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    We need to interlocking Pillars & Beams to create a multi-story structure and simulate buildings created in SolidWorks.

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    If interested, text me at +1-780-886-3774 (see descriptions with graphics in attached file) I want: a Windows program that can crawl classified ads website, fetch phone numbers, paste them to notepad and automatically send text message Capable of crawling at minimum the following classified ads website, collect phone number, paste in notepad - [login untuk melihat URL] - [login untu...

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    I have a list of companies in Colorado area that I would like to get more information about. These are service companies providing local services such as plumbing, electrical, painting etc. What I want is two sets of information: 1. What are the services these companies provide? How much do these services usually cost? 2. What are the deals that these companies have going on? You can get ...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. Extractor who able to collect mobile number and email address from LinkedIn Facebook and every URL

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    Qmeter is an enterprise customer feedback and satisfaction management software that allows to know what customers think about your services even before they leave door. By the structure, it is the fastest way to collect customer feedback with all required contact information in seconds. Real-time statistics, advanced reporting, intelligent branch and services comparison, and more. Get closer to cu...

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    Build a Website Berakhir left

    I have a design for a blog website that I'd like to have created for wordpress. The design files are attached. It should be one page with a header section at the top. Then all the blog posts formatted as shown (alternating left and right justified) with the title, info, and social share buttons for each one. Next is an instagram feed Then one more blog post with clickable pages at the...

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    DATA COLLECTION ASSIGNMENT I want you to collect the following data for a specific set of countries from 2013-Now (Israel, Timor-Leste, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bahrain, UAE, Yemen, Palestine, Turkmenistan, Slovenia, Latvia, Montenegro, Buthan, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Albania, Lithuania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Zealand,...

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    Hi fortranPRO, I would like to hire developer to create an IOS app with API and business platform. The budget I set for the project it’s not correct and we can modify it after agreeing on a price. also this project needs to be started in 2 months as we are still in progress of preparing the paper works and flowcharts for development. The details of the app is: This application is loyalty...

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    Hi there, we are about to run a crowdfunding campaign for a specific project in real estate in Slovakia. We need someone who can prepare the campaign and promote it to get the most from it. We need someone who has experience and contacts for donators. We offer 10% from total amount we collect during the campaign.

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    Create script to go through all 409 podcasts found here. https:// blog. bullet [login untuk melihat URL] / bulletproof-radio-episodes-directory/ Each podcast has a link to a Youtube video. For example Podcast 116 links to this Youtube video [login untuk melihat URL] Each Youtube video has the transcripts underneath it. I need you to collect the transcript for each video, the name of t...

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    Dear all, I have a website that's based on WordPress , I am working as a local courier, so I need to create a plugin that will allow me to have a shipping calculator on my website , please find attached an excel sheet that illustrates the matrix I am currently using. The plugin has to be very flexible in terms to add extra zones, cities, types of delivery, and delivery times. below is an e...

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    You need to make a complete graph simulation. On mouse click, a new node is added and the nodes are connected. More details will be provided.

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    i want to scrap 2 website. I want to collect all products details. Categories, price, item name, item photo etc. Please reply only if you can do it 1-2 days. thank you

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    Hello, There are almost 11 000 sollicitors in France. Their credentials are available on a French website. I am looking for a Freelancer to collect their names, adresses, email adresses, fax and phone numbers in order to fill in an Excel Sheet I am going to provide.

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    Hello, I need you to collect data of exhibitors [login untuk melihat URL] And put the data on an xls sheet with the following columns : Name of the company / Sectors of activities / Contact Name / Contact Surname / Contact Title And find extra information as Twitter account / Linkedin url / Professional email And this for every exhibitors (1476) and every contacts (between 1 to 3) for each...

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    "Performance Evaluation of Multi Level Converter type FCL-DVR for Power Quality Enhancement": This project deals with modelling and digital simulation of five level based Fault Current Limiting-Dynamic Voltage Restorer (FCL-DVR).DVR is a power electronic controller that can protect sensitive loads from disturbances in supply [login untuk melihat URL] presents the detailed desi...

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    UseCase: A lipstick buyer wanting to see a selected lip shade simulated on a webcam captured image. Example in the following link [login untuk melihat URL] A desktop application that uses opensource openCV/dlib to detect the facial landmark of the lips and integrate it with the opensource jKiwi application source code to apply a lipshade. The OpenCV/DLIB provided co-ordinates should do away...

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    Looking for an App developer. (Android, iOS) Needed App is in many details comparable with Trivia Crack. Where multiple choice questions have to be answered, score and time resulting in a score figure which can be compared with others. This particular App is aiming at education, where students can test their knowledge about a specific subject by answering questions within a certain time per...

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    I am seeking the business names and email addresses for accommodation outlets and tourist attractions in the Blue Mountains/Lithgow/Penrith/Oberon regions of Australia. We can provide specific regional location details. This should include Motels, Hotels, Resorts, AirBNB, Guest Houses, B&Bs, Tourist Attractions and any place offering tourist accommodation and a tourist attraction. On...

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    The main tasks include: [login untuk melihat URL] for local potential and professional blogger, youtuber, forum, facebook page / group, coupon/deal website or other platforms to be our affiliate partner [login untuk melihat URL] local market information and competitors information and help us to know the local market better [login untuk melihat URL] us in communicating with the local partners ...

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    We are looking forward running an ICO in order to collect funds to develop our project succsesfully.

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    Require a barcode scanning using mobile phone scanner from PHP website. The software will read the barcode and display the number associated with the barcode. The purpose of this function is to scan barcode from product box and collect the barcode into the system. We do not need you to do entire system, just scanning and capturing the number from barcode

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    Royal Mail have a charter from the UK government to collect customs duty and VAT. I airfreight products from Australia to Amazon UK. by our national carrier Australia Post. who link with Royal Mail for delivery within the UK. Royal Mail invoice the receiver for duty payment. Amazon do not pay duties I have contacted Royal Mail to invoice me, the sender, for payment, with no result. But this is...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. Extractor who able to collect mobile number and email address from LinkedIn and Facebook and every URL

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    Need someone to develop application to collect bets from users for later registration on the lottery store. There are six types of games. On game1 player can choose at least 6 from 60 numbers, on game2 player can choose at least 15 from 25 numbers, and so on. There are also pre defined sets of games where users can buy a share. Please make contact so we can discuss the details. Main features ar...

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    Hi Ankit Saxena, I would like to hire developer to create an IOS app with API and business platform. The budget I set for the project it’s not correct and we can modify it after agreeing on a price. also this project needs to be started in 2 months as we are still in progress of preparing the paper works and flowcharts for development. The details of the app is: This application is loyal...

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    We would like to get the average likes / views from a number of posts of the same user. we want the ability to choose the number of posts that we collect the data (likes or views). should be in a form format where we can enter the user ID/ username and select likes or view and select the number of last posts to check. the result should be average number of likes/views per post

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    Looking for an experienced developer to assist in a project. We require a phishing email simulation platform that we can host in our facilities, Please research into the Phishing platforms Lucy, GoPhish and also those available on the web for penetration testing, For example, GoPhish/Frenzy is an open source platform and may provide some of the functionality to reduce development time. Abili...

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    Here is a high level workflow for the plugin to be created: - Visitor will open a wordpress page (let's call subject page) created over OptimizePress- The plugin will popup a dialog screen asking for the email address (if not provided, subject page content won't be displayed)- When pressing submit, the plugin will check if there is a cookie for that email address (already validated)- If ...

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    We need an experienced developer to complete our unfinished website. Our website is an online platform that allows our users to locate and order from their favorite takeaway and get it delivered at home What do we need? * conclude the payment part - using Stripe. Users must be to chose whether to pay by card or cash ( upon collection or delivery ) * Geolocation of the restaurant. - U...

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    Goodbye to everyone i am new to labview, i have been commissioned to do a simulation but unfortunately I have no high knowledge in labview, i would basically take the maximum and minimum of an oscilloscope acquisition and elaborate it through labview with enough functions Rudimentary, but unfortunately the first part of me is hard to do it, they are several days that "scary" but I can no...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can complete market research for me. I am looking to collect ear a regarding homes and businesses in New York State / Westchester County. I would like to know the number of homes above / below $500,000 & $1,000,000. Also information about the number of businesses by category, also sorted by small, medium, and large companies. Looking forward towards heari...

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    Your fixed-fee quote must also include a guaranteed delivery date for this work. I need this work done sooner than later, so those with earlier guaranteed delivery dates will be given greater consideration. I have about 278 companies that I need to collect 3 pieces of information from two different websites. (1): Collect the "Chamber of Commerce" number for each company from a go...

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    A foreign company wants to open a China domestic wechat subscripton account and a weibo account to push content to Chinese audience, introduce its services in China and collect personal data. We are looking for someone with experience in internet marketing in China who previously managed official accounts to setup the accounts on both platforms, and to create the first three contents on each platf...

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    I would like someone to look up and collect the email addresses of all the law firms in Brussels, Belgium and put them in an Excel file so that I can send a mass email advert via MailChimp.

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    we are looking to develop and Spin&Win game application. Main purpose is to collect our clients’ data while offering giveaways. Attached is a draft of the design. Customers will have to initially enter their phone number and email address - and if identified (entered before), they will be redirected to the “SPIN & WIN” page to proceed with playing – if not,...

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    My website "[login untuk melihat URL]" has been developed in Drupal. I would like to make a few developments on it. Fist step is a popup window to collect e-mail adresses. If this project goes well, we will go further for other developments

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    We are currently looking for a Freelance Creative Content Writer (f/m) for Spain. As a young business, our website needs to make itself known and be distinguished in the market place. With this in mind we are looking for someone who can both create and optimize content for our online magazine. We are homify - an interactive platform for Home and Living! Whether you’re looking for the rig...

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    I need a longterm connection with a freelancer that together with me, and the rest of the team, can help with programming the tasks around a advanced selv-made back-end system for Estate business for our customers. See more at [login untuk melihat URL] You need to have advanced programming skills around LESS, CSS2, HTML, JQUERY The system is made in a HTML/JQUERY/LESS/CSS/ template with Cl...

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    A light guide system for interior automotive component, requires ray trace simulation, including the illumination and chromaticity charts. Optimizing proposals are also to be made. The component is used in centre console of a car. The system comprises of light guide element, diffuser, reflector and is powered by two LEDs.

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    I would like you to realize in HTML a landing page for the adult sector. It takes a very well cut out page so that everything is visible without any horizontal or vertical scrolling. When the user arrives on the chat, there is a video of a woman chatting in webcam (video provided). It takes under this video to appear a chat window, and that the surfer can type a text that will appear in respons...

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    Many sites like uniqlo and apple don't send packages to forwarding address (probably because their customer service is not international). I need to send my packages to someone living or working in new Hampshire so they collect it and then send it again to my adders in [login untuk melihat URL] Simple work :) steps: i'll be sending a package from uniqlo for example. then i'll ...

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    Collect documents from 4 different locations in Delhi/NCR ( Noida sector 62, Rohini sector 18, Dwarka sector 21, Mukherjee nagar). Take pics of all the documents and mail me. Also courier the hard copies to me.

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    JEUX FlyBoard. Berakhir left

    Hello Realization of an iOS + Android multi-platform mobile application of an improved reality game oriented FlyBoard. Gameplay and ergonomics: similar to Pokémon GO, that is to say the visualization on the screen of his character in flyboard mode, able to traverse the streets (following google map API + geolocation) in France at the beginning. Meet other players, pick up and collect ...

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    Hi Ark Games, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. The project is for a nursery. Following features:- I want a mobile app developed for my friends nursery. The following are the features:- CLASSROOM Photos: Snap and share pictures. Videos: Easily capture learning milestones and memorable moments, and seamlessly share with parents. Learning & Assessments: Record stud...

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    Trophy icon Design an App Mockup Berakhir left

    Design (1 to 24 attached) an iOS app where independent suppliers can create virtual shops through which they can sell their home-made products to other app users in the middle east. Regarding the logo, please design the below Arabic word, into a shape that represents its meaning in calligraphy (collect/gather/compile/combine/assemble) as in the following website: ([login untuk melihat URL]): ...

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    Sorotan Bergaransi Bersegel Kontes Teratas PK
    24 entri
    Data collection Berakhir left

    The freelancer will collect data from 1000 individuals in their country. Persons from the United States, Denmark and China.

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    If you have a team with minimum 3 / 4 persons, then bid. And also need it very urgently, will be finished in 2 - 3 hours. I will provide link where you collect all information. I need almost 700 completed data more. Budget $10 (AUD) fixed. If you agree, then write "Agree" in the top of your bid proposal.

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    Here is a list of 239 literary journals: [login untuk melihat URL] For each journal, I would like several variables: Accuracy, Days Reported, Responses, Acceptances, Rejections, Non-Responses, Lost/Returned, Never Responded, Withdrawals, and Pending. You can obtain the variables by searching here: [login untuk melihat URL] I would like the information in a spreadsheet with one row per journa...

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