x 8.5" Typical reader: Mid 20-30 year old adults; People in either the early stages of their relationships, or in long-term relationships/married people Creative vision: Modern, slightly feminine but n...

    $43 (Avg Bid)
    377 entri

    I have a database of books, ebooks and audiobooks I want to sell. These documents/materials are ready to be published on amazon kdp and acx to generate immediate royalties. The reason why I am selling this ready to publish database is because I am exiting this business venture to start a new one. The database is composed of 100 books, primarily non fiction: - Book ready - Covers ready - Descriptions ready - Audio tracks ready All the files are ready and compliant to amazon KDP and ACX terms and conditions. My task for you is to sell this content to interested buyers. I pay commission of 10% out of each sale. The total value of the database is around $50,000 - $75,000 so the milestone is reflecting the total commission you can expect from the job. PLESE NOTE: There is no pre-e...

    $369 (Avg Bid)
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    20 penawaran

    ...long-term, experienced ghostwriters who are creative storytellers and enjoy the collaborative process. We produce exciting, trope-driven, contemporary romance. All our books are either broken hero or bad boy sports hero romance, so make sure you’re comfortable writing that before you apply. Requirements: • Native English speaking, contemporary (broken hero or bad boy sports hero) romance fiction writer. • Able to complete 50k in four weeks with a weekly submission of 12.5k minimum. If you are able to write more, then the opportunity for you to make more is available. • NO PLAGIARISM. No old ideas and nothing shared with a previous client. We only want original content and will take legal action in these scenarios. • Able to complete professional, p...

    $6 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $6 / hr Rata-rata
    18 penawaran

    Hello! I'm looking for Hindi Content Writers who are good in writing and can write audio series. Budget depends on your quality of content, ranging from .25 PPW to .35PPW.

    $68 (Avg Bid)
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    25 penawaran

    As discussed , this is for writing a fiction novel of 300 pages @ INR 30000.

    $361 (Avg Bid)
    $361 Rata-rata
    1 penawaran
    Project for Amna S. Berakhir left

    As discussed this is for writing a fiction novel of 300 pages. Total cost INR 30000 out of which 10000 will be paid after completing 100 pages each time

    $120 (Avg Bid)
    $120 Rata-rata
    1 penawaran

    Hi, I am looking for a romantic fiction novel to be written so I can present it to my girlfriend who is an avid reader. I need great vocabulary and romance involved in writing style and looking at a book size of about 300 pages. Only serious writers bid who can finish this within a month

    $258 (Avg Bid)
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    20 penawaran
    audiobook narrator Berakhir left

    Fiction novel, action-adventure / mystery

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $22 / hr Rata-rata
    49 penawaran

    ...and no drama,” please! We’ll save that part for the books. Cheers to that? We produce exciting, trope-driven, contemporary romance novels. All our books are contemporary romance, so please make sure you’re comfortable writing in this genre before you apply. We are looking to build a long term working relationship with the right person Requirements: • Native English Speaking, contemporary romance fiction writer, and it would be a plus if they also have editing background. • Able to complete at leaset 50k in four weeks with a weekly submission of about 12.5k minimum. If you are able to write more, then the opportunity for you to make more is available. • NO PLAGIARISM. No old ideas, and nothing shared from previous clients. We only want authentic, o...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Rata-rata
    28 penawaran of you proposes an innovative graphic layout, but which is not totally different from the example photo that I have attached, he will surely win the prize. Graphic design for the "m&redit" covers For the launch of a new Italian book publishing house, a graphic project is needed which includes a common design and which distinguishes three different series: Narrativa, Saggistica, Varia (fiction, essay, miscellaneous). The differentiation of the three series (maintaining the identity of the publishing house) is a fundamental element for assigning the work. ATTENTION! READ CAREFULLY: We are NOT looking for a book cover. We are looking for the cover image of ALL the books from the new publisher. His line of graphics that he will use for all publications. The pho...

    $213 (Avg Bid)
    127 entri

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