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    Kami drafter freelance melayani jasa pembuatan editing gambar dan gambar baru dengan autocad dan sketchup. Gambar yang kami kerjakan meliputi : 1. gambar imb, 2. layout, 3. banner/iklan , 4. mebel, , 5. rumah, 6. interor 7. Sticker 8. Produk design dll. Harga disesuaikan dengan banyak dan rumitnya gambar dan bisa disesuaikan dengan buget yang ada (negotiable). Gambar 2d dan 3d ok. File gb...

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    Saya membutuhkan analisa struktur baja untuk masjid 3 lantai, sudah ada gambar struktur baja (file dwg) dan juga gambar arsitektur. Kami membutuhkan analisa struktur terhadap gambar struktur yang sudah ada apakah aman atau perlu diubah lagi dimensi baja-nya. Dikarenakan ini proyek masjid untuk sekolah jadi kami mencari yang harganya tidak mahal. Terimakasih.

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    Saya memerlukan freelance untuk menghitung RAB atau bill of quantity untuk proyek 2 lantai dengan tipe atau luasan bangunan 185 m2. Data yang ada berupa gambar kerja lengkap file dwg, dan gambar 3D (file sketchup juga ada). Saya membutuhkan tenaga freelance murah dan cepat. Tingkat smk bangunan atau s1 fresh graduate sipil sepertinya lebih sesuai. Silahkan ajukan harga per m2. Trimakasih.

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    Saya mempunyai data kontur dari hasil pengukuran dan elevasi dengan file dwg (autocad). Saat ini saya sedang merencanakan untuk membangun gedung futsal berdasarkan data kontur yg saya punyai saat ini. Saya memerlukan perhitungan volume untuk cut and fil,sehingga saya merencanakan biaya yg saya butuhkan untuk pekerjaan tersebut.

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    Saya akan renovasi rumah tinggal area belakang, pekerjaannya antara lain : 1. Membuat kamar belakang dan taman kecil di lantai 1 2. Membuat area santai di lantai 2 3. Membuat area jemuran, cucian dan tandon air di lantai 3 Total area yg akan direnovasi adalah 36 m2 Output yg saya butuhkan adalah : 1. Gambar Detail arsitektural 2. Gambar Detail Struktur 3. Gambar detail ME Semua dalam form...

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    saya mempunyai beberapa file pdf yang ingin saya transfer ke .dwg saya membutuhkan drafter yang bisa membantu saya detail akan saya berikan nanti

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    Hello all, This is a simple and straight forward AutoCAD project. I have 220 x 2D Technical Drawings to be manually converted to AutoCAD (DWG). Attached below is a sample file of what the drawing should look like. Below are some notes for you to take note: - All drawings are almost the same. - Only convert the FRONT VIEWS that is on the technical drawing, however, I will need ALL details th...

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    Greetings I have 3 input files: - Revit model of the house - Accurate size and coordinate Revit model 2020 for water tank - Detailed 2d DWG about the structural parts of the water tank Required output: -Detailed and connected Revit model of the water tank with all structural details Files will be uploaded after awarding you the job Time: 3 Days Maximum budget is 30$

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    TINKER Project ~ I need a 3d perspective OF A residence. freelancer will be provided with 2d plan . will need the 3d as a pdf or jpeg from freelancer thank you

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    I have multiple files of an Offshore platform in .dwg to be layered one above the other. The final platform model is required to be converted in DGN7 or STEP format for further analysis. The files are huge and take a long time in rendering. I expect the person who takes the job, has strong hardware configuration. The final file shall have low size.

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    Greetings I have structural details for constructing a ground isolated water tank on PDF written in Arabic Requirements: - English Translation - Update DWG file accordingly Output: Correct English translation on PDF-> First milestone Update DWG file-> Second milestone Kindly see attached files for assessment You can do only the first part if you do not have any experience in DWG files. How...

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    Hi, I require 3-4 pages of 3D designs of house exterior and interior highlighting the beauty of doors and windows. I can provide photos of some of the doors and windows and CAD Dwg (2D) showing the dimensions and details.

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    Hi ARCHVISION3D, Hi, good to see your projects. Please let me know what all services you provide. My ultimate requirement is to create a product brochure for steel doors and windows. I require 3-4 pages of 3D designs of house exterior and interior highlighting the beauty of doors and windows. I can give you photos of some of the doors and windows and CAD Dwg (2D) showing the dimensions and details...

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    Hi, I require a high resolution aerial photo (from Nearmaps or similar) that is geo-referenced to Perth Coastal Grid (PCG94) and then added in world coordinates to a blank DWG (so we can XREF into our drawings and it comes into the correct location) Please respond with your ability to perform the task, experience, expected resolution of the image (in m/pixel) and time to deliver. Note: resol...

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    Set CAD standars on DWG 2 Hari left

    I would like to set a CAD standard with all the pertinent detail.

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    In the attached DWG file, there is a cul de sac named Badcock pl. I am in need of a 3D realistic representation of this cul de sac. ASAP

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    In Need of a Civil 3D representation 2 Hari left

    I am in need of a civil 3D representation of a cul de sac. I have a dwg file and just need a 3D model to be created for the street called Badcock place. ASAP

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    Create cad drawings for sticker wallpaper printing. DXF DWG 2000 format 3 designs required as per the files attached Some drawings are required in different sizes as per the slides attached The Om symbol and the elephant I need the reverse negative mirror image also Totally 7 files Totally you will give me

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    from to Bearing (angle from north) Distance a b 100 90 c d d e e f f g g a 1 Measurement by data Show on google earth Draw a dwg file with scale calculating area from to Bearing (angle from north) Distance a b 100 90 c d d e e f f g g a Finally get report on this format with desired image from to Bearing (angle from north) Distance a b 100 90 c d d e e f f g g a ...

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    1. Create an electrical schematic diagram from an existing DWG and redlined PDF. Please use DWG file "[login untuk melihat URL]" and update as per page 2 in "REDLINED [login untuk melihat URL]" 2. Create a front panel layout GA of an electrical control panel from existing DWGs and redlined PDF. Please use DWG file "[login untuk melihat URL]" and update as per page 1 ...

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    We need a lifelike 3D architectural photo render to insert a cladding profile (supplied in DWG) onto the facade of a building. This building would need to be designed by you (or pulled from archives), with the building needing a large facade area that can be replaced with our cladding profile. Please attach examples of building renders, and examples of the building in which the cladding could be...

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    Hi, I need a architect drawing of a two story house in dwg files, here i am attaching the sketches.

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    I want to design my villa 2D plans 2 stories: Ground floor for guest ( guest room, dinning room, living room, kitchen and guest bed room) First floor for bedrooms 3 bedrooms, Master room, living salah The work must deliver in pdf and dwg format Best wishes

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    I want to design my villa 2D plans 2 stories: Ground floor for guest ( guest room, dinning room, living room, kitchen and guest bed room) First floor for bedrooms 3 bedrooms, Master room, living salah The work must deliver in pdf and dwg format Best wishes

    $340 (Avg Bid)
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    1 penawaran

    I want to design my villa 2D plans 2 stories: Ground floor for guest ( guest room, dinning room, living room, kitchen and guest bed room) First floor for bedrooms 3 bedrooms, Master room, living salah The work must deliver in pdf and dwg format Best wishes

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    We are looking for SVG or image formatting experts for consulting help. We get DWG or PDF format files for floor layouts from customers, which we want to convert to SVG with the right properties. Our requirement is to have a software module which we can use to: - Remove unnecessary content from DWG/PDF files and convert them into SVG format - Converted SVG file should be clean, light weight (shou...

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    6 penawaran

    We are an engineering company designing and manufacturing specialist equipment for the use in the separation of immiscible liquids. In particular Fats oils greases from catering waste water. We are looking for a person with expertise in Solidworks to update our current drawing pack and create BIM and Revit models. We would start with our most popular product and then complete the update over time...

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    Cad files required in DWG DXF 2000. 3 drawings for printing on glass. 2 drawings are required in two different sizes.

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    I need a script to print all the emails in an imap email account to a pdf file (which will need pagination), along with email attachments (doc, xls, dwg, etc). Each pdf can only have a maximum of 300 pages. So if there are too many emails, may need multiple volumes of pdfs. Excel attachments may need resizing so everything can be seen. Will need a content page for each volume of pdf with s/n, ...

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    Need a cad drawing done of the attached file. This is for laser cutting on wood design. Need same illustration in 5 different sizes. Outline drawing with 25mm margin. DWG file 2000 and pdf needed.

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    8 penawaran

    Hi Robin S., I seen your profile and thought your portfolio was great ? I'm a graphic designer and I'm currently designing a house using basic 2d design software. If I give you scaled pdf/dwg files with dimensions what could you put together in approx 6 hours? How long does a building 3d rendering take to create and also a separate walkthrough video of same building? What would you need ...

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    1 penawaran

    Background This project is for an apartment/commercial building under construction. The building has a basement parking lot, ground floor commercial area, floors one to seven with two three bedroom apartments each, and a terrace. The building is in a region which does not require mechanical ventilation/heating/cooling. The only mechanical ventilation will be kitchen range hoods. Project Descrip...

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    21 penawaran

    Greetings Thank you for your interest If you have Architecture background with knowledge on space distribution in residential area. This job is for you. Kindly open attached file and read instructions. The floor is serviced by stairs and elevator. Expected output DWG for the level with defined room usage, room dimensions, and symbolic relative furniture items. All bathrooms, oven, sink of the kit...

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    22 penawaran

    A change is needed in the attached 3d model. Basically one of the pipes (the side one) has to be deleted and the perpendicular pipe has to be enlarged. The rest of the model will be kept. I will explain the exact changes and dimensions upon assigning the project to somebody.

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    48 penawaran

    Mi serve un Render partendo da dwg per rappresentare un’area verde attrezzata .

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    I have two CAD files of Offshore oil and gas platform, need to merge multiple files into one and convert .dwg to .stp and .iges format. The files are heavy and require strong computer hardware requirements. Details about the project should be kept extremely discrete, no escape of details shall be entertained.

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    Once I receive the plans and elevations as DWG files, it would take me about 1 day to show you first results with the 3D model after this I will spend more time detailing the building and landscape/vegetation and when you are happy with the views I'll render them.

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    Greetings If you know interior design and you are good in sketchup Kindly bid This is simple project. Furniture simulation for the ground level. the attached 2D drawings has some symbolic furniture. For guidance about room use only The output is sketchup file with simulated furniture according to room usage use ready made models for furniture. don't waste time creating 3D furniture from 2D D...

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    Greetings Thank you for your interest The project is directed toward the perimeter area Attached PDF for Arch sections and anterior design for you your guidance The output is 2D DWG (Autocad or Ares) for 4 car parking space - one east - three south And concept of plantation or seating area in the North, West, East, West perimeter area Output is added to the attached DWG. Drawing need to finish to...

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    I need a professional familiar with this type of work in Florida. Two story existing house to be partially demolished and new additions (square footage) added on. dxf and .dwg files already available. They must be profesionally executed and delivered as engineered plans ready for permitting, hence it is critical that the professional is familiar with the Florida specific building codes.

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    I am planning to remodel the front of my house. Our architect has completed the plans. I would like to see how this will look in 3D.

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    Hello Friend and future collaborator, We are a small Manufacturing Company looking for a CAD solution. We need to develop a small software tool. We are focused on working on 2D vector files like .dxf or .dwg (also interested in .svg) Explanation of the tool: Once Given a .dxf file or .dwg, we need to extract some information from it, information such as: - Max width - Max Height - Path Lengt...

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    Hello dear freelancers, My company is making databases to government facilities. We are gathering data from the field and digitizing it in AutoCAD. the water and sewage line attributes are in the middle of the line in an attribute block and the accessories are in attribute blocks. My wish is to get an FME module that I can work with that will give me the option to take the dwg data and transfe...

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    Hello, I am remodelling a house into 4 apartments. Total area 260 sqm. I have a set of professional drawings in DWG-format. We are in the middle of the renovation phase, and now we need to update the drawings to reflect some changes that we have done. We may need to add a section drawing as well. I would say that the task takes 1-2 days. It would be great if you are a team working together, a...

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    3d Cad drawing for Windows for 50 different size required with measurements, dwg drawing file will be given

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    Greetings If you are a licensed user of Known DWG software, Such as Ares or Autocad desk You know how to use, work, draw efficiently. Have background in anterior, exterior Architecture design Know how to convert drawing from PDF to DWG. I am modifying some hand drawn design. Please, approach me. I have several maps for my house (anterior, exterior, Water, etc) I am looking forward to work with so...

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    hi there I need someone who can do realistic 3d architectural Rendering and can make 2d drawings in dwg format and should have good experience in it. I need someone who knows SketchUp, 3ds max vray, lumion. I have lot of projects with good price. please contact me . thanks I need artist from india

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    I require floor plans for a 2 story house. Must be drawn correctly to scale, with all dimensions correctly shown. Must be created in "Floor Planner", (If possible also delivered in Sketch-up and DWG) Please confirm that you understand requirements, and provide example of previous work.

    $134 (Avg Bid)
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    56 penawaran

    Greetings, Thank you for your interest in my project. The structural maps will be given after awarding the project. First you need to scale the maps into 1/50 Then you create 3D model in software of your choosing for each level Foundation, Basement, Ground floor, Ground roof. You need to show structure reinforcement and dimension value. Total milestone is 4. Milestone for foundation will be first...

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    44 penawaran