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    Kami membutuhkan ionic on site developer untuk membangun sebuah system untuk memonitor proses produksi pertambangan emas dengan memanfaatkan GPS untuk gen-fencing dan geo-targeting serta memonitor pergerakan equipment di lokasi pertambangan emas. Preferable on site developer yang akan intensive berkomunikasi dengan team IT internal perusahaan di kantor kami yang berlokasi di Equity tower SCBD Jakarta Selatan.

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    ...the site. Provide several views to fully appreciate the landscape design and its interaction with the built environment. Integration with Existing Plans: Ensure the landscaping plan aligns with the provided architectural drawings for each of the 27 units, and the supplementary plans showing utilities and other infrastructures. Material and Design Specifications: Include specific types of fencing as will be provided by us. The design should prioritize sustainability and ease of maintenance. Deliverables: Final 2D landscaping plan in CAD format and a colour format that is easily visulaised when printed. A1 scale. High-resolution 3D renderings in preferred file format (e.g., JPEG, PNG). A bouns would me a fly through / over movie. No internal visulations of the housing unit...

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    ...applicant. Key Points: - The drawing should include measurements and essential elements of the sports pitch. - The intended purpose of the pitch is for multi-sport use (Gaelic football, hurling and soccer, tennis, lawn bowls, volleyball, golf practice, etc) - Aside from the pitch, the drawing should also incorporate: * Lighting fixtures * Seating areas * Drainage systems * Steel fencing around the structure (up to a maximum height of 4 meters) * A possible concrete 'ball wall' on eastern side of the pitch (sized at 10m width x 3m height) Location of the proposed development here Some other relevant information here The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - A strong

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    Residential Garden Redesign 3 Hari left

    ...Sprinkler System Installation: I need a well-executed sprinkler system that ensures efficient watering while conserving resources. Understanding of the latest irrigation technology and sustainable techniques is necessary. • Garden Fence Construction: Lastly, we'd like a garden fence around the perimeter for safety and to further enhance the private nature of this outdoor space. Experience in fencing that complements the overall landscape design is required. In essence, we're looking for a seasoned landscape architect with a solid grasp of horticulture and outdoor design, who can make this vision come to life with creativity and technical know-how....

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    ...goal of converting sales. We use Adroll for our restargeting that you will need to manage, along with retargeting through social media. We have a product to market, and also three features of our product that we want to specifically market and target with specific ads. We have a list of customers that can be used for like audiences. Finally, we have some events that we want to target with Geo fencing - about two events per month We have creative done for several ad sizes, but no video yet. We have a graphics person on staff to provide additional jpg ads as you request, and are willing to pay for video ads. We also will provide headline and description ideas, but you will also have to use some of your own knowledge and testing to find the right mix of messaging for conversio...

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    I'm looking to enhance the overall visual impact of our club logo by primarily improving the color and clarity of that logo. This is a fencing club logo with European background. The blue is nearly purple in this old one, which I needs to be a nicer blue (e.g. ) and stars and logo need to come out better, staying classic elegant! NO AI LOGO, it needs to be the same design but better quality and colors!! Also needs to be in vector format!

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    ...the years 1832 to 1880. Key elements on the cover should include the following: - A visually relatable family homestead. - The portrayal of two sons departing for the Civil War. - A loving middle-aged couple. - A subtle depiction of Indians in the distance. - Tie-ins to the theme of the book, involving the claiming of land post the removal of Indians from reservations. This is Book 2 of the Fencing America series, so experience in series branding or the ability to maintain visual consistency would be a beneficial skill. Your proficient use of historical references in book cover design, coupled with a knack for balancing historical accuracy with visual aesthetics, would make you a perfect candidate for this project....

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    ...analyze historical data and predict future trends. - Driver Behavior Analysis: Monitor and analyze driver behavior using collected data. - Robust Aesthetic: User-friendly interface with modern and highly robust aesthetic design. - Real-time Data Reporting: Capability for devices installed in vehicles to report data to the server every second, with acknowledgment-based communication protocol. - Geo-fencing Capabilities: Ability to create and manage geo-fences to monitor vehicle movement in specified areas. - Fleet maintenance and repair management: A system for keeping records and scheduling maintenance is required. - API Integration: Integration with APIs, including Google Maps, to enhance functionality and features. - Mobile DVR: Integration of Mobile DVR functionality for vide...

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    I am seeking a Revit expert who can design a double-storey, traditional architectural structure for me. Key responsibilities for the task at hand include: Design a 2 storey 4-bedroom house, reception room, bathroom, service toilet, kitchen, dining room, spiral stairs, ceiling, single/double doors, windows, a garage, landscape (garden, trees, fencing) Include: a ground /first floor/roof plan , all elevations , two main sections that pass through the greatest number of building elements , structure or organise schedules and material quantities. Drawings should be: on at most two sheets, produced on an appropriate scale, on a single .RVT file. Notes • Incorporate at least 4 building regulation requirements in your drawings by using a bubble annotation • The term '...

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    I'm seeking a competent developer to create a location validation system for a mobile gaming application. The two main functionalities needed are geo-fencing and real-time tracking of the player's location, aimed notably at regulated gaming. Ideal Skills: • Mobile app development • Geolocation services • Experience with geofencing and real-time location tracking technologies The project's final output should meet the following criteria: • Robust location-based services that accurately facilitate geo-fencing • Seamless real-time player location tracking • Fully compliant with regulated gaming standards Your knowledge and implementation of privacy regulations regarding location tracking and gaming will also be critical in this p...

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    I'm seeking a proficient developer with solid experience in geo-fencing and mobile device control for a project which primarily involves restricting access to certain locations for both Android and iOS devices. Requirements for this project include: - Ability to geo-fence mobile devices to specific boundaries - Ability to implement access control measures, such that when a device exits a restricted area, it becomes locked and inaccessible - Knowledge and expertise in both Android and iOS platforms Ideal candidates should have prior experience in such a project, strong knowledge of relevant APIs and strong problem-solving skills. Engagement is expected to be ongoing, with potential further steps depending on the success of initial implementation. Please include relevant proj...

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    I need an Android app that combines video recording and geo-fencing functionalities. This app should: - Enable users to record videos and images - Allow definition of geo-fenced locations. - Record video and image only under defined geo fence location. - Determine the user's current location using both GPS and Wi-Fi. also it should detect if any mock location app is being used in mobile device -Dashboard Application for PC to view recorded video, images in a sustamatic manner - Deployment of software in server Ideal applicants have previous experience in developing similar apps, a solid understanding of GPS technology, Wi-Fi-based positioning, and geo-fencing techniques. Familiarity with Android OS is crucial too.

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    ...rounds. Specifically, if an auditor submits a survey without answering questions that were responded to in prior rounds, the system will automatically generate reminders for these omissions API Access for Integration: Provide robust API access for integration with business intelligence tools such as PowerBi, and other software to automate workflows and data exchange. Geolocation Data Collection/Geo-fencing: Allow survey creators to specify exact latitude and longitude coordinates for the center of the geofence area during the survey setup. Radius Definition: Enable the definition of a radius around these coordinates to create the geofenced area. The platform should offer flexibility in setting the radius, accommodating various research needs from very local (a few meters) to broa...

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    I need a detailed plan for distributing GPS devices across India, focusing on retailers, fleet operators and individual consumers. Key device functionalities include: - Real-time tracking - Geo-fencing - SOS button It's vital that the devices use GSM network for communication. Experience in market strategy, GPS technology and understanding of the communication networks within India are greatly beneficial for this project.

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    I am aiming to establish a comprehensive database of 10,000 small businesses in home services across the US's major cities. The target includes plumbing services, cleaning services, roofing, HVAC, handyman, fencing, landscaping, and water heaters businesses. The purpose of this database is for a cold calling campaign. 1 New York 8,550,405 2 Los Angeles 3,971,883 3 Chicago 2,720,546 4 Houston 2,296,224 5 Philadelphia 1,567,442 6 Phoenix 1,563,025 7 San Antonio 1,469,845 8 San Diego 1,394,928 9 Dallas 1,300,092 10 San Jose 1,026,908 11 Austin 931,830 12 Jacksonville 868,031 13 San Francisco 864,816 14 Indianapolis 853,173 15 Columbus 850,106 16 Fort Worth 833,319 17 Charlotte 827,097 18 Seattle 684,451 19 Denver 682,545 20 El Paso 681,124 21 Detroit 677,116 22 Washington 672,228...

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    I own a multi-faceted Home Services company, offering various services such as Plumbing, Landscaping, Roofing, Cleaning, Water Heaters, Handyman, and Fencing. We are in dire need of a skilled telemarketer to help us generate leads for these services. Key Responsibilities: - Cold calling potential customers - Gathering information about the potential customer's needs - Relaying information about our services Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in a telemarketing or lead generation role - Knowledge or experience in the Home Services industry is a plus - Excellent communication and persuasion skills - Ability to handle rejection and maintain positivity. Your objective is to create a strong interest in our services and secure appointments for our field team. If ...

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    I need a detailed plan for distributing GPS devices across India, focusing on retailers, fleet operators and individual consumers. Key device functionalities include: - Real-time tracking - Geo-fencing - SOS button It's vital that the devices use GSM network for communication. Experience in market strategy, GPS technology and understanding of the communication networks within India are greatly beneficial for this project.

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    I'm in need of a unique and professional logo design for my website - The Fencing Marketers (). This logo will not only represent our brand but will also set the visual tone for our upcoming website redesign. Key Characteristics: • Professionalism: The logo should exude a sense of professionalism, as it is key to our brand's image. • Trustworthiness: We want our clients to trust us, and the logo should reflect this trust. Color Preferences: • Blue: Symbolizing trust and dependability. • Green: Conveying growth and freshness and with nature. • Grey: Adding a touch of sophistication and modernity. Design Style: • I remain open minded about the design style. Be it Abstract, Minimalist, or Typographic, as long as it aligns with our core ...

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    For my existing business, I am seeking a skilled designer to create an abstract representation of the Luxembourg flag. This design will enhance our fencing clothing line which includes both jackets and pants. (Size about 12x17cm) touch on pants or on shoulder, not whole costume Ideal designer should have: - Experience with abstract graphic design - Familiarity with Luxembourg's flag for accurate representation - Background in clothing design, particularly sports attires !!!!!IF AI GENERATED GET A JOB SOME PLACE ELSE The final design must blend seamlessly on both the jacket and pants, showcasing creativity and keep in mind it is for white fencing clothing (so focus on the two other colors) - : - official

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    ...model. The app will use a Bluetooth tracker to track the live location of pets in real-time. Key Features: - Real-time location tracking: Users should be able to see their pet's live location. - History of pet's location: The app should keep a history of pets' previous locations. - Geo-fencing: The option for users to set up Geo-fencing, alerting them if their pet goes beyond a certain range. Ideal skills include: - Cross-platform app development (iOS & Android) - Familiarity with Bluetooth technology - Geo-fencing development experience - Experience with subscription-based app development. Candidates with previous experience or existing projects related to pet tracking or similar geotracking applications will be highly regarded. This is a grea...

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    I'm seeking an expert in geo-fencing solutions, specifically for mobile devices, to help implement a system that targets customers with location-based advertising. Key objectives for this project will include: - Developing a geo-fencing solution tailored specifically for mobile devices - Ensuring the solution enables the delivery of targeted advertising to customers based on their location The ideal freelancer for this role should possess the following: - Proven experience with geo-fencing solutions - Extensive knowledge of mobile device technologies - A deep understanding of targeted advertising mechanisms Notably, the solution must be robust and entirely mobile-focused, given the specified user target. Your proposals should demonstrate how you'll ad...

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    Motorized gates are designed and fabricated by us to be creatively elegant and precisely aligned. The pre-tensioning of the motorized gate leaf fabrication prevents the chances of bending. The leaf designs are available in regular form or custom made to meet the client’s requir...pre-tensioning of the motorized gate leaf fabrication prevents the chances of bending. The leaf designs are available in regular form or custom made to meet the client’s requirements. These gates are installed around industrial buildings, airports, ports, guarded car parks, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc. Sliding gates are also used on wide plots where the gate can slide along the fencing. The gates are also frequently used when the forecourt is short or if a hill prevents the use o...

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    Trophy icon Fence Company Logo Design Berakhir left

    I am looking for a logo for a fence company. The company is called A-OMEGA FENCE. They have been around for 40 years and mostly install vinyl and aluminum fencing.

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    ...the facility fence line (see attached general arrangement as well). - Storage tanks (isotainer on trailers) - Pump skids (likely modeled as boxes, will be below fence line) - Heaters/vaporizers - Security enclosure (for onsite security personnel, 14' x 30' - Emergency Generators on trailers (generator is basically a box as well) - Fencing with alternative fencing designs limiting view to inside fence. - Landscaping to obstruct street level / public view of fencing and facility. Your output should not only be visually realistic but also take into consideration practical aspects of industrial facility design. Experience with industrial projects and a sound knowledge of exterior design principles will be key for this job. Only those adept in landscaping a...

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    I am looking for an experienced and knowledgeable developer as a support person for a GPS tracking platform jut like gpswox. This platform is being utilized to track a variety of devices such as cars, personal devices track a variety of devices such as cars, personal devices and fixed assets. Your job will include but not limited to: - Timely support and management of the platform. -Good knowledge of Linux is vital for this Support work. The ideal freelancer for this job would have: - Prior experience and a strong portfolio in GPS tracking platforms. - A deep understanding of real-time tracking, geo-fencing and history playback. - Familiarity with web-based platform and mobile App (ios and Android) development. - Potential skills in mobile app development for future syste...

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    I'm seeking a creative designer to create a combined text and image logo for marketing and advertising purposes. We are a fence installation company located in south Florida. Your work will be pivotal in enhancing our brand's visibility and will be heavily used in our promotional materials. You will be provided with specific symbols to incorporate into the design, but I encourage you to add your unique spin to it. Ideal Skills: - Graphic design - Branding - Strong understanding of marketing and advertising - Creativity and originality Experience: - Proven Record in Logo Design - Understanding of brand identity - Experience in promotional marketing Please showcase relevant work in your bid. The final deliverable will be in digital format. Looking forward to your innovativ...

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    I am in need of a competent developer to create tailored software for my GoDaddy website. The main objective of this software would be to facilitate clients and contractors in estimating material costs for fences and decks. Crucial functionalities include: - Materials Estimation: Capability to accurately determine the quantity of materials required based on the specifics of the project. - Cost Calculation: A feature that determines the cost of materials based on the data from the estimation function. - Quote Generation: Using the cost calculation, the software should be able to generate comprehensive and detailed quotes for clients and contractors. The ideal candidate for this gig should have experience in creating similar platforms, preferably with a good understanding of the GoDaddy pl...

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    I'm on the search for an experienced ad creator, skilled in putting together engaging and impressive video advertisements that go well beyond a mere minute. The task at hand involves the Fencing and Steel Fabrication industry, a field that may be less prevalent on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. This calls for a truly creative mind that can effectively combine a collage of our product images into a concise, yet compelling story. Key Responsibilities: - Creating a captivating video showcase of our company's values and expertise. - Recommend and implement strategies to make our brand stand out on social media. - Maintain a keen on industry trends, best practices, and emerging tech. Migration from still images to dynamic video format may be challengi...

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    We have the design concept however we would like it professionally drawn. For the mission statement, we need the words 'WE DO WHAT IT TAKES' to match the font/colour of the Summit Fencing logo, drawn inside an oval shape and filled yellow. I have attached the Summit Fencing logo as well as a mock up of the Mission Statement as an example.

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    For my business, Nice Backyard, I'm seeking illustrative, visually stunning T-shirt designs. The designs should cleverly integrate our business name and refer to us as providers of Building, Landscaping and Fencing supplies. Ideal freelancers possess a fun and whimsical artistic flair, with an understanding of the landscaping business and a knack for visualizing abstract concepts. An excellent candidate would have: - Mastery in illustrative design style - Excellent understanding of building and landscaping elements - Experience in graphic design for apparel Your portfolio of previous work, particularly with illustrative and clever design concepts, will be highly appreciated.

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    ArcSite is a tool that my fencing company uses to draw up quotes for jobs ZoHo is my CRM I need help syncing the two up. It requires webhooks and API tokens. Im in over my head. I’m a construction guy not a web developer. Please reach out with relevant experience. I need some help with this integration as well as connecting to google calendar and my website Thanks!

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    My project requires an experienced mechanical engineer who is proficient in Fusion 360. - 3D Modeling: Proficiency in Fusion 360 3D modeling is key for this project, as the platform will be used intensively for concept realization and design changes. If you dont work wit that software than don't apply. - Design Assistance: I yearn for a keen eye that can spot and rectify design flaws w...Clear understanding of mechanical product design is crucial, along with the capability to conduct technical analysis, which will help validate the design and ensure its feasibility and functionality. Freelancers with a proven track record in product design, specifically in innovative solutions, would be ideal for this project. This concerns the development of a new prefab system for speed track ...

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    I need a creative freelancer who can design an engaging A5/A4 size flyer for a flat I am renting o...renting out. It should advertise the many features that make this location so special. Specifically, the flyer will detail: 2 Bed Apartment For Rent in Illovo Beach - Property description: 2 Bedroom, 1 full bathroom with shower, Open plan kitchen with built in stove/oven ,living room area with patio located within the secure Illovo Country Estate. - Estate features: 24/7 security with electric fencing, Fibre, swimming pool, kids play area, tennis courts, and a clubhouse. - Rental price: R6400 with prepaid electricity - Call/Whatsapp Sandy 072 413 7153 So the skills I'm looking for in the ideal candidate are: - Graphic Design - Marketing Copywriting - Knowledge of Real Est...

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    We need a logo designing for a new ecommerce company that sells garden metal fencing panels. Something fairly elementary like attached but using a primary colour of #192349 and not a picket wooden fence as ours are metal so the imagery would have to depict that.

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    I'm seeking a SEO company with a comprehensive understanding of Search Engine Optimization and content creation. Part of the job will be related to writing engaging, meaningful content concerning fence and deck building, particularly focused on fence installation, deck building, and repairs. Your role would entail: - Content Creation: Write and publish insightful content about the decking and fencing industry. From the installation process to the types of materials and maintenance tips. - Local SEO: Implement regional keyword SEO to help me dominate the local market. I aim to draw clients from not just a single city, but the entire region. - Backlinking: Create quality backlinks and ensure the avoidance of spammy links. - Lead Generation: Utilize SEO to attract organic t...

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    I need assistance with developing my fencing website aiming to sell a variety of fencing products. The site should highlight the diverse styles of fencing work we offer such as Wooden, Contemporary, Traditional, and Security Fencing. KEY FEATURES: - Product Page: Each product page must carry detailed specifications and related product suggestions to guide the customer's purchase. IDEAL CANDIDATE: The perfect freelancer for this task should have a strong eCommerce background, with a particular focus on website development for product sales. Experience in working with business websites that showcase specific services, such as fencing, would be a considerable advantage. Proficiency in web design to highlight our unique fencing styles in a...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to implement a geo-fencing and geo-routes definition project using Google Maps. This system is primarily designed for enhancing security and surveillance capabilities within specified geographical areas. The functionality must include the ability to create geo-fenced areas and define custom geo-routes for monitoring and management purposes. Additionally, the system needs to support real-time alerts for both entry and exit events within these geo-fenced areas. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in Google Maps API for creating and managing geo-fences and geo-routes. - Ability to implement real-time alerting mechanisms for entry/exit events. - Experience in developing secure applications for surveillance purposes. - Strong understanding of location...

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    Trophy icon Captivating Homepage Graphic Design Berakhir left to show an open concept office building or similar such structure (some type of commercial building) and demonstrate 3 things: 1) Different types of flooring options 2) Different types of paint options, wallpapers, etc. 3) Different types of texture on the walls and ceilings demonstrating drywall options For example, in this photo, you can see different types of cabinetry, landscaping, fencing, gables, roofing, outdoor kitchen - that is the type of photo we want but for the options listed above and would be more of an indoor building photo. **Ideal skills and experience:** - Proficiency in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator) - Experience with responsive design to ensure optimal viewing on both desktop and mobile - Ability to translate

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    I'm in need of an experienced electronic engineer to dev...designed with a business user interface in mind. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in electronic engineering, specifically in developing GPS tracking systems. - Proficient in mobile app development, with previous experience in creating apps for device management. - Experience with battery optimization for portable electronics to ensure device longevity. - Knowledge in implementing geo-fencing and speed monitoring features. - Understanding of the business applications of GPS devices and the ability to tailor features according to business needs. This project is geared towards providing businesses with a reliable and efficient way to track and manage assets, ensuring safety, security, and efficient resour...

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    12 penawaran of fencing sports. The goal is to streamline the management and engagement aspects of fencing tournaments by integrating modern technology. Here's what I'm envisioning: **Core Features Needed:** - **Player Profile Creation:** Enable detailed profiles for each player, including statistics and historical performance data. - **Pool Sheets Generation:** Automatically generate and manage pool sheets for tournament play. - **Knockout Results Management:** Efficiently manage and display knockout stage results. - **Live Scoring and Results Display:** Implement a system for real-time scoring updates and result displays at events. - **Tournament Management Features:** From scheduling to bracket generation, a full suite of tools to manage tournaments seamlessly. - **...

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    Trophy icon Classic Fence Logo Design Berakhir left

    ...seeking a talented graphic designer to create a logo that embodies the essence of our fence products business. Our main goal is to have a logo that represents our company in a professional light while ensuring it appeals to our target clientele. This logo will play a crucial role in enhancing our brand's visibility and making a lasting impression. **Key Requirements:** Logo for: Farm Life Fencing - **Professional Representation:** The logo should convey professionalism and reliability, appealing to clients looking for high-quality fence solutions. - **Design Style:** A classic and traditional approach is preferred, reflecting the enduring nature of our products. The design should seamlessly blend with our company's values of trustworthiness and quality. - **...

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    ...Experts: Extract Data for Various Service Providers We're hosting a contest to find a skilled web scraper with the expertise to extract data for various service providers. If you're up for the challenge, we have a list of specific professions we need data on: 1. Plumber 2. Electrician 3. Roofer 4. Builder 5. Gardener 6. Painter 7. Landscaper 8. Carpenter 9. Plasterer 10. Driveways / Patios 11. Fencing 12. Tree Surgeon 13. Handyman 14. Locksmith 15. Bathrooms 16. Tiler 17. Central Heating 18. Boiler Repair Your task is to find relevant data for each of these categories from specific websites. We're looking for professionals who can provide details such as Company Website, Company Phone Number, Company Email Address, and other pertinent information. To enter the...

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    I'm in urgent need of a biologist report for our upcoming house construction. My focus is to ensure we responsibly address the ecological implications of our build. Here are the specifics I need: - Identification of any protected species on the property. - if fencing needs to be erected is all that is being asked from county as protective measures are necessary for habitat preservation. I require someone who can quickly yet meticulously provide this information. While a full ecological impact assessment isn't needed, the report should be thorough and comply with any local regulations regarding habitat and species protection. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Experience in conducting biological reports for construction projects. - Familiarity with local wildlife and habitat...

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    I'm in urgent need of a biologist report for our upcoming house construction. My focus is to ensure we responsibly address the ecological implications of our build. Here are the specifics I need: - Identification of any protected species on the property. - if fencing needs to be erected is all that is being asked from county as protective measures are necessary for habitat preservation. I require someone who can quickly yet meticulously provide this information. While a full ecological impact assessment isn't needed, the report should be thorough and comply with any local regulations regarding habitat and species protection. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Experience in conducting biological reports for construction projects. - Familiarity with local wildlife and habitat...

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    I am seeking a landscape designer to create modern designs for my brand new home's front and back yards. This design should to visit the site. -Familiarity with classic designs concepts. -Experience in designing outdoor spaces from scratch. -Expertise in wooden fence design and installation. Key Deliverables: 1. Detailed Landscape Design: - For the front and back yards of our brand new house. - A modern aesthetic blending beautifully with bricks fencing. 2. Material and Implementation Guidance: - Recommendations on where to source high-quality materials for fencing. - Description in detail of the fence installation process. - Where to source the plants I look forward to transforming my outdoor spaces into a modern haven that perfectly co...

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    Trophy icon Classic Fencing Logo Design Berakhir left

    I'm in pursuit of a talented graphic designer to craft a distinctive, yet simple logo for my fencing company called ' Bella Vista fencing' (Bella Vista means beautiful view in Italian. The final design should embody a vintage and classic aesthetic that's versatile enough to look impressive on various backgrounds and marketing materials. THIS IS FENCING AND GATES LIKE AROUND YOUR HOUSE NOT SORD FIGHTING Ideal Candidate Must Have: - Strong portfolio with logo design experience - Ability to interpret a brief and adapt design choices - Proficiency in design software (Adobe Creative Suite, etc.) Project Requirements: - Integrate a fence symbol into the logo design - Utilize a color scheme including blue, black, and white, with minimal blue...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer/engineer to create a Child GPS Wristband System tailored to enhance children's safety. The system must seamlessly integrate the following features: - Real-time Location Tracking - Geo-fencing with Custom Alerts - Accessible Panic Button - Multiple Wristbands Support - User-Friendly App Integration - Large Capacity Charging Station Key Points: - **Development**: Design and program a reliable GPS monitoring system. - **Project Scale**: Initially, produce sixty-two (62) wristbands for trial. - **Charging Solution**: Engineer a charging station that can simultaneously charge up to thirty (30) wristbands. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in wearable technology - Experience with GPS tracking systems - Skilled in app development (iOS/Andro...

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    ...Android application for employee tracking purposes with a comprehensive dashboard. The app should be tailored to provide accurate real-time location updates, allow for geo-fencing to monitor asset entry and exit, and have the capability to review the history of the asset's movements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Android app development - Strong background in GPS and mapping technologies - Experience with real-time data processing - Familiarity with developing geo-fencing solutions - Proficiency in creating user-friendly dashboards Requirements Summary: - Real-time geo-location tracking of assets - Geo-fencing features to set boundaries and alerts - Historical movement data for each tracked asset - Robust and intuitive dashboard for monitoring ...

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    We are seeking a highly skilled and innovative freelance architect/engineer to take on a comprehensive land development project for a 10,000 square meter 100m x 100m property. The project includes the creation of architectural drawings, building layout, plumbing, electrical planning, fencing, warehouse design (45m x 56m), and a private chalet. Additionally, the project requires the construction of separate and fully insulated office spaces and living quarters for employees, as well as a personal chalet on the opposite end. The design should also incorporate designated areas for agriculture, a sports club, and cinema room. Requirements: - Proven track record in large-scale land development and architectural design - Proficiency in CAD software and other relevant design tools - Stron...

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled developer to create a state-of-the-art GPS software from scratch with a core focus on vehicle tracking. Key Features: - Real-time tracking: The software must provide instantaneous vehicle location details. - Mobile device tracking: The software should be compatible with mobile devices for monitoring. - Geo-fencing notifications: The capacity to set up geo-fenced areas and to receive notifications whenever vehicles enter or leave these areas is vital. - Accurate mappings: The software should integrate Google Streets, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, Traffic, and Street View for precise location tracking. - 90-Days history: The software should store and render access to location history for up to 90 days. - Reporting: The software should have capabili...

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