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    ...of internet and mobile technologies. We sell medical supplies at very low and reasonable cost with best sale price available at [login untuk melihat URL] or [login untuk melihat URL] . Our Products Services are available to american medical supply store and others continental surgical store too. I want a freelancer to build me a web-based application for my ...

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    UX Designer Berakhir left

    ...opportunity for a talented UX Designer to help our team deliver the best possible digital lending experience to our extensive range of clients. Our agile working environment will grant you the autonomy you need to make a real impact. Major duties involve: Research Working alongside our users, Sales and Operations teams to develop a detailed understanding

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    Hi. We are developing a mobile app connected to a web server. It is a freeware app for animal rescuers. We expect thousands of users to use the application and it appears that google charges $ 4 per 1000 loads for the location details beyond its free usage of $ 200. We can not afford that since each mission will involved marking 2 locations or more

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    Mobile Application Berakhir left

    We have a cloud based solution for employee engagement (power2motivate) where users log in to participate in different programs and earn points. They can then redeem their points in an online store. Our requirement is to convert the web application to a mobile app (iOS and Android). There's a free online tool that does the conversion but d...

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    ...completed already. Just need to remove some rich features we added when we thought we were going the native route. We built a app for android and ios using Ionic/cordova(cross development platform). We have all the code for it and it functions using our back end firebase. We would like to convert our code into a full on web application and steering away from

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    ...requirement for a sales executive who has past sales experience in IT- Online application selling. This is a commision basis job so only bid if you are 300% comfortable and confident in commision payroll. We are a small team of developers who currently offer different web and mobile related services, we are also working on a product which will soon launch

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    I have starter repository. The code in this repository will serve as your baseline to begin development.

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    18 penawaran of developers. We have a web based application (written in Angular) to manage various aspects of our solution. One module is a clocking module for time and attendance. This is currently run in a browser on a mobile tablet. We are looking to find someone who can take the code we have written and convert this to an app to run on Windows...

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    ...PHP(ideally) or NodeJS using real time speech to text APIs from Google or Microsoft to convert spoken words to text and save a mysql database with second by second timestamp BACKGROUND: We have a web application based on PHP (mysqli extensions) / MySQL / HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery / JavaScript / AJAX. This application involves recorded and real time v...

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    We are product development company and looking for creative person to develop UI for Web as well Mobile application. Person has to provide images first and then convert into HTML and help Developer to make it live in application.

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    I have a technology startup. I would like to convert a concept into a functional product. I need to develop a tracking device for a specific application. I am seeking a solution that is an android and IOS application that is designed to track and locate a sensor (IOT, GPS, RF or other VLSI) technology that is embedded within a projectile that is

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    Hi, I have one demo application which made in android now I want to convert that into apple application. I can provide web services and design. it's very basic demo mobile application.

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    ...seeking an experienced Web Applications and Mobile Applications Developer. This position will contribute to the development of our HALO Link™ client-side web application Mobile application for pathology image analysis and reporting. Responsibilities: • Work with customers to understand software use cases and workflow • <...

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    I am a software developer and need a Progressive Web Application template that is developed with Angular 6 CLI and uses Bootstrap 4 and Material Design. I can even buy an existing template from Template monster etc and get the html and css files that can then be converted to a PWA. I prefer this as it would be cheaper for me and get this project going

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    Web pages (php) • Login page with fixed username and password admin/admin • Successful login. He will add merchant/ freeform  Merchant id {auto generated}  Merchant name  Image  Birthday  National id  Address  Mobile number  Age  Marital status  Upload contract {upload any word document}  Username for merchant  Password

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    ...small web application built on php. I have the designs of 3 mobile screens which needs to be converted to HTML/CSS first and then a web app where user can register via mobile (SMS API integration needed) and place bid and make payment via paytm payment gateway (api integration needed). In short here's the what needs to be done. 1...

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    ...need someone who know how affiliation website work and required your help to create for me it would be nice if you could suggest me what platform you will be using and what other tool you suggestion to used thing i prefer to have in my website - Tracking tools for me to track my customer when clicking onto my website - sign or log in for new

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    19 penawaran a web UI developer would be: 1. Convert Visual Design/Mockups into HTML code for the web application developer 2. Create templates that can be deployed in a structured MVC framework 3. Create responsive web design 4. Test the application on multiple recent browsers 5. Work with the web developer to integrate the code in the web<...

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    20 penawaran

    Develop Responsive WEB site [HTML5]and Hybrid mobile application [IOS and Android] Manage users / permissions / files Convert files to PDF Resize PDF and add functional ICONs and meta data Close the PDF with digital signature Send text msgs, app alerts and email Save users / passwords in Microsoft Active Directory Source code with detailed

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    ...objective coder that can finish the following tasks: - Clean unnecessary code and unused files - Fix UI's appearances (desktop and mobile) and test current implementations - Text header link should go back to method page (only working on pollworker) - on admin/feedback column: add date & time on mouse rollover over grayed username - on response

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    You must have done this before. We have an existing web based VUE application that we would like to convert to a Hybrid Mobile Application. The resulting app must work on all screen types. Wireframes • Already built site: [login untuk melihat URL] • Smart phone / Tablet DRAFT: [login untuk melihat URL] Environment • VUE.js, V...

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    Sorotan PK

    ...educational videos to schools in emerging markets. HITCH creates video hotspots that store educational videos offline, for students to watch. Students connect to the HITCH hotspot and can browse, stream and download thousands of videos, over WiFi. We are looking for someone to help with the web design and development for the web app video browser. It

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    ...briefly described is a mobile game like all that is more ordinary. A quiz a little particular or the player is led to guess a secret word referring to a number of images and random letters worn at his choice. This game can be likened to the famous game 4 Pics 1 word but with the difference that its content will be designed to make the promotion sponsored

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    3 penawaran

    I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. Basically I have WordPress website and I want to convert to mobile application, but not the web view I have ionWordPress which can easily convert and execute it

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    4 penawaran

    I have a web app built using HTML, SCSS, and typescript as well as a design for that app created in Sketch. The front end of the product needs to be implemented. Meaning, you will take the design from sketch and implement it into the project. The application is built using the ionic framework but the skills that are required are front-end developer

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    47 penawaran

    We want to hire a Reactjs Mobile App Developer to convert our existing Web application to a mobile app

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    25 penawaran

    I am looking for somebody to develop a software or web application or mobile application for my site so my customers can create albums, photobooks and collages in my site and send me the finished file for printing. This can be a software or mobile app that they can download. There will be a finished file with the layout of the photos they created

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    67 penawaran

    ...share posts and stories. i want to create MVP to prove the idea success. The app is in Arabic and the developer must be aware of RTL development I will use this wordpress template [login untuk melihat URL] and i want to use this React Native mobile app template to convert the website into native android application [login untuk melihat...

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    62 penawaran and application and I want to re-convert it to RTL with redesigned interfaces ux ui this is web site [login untuk melihat URL] this is app [login untuk melihat URL] This application driver will connect the driver image and show in client application i want

    $715 (Avg Bid)
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    41 penawaran and application and I want to re-convert it to RTL with redesigned interfaces ux ui this is web site [login untuk melihat URL] this is app [login untuk melihat URL] This application driver will connect the driver image and show in client application i want

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    34 penawaran
    customize app Berakhir left and application and I want to re-convert it to RTL with redesigned interfaces ux ui this is web site [login untuk melihat URL] this is app [login untuk melihat URL] This application driver will connect the driver image and show in client application i want

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    69 penawaran

    We are looking for a designer to create HTML prototype for our First CMS application. We do have the requirements document ready and need someone to convert that into a mockup/prototype for us to start development with the project. Quick turnaround time would be appreciated. Few of the items you would be working on include: - Create user flows

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    45 penawaran

    ALL YOU'LL HAVE TO DO IS CREATE/MODIFY THE HTML SCSS FILES IN ORDER TO FULLY REPRODUCE THE PSDs. Convert the front-end of an application from PSD to HTML in an IONIC 2 project. Both the entire structure of the application and the API integration are being handled internally. All you'll need to do is CSS modifications in order to f...

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    49 penawaran

    As a continuation to 2nd phase of my earlier project "Need to make Web Application Work" below is what I'm looking for. Convert the project to MS .NET and SQL database technology with following. Looking to enhance the application on following areas. Enhance the look and feel of the web application with

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    9 penawaran

    ALL YOU'LL HAVE TO DO IS MODIFY THE SCSS FILES IN ORDER TO FULLY REPRODUCE THE PSDs. Convert the front-end of an application from PSD to HTML in an IONIC 2 project. Both the entire structure of the application and the API integration are being handled internally. All you'll need to do is CSS modifications in order to fully repro...

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    29 penawaran
    Tvorba softwaru Berakhir left

    Phone web app, which can be in convert to mobile app by PhoneGap in future. Application read QR code and use readed information to get data from server with filter posibility. I need only skelet of app. Detail are not specified

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    5 penawaran

    We have built a complex web application using VB.Net in Visual Studio 2010 with database as Oracle. The application has around 30 complex data entry screens and 30 reports. We want to convert the web application to a MOBILE APP that can be used in iOS and Android mobile phones or tablets. The candidates in metro Atlanta area ar...

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    67 penawaran

    --A system which is capable to convert a regular Home to a SMART Home.-- "Home of Things" is a cross platform mobile and Web application based on IoT(Internet of Things) which can understand usage and respond automatically based on configured modes. This solution will help Middle Class Indians To Save Energy Bills while offering Securi...

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    5 penawaran
    Write some Software Berakhir left

    I have an elearning software i developed in wpf, i want to convert this software to a web based application and mobile , i will share the original desktop version.

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    29 penawaran

    Hello, I need help in developing a web application. It will eventually become mobile app, but should work on the web also. A sample code of something similar is published on github [login untuk melihat URL] and its for movies. I started to convert it to display shows with a list of upcoming and available and for each

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    51 penawaran

    ...script and have bought it to launch a classified website. It has a web app and mobile apps(both Android and ios) including source codes but the problem is it is created in ionic and design is poor and don't want to use the hybrid app(there are many reasons). But I do need app the apps for my site, so need someone to convert it android and ios nativ...

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    112 penawaran

    Hello All, we are starting a new project, this is going to be a Hybrid application built with ionic framework. The selected designer must know how to convert PSD to valid ionic design. Our development team will be with you to ensure the quality and perfection. There will be total 25+ PSD's to be design. After this we also have another s...

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    30 penawaran

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    Sorotan Bersegel PK

    ...understands video technology to customize for me a video interface using some open sources like webRTC, VLCJ, Open CV, FFMPEG etc. which can be embedded in an application I am developing. The key requirements for this interface functionality are: An online check of Video Quality being recorded, video interfere should be able to lighting, face on the screen

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    2 penawaran

    Music and Audio Recorder App – To continue the Development of an App for Android and iOS Plataforms and backend [login untuk melihat URL] Music and Audio Recorder App - To Continue the Development of an App for Android and iOS Platforms What we need: - We are looking for a Developer/Team to continue the development and fix all bugs in our

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    107 penawaran
    Find me some Leads Berakhir left

    ...getting clients from US/Europe/Australia region for The Web and Mobile application projects. We want to collaborate on % basis where you can get % (which we can discuss upon based on lead size) for projects that convert. Kindly Don't propose SEO and other marketing services, we are only looking to engage on commission basis currently. Don't...

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    3 penawaran

    ...Recorder App - To Continue the Development of an App for Android and iOS Platforms What we need: - We have mobile App Project 50% done. It's an App for Android (Smartphone and Tablet) and iOS (Iphone and Ipad) plataforms. Check it out for much more details: [login untuk melihat URL] - We are looking for a Developer/Team to continue the

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    82 penawaran

    ...We are currently looking to build an application web based to help our sales reps. I'm looking for a programmer to build a web based program that will calculate pricing and will create an order form based on the mesurments entered on the program. This is for landscaping companies. This will be an easy tool for our sales rep to just enter the...

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    34 penawaran
    Node.js project Berakhir left

    i want to create a web application using Node.js, MongoDb, Express, passport, Bootstrap, React.. etc its complete web application both Frontend and backend. Frontend Design: for now you can use bootstrap to display all freatures, but I have design ready in Sketch for desktop and mobile which you need to convert to Html...

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    38 penawaran