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    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Building Information Modeling (BIM) Specialist to assist in the development of our warehouse building project. This project encompasses a significant scope with an estimated area of 9000 sqm and involves multidisciplinary c...collaboration, with a solid understanding of architectural, structural, and MEP principles. 3. Proficiency in leading and mentoring teams, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills to foster a collaborative work environment. 4. Expertise in producing DED drawings with LOD 300 - 400. 5. Familiarity with relevant software and technologies used in BIM modeling and project management. (Autodesk AEC Collection & SAP2000) 6. On-site availability is preferred to facilitate direct oversight, collaboration,...

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    Rencana pelaksanaan selama 1 tahun kalender, waktu menyelesaikan design 2 minggu Scope pekerjaan dari sipil, mekankal, elektrikal, hvac, arsitek Diperlukan keahlian Autodesk Revit (Mandatory) dan memahami pekerjaan kontraktor Kandidat terpilih bisa bekerja secara flexible dengan renumerasi negotiable

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    Scope pekerjaan: Renovasi gedung yang sdh ada Menghubungkan gedung 1 dan lainnya Membangun ruang produksi cleanroom Pekerjaan melingkupi sipil, mekanikal, struktur, HVAC, arsitek, elektrikal dan instrumen Jadwal pelaksanaan 1 tahun kalender, waktu design 2 - 3 minggu Diperlukan keahlian Autodesk Revit (Mandatory) dan pekerjaan kontraktor Kandidate terpilih dapat bekerja dengan waktu flixible dan renumerasi menarik We need autodesk revit designer to support our project. We need 3D renderings ofcourse including BoQ, shop floor drawing

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    Código c++ Arduino para modificar desde app Inventor 2 sliders y recibir en Arduino esos datos

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    Diskusi Desain Area Madiun untuk mendiskusikan desain di area kota madiun. mendiskusikan pekerjaan desain menggunakan inventor untuk manufaktur. gambar desain awal dari kami untuk kemudian diteruskan menjadi gambar 3d yang dapat diproduksi oleh manufaktur. kebutuhan skill autodesk inventor kolaborasi menggunkan autodesk vault. mengetahuan mendasar tentang mechanical engineering. prefernsi analisa ansys

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    Logo Autodesk Berakhir left

    Elegant, simple, desain Logo autodesk

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    menyelesaikan segala jenis proyek 3D, dalam format ipt

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    kami membutuhkan scripting untuk pembuatan plugin autodesk maya , yaitu plugin otomasi anticipation, seperti membuat bounce ball hanya dengan plugin saja, yang menggunakan bahasa pemograman python

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    Hi, so here I want to animate the character "" that I will prepare according to what is in "", deadline before December 9, 2019. Surely it is made and runs on Autodesk Maya 2019 with a duration of 30 seconds.

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    ...sebagai knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD). Data dalam jumlah besar termasuk data kekayaan intelektual yang dikelola oleh Sentra Kekayaan Intelektual (Sentra KI) dalam segala bentuk dan tingkatannya. Data itu diperoleh dari semua inventor, desainer, dan pencipta yang dilayaninya. Peningkatan kualitas layanan bisa diperoleh dengan instalasi Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) sebagai mana diinisiasi oleh World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Permasalahan muncul ketika hanya sedikit perguruan tinggi sebagai tempat berhimpun semua inventor, desainer, dan pencipta yang memiliki sentra kekayaan intelektual. Dari jumlah Sentra KI yang tidak banyak, makin sedikit yang mengimplementasikan TISC dengan payung hukum nota kesepahaman dengan Direktorat Jen...

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    Sama mampu untuk membuat sebuah kreasi desain, art ataupun AutoCAD dengan model 2D dan 3D

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    Proyek desain Berakhir left

    Buat beberapa model 3D Mampu mengoperasikan Autocad 2d&3d, slidworks, autodesk inventor, google sketchup, Adobe Photoshop.

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    Design me a Product Berakhir left

    Kemampuan Komputer (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook dan Internet), Menguasai Auto Cad, Invetor fusion (3D modeling), Menguasai SketchUp (3D Modeling),saya cukup mahir dalam menjalanakan program design AutoCAD 3D dan inventor fusion.

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    Create an Animation Berakhir left

    I'm looking for a project 3D Character Animation. I mastered the software is Blender and Autodesk Maya.

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    Design me a Product Berakhir left

    design job use autodesk inventor

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    3d model 3d rendering 3d animation photoshop autodesk maya

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    3d modelling (Autodesk maya) Animation (Autodesk maya)

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    I am seeking a developer proficient in MIT App Inventor to create an educational and user-friendly application relating to animals, suitable for the Android platform. This project would ideally be completed ASAP. Key Features: - The application's main interface should display ten different animal images. - Each image, when selected, should directly link to an external website providing information about that specific animal. The perfect candidate for this job will have: - Proficiency in using MIT App Inventor - An understanding of user-interface design - Experience in working with external website links within apps - Ability to deliver the project quickly and efficiently.

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    I'm currently learning to use Autodesk Fusion 360 and require someone with expertise in this platform to guide me through a problem regarding model creation. Specifically, I'm having difficulty in creating and editing features within the software. Key Problem: • The task I'm struggling with involves shelling out two different bodies that have been linked using the loft command but the top requires a different thickness from the bottom without altering the overall design. Please refer to the attached images for better explanations. The ideal candidate: • Should have comprehensive knowledge and skills both in Fusion 360 and its functions, particularly in model creation. • Needs extensive experience in creating and editing features within the 3D modeling...

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    EV Mechanical Engineers Needed 5 Hari left

    I'm in need of skilled mechanical engineers with experience in the electric vehicle (EV) space for a unique project. We are looking for vehicle development engineers with expertise in CAD design/development skills (Fusion 360/Inventor/SolidWorks), with DFM/DFA/GD&T and manufacturing experience for CNC machining, molding, casting, sheet metal and forging. The Project: - I'm working on a new, innovative vehicle. While I'm not disclosing a specific audience at the moment, the vehicle is similar in scope to an electric bike or electric scooter. Your passion and experience with the EV industry and your ability to think outside the box will be highly valued. I look forward to seeing your proposals.

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    I'm in need of a talented 3D graphic artist who can help me design a realistic product. While I don't have a preference for the software you use, it's important that you're proficient in one of the following: Blender, Autodesk Maya or Cinema 4D. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in 3D graphic designing for product design. - Proficiency in Blender, Autodesk Maya or Cinema 4D. - Ability to create realistic 3D graphics. - Strong portfolio of previous 3D product designs with a realistic style. The end result should be a detailed and realistic 3D representation of the product I have in mind.

    $25 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    76 penawaran

    ...task would be to visualize these structures in three different aspects:. I NEED IT to create a catalogue. - Exterior views - Interior views - Aerial views I would like to see 3-4 images for each view type. I am particularly interested in bright colors (blue, yellow, red) to make these warehouses pop visually. Ideal skills for this project would be proficiency with 3D rendering software like Autodesk 3ds Max, SketchUp, Cinema 4D or similar and a keen eye for aesthetics. Prior experience in architectural or industrial design projects would be a plus. The ability to translate rough sketches and designs into compelling visuals is critical. In your proposal, kindly outline your experience with architectural rendering, and if possible, provide examples of similar projects you...

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    Interactive Animal Encyclopedia App 4 Hari left

    I am seeking a developer proficient in MIT App Inventor to create an educational and user-friendly application relating to animals, suitable for the Android platform. This project would ideally be completed ASAP. Key Features: - The application's main interface should display ten different animal images. - Each image, when selected, should directly link to an external website providing information about that specific animal. The perfect candidate for this job will have: - Proficiency in using MIT App Inventor - An understanding of user-interface design - Experience in working with external website links within apps - Ability to deliver the project quickly and efficiently.

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    34 penawaran

    I need a 3D model created to visualize an invention. The model doesn't need to be highly intricate, a medium level of detailing is more than enough for this project. It's crucial that the exterior design is included in the model, w...considerations will be given to freelancers with a strong portfolio in 3D model creation with substantial attention to exterior design details. The project is for visualization purposes only so you won't need to worry about mechanical parts or electric circuits in the model. Key skills required include 3D Design and 3D Rendering. It has been suggested that a good program to use for this model might be Inventor. An animation of a similar style/level of design, as an example is - :aaid:sc:AP:0687f7f2-13b9-45f3-840a-14b48d4b643a

    $279 (Avg Bid)
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    96 penawaran

    To bring my vision to life, I am urgently seeking a seasoned 3D Animator. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Mastery of main 3D animation software. While I haven't decided on a specific tool like Blender, Cinema 4D, or Autodesk Maya, I require professionalism and knowledge. You're free to utilize your preferred tool. * Experience with rapid project execution. Since this project needs to be completed ASAP, a demonstrable track record of efficient yet excellent work under tight deadlines is vital. Expectations: * You'll work in close cooperation with me to ensure the final product is aligned with my vision. * Clarity and honesty about project deadlines and progress at all times. * Practicing discretion regarding project details due to the nature of content. * And you n...

    $444 (Avg Bid)
    $444 Rata-rata
    51 penawaran

    I am seeking an experienced developer to create a comprehensive ERP system for my construction company that manages our inventory, projects and finances Key System Features: - Inventor Management: We need the system to provide an efficient way to manage purchase orders as well as generate invoices and quotations. - Project Management: The system should have the capability to track the progress of each project - Financial Management: An integrated module to streamline all our financial activities is also necessary Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in ERP development - Understanding of construction industry processes - Strong knowledge in managing inventory and project workflows - Proven expertise in financial software development

    $216 (Avg Bid)
    $216 Rata-rata
    12 penawaran

    ...DWF drawing to a workable DWG file. The purpose of this conversion is to be able to edit and modify the drawing, as well as its integration with Inventor CAD software. Key Requirements: - Precise and accurate conversion of layers, text/annotations, dimensions, and the full drawing - Preservation of all the components and elements within the drawing as they are crucial to my project - Delivery of a workable and editable DWG file for integration with Inventor Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency with different CAD software especially DWF and DWG format - Robust experience in converting DWF drawings to DWG files - Strong knowledge of Inventor integration - Keen attention to detail to ensure accurate preservation of all elements during conversion I count on y...

    $131 (Avg Bid)
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    30 penawaran

    ...drafter who excels in Autodesk Revit to build an in-depth model of a 30-story apartment building. This project requires completion in less than a month, thus demands a professional who can effectively manage deadlines. Key Specifications: - The apartment building has a wide array of spaces; private, public, as well as different room types ranging from studios to penthouses. - The Revit model needs to be highly detailed encompassing architectural, structural, and MEP aspects. Profound knowledge in these areas is paramount. - The project also contains more than two unique floor designs. This necessitates a skilled drafter, experienced in working on complex multi-story projects. - The project has restaurants, gym, spa, pool Candidate Proficiencies: - Advanced Autodesk Rev...

    $534 (Avg Bid)
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    42 penawaran

    I need an expert in Autodesk Maya to create a realistic 3D model of a small section of a library. I will provide photographs and necessary measurements. The goal is visualization, so attention to detail is paramount. Key requirements: - Apply wood finishing textures to the 3D elements. - Use natural daylight conditions for rendering. - Experience in using Arnold renderer is required. Skills that would come in handy for this project: proficiency in 3D modelling, experience with Autodesk Maya, keen eye for detail, and understanding of light conditions.

    $109 (Avg Bid)
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    9 penawaran

    ...proficient shader developer who can assist with the creation of texturing and post-processing shaders tailored for the Cesium platform. I envisioned using an Autodesk Construction Cloud-type of shader to heighten the immersion and detail level of 3D models displayed in Cesium. Key tasks include: * Design and Implement textures using texturing shaders. * Develop post-processing shaders for a unique environment effect. * Emulate Autodesk Construction Cloud-type shaders for Cesium platform’s 3D models. Ideal skills and experience: * Extensive experience working with Cesium platform and shader development. * Familiarity with Autodesk Construction Cloud. * Proven track record of creating high-quality texturing and post-processing shaders. Your primary goal wi...

    $537 (Avg Bid)
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    4 penawaran

    I'm in need of an Autodesk Inventor 2024 expert, proficient in 3D modeling, assembly design, and drawing creation. This role specifically involves: - Building 3D models - Creating assembly designs - Drawing and detailing designs Further, experience in the following Inventor features is highly desirable: - Automotive design - Product simulation To succeed in this role, you should have substantial experience with Autodesk Inventor, ideally within the 2024 version, and a strong understanding of automotive design and product simulation.

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    Hola <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"> chico de los recados </font></font>, vi tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos discutir cualquier detalle por chat. TIENES EXPERIENCIA EN APP INVENTOR.????

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    I am looking for an experienced Autodesk Revit expert to create a 3D flyover video of a model I already have. I need both interior and exterior views included in the video with moderate levels of detail. Strong knowledge of 3D rendering and video creation using Revit or other software compatible with Revit is strongly recommended for this job. The ability to depict moderate details effectively will also be a significant plus. Looking forward to seeing the life you can bring to this model.

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    I need a highly skilled designer with proficiency in Autodesk Revit to take existing PDF floor plans of an existing high-stud warehouse and two Storey office block creating new Revit floor plans. You need to be able to read the structural plans and overlay these with the building plans to complete this project. Attached is a sample of the existing PDF plan so you can see the quality of what we have. The purpose is to facilitate: -Tenant / Landlord negotiations -Future Design modifications. The floor plans should carefully incorporate: - External walls, curtain wall windows and doors - Interior office layouts and door positions. - Position of Structural columns in wall layout. - Site plan including buildings and carpark layout. The successful person will receive from us additional:...

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    I am seeking skilled professionals in conducting Random Vibration Simulation through Autodesk Nastran simulation software. The purpose of the job is to perform simulations on a few mechanical components, made of either PEEK or Ultem 9085. The components are simple and small, hence their vibrations frequencies must fall between the range of 500-1500 Hz. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Autodesk Nastran software - Background in mechanical engineering - Experience handling vibration testing simulations - Knowledge of mechanical properties of PEEK and Ultem 9085 materials. Bid if you have the skills and experiences mentioned above. Detailed instructions will be provided once we proceed. Looking forward to quality proposals.

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    25 penawaran

    This project is focused on the design/Modification of a PCB intended for mass production. The design is expected to have an intermediate complexity, including elements like microcontrollers, memory modules and GSM modules. To ensure the quality and safety of the final product, the design must strictly adhere to IPC Standards. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in Autodesk Eagle - Proven experience in PCB design, preferably with mass production in mind. - Proficient in dealing with intermediate complexity components such as microcontrollers and memory modules. - Familiarity with IPC Standards is a must. - Highly detail-oriented, ensuring the produced design is efficient, safe, and meets the industry standards. - Can provide examples of previous PCB designs is a plus.

    $86 (Avg Bid)
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    11 penawaran

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to craft an add-in for the Inventor program. The add-in should output the product's bill of materials and all related subcomponents as an XML file, ideally depicting them in a structured, child-like hierarchy. I would be particularly impressed with candidates who can demonstrate: - Hands-on experience with the Inventor program and add-in development. - Proficiency in XML/json and an understanding of hierarchical data structures. - Proposing a flexible solution that could work across multiple versions of the program. Please include your relevant experiences in your application, as this is a critical factor for me in selecting the right person for this job. No need for worrying about any style guidance for the XML output- just the pla...

    $422 (Avg Bid)
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    52 penawaran

    I have an STL of the character "BIG DADDY" from the BIOSHOCK games. I need it to convert to a smooth solid body using Inventor, Rhino 3D, Fusion 360 or similar. I have already redraw some parts using SPACECLAIM but there are some surfaces that are a bit complex and I can't do it properly.

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    Job Advertisement: CAD Engineer - Fire Alarm Systems Position: CAD Engineer - Fire Alarm Systems Location: Remote (United States, Eastern Time Zone preferred) Company Overview: We are a leading provider of cutting-edge fire alarm and safety solutions, committed to ensuring the pr...remote team environment. Strong attention to detail and accuracy in documentation. Availability to work during USA Eastern Time Zone business hours and participate in Teams calls with our office staff. Preferred Qualifications: Previous experience working in the fire protection or building systems industry. Knowledge of relevant codes and standards such as NFPA, IBC, and NEC. Experience with Autodesk AutoCAD or similar CAD software packages. Certification or training in fire alarm systems design or en...

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    ...illustrating the proposed update. I have the design and both the current and new floor plans are already prepared. Thus, I require a Freelancer who can take these plans and build a representation in 3D, with room for revisions. The design elements, themes, and color schemes will be provided with a 3D render for reference Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in 3D rendering software such as Autodesk 3D Max or SketchUp. - Experience in architectural rendering, specifically restaurants or retail spaces. - Strong grasp of architectural and interior design concepts. - Flexibility and willingness to make revisions. - Ability to incorporate design themes and color schemes as they are decided. Please provide examples of similar projects you've completed, and describe you...

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    43 penawaran

    I need an experienced designer to create comprehensive PDF drawings of grease arrestors. Both 2D and 3D representations are required. The design goal is to create a system that effectively prevents grease from entering drains. Key responsibilities: - Creating detailed and accurate 2D and 3D drawings - Designing a compatible mould Ideal skills: - Proficient in Inventor CAD software - Comprehensive understanding of mould design. Models we need Drawn. B.GH.5000 B.GH.4000 B.GH.3000 B.GH.2000 B.GH.1500 B.GH.1100 B.GH.600 Each size will have 3 parts, Top, Bottom and Baffle. Moulds will need to be like the attached mould drawings. Follow Brochure for Sizing.

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    51 penawaran

    I am seeking an experienced coder familiar with Autodesk Maya who can write a script to convert data from a CSV file into geometric meshes. The script should place the resulting text, which is the only information contained in the CSV, above my 3D models; it should be centered each time for consistency. Familiarity with both geometry manipulation using scripts and working with CSV files is essential. Key skillset should include: - Proficiency with Autodesk Maya - Strong scripting abilities - Working knowledge of geometric meshes and CSV files - Understanding of text placement in 3D environments

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    ...designed in Autodesk Tinkercad. All files are ready and in working order, but I would like some adjustments made to the programming. The updated code will need to work with a 16x2 LCD screen communicating through I2C. The following changes are needed: Duel button disarm function Opening screen reading clean up the progroam * Display a countdown timer that starts from 00:00:00. This timer should only start when triggered by a button press. * The LCD screen should also show user instructions. The specifics for those instructions will be provided after hiring. Expertise needed: * Proficient in Arduino programming * Experience working with 16x2 LCD screens and I2C communication * Detail-oriented to ensure proper display of information I want this created in Autodesk ...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer with expertise in Autodesk AutoCAD to create a high-detail 3D model. Key Goals: - Create an advanced level 3D Model using Autodesk AutoCAD. - Demonstrate high attention to detail and precision. Ideal Skills: - AutoCAD proficiency - Strong 3D modeling skills - Comprehensive knowledge in achieving high-level detail This project requires a keen eye, a strong understanding of 3D modeling practices, and expert maneuvering of Autodesk AutoCAD. This level of detail demands focusing on the minutia, accuracy, and deliver a product of high aesthetic and functional appeal. Candidates with a track record in advanced level modeling are warmly encouraged to apply.

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    I'm in need of a specialist with comprehensive skills in the program, Inventor Professional 2024. The ideal freelancer for this task should be adept at: - 3D modeling - Creating detailed technical drawings - Assembly design In this project, there will be a strong emphasis on these three elements. Although I have not indicated any unique features or functionalities for the 3D models, technical drawings or assembly designs, I'm open to suggestions from the professional who will be working on the tasks. As for the formats, those can be decided upon as we proceed with the project. I'm open to the most efficient file formats that can facilitate the work most effectively. Your proficiency with Inventor Professional 2024 and your ability to deliver high-qualit...

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    I am looking for a drafter with AutoCAD experience who can take 3D models exported from Inventor into AutoCAD and create front, top and side hidden line views. The end result must be flat (all at Z=0) and must be only in model space.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    46 penawaran

    Hello! We have many new products and because of this we need additional capacity to create our instruction manuals. We are looking for an Autodesk Inventor professional who can support us with creating these. We have a certain design language to comply to, of which a sample will be provided as a reference. As a first step we want to focus on one specific module as a test case. What we need: Delivery: 1. Making a presentation view in Inventor to be able to create the views for the instruction manual afterwards. 2. Preparing the 2d manual in inventor as specified in our corporate design. Specified assignment: 1. Make the module manual of Frame 022 ready, same as the example Delivered from us: 1. PDF of the Frame 022 manual. 2. All the icons that are used in ...

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    17 penawaran

    I'm searching for an experienced engineer capable of conducting a detailed API 650 standard internal floating roof and cone roof analysis on an oil storage tank using Autodesk robot structural analysis or any other structural analysis software. The intended project should provide: • Thorough structural analysis of the steel storage tank roof system consisting of roof trusses and columns. • Results that are consistent with API 650 standards. • Analysis and design using Autodesk robot is preferred but other structural analysis software are acceptable Ideally, you should have: • Proficient understanding of Autodesk robot for structural analysis. • Deep knowledge of API 650 standards. • Past exposure to static analysis in steel struc...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking a skilled 3D artist to design Hair bun for a human character. The ideal freelancer would have: - Previous experience with modeling hair on human characters. - Strong proficiency in Autodesk Maya Xgen. - Will be needing an Alembic File for the Hair and a Hair Card Version - Ability to bring conceptual ideas to life in a creative and engaging manner. Please provide me with portfolio pieces or examples where you've performed similar work. The completion of this project calls for good attention to detail in the interpretation, simulation, and design of 3D character hair.

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    8 penawaran

    I'm looking for an experienced developer who can successfully integrate Autodesk ACC with through API. Tasks: - Retrieving documents from Autodesk ACC and sending them into - Sending files to a specified folder in Autodesk ACC. Key requirements: - Proficiency in using ’s API connector. - Experience in handling and transferring data and files between platforms. - Familiarity with Autodesk ACC's data handling. The documents need to be transferred to in their original format. This is a crucial aspect of the integration, therefore, attention to detail and accuracy in data transmission are of utmost importance. Expectations: - Use Autodesk ACC and to manipulate data. - Ensure seamless data synchronization. - Maintain the...

    $250 - $750
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    $250 - $750
    13 penawaran