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    ...really know how to explain this one. In basic terms we will copy a file, it may be over the internet (ftp) or locally or over a network to. We then want a utility to compare the two files and create a file consisting only of the differences, so we only have to copy or ftp a small file. There must also be a utility to recombine the two files if we need

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    Looking for someone to code a simple, but neat looking dialog app. It will monitor a specified folder and if any files have been changed, a backup will be performed. We will want some very specific things in it - features as well as use of certain APIs, etc. A few initial comments: ____1.____ The filesystem "change detection" Win32

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    Data Backup System Berakhir left

    ...mostly completed application that enables data backup from a Users PC to a Remote Server site via the web (ftp or other) where it is stored within a secure location under the Users allocated resource. That User can then log on to a web page and after providing a password, retrieve a selected data backup made previously. What is needed - in summary;

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    Network Data Backup Berakhir left

    ...or assembly language application that enables data backup from a PC to a remote server where it is stored within a secure location specific to each user. The target network is NT/2000 based. Specifically: Client Functions  Will scan the local drives for files matching a set of file extensions (ie, .doc, .xls, etc).  Will

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    Backup Berakhir left

    None ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform VB6, asp, Win98, 2...

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    ...user can set it to their requirement 3. Backs up into a compressed file (tar/zip/rar/gz) 4. E-mails to a user determined address. Ability to split e-mails if larger than 5MB or other user predetermined setting. 5. When user drops file into the root of their site, they chmod the file, and access the script through [login untuk melihat URL] (eg)

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    ...VB.NET program which will control a firewire camera or Video Tape recorder as a backup tape drive. I should be able to connect a firewire camera or Videotape deck to the firewire port on my pc, run the program and select files for back up, the program would then convert the files to a DVstream and copy them onto the tape. Also the program will need

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    $100 - $500
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    ...destination directory and updates and deletes files located within the destination directory accordingly. 3. Network disconnection detection with resume capabilities. 4. File integrity verification. 5. Built-in Task Scheduler with multiple date and time variances allowed for each task instance. 6. Ability to easily schedule one-time only tasks

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    I'm looking for straight-forward VB6 code to automatically and behind the scenes backup a number of password-protected Access 2000 databases. Attached are 3 database examples, [login untuk melihat URL], [login untuk melihat URL], and C.mdb. (password is a123 for A, b123 for B, and C is not password protected) located in a folder called DBs. There should be one form that will ...

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    I am looking for someone that can create a software package that will allow me to have the following: 1. VPN Product 2. Back-Up Solution 3. Remote Control Feature I am looking for a product that can be installed on a machine or server that will have the ability to have a VPN connection back to our servers that will be hosted through-out the US. This will then also have for our client...

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    $100 - $150
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    I need someone to develop a backup program for me. The program should have all functions that Genie Backup Manager 2.0 has except backup to a cd-rw or cdr. You don't have to make the exactly same look. One thing more that should be different must be that the backup files must be created as zip files. The program must be developed in Delphi 5,6 or 7

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    Program allows the user to backup folders and/or files from a Source drive onto a removable Target drive and also allows the two drives to be synchronized. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software

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    Server backup Berakhir left

    ...sites on it together with MySql databases etc. We can obviously copy the sites and we can dump the MySql Databases (When we remember!) There is not a huge amount of data but installed packages, drivers etc are the main concern. Any ideas on anything that could be run over the internet to give su an in house backup / re-install file. If it can be done - how

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    Registry Backup Berakhir left

    REGISTRY BACKUP - VISUAL BASIC ## Deliverables Need visual basic code for backing up the registry. Nodes that need to be backed up and saved to disk : 1. HKCUSoftware 2. HKLMSoftware Bidding coders need to make a mock up and send sample executable with the following 1. The executable 2. The key HKCUSoftwareMicrosoft needs to be ignored 2. The

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    36 penawaran click on a link in my browser, and start downloading a backup of a single database on a remote SQL Server. This file can be in any format (I do prefer XML though), but must contain everything in table definitions (inclusive of formulas, defaults etc), and the rows. Let's call this file **[login untuk melihat URL]** I would also like a page, where after up...

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    ...procedures (SUBs that is) that will do the following: - Extract the database schema to a XML file (from SQL Server) - Create a database in SQL Server from the very same schema. - Extract data found in the database to XML (the same SQL Server database). Backup purpose. - Restore data to the database from XML. - Only tables and users should be exported/imported

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    Hello, I need to move my PHP Freelancers site so I need your help. The job is simple for someone who is experienced. It involves 3 steps (as far as I know). 1. You go in and back up the database, html, scripts, and graphics (basically everything). 2. Wait on me to change the DNS and let them propagate. 3. You upload everything back and import the database. This seems simple and I do not ...

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    I need simple backup cgi script. explanation: I have a file in which few scripts are writting new data 10-30x per day. backup script must make a backup of this file, once per day. it should just copy this file to specific backup dir and rename it to todays date. file-monthdayyear data.txt-071502 script should be exec by cron once per d...

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    ...saleable way to introduce Linux is to take an older Windows server convert it to Linux. I like to have the backup drive not be attached to the main server. This way if the server fails I have a working backup system on a secondary server that I can restore the file with. I would like to have backup system that can be hosted on a Linux Red Hat 7.3 system with

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    I'm looking for a backup utility that work with FTP server. I prefer to be C++ base with small footprint. Easy to download, install and intuitive to use are very important. Will consider Java, if the program is tested on multiple platforms. Not too fussy about the feature as long as is bug free, reliable and do the job. Sorry, I confuse some people

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