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    I am looking for a developer to create a windspeed indicator that will install as a plugin to the DJI Fly app. The app must be compatible with the Mavic 2 Air on Android, but on the roadmap will work with all DJI drones and also with OS. The indicator should provide a real-time wind speed and direction dial on the DJI app. The data stream of current flight parameters - evidenced by the warning for above safe operation wind speed. This warning is apparently set at 8m/s. The app needs to change speed indications from m/a to miles/hr or km/hr or nautical knots. The successful bidder agrees that the IP for this project passes to me. I will likely retain their ongoing support for increased functionality and version updates on an ongoing basis. My budget for this project is between $10...

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    I am looking for an experienced Android developer to implement a 3rd party SDK for my mobile app. Will send u more info after you bid. if you have experience with DJI drones that will be great. OpenCV is good advantage. Please start your bid by saying "I'm a reliable developer"

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    ...vertente da *** oferece serviços de outsourcing de TI e consultoria em tecnologia para pequenas e médias empresas. Nossa equipe experiente auxilia os clientes a acessarem tecnologias de ponta, aprimorarem sua estratégia de TI e reduzirem custos, permitindo que se concentrem em seu core business. Além disso, oferecemos soluções em energia solar, análise de dados, serviços de marketing e serviços com drones, proporcionando um portfólio completo de soluções tecnológicas. A startup participou do projeto de incubação Santander Explorer, uma iniciativa de apoio ao empreendedorismo e inovação. Durante o programa, tivemos a oportunidade de receber mentorias para desenvo...

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    Need a programmer for an AI development for Ai to text2audio and text to image program. The program will be developed for a virtual avatar and a future eventually virtual character / DRONE/ ROBOT Only high professional figures. Prices to be discussed further....

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    ...stretch’ to improve brightness/contrast of the image if required. Answer the following (use diagrams where relevant) b) Define Earth Observation and provide 2 X application examples(EO) c) What is an NDVI, how is it computed, what does it tell us. d) Define and explain the difference between Clustering and Classification, provide at least 2 X examples of each 2. Geodesy, Mapping, Photogrammetry & Drones (a) Describe and detail (using a diagram) Earth Surface, Geoid and Ellipsoid (b) Why do we need Map Projections and name 4 X map projection transformation properties that may need to be distorted (c) Define and provide details for DSM & DEM (d) What is the practical application of KLV in Aerial Full Motion Video (e) Details and describe the 3 X main categori...

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    Hola Amigos, Estoy buscando profesionales expertos y completo en ELEMENTOR. Tengo blogs de: Informática (PCs), Telefonía (SmartPhones), Fotografía (Drones), Moda (Ropa,...), Videojuegos (Consolas,...), hosting web, plantillas web. Algunos servicios que necesito para paginas BLOS: -Terminar mis blogs que tengo a medias diseñado con ELEMENTOR (Tengo Licencia). -Crearle contenido a mis blogs según el nicho trabajo. -Darle mantenimiento mensual a los blogs. -Otros. Un saludo

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    Hola amigos, Estoy buscando personas creativas para trabajen en mis canales de YouTube. Canal de Informática (PCs), Canal de Telefonía (SmartPhones), Canal de Fotografía (Drones), Canal de Videojuegos (Consolas), Canal de Moda (Ropa,), Canal de Hosting Web (Hosting Web), Canal de Plantillas Web (Plantillas Web). Cada persona trabajara en su propio canal que esta creada con nuestra marca. Todo mis canales son en idioma español. Un saludo.

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    I need 5 pages academic paper on "A Circular load stowing scheme for maintaining weight balance in Drones"

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    Shoot em ups Berakhir left

    I need someone to reskin these two games with the assets in the second list the first list is the games I would like to be reskinned and uploaded to Google play 1. 2. like to be reskinned and uploaded to Google play 1. 2. With these assets are the ships 1. 2. .3

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    PROJECT FOR DEEPAK K Hyde Park West TelecommunicationsTM, an Alaska, Utah, and Arizona company, that is Utah-based, and a Managed Service Provider, delivers continuous, secure, quality, reliable, and high connectivity communications for rural and remote Mining, Oil and Gas, and Construction assets, devices, drones, and workforce for the “Smart” Mining, Oil and Gas, and Construction and the Last Mile; this promotes safety and process efficiency for direct cost savings and higher overall profitability. Accomplished with our pre-configured, portable, extensively validated, cell/satellite interfaced, mobile HOO-nahTM devices, and/or tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, specifically adapted to your needs. Our multi-patented solutions (Europe...

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    Trek Wars Poster Berakhir left

    I am looking for someone to edit the original Star Trek: First Contact poster. The Borg Queen and the Borg drones are subjects that will need to be replaced. Darth Vader will replace the Queen at the top behind Data and Picard while the stormtroopers will replace the drones in the bottom. The title will also be changed to Trek Wars over the Stormtroopers as this is a crossover poster with the Star Trek font or the Serpentine font in the image being used while the First Contact lettering is removed. A final note is that I would like it if the characters retained the same style in the poster as if it was official.

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    I am looking for someone to help me with my project involving Crazyflie nano drones for industrial purposes. I require assistance with both hardware and software. I have specific tasks and goals in mind for the nano drones. Ideal skills and experience for this job include expertise in robot programming and drone technology, as well as experience in developing and implementing solutions for industrial applications. The successful candidate should be able to work independently and have excellent problem-solving skills.

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    I am looking for a highly accurate target tracking system that can be used to track small objects such as birds ,trees and other drones from drone captured video. The system should be able to function in varied environmental conditions such as rain and fog. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in computer vision and object tracking - Proficiency in machine learning and deep learning - Knowledge of image processing techniques - Familiarity with drones and drone captured video - Ability to work with varied environmental conditions Comparison of : Efficient Convolution Operators for Tracking 2. Norfair algorithm

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    Video and photo Berakhir left

    I'm in need of professional photos and videos to showcase my products and promote them to my customers. The photos and videos will be used to increase visibility and engagement with consumers. I'm looking for event photography, capturing the moment, ...with consumers. I'm looking for event photography, capturing the moment, the context and the product. Additionally I'm looking for product photography to showcase the angle, quality and detail of the products. Finally, I'm in need of professional videography to bring a creative story-telling approach to life. Special equipment will be required for this project such as lighting set, backdrops, and drones for elevated shots. I'm looking for high-quality and remarkable visuals that will reflect the quality o...

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    ...ability to convey the message through storytelling with visuals, music, and text overlays. - Location Scouting: The ability to find and scout locations in Dubai that would best fit the vision for the video, and ensuring permits and permissions are secured to film there. - Knowledge of Camera Equipment: Understanding and expertise in using various camera equipment, such as tripods, stabilizers, and drones, to capture high-quality footage. - Creative Direction: The ability to collaborate with the client and come up with a creative direction for the video that aligns with the client's vision and goals. - Post-production Expertise: The ability to use editing software to add special effects, animations, text overlays, and other visual elements that enhance the overall quality and...

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    ...identificarte en la app, donde tendríamos 3 tipos de usuarios -Adminstrador: Que es el que puede dar de alta tipos de trabajos, pilotos, drones etc. Es decir los fichero maestros que se usarán después. - Gestor: que es el que crea los trabajos a realizar, que piloto y que drones a utilizar. - Piloto: Que es el responsable de una misión y que tiene que cumplimentar cuando se realiza y si esta ha resultado con éxito, observaciones etc. Después la aplicación tiene diferentes tablas con sus correspondientes campos Clientes: - Nombre - Dirección - NIF - Telefono de contacto - Persona de contacto - email Pilotos - Nombre - Telefono de contacto - email Drones - Modelo - Numero de serie Tipo de misión -...

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    I need somebody who can copy all products from , or other store about drones to my website. Need copy products, with prices and all other info only once, no need to sync it.

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    ...into a long term basis for various application development if the work of the freelancer is good. We are looking for professional, sincere and dedicated team players who are willing to contribute to larger goals. The project will be awarded on a fixed priced contract. You should be ready to sign confidentiality and Intellectual Property agreements. Domain expertise: Unmanned Ariel Vehicle/ Drones Skills • A team player with willingness to contribute to larger goals • Eager to learn, research and improvise – problem solver • Want to invent and build to make things better, faster, easier and cost effective. • Effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions • Project Management • Product development and management • ...

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    Trophy icon Skydog Drones Berakhir left

    Florida based commercial drone company with 8 years experience. Blue skies and sunshine with flying drone. Let your imagination fly !

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    case study Berakhir left

    i want someone to make a case study about the uses of drones in construction industry

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    Son videos creados con drones, GoPro y teléfonos.

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    ...professional to help create a truly unique video travelling experience. With the help of Adobe Premiere Pro and a keen eye for detail, I want to create a beautiful video montage or documentary that captures all my cherished memories. The finished product should be something that I can celebrate and share with family and friends. I have my source using gopro, dji osmo, mobile phones, and or perhaps drones. I am lacking time to do the compilations to make a memorable video. Let me know how should I store those files and how to send them. I need my project to have sound and music editing in my video that is postable in youtube using free of use music. Perhaps some naration, bumper, or anything that can make the video more memorable is favorable. This will be a living memory and I...

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    I am Looking for Aerospace Engineer with an experience in Design and Engineering of Radio Controlled (RC) model of Aircrafts or Drones. Small Project, need design and engineering of detachable Wings and Tail unit for predetermined configuration of small RC model of all electric Aircraft / Drone (880mm Wing Span, L= 1600mm, MTOW 55-60kg), as shown in the attached images. More Images and info will be provided after job acceptance. Project need to be completed in 3-4 weeks SKILSS ARE REQUIRED: Aircraft Design and Engineering, RC Aircraft Models / Drones Design and Engineering, Aircraft Performance Calculations, Mechanical / Structural Engineering, CAD/CAM JOB INCLUDES: 1. Calculations of major performance parameters of the predetermined RC Aircraft/Drone Model configuration...

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    Hello, I need to develop a graphic brand (ISOTYPE, LOGO AND OTHERS) for a company dedicated to aerial filming with Drones. BRAND NAME: IG MEDIA SLOGAN: VISUAL PRODUCTIONS Concept - Company dedicated to the edition of audiovisual material and aerial filming using Drones. - The graphic brand must include a drone in a creative way, ideally include it in the text itself. - With slogan - Impressive, powerful - Isotype and Logotype - Add a Drone and mix it with the brand text if possible. - It must be understood that we are a company that edits videos and makes recordings with Drones. Colors Black, grey, calypso or palette of blue. Sources Beauties, Signerica, something similar or similar to the attached image. Winner must provide - Graphic mark in .png in all its versi...

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    Hyde Park West TelecommunicationsTM, an Alaska, Utah, and Arizona company, that is Utah-based, and a Managed Service Provider, delivers continuous, secure, quality, reliable, and high connectivity communications for rural and remote Mining, Oil and Gas, and Construction assets, devices, drones, and workforce for the “Smart” Mining, Oil and Gas, and Construction and the Last Mile; this promotes safety and process efficiency for direct cost savings and higher overall profitability. Accomplished with our pre-configured, portable, extensively validated, cell/satellite interfaced, mobile HOO-nahTM devices, and/or tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, specifically adapted to your needs. Our multi-patented solutions (Europe, United States, Austra...

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    I need the unity developer to develop a simulation. It’s about a group of 5 drones that has a pre-established path, and on the path will encounter fires, so the scenario should be an environment with the trees, for example and fires and people. so When they encounter / find some people the combination should be there are just fires, just people or people and fire. Some people together the drones should be able also to extinguish the fires; the controls to exstinguish the fire and each drone duty will be given by an API that I will provide, which will come from a python program which is already built. so we also need an output to control drones, which is the position of the drones, information about the fires , their perception, the fuel of each drone, the...

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    We are currently seeking a talented Typescript Backend Developer with exceptional problem-solving skills to join our upcoming drone grocery delivery startup. Despite this project being posted on a freelance platform, we want to clarify we are not searching for only a freelance job. Instead we want to collaborate with you in the longer term in order to members. We are looking for someone who is willing to share our vision and work with us to achieve success in this venture. If you are passionate about cutting-edge technology and are willing to take on this challenge with us, we welcome you to apply and be a part of our team. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to transform the grocery delivery industry and create a future where drones will be a common sight i...

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    35 penawaran de datos KLV a un video, el resultado debe entregar un archivo MPEG-TS con 3 Streams (Video, Audio y KLV) Debe permitir recibir el video de una cámara (streming) y la telemetría de una antena GPS o desde archivo de video (mov, mp4, etc) y archivo KLV (csv, json, binario, etc) El KLV generado debe apegarse al Standard Stanag 4609. El video resultante es para reproducir en una aplicación de drones que muestra el video y en el mapa la animación del vuelo y el footprint de la cámara. La aplicacion se requiere para windows 11 y ubuntu en linea de comando....

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    GIS specialist Berakhir left

    We are looking for multi-skilled candidates with a quantitative background for the position of GIS analyst. GIS analysts are responsible for discovering patterns and trends through spatial mapping, developing mapping applications and tools, and managing a digital library of geographic maps captured by drones in various file types, among other duties. GIS Analyst Responsibilities: Analyzing spatial data through the use of mapping software. Discovering patterns and trends through spatial mapping of data. Designing digital maps with geographic data and other data sources. Creating "shapefiles" to merge topographical data with external data by layering external data over a topographical map. Producing maps showing the spatial distribution of various kinds of data, including c...

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    As a member of the Global technology team, you will work alongside with passionate team in conducting market mapping and research of technology trends and applications in the Agro value chain which will cover climate, energy, supply chain, farm-in-a-box, drones, AI, predictive farming, e-commerce, social farming, etc. as a way to understand the digital ecosystem across ASEAN. Under the supervision of Global Technology mentors, you will get immense learning in the corporate IT field and be given the opportunity to present findings & recommendations to Technology Leadership Team. Deliverables : 1. Prepare research strategy and presentation format with Global ICT 2. Map ASEAN digital & Agritech market including emerging trends 3. Map ASEAN players & products in Agro value...

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    news top 1 -- 2 Berakhir left

    Agus said that the material shortage that occurred over the course of the next two days also caused a few sungai berhulu Merapi to become depleted. If hujan deras occurs, the potential of the bahaya lahar will be compromised. Drones were launched by Tim Badan Geologi on March 12, 2023, to validate the jarak luncur erupsi in which the jarak luncur extended 3,7 km to the direction of Kali Bebeng. "This sunrise is currently located in a potential hurricane zone, which is around 7 kilometers from the summit of Gunung Merapi in the Kali Bebeng, Krasak, and Bedog regions," the woman said. Every single awan's assumption is that Kali Bebeng or Kali Krasak is in danger. "Kami sebut Kali Krasak because there are two cabang hulu sungai, namely Bebeng and Krasak, which a...

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    I need source code for the entire functionality of a drones operations. I will be using a raspberry pi 3b+ in final application so there would have to be compatibility. Lets work

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    We are working in a brand that will have a software to manage drones photos for events. It will be used in public touristic places but for events too. I want a logo to mix this ideas: tech, drone, events. The name is SKYEYE Thanks.

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    We are working in a brand that will have a software to manage drones photos for events. It will be used in public touristic places but for events too. I want a logo to mix this ideas: tech, drone, events. The name is SKYEYE

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    Hello. I have a project in mind but it's hard to explain. Basically i would like to show our prototypes before development. We have many prototypes all about agriculture. From drones to ugv... A total of 6 prototypes, how much time each do you think it's required? Like 60 or 120 seconds each. Something will be shorter, something will be longer. There are 6 prototypes we have basic 3d model and i wish you can make it look more realistic. I would like to show a good quality animation video about those on operation. Let's start talking about costs and timing.

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    I am creating a Web Site and need a one page design. Theme: Drone , Fire Detection, Sentry Drones and Firefighting. Colors: BLACK site , Red, Yellow , California Fire patterns. Grey or Blue highlights if need. 1 Page with different sections. Top (Home, About, Services, Products, Contact.) Home - Single Hero image and bold text, one button. About section - What we are , Who we are Services, - A.I. Fire Detection services, 4G/5G Detector Sentry Drone Deployment Solar Docking and charging stations Mobile Stations Products - Our drones (3 Types of drones) , Our software (Admin and Drone control tech) , Our mesh (Network of drones talk to each other without 4G or with) , Our IP (Registered Image Recognition IP) Contact - Form Footer

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    I need an AR application which are showing drones on object on detected

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    About Regentech : Regentech utilise a symbiosis of ancient wisdom and cutting edge technology to create innovative solutions, assisting farmers to regenerating their lands and increasing productivity sustainably, by working with nature rather than...productivity sustainably, by working with nature rather than against it. Here is my website, Project Description: Here is my website, Could you integrate my existing logo into a circular line drawing logo. Nature in green as root/mycelium/plant/animal network patterns wrapping up from the bottom and integration with technology/solar/drones/tractors networks in grey wrapping down from the top. Preferably the same colours as on my existing website, grey in logo, green in quote box below.

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    Dear freelancer, my is looking for a Drone expert / Robotics Engineer to support our software and hardware development activities. Work will be long term, in part remotely and with regular visits to the office/workshop in order to work on tasks that require physical presence. The candidate should be from the EU If you have experience with drones, and are a talented full-stack developer, please send your application outlining your experience and previous projects related to the drones field. Provide links, photos and screenshots to showcase your previous work. Also, please describe any experience/knowledge you have related to: When replying, start your message with the words "Let's fly!". This will enable me to filter out automatic responses. L...

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    Sorotan Bersegel
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    Design a full wrap or vinyl for a Mercedes Benz sprinter van that will travel as a road show for demo of DJI Enterprise products (DJI M300, Mavic 3 Enterprise, DJI L1, DJI T40, etc) of example final version of van, logos in vectors and size of the van. Use colors: Black, grey and light green for accents. The van can stay silver as it is now or it can be completely painted to black or dark grey, feel free to use any of those colors as background and make a professional but cool and fresh design for this van that will show the latest in technology for drones and portable battery systems. The drones can be used for: Topography, agriculture, energy infrastructure, solar panel inspection, security, thermal vision, etc. BE sure to check DJI enterprise website and eco flo...

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    I need a creative logo for drone services SKN Drones With a creative drone and hawk bird hybrid

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    ...matter. It should show: a) ~3 or so wind turbines next to several solar panels, with a building in the background b) one wind turbine should have a crane next to it (see attached image "Wind turbine crane" for inspiration) c) the edge of the image should show water/waves near the wind turbines d) the building should have a desk in with computers set up and someone at the desk e) please include 1-2 drones, with one near the wind turbines and one near the solar panels f) throughout the image, please show a handful of service technicians servicing the wind and solar assets g) please show a few trucks approaching the wind and solar assets, including both pickups and large freight vehicles h) please include transmission lines on one side of the graphic i) please include tra...

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    I am Bazil from NineTenths in Saudi Arabia and we are the official DJI Enterprise dealer in Saudi Arabia. NineTenths is a national company that specializes in providing innovative technical solutions using drones as well as anti-drones systems. The company has gained extensive experience and a distinguished reputation in the use of these systems to become a leader in providing smart and advanced solutions using the drones technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our Company Website - Project - We want to create an animation video related to Drone and would be posting on our social media platform. Would require someone who will help wo craete a good content.

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for a Mechanical Engineer who has experiences with building professional and functional Sheet Metal & Mold Designs. The models have to be created via parametric methods (for scalability). Preferred is someone with experiences in aerodynamics and drones constructions. Further details will be shared later.

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    The system I designed is called "FPV Combat", imagine to play a dogfight simulation game but in real life with real RC (radio Controlled) models with "real" danger and a great amount of adrenaline! Take a look at this demo video: This is designed to simulate fight with infrared system on RC models such as planes, drones cars... I'm moving this project from ATmega328 to ESP32. It was originally designed to work with analog FPV system I need somebody that can help me migrating the project to the newer hw and implement MSP communication (canvas mode) for the different digital FPV systems available now in the market (DJI, Walksnail and HDzero). Additional features might be needed now or in the future but we can discuss about it later on.

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    Trophy icon Drones para tratamientos agrícolas Berakhir left

    Busco un logo de empresa con la palabra SPRAHYR, esta palabra tiene que representar la pulverización de cultivos agrícolas con drones. Dejo un boceto conceptual adjunto de como me gustaría que fuera el logo pero consideraré cualquier diseño independiente. En este diseño adjunto aparece la letra A con una hélice en la parte superior que representa el rotor de un drone y unas pequeñas gotas en la parte inferior que representan el tratamiento agrícola. Además, toda la palabra aparece subrayada con una línea que representa un cultivo visto desde el horizonte.

    $54 (Avg Bid)
    Sorotan Bergaransi
    158 entri

    The project is about having a scenario of a forest with low vegetation; in this environement airsim should control and simulate a group of 5 drones. The drones have to move A to B and while moving some "events" will happen. the events are different types of wildfires and people in proximity of them. The drones need to detect the fire and the people and transmit through APIs the information of such detection and data like drone fuel/battery left, distances, positions, etc.. There should be also the data and the priorities such as in this file : The API will be used to communicate with a blockchain system and reiterate the decisions. We have a project on a VM (i can give you access to it so

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    The batteries are 2S using 18650 or 21700 the cells we are currently using are Sony VTC6 3000mAh/20A and Molicel P42A 4200mAh/30A. Larger capacity cells will be investigated and used as they come available. They are housed in a nylon case and are wired in series having a centre connection for charging, there is no protection circuits in the batteries. They plug into our drones and controllers and will be plugged into the charger as required. The chargers are to accept either two or six battery packs and are to work with any number plugged in. We expect to be able to plug in up to six 2S battery packs which could be all at different charge levels and each will be balanced and fully charged on completion. An led showing fully charged will light on each pack when this is accomplished...

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