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    Looking for someone to design me a professional looking logo containing a world globe centred on Australia with an antenna tower with signal coming out with the words VK2OZI Australian Amateur Radio Station Wrapped around the globe somehow with a ribbon. Maybe incorporate an Australian Flag in there as well. I'd like to see what you can come up with.

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    I would like to do a dataconnection via Raspberry 4 and Quectel LET 4G Modul with a Sim Card. I am no Coder and I hope you could help to do the connection. Module: Raspberry Pi 3G/4G & LTE Base HAT, Quectel EC25 Mini PCle 4G/LTE Module - EC25-E (Europe/Middle East/Africa/Korea/Thailand/India) LTE Main & Diversity & GNSS Triple Port [login untuk melihat URL] Antenna - 100mm ELP 720 p H...

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    An frequency tunable antenna is designed using HFSS software. Varactor diode was used for tuning during simulations. Issue in designing a tuning circuit for varactor in the fabricated antenna . Help required to decode the error with the tuning of varactor diode in the fabricated structure, especially in designing a bias network for the varactor diode implanted in the antenna.

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    This project is to make a product brochure in Word format, by using each of the four product pages with a URL below. Include from the respective web page: The title, all the text, all the photos and graphics, along with the respective text that appears with the photo or graphic. Please copy the text directly as it is without changing the wording. This is not plagiarism because I own the websit...

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    Need to develop a small module(Hardware and embedded software) for Universal RFID reader. Module must: Work with 2 antennas 13.56Mhz and 125Khz. Support work with main RFID formats: MIFARE, EMMARINE, NFC, HID, INDALA, AWID Support work with APDU command to work with phone NFC (IOS, Support work with ANDROID) to read card data by GPAY or Apple pay. Support work with the main MCU by the SPI bus. S...

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    Antennas and MATLAB project 1 hari left

    A MATLAB program based on the IEMF method has been developed . This program quantifies the impact of the effects of coupling on the impedance and radiation of a dipole surrounded by other charged dipoles by considering a random distribution of the antennas. Within the framework, the impedance and the radiation pattern of the surrounding dipole were studied separately statistically for several ante...

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    I need to remove the antenna of the butterfly charms on all photos attached. The butterfly charms in those photos should look like the butterfly in the "IMG_7439" attachment for reference.

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    Trophy icon Photoshop real estate pictures Berakhir left

    Make grass greener and remove grass from gravel driveway . Remove antenna. First completed with good quality will be chosen. Will have lots of work in the future

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    Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Schematic Board : Specifications : 2 CAN inputs via MCP2515 (galvanic Insulated) (see example [login untuk melihat URL]) 8 Analog 5V Voltage Inputs via MCP3008 (+ Overvoltage protection) 8 Digital Inputs for 12V to GPIO (3.3V) ( Opto Coupler for protection ?) 1x 12V Permanet Input 1x 12V Switched input 1x Ground Input (Power Supply) 1x 3.3V output 1x SDA output...

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    We need direction finding with blue-tooth. There will be a blue-tooth transmitter (which is to be followed) and 2 receivers on the following end (or one blue-tooth 5.1 receiver which has direction finding incorporated). If not using blue-tooth 5.1 then the idea is that on the cart there would be 2 bluetooth modules each with it's own antenna. With the the difference of the signal strength on...

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    Hi, I need to get a head start on the electronic design for an L1/L2 GPS tracking device with onboard IMU sensors with RJ45 Ethernet and microSD controlled by single STM32F407 (VG - 100LQFP should suffice). Specs: - 4 Layer FR4 board with standard specs on e.g. PCBWay/JLPCB. 0603 SMD minimum passives for prototype build unless absolutely necessary to go 0402. I anticipate the design will fit i...

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    HI , I need a embedded developer who can recreate the eval board and add a mcu with ethhernet for sending out data. please refer to [login untuk melihat URL] to understand the product. ST has an eval board , the developer has to create the same using the design and gerber provided by ST . The developer has to send the data coming from the device to LAN using a mcu with ethernet. the new MCU nee...

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    Dear Freelancer, I run a private research center. I have selected one IEEE paper for further research. “Yuehui Cui, Member, IEEE, Peng Luo, Qing Gong, and RongLin Li, Senior Member, IEEE “A Compact Tri-Band Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna for UAV Applications.” You may download this paper or I can send the copy if you need it. My requirements are under: 1. You hav...

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    I am looking for Labview NI coding support to develop software to control a MOOG MPT50 antenna positioners. Control information shall be IP based. The NI system shall be resident in airborne mission computers.

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    RF Design Engineer Berakhir left

    We have a small 1x1 inch board which has the ESP32-PICO-D4 on it with a ceramic chip antenna. Looking for a very good RF engineer to pick the matching values for perfect TX RX range of the 2.4ghz transceiver. The board is already done and we have samples. You can make a sample on your side or we can ship a populated board to you. Please DO NOT APPLY if you don't have EXTENSIVE RF experience a...

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    Objectives : Model and compare RF coverage and capacity We would like to compare DAS (Distributed antenna solution) and Small cell Solutions for Indoor Coverage at Millimeter Wave Frequencies (30 or 45 Ghz) we need to determine The propagation paths between the transmitter and receiver

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    - 4G LTE specification experience (required knowledge of industrial parts and noise) - OrCAD input possible - Interface; USB and LED with antenna - It must work standalone and gateway between the server and the main CP.. It is not an adapter for the main CPU. This means do not work driver on main CPU. It had message via USB. After that, it sends data to the server.

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    This project is to create California Proposition 65 documentation, using our RoHS documentation for antenna components (using our RoHS documentation as a template, of sorts), as is outlined below. You should find a California Proposition 65 Compliance document to use as a template of sorts, as well. This project will be to (1) Create a table of all the "substances of concern" (referr...

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    We have REACH documentation for our products which is now outdated, because more substances have been added to the substance-candidate lists for REACH: On 16-January-2020, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added 4 new substances of very high concern (SVHC) to the REACH candidate list. The SVHC list now contains 205 substances. This project is to update and improve our existing REACH docu...

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    1- Use the existing MATLAB program to obtain the impedance and the radiation pattern of a dipole surrounded by randomly distributed dipoles. 2. Calculate the link budget between a dipole surrounded by randomly distributed dipoles and an antenna (reader) arbitrarily positioned in space. 3. Statistically analyze the link budget according to the position of the reader and the density of dipoles. 4. S...

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    Hi, I'm looking to sell a new product, it will be a metal bug to go in the garden. I need a new design. It needs big eyes to make it stand out from all the others for sale. I would prefer the antenna to poke out from the top of the head a little oversized with a big curl. It will be a set of 4, one large, one medium and 2 small, but they will all be the same design just different sizes. Each...

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    - Need to make a passive IMSI scanner that works in Australia. needs to collect IMSI's in the area passively - MUST work in Australia, must run on raspberry pi - I do not need someone to build, I need to discuss the requirements with someone who has done this IN AUSTRALIA and understand the frequencies and equipment required and what will work here - I already have a PI4 and RTL, need to know...

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    I want someone to designed a 134.2khz RFID Reader and Antenna which can read animal 134.2khz RFID tags at a range of 1 meter. The module will be required to transmit data to an arduino board(or similar). Here is a commercial product which does the same thing: [login untuk melihat URL] The job is to design a schematic for the PCB for the EID reader and a simple design for the antenna. Enclosure ...

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    -Tittle amultiband frequency reconfigurable Pifa antenna for wireless applications. i want a novel design on this and also thesis of 50-60 pages - the antenna must have high bandwidth and gain - must cover a multiband(GSM,GPS,3G,wifi/WiMAX , WLAN,4G, UWB and satellite) and of 9 or above frequency bands -low profile -high efficiency -Low SAR -generally must satisfy antenna parameters for mobile/...

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    I need someone to design a simple DIY RFID antenna to maximise the read range using the following unit: [login untuk melihat URL] Here are some good guides on antenna design: [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL]

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    I want to build a sniffer fir rfid and nfc all data distance 20 feet using phone radio antenna wave . It's safe to use it and it's for educational purposes

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    NVE-antenna Berakhir left

    need to remove a worker from 3 photos. Photos show worker holding tool and i need just the tool in photo. Photos may be cropped to save edit time. Only need the tool attached to antenna with "G1/ G2/ G3" visible 4 photos given. Use the easier one for that position

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    i want microstrip antenna report consist of 45 pages

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    we have to design a slotted wave antenna operating in X-band using computer simulation technology.

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    The device must give off a short "Bleep" of 0.1 sec every 3 seconds on frequencies between 149-151 MHz. (You may want to alter this as you see fit. But we must be able to stay in none licenced ranges or where inexpensive directional antennas and radios can be acquired) Be able to transmitter said signal to a receiver with directional antenna over 500m-1km. The device should have an OD...

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    Embedded developer required with experience creating hardware products based on the ESP32 SoC. We require custom firmware to control the ESP32 and other peripherals for our asset tracking project, that will connect to devices like a Telit GSM Module via UART, Accel/ Gyro /Temp Sensor via I2C, eSim and antenna switch connection with the GSM Module, Battery Level Monitor via I2C and that is basica...

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    " ATM Skimming without any physical contact. This Skimmer will work without a physical connection to ATM/POS Machine. This product is our best-seller, and is most popular credit card skimming device Worldwide. This is GSM data receiver – skimmer. It receives credit card data from ATM`s and POS terminals. Small size 5×4 Centimeters, antenna length 17 centimeters. With one charging...

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    I am looking for an illustrator for my children's book. The Ant and the Peony. I want ink line drawings with just a splash of green colour here and there. Very Basic design. See the attached drawing as an example. I’m thinking there would be maybe 15 pages of pictures.   Then the front cover.   Some of the pictures I would be: - ant and peony front cover - green thumb l...

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    I need a router circuit design which will support OpenWRT Firmware: The circuit should have the following components; 4 gigabit ethernet ports( 3 LAN and 1 WAN/LAN ), dual band (2.8 and 5), AC1200(1200 mbps speed), 1 USB port, Wifi support with 4 external Antenna support; I need design file with schematics and Gerber file. Please only serious freelancers should bid. If you do not know please dont...

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    We have developed an earthquake early-warning network in Mexico and other countries, providing up to 2 minutes advance warning. We need to improve the PCB for our sensor to make it cheaper to produce, so we have chosen to use Seeedstudio parts and guidelines. SCHEMATIC DESIGN We already have a PCB schematic for our sensor (attached in Eagle) which includes the ESP32, the ADXL355 accelerometer, a ...

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    Hi We have a device that works through a radio antenna, receives digital signals. Those digital signals are data from ships that are nearby. This device works in other iOS, windows and android applications. We have the drivers for windows. We want to create the drivers for our iOS application. Thank you.

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    Most of the aircraft have transponders that emit on frequencies 1090 MHz or 868 MHz. Our company has developed receivers of these signals, that we install around the world, over buildings or telecommunication antenna. We would like to create a web-based tool that allows us to simulate the coverage of a network of receivers, in order to see if there are blind spots when we deploy our receivers. I ...

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    I want all answers with comments and references

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    The task is about software defined radio receiver. The components include the antenna filter and matching circuit, low-noise amplifier, variable gain stage, oscillator, and down-converter.

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    ***** Fixed Price to discuss ***** We are looking for a freelancer in the electronics field to complete the next job: It is required to design and Instrumentation diagram for the installation of 8 accelerometer, 4strain gauges, and 1 DAQ system. The deliverables of the project are: • A connection diagram between the sensors and DAQ. The diagram must tag each sensor and provide a connection ...

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    Only bid if you're from Australia. The task is about software defined radio receiver. The components include the antenna filter and matching circuit, low-noise amplifier, variable gain stage, oscillator, and down-converter.

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    Hi We have a device that works through a radio antenna, receives digital signals. Those digital signals are data from ships that are nearby. This device works in other iOS, windows and android applications. We have the drivers for windows. We want to create the drivers for our iOS application. Thank you

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    We're looking to make a 30 second cartoon / animated ad for facebook-instagram etc. It doesn't need to be fully animated - and we will do the sound design - I understand the need to work with reasonable expectations at this price point. The Video Will Have Two Main Characters. Character #1. DJ/Producer (electronic music artist) - Depressed and on the verge of giving up on his dream o...

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    This system will have a 8-32 volt dc input range- The system will be able to send and receive text messages- it has 4 inputs normally closed switch and 4 relay outputs that can be turned on from text- It also has gps antenna option available and can identify for geofence if it has moved 50 meters.

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    I have a Pepsi t that uses 2 off shelf boards I want to combine on one PCB and add a strong WiFi chip a c antenna I need help with making the two boards work as one as well as the bom and gerber files I have a design just kidding some help on chip numbers abs connections

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    On the attached drawing of an antenna, you see S=14 and you see a line pointing to a rectangular blank space. To the left of the rectangular blank space, you see threads of a screw (those vertical lines are threads of a large screw protruding from the back of the antenna): Where that line is pointing (the blank rectangular space), make the "screw" fill that little rectangular space by ...

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