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    I need someone to fill out my excelspreadsheet with all adresses on the link below: I need seperate columns for Names, Postcode, Adress, City, E-Mail & Phone, Website if available This is one of many upcoming projects. Thanks,

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    Complete columns F, G, H & I in the attached speadsheet by searching Google Australia by copy pasting columns A, B & C.

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    in English: 1. I have a list of universities around the world on pdf format, it's contained 3 columns, ie university code, university name, and city. 2. I have a list of study programs in Indonesia on pdf format, it's contained 3 columns, ie study program code, study program name, study program level. one of PDF Sample attached. Your task is to convert this PDF into excel format.. in Bahasa (Indonesia) 1. Saya mempunyai daftar perguruan tinggi dari seluruh dunia dalam format PDF, mengandung 3 kolom, yaitu Kode, Nama PT, kota. 2. Saya mempunyai daftar program studi di Indonesia, mengandung 3 kolom, ie kode prodi, nama prodi, jenjang studi. Salah satu contoh PDF terlampir. Tugas anda adalah export dari PDF ke Excel.

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    I will be providing list of things that needs to be entered into the spreadsheet. Your job is to put the products into columns like, price, options, model, title. Should be very easy work. If you are good we will be working together for long term. Please quote for 100 products. Its very easy. You look at the document, you enter price, model, title and then options. Thanks.

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    require you to use a blank excel sheet, create the following columns: Business Name Phone Facsimile Email Address Web Address Business Address Relation to Business Employee Postal Address Status Once the columns are created, please go the following website and please fill the excel sheet with the immigration agency's detail, there are 4754 agencies listed and we require all of them to be filled in the excel sheet.

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    hi there what I would like is the data in Columns A and B on the 1st sheet (population count, by sex for 30-79 year olds, for each country) completed with data from the 2nd sheet I have been doing this for a few with filtering - by changing the selection in column B in the 2nd sheet and summing separately for men and women, then pasting values over. There may be a quicker way

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    to create a program that generates C# classes from a (tt file) based on the information about database tables, columns, and their types. The program should also handle updates, deletions, and additions to the database schema. You can achieve this using T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit) templates in C# --Project --Classes Delete the table TableClassA will delete the TableClassA Add the table TableClassC will add in Classes folder Adding Column in table, will add property in class Removing column from table, will remove property from class Modifying column type from table, will remove-add property in a class

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    Tweaks on Google Calendar API 6 Hari left

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet () that I want to integrate with Google Calendar and I already have a code that does that for me. However, I need the code to be tweaked so that: 1. one of the columns allows me to set the events to ALL DAY on Google Calendar; 2. one of the columns allows me to set the frequency of the events (daily, annualy etc.); 3. the code updates the calendar, instead of creating new events each time I run the script. BELOW IS THE CODE: function create_Events(){ var ss = (); var sheet = ("Teste"); var last_row = (); var data = ("A1:E" + last_row).getValues(); var cal =

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    Looking for someone who can create following using tt file 1. Classes from dll 2. Convert table to classes, columns to properties 3. change class property type in case of column type changes 4. delete class in case table doesnt exist anymore 5. create class if doesn't exist

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    Need help in tt file 6 Hari left

    Looking for someone who can create following using tt file 1. Classes from dll 2. Convert table to classes, columns to properties 3. change class property type in case of column type changes 4. delete class in case table doesnt exist anymore 5. create class if doesn't exist

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    Case study 6 Hari left

    Case study 1- Tim Long, newly launched IT Hardware and Communications analyst, recentl...Summary /Current Investment thesis (includes icone,shapes, charts,graphics) Slide 2-Shareholder analysis by region (indepth analysis) Case study 2- Please build a regional account database, by sector. Refer to file Case study (Regional Acct DB).xls a. Use the account raw data, broken down and identified by tab, to populate the cells in the summary tab. b. Populate the relevant columns in the summary tab, as well as color code (green – link data from other tab; black - formula; blue input). c. Please otherwise format in the manner of the example row – using consistent font, decimals and any other non-letter or number text. d. Please double-check and cr...

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    Creating conditional formatting for multiple columns in different sheets Incorporating Vlookup for multiple columns Add date filter in sheets for getting the data as per day or month We should get Average Monthly Unit Consumption in Sheet for last month Automatic Hide Data more than 30 days old.

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    CHF Brand PPT Template 6 Hari left

    ...images and text need to be editable. There are 75 slides in total - mostly different colour variations. - Template with Title Slide (6 versions) - Image Slide (8 versions) - Section Header (12 versions) - Section Header Plain (4 versions) - Section Header with Image (15 versions) - Case Study Title Slide (4 versions) - Content Slide One Column (4 versions) - Content Slide Two Columns (4 versions) - Content Slide Three Columns (4 versions), - Table Slide (3 versions) - Map Slide Option (3 versions) - Graph Slide Option (5 versions) - Thank You Slide (3 versions) 2. Pre-filled content, editable PDF. The graphics and logos can be locked into the template but all images and text need to be editable. There are 53 slides in total - mostly different colour variations. I ha...

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    android apk 6 Hari left

    A simple android application that will connect to wamp server, will have a textbox that when i type it will filter the will have a set button so i can add more attributes in order to filter. Database will consist of 5 columns which will be given to you.

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    I want to do a vertical carousel component in React JS. I want some images in three columns, and I want them like a vertical carousel. The first row goes automatic from bottom of component to top, the second from top to bottom and the third as the first. like this from Neff: /Thomas

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    email verify 5 Hari left

    1 verify excel file emails (700 emails) (Bounce / correct), emails should not be verified with a verification site, but using a proxy email addresses to send emails 2 write the result of the email verification in the M Email verify column of the excel file 3 writes the contents of column H "Full Name" (Name and Surname) into columns I Name and J Surname second part 4 fix bad / bounced emails

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    Job Description: I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a script that can extract full data from website using API provided by the platform. Pull data. Parse data. Edit one column. Create a second column using data in two other columns. Write certain columns with headers to three different csv files.

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    I have around 22000 images. I want to rename them. I have excel file with 2 columns. First columns is current name of images, and second column is the name I want to replace. No manually. Only need it done by automation, No matter what language you use for automation. I am interested in output only. Would be great if can provide script at the end.

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    Table #1: - 8 columns - Create and populate with some info from a standardized text file (only needs to be done once) Table #2 - 13 columns - With this table we generate a pattern of requests to be made to an API. - The pattern is generated by a .php file, which is used to generate 5 different types of requests to the API. The data used to form these requests is stored in this table. Really, the requests are all pretty similar, with a few variables changing for each request. The API requests will be made using CURL and the JSON stored in this table. PHP File #1 - This php file is used to make the requests to an API, which are formed using the data in table #2 above. - The response from these requests is stored in table #3. - There are 5 rules ...

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    Product Data 5 Hari left shouldn’t need any of the other data – it has been included so you can see what the data format looks like. the Cost Price with the correct pricing from the WS tab – will require using a vlookup function, you will use the BC “SKU” as the lookup value and will be using the “” column on the WS tab to collect the newly updated information the Retail and Price columns to a multiplier of 2.3 – the Cost Price you get from task 1 will be the base price, use this to get the multiplier prices for Retail and Sale the Sale field to a multiplier of 1.4 all pricing to 9.95 – don’t need to do this for the Cost Price column sure the Category column are all formatted correctly – if not this can create a new categ...

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    I have a list of mailing labels, with names and addresses. I need the data to be merged together with the excel sheet properly, matching addresses with names. This likely will need to be done manually. The first person who submits the information completely and accurately wins. Format should be done on excel spreadsheet so that I can edit information and columns as needed.

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    Hi, We have a flashcard app and I had attached the code. Check out the app functionality here here We didn't update the code for a long time and it's not working now in the latest Xcode 14.2 1) You have to convert the code to the latest Swift 4.2 or higher to make it work in Xcode 14.2 2) Make the Apple Watch also work perfectly. 3) Add a new feature for importing excel with 2 columns, one is the question and another column is the answer for pro members only. 4) Make sure it looks and works well in iPhone 6 to iPhone 14 pro max. App Code: ** Please check the attached code before bidding.

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    The work required is to download from this webpage and this is to download from this webpage and this Photos, title and description of all priced $7.99 A spreadsheet should be done with the following columns Product Title Product description (in plain text no html or any other code) Price of the product Name of the file that contains the photo of the product Link to the product webpage

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    One day training on RC Cad for BBS for walls raft piles beams columns

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    Please use the xls file and generate a javascript that checks if a country name (input) is high, medium, or low risk based upon columns A and B of the XLS. DO NOT INCLUDE "THE" in country name listings, ie Bahamas should be "Bahamas" not "THE BAHAMAS"

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    Looking for the following skills in a VA: copywriting lead generation (via twitter and LinkedIn) Twitter thread writing and LinkedIn posts Come up with unique content ideas generate content and subscriber growth ideas researching Your job is to find the 10 best VA under $5/hour for this job (with the s...posts Come up with unique content ideas generate content and subscriber growth ideas researching Your job is to find the 10 best VA under $5/hour for this job (with the skills above). There are sites like , etc. Upwork, fiverr, (this site) too! Use all the resources online... and create a google spreadsheet of 3 columns. For the google sheet, i'm looking for 10 of the BEST VAs you find. 3 columns: name, link to profile on a specific site, email

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    READ EVERYTHING BOTS IN AUTO REPLIES WILL BE IGNORED #################### 1) WHAT I NEED? I just need someone who can export like 70 GMB Google Map reviews to CSV format. I will provide the GMB link. The CSV format has to have the following columns. (keep in mind that column B and C will be empty. A) Customer name B) Product name (this column will be empty) C) SKU (this column will be empty) D) Review content E) Star rating (1 to 5 with no decimals) F) Date and time created – Format this according to the ISO 8601 date and time format (For example: 2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00). #################### 2) IF YOU CAN HELP DO THIS Write at the beginning of your bid: "I can export the 70 reviews to CSV" A combination of best bid and experience will be selected. Th...

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    Design and create an EXCEL spreadsheet, which solves a ‘real world’ or ‘simulated real world’ problem. The spreadsheet must include a minimum of twenty rows and 5 columns of data, incorporate a minimum of five different functions and/or formulas, and three charts appropriate for the spreadsheet. Upload a copy of the project in Moodle.

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    ...also important that the GPS location will be shared. We propose to use flutter flow to build an application that will read the job data and share the foreman location with us. Your job is done: The job is done when: You share the UI design with us and we give you feedback (one time). Then you build the app. We will test: We can install your app on iOS and Android and can retrieve 10 different columns (Job data) from our database (via API) and in return push, GPS coordinates continuously (also when the app is in the background). You write detailed documentation and walk us through the documentation and the flutter flow set-up in a video call which we will record. Chat GPT Feedback: Using Flutter Flow to build an application that reads job data and shares the foreman's ...

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    ...of the steps involved in implementing this solution: Set up a Google Sheet to store all the relevant information about the job offers. This sheet should include columns for the customer name, pickup and drop-off locations, items being moved, and any special instructions or requirements. Use a web scraping tool, such as BeautifulSoup or Scrapy, to scrape the move-specific data from the email that is being sent to your company. This could include extracting the customer's name, pickup and drop-off addresses, and any details about the items being moved. Write a script to automatically insert the scraped data into the appropriate columns in the Google Sheet. This script could be written in Python, for example, and use the Google Sheets API to interact with the Google Shee...

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    App Flutter 3 Hari left

    Development of a very simple app that deals with representing data with graphs that will be updated every minute. In addition to this there must be the login and registration function, the fingerprint and must be able to give the user 1 screen for with an empty table with 3 columns, where he will enter the data that will be sent to the database

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    ...each numerical column, remove the ',' the '$' for the sale price, and then convert them to numeric. • Convert the 'SALE DATE' to datetime. • For each categorical variable, remove the spaces, and then replace the empty string '' by NaN. • Replace the zeros in Prices, Land squares, etc. by NaN • Show a summary of all missing values as well as the summary statistics • Drop the columns 'BOROUGH', 'EASE-MENT', 'APARTMENT NUMBER' • Drop duplicates if any • Drop rows with NaN values • Identify and remove outliers if any • Show the shape of the resulting dataframe. • Consider the log of the prices and normalise the data. 2. Da...

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    I am in need of a software whiz to fix an existing python script for me. This script reads columns and copies values but leading zeroes are currently not being preserved. The version of Python required is Python 3+, and I do have access to the current code for the script. The specific functionality that needs to be fixed is copying values while preserving the leading zeroes. If you think you have the skill set needed to fix this issue, please let me know. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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    ***My max budget is $100*** The target datasets are as follows: Symptoms associated with diseases Genes associated with diseases datasets Drugs/treatments associated with diseases datasets Causes of disea...file. There is no limitation to number of diseases. For each diseases there might be multiple symptoms, treatments etc. You can use any tool to convert data in to single dataset, but final output should be csv. You can find individual datasets for each if them, combine them without even writing any code, copy paste also works, you can use plain excel. Ultimate goal is to create a dataset. Ex columns: Diseases Symptoms Treatments Causes Genes symp1 symp2 ... Treatment1,2,3... Cause1,23,4.... Gene1,2...... Lets say if you require another layer for symp1, make it as sub column un...

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    Dataset overview: It contains 25000000 rows and 5 columns for 85 days from June 1 1990 to Aug 21 1990 Build (any algorithm) one deep learning & one machine learning model to predict value of f1 & f2 for next 30 minutes.

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    ...file showing the page no’s of where the information is. Please can you confirm receipt on Monday and let me know when you can get this done by? Please continue to use the instructions I sent before and I have added a few extra tips in the excel file I sent. There were a few companies where the shareholding information was not quite right - I have added more specific details on the tables and columns we need. Thanks, Steve ...

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    ...clipboard input) has up to 100 rows and seem to be divided into three tables: a) SKU column data (see screenshot in attached file and #3 below). b) Listing Title thru Condition data (multiple columns) (see screenshot in attached file and #4 below). c) Status column data (see screenshot in attached file and #5 below). 2) All output data should be separated by a comma ',' . 3) The Sku column data should be saved as: a) 7500-43-03-817, b) B003F674AU, c) MFN or FBA d) saved to output example: 7500-43-03-817, B003F674AU,MFN, 4) The second section Listing Title thru Condition columns should be saved as: a) Cost if 'Not Set', should be saved as 'none'. If there is a Cost listed, please remove the 'THB' and save as ...

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    Need a website manager 2 Hari left

    Business association needs expert to update website with new information monthly and create new pages or other changes initially and occasionally during the year. The website has been developed and we are not looking for major changes to the design. Information that will change monthly are articles, calendar, and other information such as an annua...changes initially and occasionally during the year. The website has been developed and we are not looking for major changes to the design. Information that will change monthly are articles, calendar, and other information such as an annual conference. Immediate additions will include a calendar, a changing banner on top of page one and page redesign for content (copy is currently screen wide vs. columns or segments) and more room for g...

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    We have over 40,000 products in a csv format, with multiple columns (not all columns required - some requiring merging). Majority of products rows are variable products and require merging with variable parent product with associated attributes. We must be able to reproduce the process using a tool/script (vb maybe?) for other products/updates. We are happy to import products into WooCommerce, its the initial work on csv requires process effort. Example file attached shows how format CSV is presented - note this is only one product! Candidates must provide proof of previous work, and privately message me solution idea. The solution to be presented within 5 days. Budget is £100.00 - do not enter if more.

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    First Modify Columns Second After user upload excell display excel sheet data in the view or HTML table before submitting to database Once click Proceed store it in db , if user click cancel do not store in db Third check validations before store db all tables

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    I'm looking for a skilled programmer to work on a project that requires the implementation of a string view find and translation plus table changes in checkout summary. I nee...changes and no additional features such as search functions. If you think you have the skills, please submit your proposal and I look forward to working together. List: 1: 1 String visible in cart and checkout page: "Shipping By Distance" -> Dostava na adresu 2: 1 String visible in products catalog list: "Weight" -> Količina (kg) 3: adjust columns and rows in checkout summary table, now there is 2 columns, need to create 2 rows and 1 column instead 2 columns and 1 row in product items part table of checkout page. Product name item with quantity is not good lookin...

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    Produce a Bill of Quantity based in SMM7 Standard method of measurement of building works including Foundations, QUANTITIES BY FLOOR OF Walls, Slabs, Columns, etc. all according to SMM7 and must be measure in imperial units. Deliveries in Excell & PDF formats without restrictions to modify.

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    $30 - $250
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    CodeIgniter - Modify Import XLS 1 hari left

    First Modify some Columns in Excell sheet Second Upload XLS file and display Excel sheet data in HTML Table with delete/edit befire it store in Db There will be Validation if there is error display that validation error in the HTML Table Third: there will be proceed and cancel button once upload Excell if user click Proceed button check validation and store it in db with checking all effected tables Fourth :Fix edit /delete once data imported

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    CodeIgniter - Modify Uplaod XLS 1 hari left

    First Modify Columns Second After user upload excell display excel sheet data in the view or HTML table before submitting to database Once click Proceed store it in db , if user click cancel do not store in db

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    ...different brand). And there is a cell for search and choose downlist ( while i start to type, there must be downlist for most fitted names) ( those names will come from a excel database file, i should be editting this database easily to add more customer infos) After customer part, there is order part. As you see in the picture, there are 3 columns. First is a downlist for product codes ( as customer name cell, this should be come from a excel file too). Second columns for only numbers ( piece of products). Third Column is for product details ( A textbox for any text) . Lines can be added auto when last line is filled. After typing is done, there must be a save button. When you save, it should save as a excel file.( Excel file name also should contain the customer name, th...

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    I am looking for an experienced Excel Expert who can understand and transfer data from one format to another. The data set is large, with more than 10 columns. The format of the data can be either tabular or non-tabular. I also need the data to be partially analyzed and interpreted. The successful freelancer must have extensive experience in making sense of large data sets, be detail oriented and have advanced Excel skills. We have a software where customers are bringing in Data from multiple sources but they want to import the data into our System. We have data imports via spreadsheet for Customer, Job Sites, Work Orders and Units. I would like someone who is experienced in excel, who can understand the data that is provided by the customer and is able to translate that data acc...

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    remove the datetime from data and process only with the other data available

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    I am looking for a talented developer to help me develop a microservice using Java Spring Boot. The type of application I am needing this microservice for is web-based, but I do need it to integrate with an existing system. The scope of the project is relatively small, so this should be a fairly straightforward job for an experience...think you would be the ideal candidate for the job. I look forward to hearing from you! I need a microservice in spring boot that uses postgres DB and has db credentials stored in hashicorp vault. It will expose an API at getadditionscost and this will be a get request. Once the request is hit with city(string) in the get parameter the code with parse the table del_fee with city and extra_fee columns. and send a response. Write JUNIT Test case for t...

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    Artikel Komunitas columns Teratas